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How To Build A Fire Pit Patio

How To Build A Patio Step 2

How to Build a Round Patio with a Fire Pit | This Old House

Then we dug up the top layer of sod and using our grading level, dug out the dirt until the entire pad was level. Guys, the grading level we used had such a loud beeping noise on it we wound up duct taping over the speaker! It was almost unbearable and I felt incredibly bad if any of the neighbors were home and had to constantly listen to it.

Other than the beeping, the grading level made things so easy and I highly recommend getting one or renting one if you want to do some grading! It took us about 2 and half nights after work of digging and hauling the dirt around the property to fill in low spots and the ginormous hole that was once a pond, but we finally got the sod and dirt removed enough to start laying sand.

+ Gorgeous Diy Fire Pit Plans

If youre looking to build your own fire pit weve got you covered.

Below weve assembled a list of 20 DIY fire pits- just click the View Plans button to access the free instructions. Besides that, these builds can serve as an inspirational source of ideas if you want to do your own custom construction.

There are some really unique designs- including a porch swing design, an upcycled washing machine, a glass panel plan, even an indoor coffee table option.

Scroll through the list and stoke your imagination with these unique designs.


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How To Diy A Stone Fire Pit & Pea Stone Patio Start To Finish



After I spent hours trying to remove grass to make way for the new patio, my son and I rented a sod cutter machine and a tiny little trailer, figured out how to use it and got the job done swiftly.

The machine cuts underneath the grass, which can then be rolled up and used elsewhere

When the sod is all removed and the area cleaned up, youre ready to roll!!



I used a cast cement fire pit base from Stone Farm Living, typically used by pros, to create this built-in fire pit. We had seen fire pits using these bases at a stone yard and really loved the finished look.

I bought real stone veneer at a local stone yard. The manager and guys that worked there were SO helpful, and gave me lots of advice and tips for a newbie mason. Read all about that here.



Fire brick is a special kind of brick that can stand high heat without cracking and will help your fire pit to last for many years with little maintenance.

You can line the bottom of the pit with fire brick too, but we opted to use regular play sand, which has proved to be very easy to clean up.


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How To Install Patio Pavers And A Fire Pit The Supply List

Gravel : Enough for a 3 inch bed 100 x .25 = 25 cubic feet If you have really soft soil you might want to do a deeper base of gravel.Sand : Enough for a 1 ½ inch bed 100 x .125 = 12.5 cubic feet Also add 3 4 bags to have a little extra, for filling in the cracks.Pavers : Enough for the square feet of the patio. Decide on the pattern you wish to use, ahead of time. This will depend on the size pavers you choose. Also, if youre using a fire pit you can subtract the square feet from your final total of pavers. 4 stakes string

Just a little side note about supplies: you might need a little more than what you calculate. You can either buy extra up front or if like us you live next door to a Home Depot you could just make and the extra trip.

Step : Neatly Line Your Edgers Around The Diy Fire Pit Seating Area

Where to Build a Fire Pit: On the Patio or a Separate Area ...

When putting in the edgers for the walkway and DIY fire pit seating area, I didnt use a level, but instead, gauged by eyesight and my hands to see if one was significantly higher or lower than the one before it.

These Pavestone edgers actually locked together nicely because the edges were rounded out with a crescent shape.

They sit on top of the weed block fabric, holding it in place. You can also use weed block pins/metal stakes to hold everything in place. As I mentioned before, some folks said I should have used paver sand under these, but I honestly didnt feel I needed it. My soil is very clayish and compact and in the past, I have had success with edgers staying in place without paver sand, so I felt I didnt need it.

Heres an important tip: Make sure that you measure the size of the edgers youre using when planning your DIY fire pit seating area because you want to make sure you have an exact number of edgers for the space youre completing. It is possible to cut bricks to trim them to fit, but honestly, who wants to do that? If you know the length of the bricks, you can determine how many bricks youll need so that each junction fits perfectly.

Here is what the fire pit seating area looked like when the edgers were all laid out!

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What Are Some Tips For Building My Fire Pit Patio

As with any other construction project you might undertake at home, make sure to always work on a dry day and wear proper safety gear during each step of assembly process! You will also find that having an eye mask or goggles handy is helpful when dealing with dust particles in the air as well as using protective glasses since your eyes can be especially vulnerable while doing such laborious tasks outdoors under direct sunlight rays.

