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How To Block Wind On Patio

Best Patio Wind Blockers

“Winds of Change” – Stained concrete patio in Fort Worth, TX by SolCrete, LLC

There will always be days wherein we would just want to sit and relax on our patio while enjoying the sun especially when you have a very nice view. Gusts of the cool breeze are fine but when the wind is always howling, that is a different story.

10 Best-Selling Patio Wind Blockers

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That is why wind blockers came into existence. These structures are tools to somehow aid with controlling the strong wind keeping the items in your patio safe. And guess what, you can purchase these items online.

Stick around as we will look at the best patio wind blockers that you can purchase on Amazon.

NICETOWN Greyish White Outdoor Drapes For Front Porch & Canvas, 1 Panel, W52 X L84

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It comes in various sizes so make sure you get the right measurements before ordering.

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How To Block Wind On Patio Diy

Wind can be a significant nuisance on patios, particularly if you live in an area with particularly windy conditions.

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The good news is that there are a number of simple and affordable methods for keeping the wind from ruining your patio experience without ruining your view or blowing your budget.

Before we start, we should note that the most effective way to block wind will depend largely on the layout and architecture of both your home and the patio itself.

Create A Fence With Tall Ornamental Grass

If you want to block the wind with all natural materials, consider planting a thick row of ornamental grass. Its fast-growing, and some varieties get quite tall. Because of its thick foliage, height, and beauty its one of the most popular plants that block wind. Thick growth can significantly block the wind. Consider planting zebra maiden grass or some other type of tall fast-growing ornamental grass. Plant several pots side-by-side to create a natural barrier. It has beautifully banded leaves and develops tiny orange-pink colored blooms. In the fall, it boasts gorgeous plumes that can be dried and used for indoor decorating purposes. Although it will not stop the wind completely, it will make a tremendous difference.

To add even more color to your natural barrier, add a row of tall perennial flowers such as asters or hibiscus. White daisies with sunny yellow centers would look highly eye-catching next to a hearty row of ornamental grass. It would make a stunning backdrop for the bright white blooms. Plant low-growing flowers such as sweet alyssum in front for a unique tiered look.

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How Screen Mesh Materials Block Rain Snow& High Winds

Snow is self blocking. The first few snowflakes begin to form a crust on the screen and after the crust is formed, the snow cannot penetrate. Air and soft breezes will flow through the screen easily. High winds, however, become obstructed due to the density of the screen. The force driving those winds is absorbed by the screen and the wind stream is veered off in other directions. Blocking rain is dependant upon several factors. When rain hits the screen it is broken into smaller droplets. Depending upon the angle of the rain, the wind force behind it and the density of the screen, some mist will come through the screen. However, the majority of the water will slide downward. The mist that does come through will have lost momentum and usually penetrates no more than a foot or two.

How Do Windbreaks Help Prevent Erosion

Patio Wind Blocker


Ara Lohmatikov

Plastic sheets allow you to enjoy a screened-in porch year round.

  • Measure the height of your screen porch openings.
  • Hold a cut plastic sheet up against the screen outside the porch.
  • Staple the corner of the plastic sheet to the frame in the corner of the opening.
  • Reem Yeregui

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    How To Block Wind On Your Patio

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    Whats the best way to enjoy a patio on a windy day? The answer is simple: block the wind.

    Trying to enjoy your patio on a windy day can be difficult, but not if you take the time to plan ahead. Patios are great for entertaining during the summer months, so its important to have some wind blockers in place.

    I will walk you through 9 easy ways to block the wind from your outdoor space.

    Plexiglass & Glass Wind Barriers

    A patio may face the beach and ocean or provide a gorgeous mountain view. In that case, it may not be a good idea to use a windbreak that interrupts the scenery even by a small amount, such as screens.

    Clear glass or plexiglass panels offer a windbreak as long as they are high enough to keep the wind from settling back down onto the patio. If the glass or plexiglass panels run from the patio floor to the top of a roofline, the wind will be directed over the roof and away from the patio.

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    Clear Views Of Surrounding Landscape

    Worried that installing a windscreen will block the scenic view surrounding your business? Our panels are made with clear vinyl material, allowing customers to enjoy an unobstructed view of your landscape with full protection from the elements. Every product we make is built to your spaces specifications and customized to meet its design.

    Line Up Tall Heavy Pots Of Flowers And Foliage

    How to Build a Deck Wind Screen

    When seeking creative ways to block the wind along a patio, consider a much faster option. Buy large heavy glazed clay or ceramic pots, and place them in a row where the wind is most often a problem. Fill the pots with nutrient-rich soil and flowering plants of your choice. They will add color and beauty to your outdoor living area while creating a windbreak. They wont fully block strong breezes, but they will greatly help. Patio furniture that would have scooted or blown away will be more likely to stay put.

