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How To Recover Patio Furniture Cushions

The Total Cost To Recover Outdoor Cushions

Reupholster or Recover Outdoor Patio Cushions (how to) – Renee Romeo

The average cost to reupholster outdoor cushions is not going to be a set figure. A lot depends on size, materials needed, special features and design of the couch or chair you want to be done.

Right now, the average cost ranges between $50 and $500. it is impossible to give an exact total cost because of the factors mentioned above. Now that is just the quote from one company. You can shop around and see if you get a cheaper price.

This company is quoting a fabric price of $50 to $70 per yard and labor costs between $40 and $100 per hour. So if you only have 2 cushions that need recovering you are looking at spending, at the low end of things, $180. The high end of the job would be $340 without other factors included.

To get a more exact figure for your project, ask several companies to provide you with an estimate. If you are going to do it yourself, then all you have to worry about is the cost of the fabric, thread and other sewing supplies like needles and zippers.

Your time is your own but you should determine how many hours you are going to need to do the job right and lay aside a good block of time to get the project completed.

Update Patio Furniture Cushions Video Tutorial

Like I said, I didnt create a video tutorial on how to update patio furniture cushions. If I ever take on such a project again, Ill be sure to take lots of photos and maybe even create my own video. In the meantime, I thought Id share this video from Sailrite. Although this video is entitled How to Recover a Cushion on a Recliner, the steps and techniques used are the exact steps I used to recover all eight of my friends patio cushions.

Thanks, Sailrite, for putting together such a helpful video tutorial!

I should have taken some before pictures of these cushions. They were dark, faded and well loved. They were dark. Did I say that already? Especially when you compare the old fabric to the new fabric, they were really dark. Drab comes to mind. The new fabric just says summertime, dont you think?

I love the way the cushions turned out and my friend is pretty happy about them as well. In fact, you should see her patio now! She has a bright blue umbrella and a gorgeous beige rug thats just full of texture. Its quite the outdoor space and Im just thrilled that I had a role in updating her outdoor space. Now she just needs to add some terra cotta pot luminaries to her patio and the space will be just perfect!

Til next time

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Easy To Clean Outdoor Cushion Covers

One benefit of using outdoor cushion covers is that you can conveniently remove and wash the cushion covers whenever they get dirty.

Life happens. Your dogs muddy paws, ketchup from your kids hot dogs, or a host of other oops moments may soil your clean patio cushions.

It can be tedious to use various stain remover products and try to blot the stain out of permanent cushions. Instead, with removable patio cushions, you can just pre-treat the stain if needed and throw it in the washing machine.

Your patio furniture will look new and elegant all the time if you keep your cushions clean!

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How To Remake Your Cushion:


Measure the widest part of the cushion and the sides. These cushions measured:Seat: 21.5 x 25 x 5Back: 21 x 20.5 x 4


Remove the existing fabric from your cushions or you can just cover them.


Lay your cushion down on the fabric, making sure your design is centered. Make sure you cut enough fabric to wrap around the front of the cushion, the sides and two or three inches of the back. Use pins to keep your fabric in place.


Glue the shortest sides of the fabric to the back. Neatly fold the corners of the remaining sides and secure those to the back of the cushion with glue. Put weights on the glued areas, keeping the pins in, and let it dry overnight. Keep pins in the next day once glue is dry.


With your excess fabric, cut a panel 1/2 shorter than each of your edges. For our seat, we cut the panel to 21 x 24.5.


Iron a 1/2 hem. First iron and then glue into place.


Pin the hemmed panel onto the backside of the cushion. It should cover the edges from step four. Glue into place. Add weights and let dry overnight again.


Enjoy your great outdoors in comfort.

Create Your Own Comfort With Outdoor Cushions

How to Reupholster or Recover Outdoor Patio Cushions ...

You invested in outdoor furniture for a reason: you love spending time outside. And while youre out there, you might as well make your outdoor furniture as cozy as you can. You can buy new cushions, but the cookie-cutter store variety simply doesnt cut it when it comes to finding the right fit, color and style.

Heres a solution: recover your own.

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What Is A Loveseat

Loveseats are two-seat couches that they initially built as a broader version of an armchair. Loveseats, sometimes known as double-chairs, are frequently paired with more oversized sofas in the living room or family room furniture.

Still, you can also use them for seating in tiny spaces, informal workplace break-out spaces, and intimate reading spaces in libraries or coffee shops.

