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How To Build A Gazebo

What Is The Best Roof For A Gazebo

How to Build : GAZEBO (Part 1) – Realcedar.com

Asphalt shingles are the standard choice for most gazebos. You can choose shingle colors that match your home’s roof. Rubber Slate is an affordable way to capture the elegance of slate shingles in an eco-friendly, easy-to-install product. Cedar Shake shingles complete the elegant, timeless look of a gazebo. via

What Is The Standard Size For Gazebo

If you are interested in purchasing a gazebo, there are a couple of things that you should take into consideration. A good size for the gazebo is one that is large enough to fit your needs but small enough to not overwhelm your backyard.

Gazebos come in different shapes and sizes. They can be rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, or sometimes round. The standard size for a gazebo is 12 x 12, but if you have extra space, many homeowners choose to go larger. Some of the other popular gazebo sizes are 12 by 14 and 14 by 14.

How To Build Gazebo Roof

How to build a gazebo

Building a gazebo roof can be done in several ways, but we will show you a technique that requires a small amount of materials and that will make the gazebo durable. The first step of the process is to install the top plates over the 4×4 wooden posts.

Use 4×4 beams and install them in a professional manner. Consider asking a friend to hold the beams into place, while you drive in the screws.

How to build gazebo top plate

In this image, you should notice the proper technique to join the top plates. Therefore, you have to cut their ends in an L-shape and join them together on top of the posts. After you join the top plates, you have to drill pilot holes and drive in several 6 screws.

How to build gazebo roof

Afterwards, install 2×4 rafters, to build the main frame of the roof. The procedure is straightforward, if you use the right techniques and tools. First, cut a 6×6 king post and secure it into place by installing two opposite rafters, with 4 screws .

How to build a gazebo roof

Next, install the rest of the 2×4 intermediate rafters, as in the image. Work with great care and make sure the intermediate rafters are placed symmetrically. Secure them to the top plates and to the king post with several 4 screws, as in the image.

How to build gazebo roof

How to build a gazebo roof plans

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Building The Gazebo Frames

Begin the gazebo-building project by putting up the wall posts. Typically, youll need four sturdy posts to place at the corners of the gazebo area. To install the supporting wooden framework, its recommended you use 12 x 4 x 4 beams, but you can pick the wood type and beam sizes depending on your backyard dimensions, individual preferences and climate in the area.

You Can Build This Gazebo

How to Build a Gazebo (DIY)

Heres a backyard story wed like to share from Jersey Shore, New Jersey.

Its a big job but not overly complex just take your time and dont rush. If you can assemble a desk from Ikea, you can probably build this. Its just like building 20 desks and then attaching them all together. Not impossible but it does take a lot of time.

I am only moderately handy and built it myself over three days with some minor help We did enlist the help of several neighbours on the last day to help put the roof on.

In the end we are thrilled with this gazebo and everyone who has seen it has been impressed with the results. Even a contractor friend said hed have a hard time building one for the same cost just buying the parts!

Detail of electrical install: Low outlet for regular usage, high outlet for string lights. Light switches control fan and outlet power. *Disclaimer, modifying the original design may void the warranty.


+ Breaking it up into smaller jobs helped make the project more manageable. Day 1, I separated the hardware into labelled bags, built the posts and assembled the short and long beams Day 2, I assembled about 80% of the four roof panels Day 3, I completed the roof panels and then we stood up the posts, assembled the frame, and installed the roof

+ I found the quality of the screws to be excellent. Of the 1000 or so screws and bolts included, I only found a single one with a defect , and only broke one other

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Covered Deck Design Ideas

25/06/2021·Attached overhead: This can be built at the same time as the deck or added to an existing deck. It attaches to a back wall of your house and has a roof supported by sturdy posts at the edge of the deck. Gazebo: More room-like than a pergola, a gazebo can be rectangular, hexagonal, or whatever shape you desire. Gazebos have posts and are more

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What Our Old Inexpensive Gazebo Really Cost Us

What we didnt anticipate was having to replace the canvas top every few years. Between the beating summer sun, and then no sun in the winter to dry it out, they disintegrated after a few seasons.

Each replacement top cost us around $100 each. Over the years we probably spent an additional $500 on tops. That really adds up and our $300 patio gazebo cost us closer to $1,000, not a great investment after all.

So last Spring on a trip to Costco we were thrilled to see a 12×14 cedar patio gazebo kit on display. With an aluminum top. Yay. No more replacing sun and water destroyed tops.

