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Faq: Frequently Asked Questions

How to install a Hardtop Polycarbonate roof Gazebo in your Garden

How do I install polycarbonate roofing?

Polycarbonate sheets are precision-designed to fit exactly within the roof frame. Each sheet is clearly marked showing the side that faces upwards towards the sky. The sheets slide into the frame from the outer edge and are pushed towards the centre. Don’t be surprised if the fit is tight – that’s to be expected because of the precision design. Edge supports are inserted between the upper and lower sheets, and outer edging made of metal holds the roof in place and protects the polycarbonate material. For more information, consult the instructions which are available for download on the page of the individual product you purchased. In addition, assembly videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Which gazebo frame material is particularly suitable for year-round use?

We recommend that you buy hardtop gazebos with either a steel or aluminum frame for year around the whole year. Both materials withstand strong winds, are waterproof and are long-lasting. Both options are also easy to care for and robust. Fully galvanised steel is extremely rust-resistant, just like aluminium, but unlike aluminum frames, are also resistant to pest and fungal attack. Steel garden gazebos are available in Classic and Premium quality. Aluminium gazebos can be found in the Premium and Deluxe quality.

How do I clean polycarbonate roofing?

Can the hardtop gazebo stand on the lawn as well as on the patio or does a foundation have to be poured?

Did The Above Gazebo Roofing Ideas Inspire You

I have always loved the look of backyard gazebos. While most of them are Victorian-inspired, theres virtually no limit when it comes to roof designs. This is why I decided to share some of my favorite gazebo roofing ideas with my lovely readers.

I hope the list above helped you find your gazebos new roof design. If it has, leave a comment and let me know what you liked the most. And dont forget to share with your friends!

Most Stable Hardtop Gazebo For Snow: Sunjoy Bridgeport Cedar Framed Gazebo

This Sunjoy Bridgeport gazebo would enhance the look of your winter garden by several notches, there is no doubt in that. In addition to decorating your winter wonderland, it will also keep you well-protected from the chilly winter winds whenever you try to enjoy the calmness of your yard. This 11 x 13 structure includes dual rails on its poles so that you can attach screens and nets to keep you warm and secure inside the framework. It also comes with a ceiling hook to hang lamps and lights for additional warmth inside.

Moving on, the most amazing aspect of this hardtop gazebo for winter is its extraordinary frame and sturdy roof. Made with finely crafted cedar woods, this frame is strong and sturdy, and hence, offers you durability like none other.

Furthermore, as this frame features a triangular design at the ceiling, it offers greater stability and security as well. It wont wobble or fell down easily even in a snowstorm or strong wind.

Also, because it is quite heavy in weight , there are fewer chances that it would experience knockdown promptly.

This amazing gazebo comes in only one size option and one color choice- this is the only downside of it.

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Or Ditch The Roof Entirely

Some of us dont like closed roofs and thats okay! Other than the fact that they look absolutely stunning if done right, open-roofed gazebos aka cantilever roofed gazebos have a surprising number of benefits.

For one, they create a gorgeous open-air environment that magnifies the filtration of natural light into your gazebo. As a result, open roofs are exceptionally cost-efficient because they dont require you to install extra lights or turn them on when the sun is out.

If youre not a big fan of cantilever roofs, you can instead get a partially open roof. These semi-covered roofs offer about 85 percent coverage, similar to what trees provide when youre under their shade.

If None Of These Options Suit You How About A Flat Roof

Sunjoy Holden 12 ft. x 14 ft. Hexagonal Hard Top Gazebo with Vented ...

Are you tired of the classic triangular or pitched roof design? Mix it up and choose a flat roof instead, similar to several Gazebo Penguin solariums Ive reviewed before.

Flat roofs are cheaper to install than pitched roofs because of their plain structure. They also require fewer materials and labor. Additionally, theyre faster and less disruptive to install.

The materials you can use for flat roofs are practically limitless. You can use wood, corrugated iron, galvalume the choice is yours! Therefore, if you want a simple, straightforward, easy-to-install roof for your gazebo, flat roofs may be your answer.

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Choosing A Hardtop Gazebo Replacement

Replacing your hardtop gazebo with one of our canvas canopies can make your gazebo last longer. All you have to do is make sure that you get the correct sized cover. The sizes listed are the dimensions between the support posts. Always measure from the outside of the posts so that your cover the entire gazebo area. Because our tops are water resistant and block UV rays, they will give you years of dry protection from the sun as well as look beautiful in your yard.

Things To Consider Before Buying Hard Top Gazebo For Winter Or Snow

You can find a gazebo easily for your outdoors. However, when it comes to buying the best hardtop gazebo for winter snow, you have to keep in mind a few things to score just the right one. Lets discuss the aspects to consider before buying a hardtop gazebo for winter snow so that its easier for you to purchase yours.

