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Fire Pit With Blue Rocks

The Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

Sun Joe 23″ Propane 50,000 BTU Fire Pit with Lava Rocks on QVC

This post doesnt go into great detail on how to actually construct this fire pit. However, I think it is safe to say that between the picture and Google, most people can probably figure out how to build this and use it safely.

I just fell in love with this fire pit when I saw it because of its rustic appearance. So remember to always do really thorough research before building or using anything in regards to fire. You build at your own risk. But please send us pictures if you recreate this beauty.

+ Gorgeous Diy Fire Pit Plans

If youre looking to build your own fire pit weve got you covered.

Below weve assembled a list of 20 DIY fire pits- just click the View Plans button to access the free instructions. Besides that, these builds can serve as an inspirational source of ideas if you want to do your own custom construction.

There are some really unique designs- including a porch swing design, an upcycled washing machine, a glass panel plan, even an indoor coffee table option.

Scroll through the list and stoke your imagination with these unique designs.


The Patio And Fire Pit

So you want a fire pit, but youd like to have it in a nice patio area? Well, I can understand that. That is why we are sharing this awesome post.

It not only tells you how to build a great fire pit right in the middle of a patio, but it also shares how to build a great circular patio. This post has the complete package.

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The Home Road Fire Pit

I really like this post. They give you honesty. The authors provide pictures of what they had to work within their yard. Plus, they shared where they struggled with this project.

So if you would like to build a fire pit then you might want to check this design out. For those that have never built a fire pit might find their pointers helpful.

Lava Rocks Another Media Option

Blue Fire Pit Glass Beads Premium Fireplace Round Reflective Drops ...

Lava rock is another type of fire media. It is a naturally occurring rock that is porous, relatively light, and contains no moisture. When it comes to decorating a gas fire feature, this rock supersedes the rest. River rocks are great for decorating but not for a fire pit since they hold small amounts of water inside and the steam will cause them to explode. So, if you are looking for a rock d├ęcor for your pit, consider lava rocks.

Many fire pit owners prefer using lava rock as fire feature fillers. Lava rocks are dry, porous, and contains an undisclosed element that absorbs heat. It is an efficient media to increase fire pit combustion while provides a classic rugged look.

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Glass Panel Fire Pit Plan

Using a planter, glass panels, silicone sealants, a hacksaw, rocks, coffee tin and expanded metal grating, you can make a professional-looking fire pit.

Using the planter as a base, cut the grating and attach it to the top before adding the coffee tin and glass box. You can use silicone to fill in any gaps and add some decorative rocks around the fire pit. This is a great decorative focal point just be careful lighting the flame!

Factors You Need To Consider When Buying Fire Pit Rocks From Online Stores

Are you on the hunt for fire pit rocks? Well, purchasing online needs some contemplation. To help your cover all the important questions, we have prepared a list.

Just go through the question list. Feel free to do your own research while purchasing the fire pit rocks. Below are some examples you might deem right to ask:

  • Is the fire pit rocks really worth the money?
  • What specific advantages does it offer?
  • Does the fire pit rocks youre picking have any innovative features?
  • What are some of the best features of the fire pit rocks?
  • Does your fire pit rocks come with a warranty?
  • Does it have any con that might prove to be detrimental in the long run?
  • Where will you find enough information about fire pit rocks?
  • Where can you find some of the best fire pit rockss?

Probably, you have come up with way more questions than there are on the list. Do not deprive your curious mind of the answers. Research, research, and research, until you locate the answers to the factors.

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Modern Concrete Fire Pit

Ill be honest, if I didnt already have a really awesome fire pit, I would build this one. It just looks cool. How could you not love the bowl shape? And the nice rock features too?

Then to top it off, it isnt something you have to pay a hefty price for premade. Instead, it is something that you can make yourself. So if a modern fire pit interests you then you should definitely check this one out.

The Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Sun Joe 23″ Propane 50,000 BTU Fire Pit with Lava Rocks on QVC

If you arent working on a particularly tight budget, then this might be a good fire pit design for you. I say that because usually, the stacked stones are a little pricier than working with concrete.

However, they are gorgeous and are also a great way to design a unique fire pit. So if you are desiring a fire pit with character then you should check this one out.