A loveseat does not have a defined length because you can make it in various sizes to accommodate several rooms and places. However, a loveseats armrest to armrest measurement should be between 48 and 72 inches.

They did not design the loveseat to seat couples or lovers together, despite its name. Instead, its initial purpose was to provide ideal space for women to sit in their vast, opulent gowns.

The use of the loveseat evolved as the fashion of the time changed, and it became the ideal piece of furniture for two people to engage in an intimate conversation.

No Sew Project: How To Recover Your Outdoor Cushions Using Fabric And A Glue Gun

March 3, 2018

Because we are in Southern California, were able to be outside most of the year. We do a lot of entertaining and much of it is on our patio. Its nice to change up the look of our patio furniture, and we can do so pretty regularly with just a little fabric and a glue gun I love a good no-sew project!

This is honestly the easiest project to do! If you can wrap a present, you can re-cover a cushion.

This post contains affiliate links.

Riley Blake Designs has some amazing fabrics and I knew this fun paisley inspired print was just the thing to bring a shot of color to my patio.

We recover our cushions regularly because they were looking a bit worn, but are still perfectly comfortable. Because we use a glue gun we can change the fabric as often as we like. The last fabric we had on our cushions was a black and white combo for a Halloween Party.

Start by measuring the widest part of the cushion and the sides. The width of the cushion was 25 and the sides were about 3 high. 25+3+3 = 31 then I add another 6 to ensure it will wrap around to the back. I cut a total length of 37 inches.

The next step is to pull the old fabric off of the cushion. The fabric always pulls off and the old glue sticks to the cushion. This allows me to toss the fabric into the washing machine and save it for future projects. I love that I am able to use these materials over and over again.

Take the cushion and center it on the new fabric.

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Replacement Cushions Vs Slipcovers For Outdoor Furniture

An outdoor living space is a hot commodity in the real estate industry. In fact, when homeowners invest in their outdoor areas, they can make as much as a 500% return on their investment. Not only does your patio boost your home value, but it also provides additional space in your house where you can relax or entertain guests.

But, because your patio furniture is exposed to the elements such as harsh sunlight, rain, wind, and dirt patio cushions dont last as long as indoor ones.

We put together this article to help you find the right replacement cushions for your patio furniture, protect them from the elements, and keep them in top condition. Lets get started!

Restrapping Patio Furniture Let The Professionals Help

How to recover deck or patio cushions

Now that the weather has finally warmed up and summer is fast approaching, it is time to think about sitting on the patio, catching some rays, and grilling with family and friends. However, the comfortable vinyl strap patio furniture that you purchased many years back may be starting to show its age. The professionals at The Southern Company are experts at Restrapping Patio Furniture. After much use and years of sitting in the sun, the vinyl straps may be loose and the color may have faded, while the metal frame structurally remains in very good shape. The question is whether to replace the furniture or repair it. Repair or Replace Your Patio Furniture? Vinyl patio furniture has been popular forRead more


You did a beautiful job on my furniture. BETTER THAN NEW! Thanks so much for such a pleasant business experience. I have told and will continue to tell others about fabulous service.

Areas Serviced

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How Do You Know How Much Fabric You’ll Need

Figuring out how much fabric to buy for your project is simple. One note: its always better to buy an extra yard or two to make sure you have enough and to give you wiggle room if you make a mistake. Any leftover fabric can make wonderful throw pillows! Remember that you may need extra fabric if you are trying to match stripes, plaids or large pattern repeats.

How Much Does It Cost To Reupholster Outdoor Cushions

Before anyone can tell you the cost of reupholstering outdoor cushions, there are a few questions that need to be answered first. One, what type of sofa or chair is it? Two, how many seat cushions on the outdoor furniture?

Three, what type of fabric do you want to use? Other questions should be asked but these three should get you a ballpark figure on the cost of labor and materials.

The cost of fabric ranges between $5 and $40 per yard and labor can run you about $500 to $900 just for a 2 seat couch. Then the term couch can be broken down into 11 different subcategories that add to the cost.

A chaise lounge can run you between $700 and $1500 depending on the fabric and other factors. The only way you can get a specific cost is if you call a reupholsterer and ask them to come out and give you an estimate.

Estimates can also change depending on the difficulty of getting the job completed.

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Recover Your Patio Cushions In 4 Steps

Patio cushions will help to provide comfort to your patio furniture. Because they are outdoors these cushions tend to become worn very easily and rip from sun damage and adverse weather conditions in addition to the usual wear and tear that cushions will go through. To ensure that you will not have to replace your patio cushions on a regular basis there are some basic steps to take in recovering them. Below are some steps and tips on how to keep your patio cushions looking like new again.