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Versatile Steel Hardtop Gazebos

Many of our hard top gazebos feature galvanized steel roofing that is corrosion and rust resistant, making these premium steel shelters you can leave up in your backyard year-round. These units can provide excellent protection against harmful UV rays, as well as other inclement weather like light rain. Excellent for entertaining or as a relaxation space for down-time, our hard top gazebos are excellent multi-weather shelter solutions that are manufactured to last season after season as a dining room table for friends, or a relaxation area when you have company. Many of our hard top gazebos feature different options and boast different features. The South Beach models, for example, boast three different choices of roof styles, and come in gorgeous charcoal and light grey colors. Other steel choices give you a perfect place to store your food if youre grilling for company. The Ventura BBQ Grill offers great protection for you and your grill, and offers counter space for food prep where you need it most. Many of our other hard top gazebos feature premium powder coated aluminum frames that not only offer protection from rust and corrosion, but are also made to last season after season.

Go For Iron Roofing For Cooler Summers

Canvas Alverstone 12′ x 12′ Hard Top Gazebo video review by James

Corrugated iron roofing is another popular choice among homeowners, primarily due to its extreme durability. In fact, its said that the average life expectancy of corrugated iron roofing is over 50 years! This means that youll never have to replace the roof ever again.

In addition to this, corrugated roofs keep you cool during summer because they naturally send the suns UV rays into the atmosphere. In comparison, traditional roofing materials can heat up to 190°F on a hot summer day, with a good portion of heat transferring into the gazebo.

The initial installation and material cost of corrugated roofs may be quite steep, but youre paying for high-quality roofing in exchange. Plus, as theyre made of metal, you can bend and twist them to whatever design fits your gazebo whether its four-sided, octagonal, or even flat.

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Safest Hardtop Gazebo For Winter/snow: Ulax Furniture Outdoor Gazebo

Winter winds can be chilly. It can also bring in snowflakes to make the surrounding even colder and frosty. However, when you are lounging inside the Gazebo from Ulax Furniture you can enjoy warmth and coziness while soaking in the beauty of the nature.

To provide maximum comfort and safety to its users, this gazebo comes with double layers of screens. While the net covers keep bugs and insects away, the polyester curtains block the chilly wind and keep you super comfortable and warm inside. Moreover, these curtains also offer you a private place for a winter garden rendezvous.

Besides the screen, another feature that makes this garden house extremely suitable for winter and snow is its metal hardtop roof. Ulax Furniture made the sloppy roof with galvanized steel to make it strong and sturdy. If it stores any snow on the top, the sturdy, waterproof solid roof will ensure that it doesnt reach inside and hamper your comfort. This top was constructed specially to bear heavy snow and withhold against strong wind.

As this gazebo measures 12 x 16, it is not suitable for smaller yards. If you have a relatively small outdoor space, it would be best to avoid it completely.

Hardtop Gazebos With Sides

Naturally, if you’re planning to use your outdoor permanent gazebo well into the colder months, you will need an all year round gazebo with sides. The majority of our hardtop pavilions come with a full set of curtains. A steel or polycarbonate roof gazebo with sides protects against cold winds, rain entering from the sides, and retains heat in the gazebo. We also have a selection of hardtops without curtains for you if you don’t need curtains for your permanent gazebo. And if you change your mind at a later date? No problem, replacement side walls can be bought in a range of colours and sizes.

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Buying Guide For Best Hardtop Gazebos

Youve spent time getting your yard just how you want it, and now its time to reap the rewards. Installing a hardtop gazebo gives you a spot to enjoy your garden come rain or shine. Made from sturdy materials that last, a hardtop gazebo is a permanent addition to your outdoor space, ideal for entertaining or simply relaxing alone or with family.

It is a fairly large purchase, however, so youll need to be certain you choose the best hardtop gazebo for your outdoor space. Youll need to decide whether you want a hardtop gazebo made from metal, wood, or vinyl. Shape is important, too, whether you choose a standard square or rectangular model or something more unusual. Youll also need to make sure you choose a gazebo thats large enough for your needs.

Our buying guide covers everything you should consider before purchasing a hardtop gazebo. For our five favorite products, check out the matrix above.

Or A Classic Wooden Roof

Sunjoy Missouri Collection 8 ft. x 8 ft. Cedar Framed Gazebo with Brown ...

Wooden roofs are the first choice for many. Other than the fact that theyre generally more affordable than some other options, theyre also versatile and aesthetically-pleasing.

I personally believe that wooden roofs are the perfect choice if you have a backyard full of trees and flowers primarily because they further complement its natural look.

Another great thing about wooden roofs is that theyre easy to repair and replace. Although theyre not as durable as, say, asphalt shingles, they can easily stand the stress of severe weather conditions. Plus, they have superior insulation. What more could you want?