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    How To Block Wind In Your Patio

    The backyard is like a little haven where most people enjoy spending some if not most of their time. But imagine having your nice breakfast reminiscing the good times, and suddenly a strong wind sweeps away your towels, newspapers, and all your knick-knacks.

    5 Best-Selling Windscreen for Patio


    Annoying right? Well, the only solution for this is to come up with ways that can help you block wind from getting into your space and invading your peace.

    But before you get to work, there are few things you need to put into consideration.

    First, the type of windbreak/block you choose will majorly depend on the strength of wind your area experiences.

    If you experience strong winds, then go for methods which will suit this kind of weather, but if the wind is mild, choose what suits best.

    Besides, you need to consider the kind of home you live in. Its not wise to invest a long term project to a rented house, choose what will serve you well during your period of stay.

    Undoubtedly, this blog will guide you into making the perfect decision in choosing the means to block wind in your patio. So lets explore the various practical ways you can invest and implement in your patio.

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  • How To Block Wind On A Patio

    Blocking wind on a patio or even a balcony for an apartment allows homeowners and occupants the chance to enjoy the fresh air. However, bad weather may bring gusty winds ending the enjoyment.

    Some areas may be windy because theyre located in a valley between two mountain ranges or located on an ocean shore area. Finding an easy and convenient way to block the wind means much more time to enjoy a patio or balcony.

    See this patio wind screen fence at

    Below are several options and ideas to use for protection from the wind. Each one depends on the type of patio, the surrounding landscape, and how much wind the homeowner wants to block.

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    What Can I Do With A Windy Balcony

    It can be difficult to cultivate a balcony garden on a windy balcony. The wind could also deter you from spending more time in your outdoor space. One of the best solutions is to enclose it. Using a windscreen to block out the wind is extremely helpful. Additionally, you could also consider roller blinds or glass sliding windows, which can protect your space from all kinds of weather conditions.

    Another great way of blocking the wind is by placing sturdy plants and shrubs around your railings. These can act as a wind barrier. Plants like bamboo, tall palm trees in sturdy pots or any medium-sized evergreen stiff shrubs should do the trick. Some other wind-tolerant plants include mondo grass, coreopsis, penstemons, Japanese anemone and other ornamental grasses, phlox, azaleas, heather, holly, and more. You could also consider installing artificial hedge walls around the railings.

    A trellis wall can break up the wind and reduce its speed, since the holes let some of the wind pass through. A trellis with beautiful vines can add to the look of the space. However, keep in mind that to ensure its stability, the trellis needs to be attached to the railings or the walls of your building.

    Other Types Of Screens Or Shades

    Backyard wind block using old windows. may come in handy ...

    In addition to the privacy screens mentioned previously, you do have some alternative screen options. Bamboo screens, outdoor shades, and wood or resin privacy screens are all productive and functional possibilities that can help block your balcony from the wind.

    • Bamboo Screens: Horizontal and vertical options available. You can get the roll-up blinds or you can get the dressing room style folding vertical e screens.
    • Outdoor Shades: These multipurpose shades are helpful in more ways than just simply blocking the wind. Many of them are UV and water-resistant as well. They are easy to maintain and come in many styles, including roller and dropdown styles.
    • Wood or Resin Privacy Screens: These screens are great for people that arent able to install anything in their homes. They are freestanding, easy to set up, and take down and come in many different styles as well.

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    Protecting Your Patio Porch Or Pavilion Against Winds And Rain

    If you are tired of seeing your outdoor furniture get knocked over or strewn across your yard after strong winds or a severe thunderstorm, you need to consider different options to protect the outdoor areas you enjoy using on bright sunny days.

    Winds can be damaging to your furniture and beat it up as it gets knocked over or blown around. In addition, if the winds are strong enough, they could pick up the furniture and turn it into an airborne projectile that could impact your windows, hit your car, or cause other damages.

    With rain, the water can drench and soak your furniture. Even after the sun comes back out, it could be days before everything is fully dry. No one likes sitting on a wet patio and porch furniture.

    Plus, if you planned an outdoor cookout or another event, it is not fun when wind and/or rain showers ruin your day or night. Luckily, one of the easiest and most cost-efficient options to avoid these problems is to install patio curtains and enclosures.

    These products are simple to install and can be opened and closed to suit your needs. With fall and winter right around the corner, getting new curtains and enclosures will allow you to extend the season and still enjoy your outdoor areas.

    Full Protection From The Weather Year

    Dont lose revenue by having to close down your outdoor seating area because of the upcoming rainy and windy seasons. At Southern Patio Enclosures, our commercial window panels are made with tough PVC vinyl, offering protection against all elements and built to handle daily use for many years. The tracks of our systems are made from extruded-aluminum, expertly manufactured so that the curtains dont get caught when deployed, making them last longer than any competitor.