Cheap And Easy Diy Fire Pits

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Enjoy your outdoor space with one of these cheap and easy DIY fire pits. From DIY brick fire pits to DIY in ground fire pits, there are plenty of fire pit ideas to choose from.

Learn how to build a fire pit in your backyard so that you can enjoy summer and fall evenings with your friends and family on the patio. There are DIY fire pits here for every budget, style and skill level so you are sure to find the perfect project for you! You can find fire pit ideas for cinder block, concrete, brick, rocks, metal and more. Whether you are looking for square fire pits or round fire pits, there are plenty of fire pit designs to choose from. These homemade fire pit ideas are cheap and easy to make. Most of these outdoor DIY projects can be completed in a few days with inexpensive materials and supplies. These backyard DIY ideas will allow you to make a fire pit on a budget!

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Paint The Interior Brick

Spray paint the fire brick on the inside of fire pit with black stove paint so the focus of the fire pit is on the outside stone work not the sooty inside. When spraying, hold a piece of cardboard against the rim of the pit to protect the stone.

Complete the Project

Spray down the fire pit with water to remove any dust or dirt that might have collected on the stone. When dry, spray the interior of fire brick with black stove paint.

Can I Build A Fire Pit On Top Of Patio Pavers

My 4-Day Fire Pit Patio Build [Full DIY Project]

Yes, but you need to observe a number of things. First of all, if the yard has not yet been built, its recommended that you build the pit first, and then build your yard around it. This allows you to save on materials, make cleaning easier, and protect your patio from the heat of the outdoor fire pit.

If your patio has already been built, you have to insulate it from the heat emanating from the fire pit. This can be done by filling it with sand and rocks. Or, you can use a metal disk, which by the way, will make cleaning easier.

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Building A Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings Under $:

A fire pit is an integral part of your outdoor fun stations and getting a beautiful one would really charm up your outdoor decor too and here is the idea of creating a super gorgeous and functional fire pit on your own and that too using the cheapest of the material called the concrete tree rings. Step by step tutorial details here instructables

Tips And Tricks On How To Maintain Your New Paver Project

Now that you have created a gorgeous new patio, there are several tips and tricks to maintaining your project. You can always rely on us at Paverland for help with any of these tips!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Water your pavers regularly to prevent dryness and cracking. This can be done by using a sprayer or sprinkler on low pressure for about 15 minutes every day during the summer months, more in winter depending on how cold it is outside.
  • Keep an eye out for weeds that will grow between the cracks of your paver patio. Not only are these unsightly but they also take away nutrients from anything growing next to them so keep pulling! You could consider weed control options if this becomes too much work.

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Before Digging Call Utility Companies

Before digging out the space for your in ground fire pit, call your utility companies to check the location of buried utility lines.

Also, check the fire pit code in your area. Most require a fire pit to be 25 ft. away from any structures and overhanging trees. Think about how the prevailing winds blow through your backyard.

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Can You Build A Fire Pit On Your Concrete Patio

How to Build a Fire Pit with Circular Wrap

Using this type of product will allow you to finish off your concrete fire pit, securing the firebricks to the surface of your concrete and creating a barrier between the fire and the actual concrete. These products dry very quickly, so you need to thoroughly plan your pit build before you begin to mix.

When using concrete in heat applications, be sure you are using concrete with limestone-based aggregate as it will withstand heat better than quartz/silicate-based aggregate. Refractory cement with limestone-based aggregate is ideal for creating heat-resistant concrete there are many types of this cement available. Follow the directions on the refractory cement container for how to apply.

Remember that pouring concrete over fire bricks defeats the purpose of using them in the first place as the concrete atop the bricks will crack, exposing them. Use the fire bricks as a liner in any sort of fire pit you have, joined by high heat mortar.

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How To Build A Diy Fire Pit With Gravel Stones And Walkway

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I cant tell you how long Id been wanting to build a DIY fire pit in my backyard, with a stone walkway. Now, in 2021, when the safest place to see friends and family is outdoors, a fire pit is one of the best solutions for cold spring, fall, and winter small get togethers.

