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How Can I Cover My Patio

Patio Cover Materials And How To Choose The Best One

I built a cover for my patio. How to build a covered patio DIY video.

So youve made the decision to add a patio cover to your outdoor space. The next hurdle: material type. Not all patio covers are made of the same material and you may feel confused about how to find the right one, considering the myriad choices available.

Your choice of material is crucial as this can determine the quality of your patio covers. Materials need to be strong enough to withstand the elements for a long time, but lightweight at the same time to keep you comfortable while youre relaxing beneath it. Additionally, different types of patio covers offer your home different optical effects, which is why its important to pick the one that does what you intend. The patio, after all, is as much a decorative piece in your home as it is functional.

To help you out, here are three common patio cover materials along with their pros and cons:

Knowing The Right Type Of Patio Furniture That Can Be Left Outside In The Winter

Winter is indeed a tricky season, especially for the outdoors. There are a lot of things to take care of in your garden before winter comesthe lawn, the furniture just about anything.

Determining what material your patio furniture is made of is already a significant step towards protecting it from winter and preserving its excellent condition. Once you know what type of furniture it is, you could decide whether you keep them inside or just leave them outside.

Dont forget the 3 Cs in winterizing or preparing your furniture for the season.

Clean them from any debris that might grow or multiply if left outside in the cold and damp environment. Make sure to dry them up before proceeding to the next step.

Coat them with a protective finish, so youre assured that your wood or metal furniture wont break or rust. Let the coating dry and have them prepped for covering.

Cover them up with breathable material. Most patio furniture covers sold online are made of polyester, so you might want to take note of that if you want it to be custom-made. There are also patio furniture covers for stackable chairs and seating that you can buy online.

These may seem like too many steps to prepare. But remember that it is better to be safe by protecting them and knowing that you can save money with it. After all, damaged furniture does not qualify for any insurance claims. Protecting your furniture is not only prolonging their life but your savings, too.

A Few Other Things To Consider

Depending on your location, local regulations such as fire zones may prohibit you from installing certain patio covers. In addition, should permits be necessary and depending on the materials you choose, there may be limitations on your part, if drawings, engineering and such are required. Unless of course, you are an engineer or architect.

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Get With The Latest Trend

Aluminum patio covers are becoming more and more popular for homeowners, due to their economical price, customizable sizes, and easy maintenance. Aluminum has come a long way too. Todays aluminum looks far nicer than the old aluminum you might associate with carports from the 1970s. If you live in Southern California, aluminum passes the most important test it doesnt rust.

Wood Frame With Translucent Cover


Patio covers made entirely of wood and that have wooden slats going all the way across a concrete patio are simply too expensive to make.

They also take loads of time and planning, and possibly some professional help to create properly. Thats why instead you should build just the base frame of your patio cover with wood and then place a polygonal translucent ribbed panel on top for weather protection.

The type of translucent panel we are referring to is sometimes used for constructing greenhouses because of how durable it is. It will also do a great job at insulating the area that covered.

Typically, it is for areas with warm weather, but it works great in all climates.

Its a quick and easy process. Build wooden vertical supports with wooden planks in between.

Lay a few more across the middle to further support the plastic panel youll be putting over the top. Then all you have to do is get some help to push the panel up onto the support beams, attach it, and voila! Youve successfully covered your patio!

These panels are plastic. Even for large patios, theyre cheap to buy.

Online, many options are under a hundred dollars and work perfectly.

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Patio Roof Ceiling Fan Ideas

Youll most likely use your patio when the weather is warmer. Installing a ceiling fan can keep the air circulating and your patio more comfortable. Look for a ceiling fan that is rated for outdoor use and try to balance the size and height of the fan with the size and roof height of your patio.

The ceiling fan you choose should enhance the space. If your patio space is large, youll either want to have a large fan or consider purchasing two smaller models. This will help the sir to circulate throughout the entire patio area.

When choosing a material and design, youll want something that is durable and matches the style of your patio. The most durable material for your fan is stainless steel, but its also the most expensive. For more affordable materials, consider fiberglass, aluminum, or plastic.

Once you know the size and material you need, your next step is to choose a design. A two-blade design will look sleek and modern. For a more traditional design, look for one that has three to five blades.