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How Much Fire Glass Do I Need

First of all, we always recommend you purchase less fire glass than you think you needthen add more fire glass as required. Why do we suggest this? Well, with the fast and free delivery offered by manufacturers like Celestial Fire Glass, its much easier to order an additional jar than it is to ship an extra jar back .

Now, to help you determine how much fire glass you need, weve created an easy-to-use fire glass calculator. Simply enter the size and depth you want to fill, and the calculator will determine how much fire glass you need to buy. Heres a tip: round down to the nearest 10 pounds, and then add more glass in a second order if needed. See our handy fire glass calculator to determine how much you need.

Should I Cover The Burner With Fire Glass Or Should I Leave It Exposed

Yes, you should cover the burner but only with just enough fire glass so that its not visible. This is especially true if youre using a propane fire feature, since propane is heavier than air and needs to be dispersed close to the flame. Natural gas is lighter than air, so it will rise to the surface on its own as such the fire glass can cover the burner to a deeper depth.

To be honest, this is the most common mistake we see in fire pit installations. The builder constructs a gorgeous fire pit, but leaves the burner rings exposed! The rings really are an unsightly eyesore, sitting there right in the middle of a bed of beautiful fire glass. Dont make this same mistake with your own fire feature-be sure to provide enough coverage to conceal your burner. Trust us, it makes a huge difference!

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Lava Rock Vs Fire Glass Which Is Better For A Fire Pit

Lava rock vs fire glass is not just a battle of aesthetics. There are other factors that come into play when choosing between these two popular fire media for an outdoor firepit.

Both are good conductors of heat, but fire glass can generally produce and retain warmth more efficiently. However, lava rock prices are typically more budget-friendly. And, in terms of aesthetics, well, it really boils down to personal preference do you prefer a more polished and vibrant media or a more rustic and neutral color palette?

Those are just a few aspects up for consideration when selecting the appropriate media. In this article, we will be comparing lava rock vs fire glass based on aesthetics, costs, and other factors, so you can finally choose the best fire media for your outdoor firepit.

Disclosure:It is important you understand that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. All opinions are our own we pride ourselves on keeping our articles fair and balanced. For more info see our disclosure statement.

In This Article:

Predominantly found in red, black, and brown colors.

Diy Fire Pit And Seating Area

Fire Pit Inspo from North Carolina!

I love the fire pit plans that not only show me a fire pit but also show me a great seating area to accompany it. That is what I, personally, want because I dont just want a fire pit. I want a hangout spot.

So if you are like me and want the full picture then you should check these plans out. The design is very simple so it wouldnt be hard for most to construct. But you look and be the judge if this is a project you would love to take on or not.

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The Portable Propane Flower Pot Fire Pit

This fire pit looks really awesome. It would also be easy to utilize as it runs on propane. Now, everyone isnt into a gas fire pit. But for those that are, you might want to look at this design.

Truthfully, the design looks rather fancy. I wouldnt have guessed it was made from a flower pot if the post hadnt told me. So if you are looking for something different, look at this fire pit.

Can You Mix Lava Rock And Fire Glass In A Fire Pit

Have you got new propane or natural gas fire pit, or are you shopping for one and trying to decide whether to go with lava rock or fire glass? What if you could mix lava rock and fire glass? Your decision on which fire pit media to go with might be easier than you think.

So, can you mix lava rock and fire glass?

When used together in a propane or natural gas fire pit, lava rock and fire glass can complement each other.Mixing lava rock and fire glass, or layering them on top of each other in a fire pits burner pan, are practical alternatives to using one or the other alone. Regardless of which option you choose, there are several functional, cosmetic, and financial benefits to using the two media together in your gas fire pit.

Fire pit lava rock and glass compliment each other well together providing better heat distribution, more protection for key fire pit components, a greater number of design options, and substantial cost savings when buying fire pit media.

Lets keep going and talk about the benefits of using fire pit rock and glass together and how you can do it in yourpropane fire pit.

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The Diy Design Fire Pit

This fire pit is another easy design to make. It is also a circular fire pit and is said to cost around $80 to complete the project.

However, what makes this design a little different is that there is a pan inside of it that keeps the wood off of the ground. If you were using a fire pit on a patio this would be a great design for it, most likely.