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How To Build A Rectangular Gazebo Step

First of all, you have to build footings for the rectangular gazebo, as to make sure the posts will be secured properly. Therefore, you have to dig 10-15 in diameter holes , fill 3 with gravel and insert tube forms . Use a straight edge and a level, to make sure all four footings are horizontal.

Mix concrete, fill the forms and install the adjustable post anchors. After the concrete has dried out completely , you have to install the four posts into place.

Our rectangle gazebo plans are about a 7×10 construction, but you can adjust these dimensions to your needs.

After you have installed the four posts into place, you have to build the deck frame of your rectangular gazebo.

Install the decking plumbing the boards to the frame.

Next, install the top plate, using 2x4s or 4x4s. The installation process is straight forward, but you have to remember several tips, to get the job done as a professional. We recommend you to cut out the ends of the post in a L-shape and then, join them together. Insert several 6 screws, after you ensure the top plates are perfectly level.

Carry on with the roof structure as shown.

There are many roofing options but we recommend you to use asphalt singles, as they are both durable and have a neat look. Before installing the shingles, you have to cover the frame either with 2×6 wooden slats or with plywood.

Lastly, install the fence. Fix the bottom and top rails first and then the balusters of your choice.

Nail The Roof Decking

How to build a Gazebo. DIY Timber Frame Wood back yard Gazebo. Simple woodwork Pergola & Round
  • Nail the roof decking to the rafters with 8d nails.
  • Be sure to screw the steel strap to the lower roof boards for extra support.
  • The strap ties the narrower boards together to prevent sagging.
  • Cut your lower fascia from 1×10 cedar. Hold it 7/8-in. above the ends of the rafters so your roof decking will be flush with the fascia.
  • Rip 5-1/2-in. decking in half for the first seven courses so they’ll be able to bend around the lower curved section.
  • Cut each end of the decking at 22-1/2 degrees for the first course and change the angle slightly until you finally reach about 16 degrees for the rest of the full-width courses.

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Made In The Shade Gazebo

This gazebo adds insanely practicality and comfort to the household and naturally every homeowner wants to construct one in their yard. This can occupies a huge space in one`s garden, space traded for plenty of room to place furniture that will boost comfort, you are building another room in which you can soothe your nerves at the end of the day. People can have fun with the family in these settings, all seasons can be actually enjoyed comfortably sitting in this gazebo if you close its sides.

Notice how the gazebo is in a direct relation with the brick deck.

Gazebos For Your Deck

Gazebos for Your Deck. Learn all you need to know about gazebos for your deck, and decide on the design thats right for your outdoor living space. A Gazebo for Gazing. This backyard deck was perfect for adding a modern, curved gazebo. With plenty of seating and planters for growing flowers, this gazebo is as functional as it is gorgeous.

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Diy: You Can Have A Cool Floating Deck: Part 1

This weeks post was written by Jen Woodhouse from The House of Wood.

Hi friends, Im so excited to share our biggest and best DIY project to date! We partnered with Simpson Strong-Tie to build a floating deck and pergola for our neighbors. Our neighbors are a fellow military family and this floating deck and pergola is our welcome home gift for their deployed soldier. I am thrilled to work with a company like Simpson Strong-Tie that proudly supports our brave men and women in uniform. And Im equally thrilled that we were able to bless our neighbors with this amazing outdoor space that they can enjoy for years to come.

Because Adam works during the week and I homeschool our two young kiddos, we dedicated our weekends to building this deck and pergola for our neighbors. It took the two of us about 10 weekends from start to finish. It was a ton of hard work and were incredibly proud of the result! As an Army family ourselves, we know the sacrifice of deployment all too well and were so thankful that were able to give back to a fellow military family. I mean, who wouldnt want to come home to this gorgeous space?!

Huge thanks to Simpson Strong-Ties own structural engineers as well as my friend and professional deck builder, Jeremy Hill from Jericho Home Georgia. These folks were invaluable resources who helped guide me every step of the way. Okay, lets get started!

Holy moly, you guys. We built a floating deck! It measures about 14 feet x 16 feet.

Keep The Elements At Bay: Make A Roof For Your Backyard Structure

Pin on Back Yard

To make the roof for your gazebo, youll need five more 4 x 4 beams, four of them measuring 6 1 in length and one more measuring 8 7. Use your tools to cut a 45-degree angle into one end of each of the four 6 1 beams and attach them to the ends of the fifth beam with the help of bolts, thus forming two triangles at each side of the longer beam.

Make sure you keep an eye out on the 45-degree angles as your roof structure will need to sit flat on the top posts. Now, use bolts to attach the roof to the four supporting beams, and optionally insert adequately sized roof windows following the same pattern as with the side panel panes . After youve attached the roof to the rest of the supporting structure, your gazebos bare-bones are ready for some final finishing touches.