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Build An Outdoor Living Room With A Permanent Roof

Can i walk on my insulated Alumawood patio cover kit

This wooden patio roof idea is perfect for a permanent setup at home. This particular patio has is up against the house with solid pillars and a solid roof and low, step-over walls to build in that living room feeling outdoors.

This outdoor space is perfect for your hobbies, be they stargazing, knitting, or gabbing with friends for hours on end with a good bottle of wine. Just be sure to use comfortable furniture and outdoor rugs to make the feeling complete.

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Wood Patio Covers Cost

Wooden lattice patio covers
  • Requires regular paint or staining
  • Expensive
  • Expensive

Wood patio covers are the priciest of all patio cover options. We could write an entire article just on all of the different woods you can use to build your cover and how much of your retirement fund youd spend on it. In the spirit of keeping things simple, well only focus on the species of wood you see used most often in Southern California which is Douglas Fir. In fact, its the industry standard.

Why? When compared with other North American softwoods, Douglas fir has superior strength and durability. That means it does well against the high winds, earthquakes, and storms we see in California. Furthermore, it possesses a gold-orange color that many people find appealing. At the same time, Douglas Fir shows decent resistance to fungus and insects. Basically, its the wood that other woods get compared to when you make a material choice for exterior applications.

With building a wooden patio cover, we have the introduction of special drawings and all covers are subject to concrete footings. Unlike the aluminum and vinyl which get installed directly onto a concrete slab. The wood patio covers must have a hole dug and then filled with concrete, after an inspection of course.

Protect A Strip Of Patio With A Neat Awning

This awning complements the house and provides a perfect slice of shelter

Have you taken a look at our awning ideas yet? They’re a great choice for patio cover ideas if you want to offer just a bit of shelter close to the house. This makes it quick and easy to pop in and out for extra drinks or snacks when you’re relaxing outdoors. Plus, awnings can also deter the sun from glaring through your windows if you’re busy working inside.

There are lots of retractable options for maximum versatility, but more permanent structures have their place too. This style above works beautifully with the exterior of the house and, due to the central transparent panes, will keep the space feeling light and bright.

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How Do You Rain Proof A Pergola

These next few options on the list are waterproof pergola covers which can also provide shade but may take a little more work to install.

  • 1 | Put Up A Shade Sail. Photo by My Amazing Yard Inc Contemporary patio.
  • 2 | Install A Tin Roof On Your Pergola.
  • 3 | Add Pergola Roof Panels.
  • 4 | Install Wood Planks.
  • Fiberglass Freestanding Patio Cover

    Open Lattice Patio Covers Southern California

    This white patio is supported by four stone posts. The rounded white posts are elegant and go well with the window trims.

    The beams have curvy edges that add to the appeal of the patio. The fiberglass roof is also quite nice. It shields you from the rain but does not prevent you from enjoying the sun.

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    Build A Wood Beam Awning

    This backyard patio covers idea is perfect anyone looking for simple, solid coverage for family gatherings. This particular cover uses some beautiful wooden beams, concrete pillars, and red tiles for a blended and beautiful style.

    Ideally, youll install this wooden beam awning at the corner like this image shows, but with additional pillars, you can built out the full structure anywhere.

    Where Should I Build My Patio Cover

    A patio cover should be built right off the house in an area in need of protection from sun or rain. Most homeowners elect to locate a patio cover right off their back door so that it serves as an extension of their living space. Consult a landscape professional for information on locating a cover for the maximum amount of shade. Common places for patio covers include over a patio, dining area, built-in grill or outdoor fireplace.

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    What Is A Cheaper Alternative To Pavers

    Gravel. Gravel allows better drainage than solid paving stones, and it is one of the least expensive paver alternatives. If you want to keep the gravel from shifting when you walk on it, opt for unsorted, sharp-edged gravel that is labeled 1/4-inch minus. Pieces of that gravel type fit snugly together.

    Best Patio Cover Ideas

    How To Build a Patio Cover (must watch)

    Mediterranean garden ideas have been big in 2021 and in the Mediterranean they do shade well out of necessarily. So look at pictures of gardens from Italy, Spain, Malta and Greece for patio cover ideas to suit all sizes and budgets.