All Around The Firepit

Sun Joe 23″ Propane 50,000 BTU Fire Pit with Lava Rocks on QVC

A combination of couches and chairs made in a similar style gives this outdoor firepit idea a way to offer flexible seating for guests while sticking with a single design idea. This particular one is incredibly large you can see how theres plenty of seating for nine people and space for more chairs if necessary. Thats because its located at a restaurant and party house. If you wont be entertaining that many people on a regular basis, you can save money by purchasing a smaller firepit and a single patio seating set. Youll get the same look on a smaller scale.

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Flameless Fire Pit Idea

If you dont want to deal with the smoke danger of a real fire, this is a great alternative DIY idea. You will need some LED candles, black paint, glass gems, double-sided foam stickers, and a ceramic or earthenware container. Paint the inside of the container black and pour the gems into it. Place the stickers on the base of the candles and insert them around the edges of the container and youre done.

From Scratch Tabletop Fire Pit

This fire pit is a little more extensive. You actually make the bowl that everything sits inside of. So it will take a little longer to make but by the looks of it is totally worth the extra effort.

So if you have been in the market for a tabletop fire pit then give this design a glance. You might really like what you see.

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Snap Crackle And Pop Of Color

The brick patio design and curved bench act as a natural extension of the round fireplace set in the middle. The high back of the bench not only allows guests to sit more comfortable, it also helps separate the pit area from the other parts of the patio behind it. Bright solid colors on pillows of assorted sizes go nicely with the brightly striped pattern on the seat cushion. This look would go along nicely with anyone who loves the boho look for home decor. Its large enough that youll have plenty of seating, so invite all your friends over.

The $10 Upcycled Fire Pit

1/4"  Pacific Blue Reflective Fire Glass

This fire pit is awesome. Do you have an old washing machine drum that you no longer use? Well, dont toss it or leave it to rust. Instead, put it to use as a fire pit.

The best news is it can be upcycled for a whopping $10. So if youd love to have a fire pit to enjoy your outdoor space even more then give this budget-friendly idea a glance.

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Garden Fireplace With Bench

This is a really neat set-up. It isnt as solid as a fire pit, but instead, they created this neat indented place for wood to be neatly stacked.

Then they took it one step further and created a nice bench that you could sit on and enjoy the fireplace. But the bench doubles as a storage space for wood. It is really a great feature for any yard or garden.

What Type Of Fire Glass Should I Buy

The answer to this depends on what look youre trying to achieve for your outdoor fire feature. Do you want to add some glam and glitter? If so, go with the 1/2 reflective tempered fire glass. The reflective backing and smooth finish on the glass will give you the most luster and sparkle possible. Plus, the 1/2 reflective tempered fire glass is the most popular of all fire glass types, so you cant go wrong with this choice.

If you prefer less flash, but still want some reflective accents to add visual interest to your fire feature, we recommend the crushed fire glass . Crushed fire glass will allow you to infuse your fire feature with some lovely color, which will reflect some of the flamelight on nice gravel-shaped fire glass pieces.

Another thing to consider when choosing your fire glass is that tempered fire glass may have some sharp edges. Why? While tumbling is a common safety measure with many brands of fire glass, tumbling actually dulls the surface of the glass and causes it to lose some of its reflectivity. That means, to ensure maximum luster, you want to choose tempered fire glass, which isnt tumbled. Un-tumbled, tempered fire glass provides a stunning amount of light reflection and will definitely take your fire feature to a new aesthetic level. But given its sharp edges, tempered fire glass may not be the best choice in homes with small children. If you do use it, take care to keep the ground free of stray pieces so that no one steps on them.

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Fire Pit Seating Ideas

This post shares many great ideas for seating around a fire pit. So if you are someone that wants a fire pit area without actually building your own fire pit then this post might offer a good selection for you.

So youll notice that most of these are based around store-bought fire pits which might be a good fit for some. Either way, I hope their ideas inspire you.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Idea

Building a Natural Rock Fire Pit – Our Favorite Design for a Firepit

Perfect for relaxing at home on a cold winter day, this fire pit fits right on your table. To make this, mix some cement and pour it into a bowl or a round mold. Once that is set, place a propane tank in the center and some lava rocks around them. Just make sure to place this in the center of your table where it cant be accidentally knocked over.

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