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    Roll Down Wind Protection

    Shades can hang from simple hardware that can be taken down when they are not in use or installed as roll down wind protection. Manufacturers offer shades made to be installed for an outside patio.

    Raising or lowering the shades is done by pulleys, or the panels can be fitted with electric controls. Roll down wind protection provides a convenient option for when the winds are calm.

    Easy2hang 6ft X 4ft Alternative Solution For Roller Shade Wheat

    Clear Vinyl Plastic Wind Block
    72 x 3 x 3 inches
    Item Weight
    • by entering your model number.
    • 90% Breathable UV Protected HDPE Shade Fabric
    • Special Design for Pergola, Patio, Balcony, Deck, Windows Shading
    • Easy yo install and remove. Just hang on, then tie bottom rope to keep shade in place to resist wind.
    • Substitution or alternative solution for roller shade, high quality but more economical
    • 6 feet by 4 feet

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    Pes Allows You To Block The Windward Side Of Your Screened Porch Or Patio While Maintaining A Clear View

    Patio wind block ideas. Join the blocks permanently using construction adhesive. It can be very windy or drafty on the balcony. Pro Space 50 W X 96 L Water Wind Resistant Outdoor Curtain For Patio Porch.

    Another one of the most creative ways to block the wind along a patio is with a low retaining wall. See more ideas about backyard backyard patio wind blocking. 50 out of 5 stars 4.

    Some of the methods we recommend for blocking wind will also help in blocking neighbors view thus adding more privacy to your outdoor spaces. Get it as soon as Mon Nov 1. Look through wind block pictures in different colors and styles and when you find some wind block that.

    See more ideas about wind break patio windbreak. Online shopping from a great selection at Patio Lawn Garden Store. Different fabrics can be used to create a full block out for privacy right down to transparent vinyls to preserve the view but block the wind.

    If you enjoy breakfast outdoors then you will know how annoying it is when a gust of wind blows away tablecloths napkins and newspapers. How to Block Wind on Patio Patio Wind block ideas. Wind protection is the number one reason customers choose Porch Enclosure Systems.

    This guide explains how to block wind on patio effectively without getting deeper into your pockets. If you want to relax on the balcony you need some ideas on how you can block the wind. Here is our.

    Some wind block material and idea you can use includes.

    Pin On Garden Fences

    Some Wind Block Material And Idea You Can Use Includes:

    Using a wooden fence

    This is usually the first option when everyone thinks of blocking wind or other weather elements from the patio. The wood does not only provide protection against the elements but also helps to make the outdoor charming.

    However, the style and design of the wooden fence will contribute positively to the look of the outdoor area. You can choose to arrange it vertically or horizontally without ignoring its primary purpose.

    One of the main reasons for using a wooden fence is that they are usually durable and add humor to the outdoor space.

    The downside of this fence is that it is not flexible. However, this is not this case as it provides an exemplary screen around the outdoor area.

    Planting a tree

    Planting a tree around the home has been recommended to be a good way of protecting the home and making the area comfortable. Aside from making the area comfortable, tree helps to contribute significantly to the environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.

    However, the tree takes time to grow, and your outdoor space will determine how well you will decorate your outdoor area with it. Planting a tree provides a permanent solution to making the outdoor area comfortable.

    Using a screen

    Retractable screen
    Glass Screen
    Bamboo fence or screen

    Also, Bamboo shade comes in two different forms we have the normal bamboo and the reed.


    Outdoor curtain

    Plant with Mesh wire

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    Patio Wind Blocking Roll

    The Perfect Wind Blocker for your Porch or Patio

    Wind protection is the number one reason customers choose Porch Enclosure Systems. PES allows you to block the windward side of your screened porch or patio while maintaining a clear view. PES wind blocking curtains can be rolled down partially, completely and independently to stop the wind as needed. Our heavy duty and attractive wind blocking panels are made with 100% marine grade materials which means a built-to-last system that remains quiet and still in high wind conditions.

    This waterfront gazebo is regularly confronted with tropical storms and winter noreasters, yet remains quiet and dry inside. The homeowner regularly drops their wind blocking curtains independently based on wind direction allowing his family to enjoy more time outside.

    This waterfront wedding venue on the Potomac River just south of Washington, DC choose PES to assure their large pavilion and guests are protected from heavy wind and weather which is common at their location.

    Our wind blockers not only keep your patio or porch still, they keep out weather, cut down on noise and will warm up your space. They are made to fit snugly, so they wont shake or flap in heavy wind.

    This waterfront space uses our oversized curtains to block heavy wind and weather in the off-season.

    Just Installed the system on Saturday. And it performed!!! Thanks again for all your helpand guidance.


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