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How To Build Gazebos

Running An Electrical Conduit


To build your gazebo, begin by driving a two-foot piece of rigid electrical conduit at the intended center of the gazebo. Drive it in 18 inches. Remove the sod with a rented sod cutter. Youll need to excavate a nine-inch-deep area radiating out about 78 inches from the conduit. After that, youll set forms and put in a layer of 1/4-in. gravel to the dimensions shown in Fig. B. The idea is to have the outside foot or more of the slab thicker to support the weight of the structure.

Tips for Building Your Forms

Build your forms after carefully examining Fig. B. Set your circular saw at 22-1/2 degrees and cut eight 2×8 exterior forms with the short side measuring 57-1/2-in. Screw the forms together with three-inch deck screws. Have a friend help you align the forms so the eight corners of the forms are all the same distance from the conduit center. If these measurements are all equal, your slab will be a perfect octagon get it as close as you can. Drive 3/4-in. x 2-1/2-in. stakes along the outside of the forms at each intersection, level the forms and screw the forms to the stakes.

Now build a square inner form for the patio inlay, 72-1/2-in. on each side. Center it as shown and drive in the stakes on the inside of the forms and screw them together.

Concrete Slab Requirements

How To Build Your Own Gazebo

Posted by CraftFoxes Staff on Sep 02, 2022

A lot of different outdoor structures are referred to as a gazebo. Very generally, its any roofed building that offers a view onto the surrounding area. But a gazebo can be shaped like a square, rectangle, hexagon or even an octagon. Simple ones, constructed from kits, can be bolted together in an afternoon while more complex ones, with built in barbecues and fireplaces, may take weeks of professional construction.

What will you be using your gazebo for? How much space do you have?Whats your style?Point and Click to Find Inspiration

Improvising A Pergola

A Fast Build

The Kit Build

How Our New Gazebo Will Save Us Money

This diy patio gazebo kit cost us $1399. That might seem like a lot but well never have to do anything more than give it a little stain every few years.

Had we kept the old gazebo and kept buying new tops over the following few years it would ultimately cost us as much if not more than the new gazebo kit we bought.

This kit is not light. The three boxes weighed 600 lbs. But it has everything in it you need for assembly, other than the tools.

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Using A Stud Finder Find The Joists In The Spot Where You Want To Install The Fan And Make Sure That The Fan Is Mounted To A Joist

Find the center of the joist with a stud finder and mark it. You will want to use a drill bit that is the same size as the lag screws that come with the ceiling fan kit. Drill a hole through the center of the joist and into the beam beyond it. Affix the bracket that comes with the ceiling fan kit to the joist using the lag screws. The bracket should have slots for adjusting the position of the ceiling fan.

Get The Materials To Build A Gazebo

Plans Gazebo : The Best Way To Build A Lean To Shed

The best way to get the materials to build a gazebo is to go to a home improvement store. You can find a variety of materials there, including lumber, roofing materials, and hardware. You can also find gazebo kits at home improvement stores, which include all of the materials you need to build a gazebo.

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Gazebo Parts And Assembly

This isnt a full and detailed tutorial because that would take way too many photos and hours to read. I decided to give you an overview so you get the idea of what it will be like, and the tools youll need to build your own patio gazebo from this kit.

Yardistry, the manufacturer of this kit, provides an excellent instruction book and they also have a series of step-by-step videos you can watch.

We watched the videos several times before we started. And when we had questions about something, wed replay just that part of the video.

Before we put ours together my husband decided to give it an extra coat of stain. It comes stained but we wanted it to look a bit richer, and give it the best start. After all the pieces were dry we stacked them in the garage until we were ready to assemble the gazebo.

Thats a lot of parts, but dont stress, keep reading.

The ends of each board is labeled so you know which parts you need for which section. It looks intimidating but when you follow the directions step-by-step it really goes pretty smoothly.

Wed already removed some of the pieces when I took this picture.

Im sorry I didnt get a picture of the hardware. There is a lot of it. I mean a lot a lot so be prepared with those plastic bags and a sharpie to keep them organized.

Western Red Cedar Gazebo

What makes red cedar a good material foroutdoor furniture and structures like this lovely gazebo? Red cedar is not justvisually-appealing but is strong and will naturally repel insects. It hasnatural oils that protect it frommoisture and is innately resistant to rotting and aging.

Now, this gazebo was made of red cedar with an elevated flooring, balustered walls, high ceilings and shingledroof. A cupola removes hot air that accumulates from the tall ceiling so youwill remain cool as you sit and relax. This gazebo is a fairly easy designespecially if you have complete materials and basic woodworking knowledge andskills. It could be a good starting point formore intricate projects in the future.