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This Gazebo Is Builder

This how to build a gazebo project is not as difficult as it looks. Think of it as a series of several shorter projects with an end goal in sight for each. You can make all the decorative parts in your garage or shop .

If you have several friends help you with the slab and framing , you can spread these two tasks over several weeks. A project like this would take two experienced carpenters nine working days from start to finish. An intermediate do-it-yourselfer who has built a deck should plan this as a whole summer project. Check out these 12 one-hour projects for your summer bucket list.

NOTE: You must have a site that slopes less than four inches over 12 ft. any more than this will require some excavating.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 10×10 Pergola

The estimated cost for materials and labor to install a 10×10 foot pergola is around $3,600. Pergola costs can range from as little as $1,000 for a small prefab vinyl or PVC kit on the low end to $9,000 to design and install sprawling custom patio covers and structures made out of high-end materials like teak wood. via

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Take Care Of The Building Permits

Building permits are usually required when youre constructing an outdoor structure be it a gazebo, an outdoor kitchen, a sunroom, or an in-law suite. Keep in mind that the building codes and regulations vary from one location to another. For example, in some states, an outdoor structure less than 100 square feet does not require a permit. Its best to check with your local building permit office before constructing a gazebo in your yard.

Preparing To Build A Kit Gazebo

How to Build a Pergola | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

Before you begin assembling a kit gazebo, you will need to prepare a foundation according to the manufacturers directions. Though some kits are designed to sit on a concrete slab, most have wood floors supported by a system of concrete piers.

Proper layout of these foundation piers is crucial because the kits components are sized to fit this layout. You will also need to check with your local building department to make sure the foundation meet local codes.

One easy and sure way to accurately lay out the foundation is to do a dry run with the floors framing components. Start by creating a level pad for the gazebo and then spreading about 4 inches of sand over the areas ground.

Next, loosely assemble the floors structural members. Once they are positioned, they will automatically indicate where the piers and posts must go.

Mark their placements with stakes, and then remove the flooring components and dig holes for the footings and piers. For more, please see How to Pour Footings and Piers.

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Secure Beams To The Posts

Secure the supporting beams to the posts and make sure to use a level to ensure they are perfectly perpendicular. You want to use bolts for this step to make sure that they hold. Place them through the post and into the center of each beam. Secure the top beams to the top of the posts in the same way you secured the supporting beams.

Cut The 16 Corner Brackets

  • Cut the 16 corner brackets from 5/4 x 9-1/4 in. pine .
  • Pro tip:Note that there are eight left- and eight right-hand pieces.
  • Cut the corner braces from 5/4 pine.
  • After you cut the shape, bevel-cut one side with your circular saw set at 22-1/2 degrees.
  • Pro tip:Keep in mind that there’s a left and a right corner brace for each post.
  • Prime and paint these as well.
  • Nail the corner braces to the post and rail with 8d galvanized casing nails after you install the rails, lower balusters, upper pickets and all the cleats.
  • Use 4d galvanized casing nails to nail the cleats to the rails.
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    How To Build Your Own Wooden Gazebo 10 Amazing Projects

    A gazebo is not something one expects to see in someones backyard or garden, in many regions being more popular in areas like public parks or party venues. Still, that doesnt make a wooden gazebo an inappropriate addition to a private homes outdoor area. In fact, everyone would love it if they had their own gazebo to enjoy with family and friends so instead of conforming yourself to dreaming about, how about you build your own DIY gazebo and make the most of what summer has to offer? Let the following projects inspire you.

    View in gallery

    A traditional gazebo always has a base which is a platform which extends all around it, sometimes forming a sort of small deck which frames the gazebo and mimics its shape or that of the roof. This part has to be planned in detail and carefully executed because its literally at the base of everything else. Check out this project on imgur to find out how this octagon-shaped gazebo platform was built.

    View in gallery

    Of course, its not mandatory to give your gazebo a platform base or to even include all the other structural elements that a traditional gazebo has. A cool interpretation of a wooden gazebo is featured on imgur and only includes a simple frames built around a firepit with swings hanging around it. Its a very casual and fun idea to which you can add a roof or additional features that would make your own fire pit gazebo better suited for you and your garden.

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    Attach Short Rafters To Corner Rafters

    How to Build A Gazebo with Red Cedar Deck

    Attach the Short Roof Rafters

    The kit includes 12 short rafters that are pre-cut with the correct angle to meet the other rafters. Two are attached to each corner rafter. They have a bird’s mouth fitting as well on the header with the tail at the end. Attach the short rafters to the corner rafters with deck screws.

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