    To get you started, we’ve rounded up the best patio cover ideas for creating shade, adding intrigue and providing shelter in your garden.

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    Shelter An Outdoor Living Space With An Ultra

    Bring pale hues and sleek lines into your patio cover ideas

    This chic, adjustable pergola perfectly demonstrates how patio cover ideas can complete a scene. Connecting seamlessly to the feature wall, it provides all the shelter needed for the modern seating below.

    When combined with an outdoor fireplace, a cozy living room feel is created that will tempt everyone out of the house, no matter the weather. Opt for pale shades throughout the set-up for a restful tone.

    Our pergola ideas feature is full of stunning designs if you want to discover more.

    Go For A Sleek Look With An Adjustable Gazebo

    This impressive

    If you’re after a sturdy shelter for your patio, check out these gorgeous designs. These gazebos from SUNS Lifestyle can be used for a multitude of purposes for alfresco dining spaces, to cover hot tubs, or to create shaded areas for garden furniture, outdoor kitchen ideas, and outdoor bar areas.

    ‘These functional and ready-to-use terrace-coverings require no planning permission or hefty construction and can be placed freestanding or as an overhang from your home or garden building,’ explains the SUNS Lifestyle team. The flexible louvered roof allows you to enjoy the sunshine when open, and is rainproof when closed, with an innovative drainage system. Adjustable side cassettes are available too, as shown above, which provide extra shelter and privacy.

    ‘The finished effect creates a distinct and contemporary look, and an intimate and modern space that can be enjoyed beyond our homes,’ they add. We couldn’t agree more.

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    Choose Your Patio Cover Wisely

    The summer sun is back! That means one thing, enjoying the long days outside in your happy place the patio. Something, however, is missing from your home outside your home: a patio cover.

    There are a lot of benefits to covering your patio. Protecting your patio from harsh U/V light will increase its longevity in addition to protecting everything on it, from your BBQ to your patio furniture. A cover will give you a shady place to lounge on those hot days and will enhance the look of your patio and add value to your home. Put simply, a patio cover is always a good idea.

    You might be wondering to yourself where you are going to get one but dont worry, we have all the information you need for patio covers.

    The following tips will help you determine the right patio cover materials for the job.

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    Shelter A Corner Sofa From The Sun

    This Marlow Modular Sofa Set B and 3.5m Siesta cantilever almond parasol and base are both from Bridgman

    Does your large outdoor sofa need shelter, but you don’t want to opt for a permanent structure? Then go for jumbo-sized parasol instead. This adjustable one above adds a touch of luxury and a big dose of versatility, and will look chic in any plot.

    It’s a timeless look that’ll never go out of style a wonderful accompaniment to rattan furniture.

    Our outdoor seating ideas feature has more stunning designs.

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    Build A Concrete Patio Cover That You Love

    No matter what type of patio cover you decide to make, you should be comfortable with looking at it every day when you go outside. Dont feel like you need to settle just because of a shortage of funds.

    These 3 patio cover ideas arent the only ones out there do some research and find one that makes you happy in every way. And after its completed, if you dont like it, try to change it or build a different one. Since you saved money, you can afford to redo it!

    Patio Roof Lighting Ideas

    How To Build a Patio Cover – Lots of Tips

    Creating layers of light is the key to creating a lighting scheme for your outdoor space. Strive to have an ambient, accent, and task lighting fixture. Ambient lighting is the generalized light that illuminates the entire space. You can do this by installing overhead lighting. Pendants, chandeliers, ceiling fan lights, and semi-flush/flush-mounted lights. These fixtures will give you a gentle wash of light over your entire patio.

    Accent lighting is more decorative and will highlight specific aspects of your patio. This type of lighting is created by installing track lighting, scones, rope lights, string lights, or LEDs. You could use a track light in the ceiling pointed to your outdoor fireplace or you could have lights that point toward your stairs to make them safer at night.

    The third type of lighting is task lighting. This is the light youll use in areas where tasks get performed. If your patio roof covers an outdoor kitchen, grill, or bar, youll want to focus this type of light there. The light should remove shadows and make it easier to see what youre doing. Try pendant lighting to focus the light where you need it most.

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