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Hardtop Gazebos With A Twist

If you love the idea of a hardtop gazebo for your backyard space, but want something a little outside the box, or something that could serve as an extension of your home, the Portland may be the perfect option for you. The Portland is a wall-mounted option that will add character and more living space to your backyard, and it features a durable nylon mosquito netting that attaches easily and protects you and your guests from pesky bugs and wind and inclement weather.

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Polycarbonate Gazebos With Modern Flair

For a hardtop gazebo with a classic look and sleek design, polycarbonate options will match with your home seamlessly. The polycarbonate roof lets sunlight in while keeping out harmful ultraviolet rays. The Meridien boasts an ultra-strong body made of powder coated aluminum that is rust-resistant. You can adapt this option to the size of your table, and as an added bonus, a durable and premium quality mosquito net is included. Our selection of hard top gazebos with polycarbonate roofing panels make them durable, rust resistant options for anyone looking for multi-season shelter.

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Build Your Backyard Oasis With Our Wide Selection Of Pergolas Gazebos And Shelters

Design a beautiful backyard you’ll never want to leave with a stylish and functional pergola or gazebo. For a traditional look, choose a classic wood pergola. For a style that’s more modern, vinyl or aluminum pergolas are a good option. Pergolas enhance the look of your backyard while providing added shade and style points. For those looking for a little more coverage, a fully enclosed gazebo is a great option. Enjoy sitting outdoors all season long with a hard or soft top gazebo with mosquito netting. Complete gazebo packages offer a fun and challenging DIY project for the whole family.

A gazebo or pergola is also a great way to add a little extra privacy to your backyard space. Looking for shade and shelter on the go? A portable sun shelter is a lightweight and durable option you can take with you for added privacy at the beach. If added shade is all you need over your built-in deck or patio, a rollout awning or outdoor curtains will help you get the most out of your backyard space.

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Hardtop Vs Soft Top Gazebo: What Are These

Canvas Alverstone 12′ x 12′ Hard Top Gazebo video review by Suzanne

Before jumping into discussing their differences, lets first find out what a hardtop and soft top gazebo is for even better understanding.

For starters, as the name suggests, a hardtop gazebo is an outdoor garden structure with a solid, hard roof on the top. These are popular among users because of the durability and the shed it offers. Constructed with concrete, metal, wood, or vinyl, a hardtop roof stays in place tightly and doesnt move even in the heaviest of wind. However, as this top is super heavy , it is not portable at all. Users with year-round properties usually prefer hard roof gazebos because of such stability and protection.

On the other hand, in simple words, soft roof gazebos are SOFT. By soft we mean that they are exclusively made from fabric, like polyester, and very mushy. Because of such characteristics, the soft roof gazebos are extremely lightweight and hence, portable too. Besides, the gazebos with this type of roof are easily foldable, which means that you can enjoy greater flexibility than the hardtop ones.

Another notable feature of a soft top gazebo is that they can be assembled and disassembled pretty easily. For this reason, these are an excellent option for renters and short-term residents.

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Best Wooden Gazebo For Winter/snow: Sunjoy Chapman Cedar Framed Gazebo

Snow can be a real deal-breaker when it comes to garden or deck gazebos. It can pile up and cause your favorite structure to fall down real quick. However, with this Chapman Cedar Framed Gazebo from Sunjoy, you can enjoy the aesthetics of the snow and nature in your outdoor without the fear of drenching in the cold snow.

To begin with, Sunjoy has designed the roof of this gazebo in such a way that it can slide off the snow quickly and precisely. The sloppy roof along with the impressive drainage system clears all the accumulated snow off of your gazebo so that it doesnt impose any risk of accidents.

Furthermore, as this roof is made with sturdy steel, it is strong and durable. Even when there is excessive frost on the up, there are fewer chances that it will affect the sturdiness of the roof and break off over your head. The water-resistant feature also assures extended longevity of the structure.

Another notable feature of this metal top gazebo is its wooden structure. Finely crafted with premium cedarwood, this frame not only offers incredible stability and longevity but also enhances the look of your garden by several notches. The natural finish of this wooden frame brings a very earthy vibe to the outdoors.

You must also know that this garden structure is available in two different sizes, 13 x 15 and 10 x 10 for you to choose from.

Or Go Modern And Add A Solar Panel

Solar panels are among the greatest inventions of mankind. The fact that we can convert the suns light into actual usable energy still blows my mind today. Theyre an investment that quite literally pays for itself.

The best thing about solar panels is that they can be used to power anything, no matter how big or small. Instead of installing your panels on your car or houses roof, why not place them on top of your gazebo?

On top of that, you wont have to worry about frequent maintenance and replacement, as most solar panels have a warranty of up to 30 years.

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