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Take Care Of The Building Permits

Building permits are usually required when youre constructing an outdoor structure be it a gazebo, an outdoor kitchen, a sunroom, or an in-law suite. Keep in mind that the building codes and regulations vary from one location to another. For example, in some states, an outdoor structure less than 100 square feet does not require a permit. Its best to check with your local building permit office before constructing a gazebo in your yard.

Free Rectangular Gazebo Plans

DIY Gazebo Build Part 2

It is a truly fantastic idea, to build your own gazebo with your loved ones. Not only does a gazebo fit perfectly to your backyard and make it unique. But knowing that you built the gazebo, makes it even more special. If you do decide to build a gazebo, then check it is done right. It is better to put a bit of extra effort in and spend a bit of more money. Building a gazebo, should be a special project for you and your family. When you construct your gazebo ,then everyone is going to see it . And if it doesnt come out the way you expected because of free gazebo building plans. You need to ensure that your very own gazebo turns out perfectly.

There are plenty of people who want to know how to make a gazebo. These small buildings fit right in to a very beautiful garden. Building a gazebo yourself brings you satisfaction and a place to hang out. Often people have happy memories from their childhood of gazebos. If you have happy memories with gazebos as a child playing and having fun. And they want to experience something similar again and why not? Building a summerhouse can be somewhat expensive for some folks. If there was a possibility to have free gazebo building blueprints online, then why not? But if you want free gazebo building blueprints, then there are some downfalls to that.

Constructing the gazebo floor

The gazebo plans most of all need to be detailed

There are so many different varieties of wooden gazebos

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Get The Required Parts Material And Tools

After finalizing the design, the next step is to gather all the parts, materials, and tools that are required to build your wooden gazebo. Make sure that you stick to your allocated budget because its easy to get tempted while buying the parts.

The tools that youll need to build your gazebo can vary depending upon the material you selected. Generally, the following set of tools will be enough while working on a wooden gazebo project.

  • Screws and nails

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Build From Scratch Or Buy A Kit

Should you buy a gazebo kit or build a gazebo from scratch? Both options have their merits.

When you order a gazebo kit, it comes with all the materials needed, plus assembly instructions. On the other hand, youll end up paying for materials you probably wont need if youre going to attach one side of the gazebo to the house. Also, you might have to alter the roof design, so it fits against the wall.

Building your own gazebo will require some extra planning, but its more easily customisable, and youll only buy the parts you need. On the other hand, if anything goes wrong, you cant blame the manufacturerit will be your fault and you wont hear the end of it.

If you do muster up the courage to do everything on your own, heres how to proceed:

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How To Build A Wooden Gazebo Attached To A House

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A gazebo provides a great place to relax outdoors while keeping you protected from the elements. And its a smart investment as it adds value to your property. The question is where do you put it?

Lots of people dream of having a gazebo in the middle of their garden, but you can also attach it to the house. By doing this, youre basically extending your living space.

Heres all you need to know about building a wooden gazebo attached to a house.

Credit: Norfolk-landscapes

Four: Put On The Roof Sheets

How To Build Your Own Wooden Gazebo

The next step is to put the plywood roof sheets on. Before you can put on your plywood roof sheets, youll need to make sure you know the measurements of each sheet. Lay the plywood flat on the frame and measure the cuts you will need to make.

Once you have all of your measurements and cuts of plywood ready, screw them into the frame. When this job is done, you will begin to see the shape of your roof. It will be composed of two triangles and two trapeziums.

When the roof sheets are complete, cover them with the roofing felt. Use staples to secure the roofing felt to the plywood. Then you can put on your roofing trim to make the roof look more professional.

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Installing The Roof You Need Four Bodies For This Part

We were so thankful to have our daughter and my brother help on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately I was not able to get pictures of this part. I couldnt say, hang on, hold that heavy roof panel up there over your heads while I run to get the camera. And say cheese, after you wipe the sweat from your brow

HaHa, free helpers are the best so I didnt want to impose any more than we were already.

Seriously, it all went together well and following the instructions and watching the video we got it all up and secured in about 90 minutes.

Heres what the underside looks like with all four panels assembled. They even include a few hooks to hang lighting from the roof.

Its amazing how much bigger this gazebo seems than our last patio gazebo. We did gain a little square footage but its also taller than our old one. And I am excited that we never have to buy another top again.