One summer, I built this outdoor DIY fire pit in my backyard, which was a labor of love for my middle son and me . It looked great and served its purpose for roasted marshmallows for my family. any great outdoor project, what started out looking fabulous, within a year, it was quite broken-down and neglected. Its inevitable: the sun fades thingsthe trees shed their gunkand the weeds take root. My yard was a mess.

And whats worse is that the amazing fire pit simply looked like a floating tire in my yard when viewed from my sons bedroom window. There was nothing anchoring it to the yard. It needed a home, for sure .

What Is A Fire Pit Patio

A Fire Pit is an outdoor fire pit used for cooking food or heating. It can be built in any shape and size, however the most common shapes are round, square or rectangular. The heat source comes from wood logs that are burnt to produce flames which provide warmth as well as a source of light to see what youre doing!

Fire Pit Ingredients:

  • Fire pit ring and burner that holds the wood logs. The longer the better as it will produce more heat. This is usually placed in center, but can be moved to accommodate desired location.
  • Natural Gas or Propane Tank for those who need a controlled flame with less mess . These units come preassembled and includes valves and burners. They also include an ignition switch to turn on/off easily however they do not provide enough warmth during colder months compared to firewood burning models which are more expensive up front but you get what you pay for!

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How To Increase The Life Span Of A Concrete Fire Pit

There are a few things you can do to help increase the life span of your concrete fire pit. One is to apply a sealant to the concrete once its cured, which will help protect it from weathering and fading. You can also add a layer of gravel or small rocks to the bottom of the pit, as this will provide proper drainage and prevent water from pooling.

Another good idea is to make sure you dont set the fire pit up in an area where trees can fall on it, since heavy branches could collapse right onto your concrete fire pit and damage it. Just make sure to take these precautions into account when designing your backyard space!

Lay Landscape Fabric And Gravel Base And Compact

How to Build a Fire Pit With Concrete Patio DIY

Next, make sure the dirt inside the trenched area is level and then put down landscape fabric.

Then bring in your 3/4 minus gravel and spread evenly. We did 4 1/2 inches of gravel base. Once this base is compacted it ended up around 4 inches.

Once you have the gravel spread evenly to the retaining wall, use a Plate Compactor to press the gravel together. You can rent this at a local tool/equipment rental shop.

If your paver patio is small, you could get away with tamping the gravel by hand.but its not fun and this was well worth the rental fee.

It is best to compact in a circular fashion and compact your entire gravel base at least 2 to 3 times. This makes sure that the gravel is completely compact and adds life to your paver patio.

When using the plate compactor, you should compact in 4 increments if you plan on having a gravel bed more than 6. You lose the ability to compact lower layers when you go over 6.

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Creative Diy Backyard Fire Pits

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The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Nothing says cozy and comfortable like flames crackling in a backyard fire pit. Imagine gathering with friends and family sipping wine, roasting hot dogs, and making smores around your own fire pit during cool summer nights. Relax and have fun knowing that you spent very little on the DIY project, because you made it using inexpensive materials.

Nearly every fire pit in this gallery costs between $50 and $150. The secret to these super-low costs is the basic building materials used to form the fire pits, such as bricks, pavers, concrete, and retaining wall blocks. Other types of fire pits can be made using repurposed materials such as metal planters, flower pots, and even glass.

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How Do I Set Up My Fire Pit

Once your bricks are in place and firmly pressed together with no gaps between them, use landscaping fabric to cover the patios entire area for protection from weather or insects. Then pour gravel overtop of this layer until about two inches deep is reached this gravel will act as part drainage system, preventing moisture buildup beneath your pavers while allowing good air flow through all parts of your project. Finally, top everything off with soil suitable for whatever plants you plan to grow there! It might also be helpful to lay down a weed barrier between your pavers and the soil before adding plants.

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Insulated Fire Pit Barrier

These fire pit barriers are available in both square and octagonal forms.

The barrier consists of a vented metal tray raised about half an inch off the ground by five rubber/plastic feet. The tray is made of heat-resistant natural and synthetic fibers, and it will hold the fire pit.

These are not the most visually appealing fire pit barrier solutions available, but the reviews are typically positive. When looking for deck protection, the Trex endorsement should be taken into account.

Unlike the previously mentioned all-metal platform option, there are various sizes available to accommodate most sizes and types of fire pits, with extra space on the perimeter to permit some unintentional/intentional movement of the fire pit without the tip-over risk.

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