Step 1 Survey the Damage

When your patio furniture cushions become damaged there are only a few things that you can do to get them back how they were. Depending on the damage you have a few different options. If the damage that is done is not too bad then you can usually repair it without having to sew anything at all. Take an iron and some no sew tape to your patio furniture cushions. This is a quick and effective way to get the job done.

Step 2 Measure

If you do not wish to use no sew tape and an iron and wish to sew new patio furniture cushions then measuring will need to take place. This will require you to get out a measuring tape and find out the exact measurements of your cushion.

Step 3 Material

  • Some recommend using jeans as a cover for your patio chairs. These can be easily removed and washed and are very durable as well.
  • Some people will also use tablecloths as well. There are several different kinds of materials especially designed for patio furniture cushions too.

Put The Assembly Back Together

How to Recover Patio Cushions Without Sewing

Trim down any extra spline and place the caps back onto the sling rails.

Screw the sling rails in about half way all the way around.

Now, you need to place the tension bar. There are a few methods I have found for doing this. I saw people use some type of spreader tool or jack clamp or even a car jack. Not everyone has something like that lying around so we are just going to use a good old fashioned rubber mallet to get the job done. Start by slightly bending your tension bar and then slipping it into the holes on either side. Then cover the bar with some sort of fabric and start pounding it back into a straight position.

Finish screwing in your sling rails and attach any additional hardware and then your chair is complete!

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying:

A new Yelp review for our store Summer Classics Charlotte at 1308 W Morehead St in Charlotte, NC. : I recently ordered replacement cushions for my discontinued Summer Classics Tuscany furniture from Stephanie in the Charlotte store. I couldnt go to the store in person and was thrilled to be able to inquire about the replacements over the phone. Stephanie was prompt in replying with price estimates using the fabric I chose from their many options, which I viewed online. Much to my surprise, the cushions arrived much earlier than anticipated and are just perfect! Our Tuscany furniture is in great condition, even after six years of constant use, and we were so happy to be able to update the cushions, even though the Tuscany line had been discontinued. Thank you, Stephanie, for the great service and the follow-up email when they shipped. Also, thank you, Summer Classics, for providing the replacement cushion service . They are wonderful!

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Update Patio Furniture Cushions With Fabric From Sailrite

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Update Patio Furniture Cushions with Fabric from Sailrite

I recently had the privilege of helping a friend update patio furniture with fabric from Sailrite. This was a long overdue project that my friend had asked me to do last year, but there just wasnt enough hours in the day. Fast forward to early spring this year and she asks me again if Id be willing to recover her patio furniture cushions.

I love sewing. But, my time is limited. Between working full-time, all the family responsibilities involved with having seven growing children, renovating our house and sharing ideas here on The Birch Cottage blog, that just doesnt leave much time for taking on other projects. Its just a couple of cushions after all!

So, I sent my friend to Sailrites website to select her outdoor fabric. Sailrite has a large selection, great customer service and tons of instructional videos. You should know, I was not asked to promote Sailrite. I was not compensated in any way by or on behalf of Sailrite. I truly loved the experiences Ive had with them and wanted to share this great company with you. The information and opinions in this blog post are 100% my own.

Plus, if youre thinking about recovering your patio cushions or updating patio furniture for a friend, you will know about a great resource that maybe you hadnt known about before. Read on for more on my experience with Sailrite.

Where Can I Buy Replacement Slings For Patio Chairs

How to Deconstruct Patio Cushions

So, youve decided that your patio chairs need a refresh with some durable new slings. How do you go about doing this? You can buy one of the robust fabrics we mentioned above and make your own, or you can make life easier and order a replacement sling.

Theres a great choice of online stores that sell standard size replacement slings. Some sites let you search by model of chair, or you can measure your sling chair for a bespoke replacement. Well look at the best way to get the right size sling in a moment.

American Slings is an online store that sells all sorts of chair parts, including slings. Theres a choice of fabrics and colors, and you can order up to four free samples to help you decide.

Slingfabslets you order five swatches, and they have some great prints to choose from. Slingmastersis another online sling replacement site, and is a family business thats been repairing yard furniture for almost 40 years.

So, there are a lot of specialist sling retailers out there, and theres a great choice of fabrics. If you prefer to use a local store, take a look on or similar, and see if theres anyone in your area that deals with chair repairs.

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