Heres a view of it from the hill in our backyard.

I couldnt wait to get all the furniture moved back in and hand the curtains.

This is the best investment weve made in our outside living space since we had the new concrete poured in 2009. You can read about our New Backyard Retreat and how I built the 2×4 Side Tables.

We sit out there often enjoying the weather and our hillside. It looks especially beautiful with the lights we added.

We love doing stuff ourselves so this DIY Patio Gazebo was right in our wheelhouse. It was cheaper than paying a contractor to build something that attached to our house .

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Gazebo

The majority of homeowners spend around $7,587 on the construction of their gazebos, however the typical cost ranges from $5,358 to $9,058. The price of constructing an elaborate bespoke gazebo might go as much as $27,000 or even more. For some homeowners, the cost of constructing a gazebo from a kit might be as little as $325.

Gazebos are the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen or fire pit since they give shade and protection. Expect to pay more for your brand-new gazebo the more bells and whistles you have in its design, such as lighting, a tile floor, or a roof, for example. The price of your gazebo will change depending on whether it is preassembled, made to order, or purchased as a kit.

The final cost will also be affected by the materials used, as well as the roofing, flooring, and screen enclosures. Our pricing guide for gazebos includes the expenses associated with a variety of materials, designs, forms, and additional features.

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Build The Bottom Layer Of The Roof

You have two options for this part. You can use either slats or plywood boards.

If you go with slats, start from the top railing and work your way up to the part where the rafter meets the king post. Cut the slats to measure and attach them to the rafters using 2 ½ galvanized screws.

Building the bottom layer with plywood might be a bit easier. You need to measure the sides of a section carefully. All 8 sides are the same, so you can proceed to cut 8 triangular plywood pieces. To cover the roof, join the plywood sheets to the rafters with 1 1/2 nails.

An octagonal gazebo roof is a thing of beauty. Credit: Outdoor Living Today

S To Build A Flat Roof Wooden Gazebo

Backyard Gazebo for $500 w/ Limited Tools

Its critical to plan out your project properly before you start gathering the required material and tools. It includes allocating your budget, choosing the right spot in your backyard, figuring out how much time you can give to your project daily or weekly, and so on.

Planning will allow you to work on your project most efficiently thatll save both time and effort. Once the planning phase is completed, you can follow the steps listed below to start your project.

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The Mighty Helpful Gazebo Plans

A simple, basic gazebo that can add beauty to your home garden. This gazebo has ample space to add benches inside thus inviting the individual to use it for social gatherings, outdoor dinners in full comfort as you can easily place tables and chairs to party with your friends and family. The gazebo plan is easy to follow and construct by the people who have carpentry prowess but a DIY enthusiast would complete it just as easily.

Note that your gazebo can easily become a focal point in your garden, sync it well with the garden landscape.

How Thick Should A Gazebo Slab Be

We propose laying a concrete slab that has a thickness of between three and four inches, and we also recommend using the necessary amount of concrete. It should be set on a base of crushed rock or gravel that is four inches thick in order to maintain its stability.

  • This task is one that you could tackle on your own with some determination and some elbow grease, or you could hire a local contractor to handle it for you if you are unclear how the procedure works.
  • A typical 8 x 10 slab area with a depth of four inches will require approximately one cubic yard of pre-mixed concrete.
  • This information can be used for planning purposes. This kind of base is excellent for all of the many kinds of gazebos that we keep in store, but it works especially well with our hardtop and wall-mount models.

    Can you put a gazebo on uneven ground?

    When the gazebo needs to be raised, when the ground is uneven, or when a construction permit is required, the use of sonotube or concrete footings is recommended. The installation of them might be somewhat pricey, but they provide an excellent foundation for terrain that is steeply sloped.

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    Two: Install The Hip Rafters

    Now comes the time to install the hip rafters. You want to attach the hip rafters from the four corners of your rectangular frame to the top ridge. When done properly it will look like a triangle on the short side of the rectangular frame. Make sure your pieces are cut to the correct angle and join them to the top ridge.

    One: Install The Top Ridge

    9 Best DIY Gazebo Plans &  Ideas

    The first step is to install the top ridge.

    For this, you should have three pieces of lumber. The two pieces of 2×4 lumber need to be cut at a 45-degree angle at both ends of each piece. You need to align all three pieces together, so they form the top part of a trapezium.

    Check that it is level. Then drill holes through the lumber so you can put your galvanized screws in place to secure this shape. The screws should be five inches long. This should be fitted onto the rectangular base.

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