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How To Build A Patio Couch Out Of Pallets

The Charcoal Metal Frame Platform Sofa Blueprint

How to build a pallet patio set!

If you are looking for some contemporary living room furniture ideas, then this design might appeal to you. Its a one-arm green sofa with pillows and bolsters.

You just need an Ikea bed frame, three 70 x 30 pieces of foam, upholstery-weight fabrics, and some sewing items. But dont worry.

The sewing part is not that difficult, and you need just the basics.

The $45 Patio Accent Love Seat Sofa Project

These amazing loveseats look so comfortable that you can hardly resist their charms.

You might find it hard to believe, but they are made out of pallets and wood.

Nothing special, nothing you cant find at a lumber yard. And everything will cost you no more than $50 because you need only three sheets of plywood to cover the pallets and some soft cushions as a final touch. Moreover, these comfy couches will add style and character to any room.

Check out our DIY end table plans for a natural complement to this sofa- that way you have a place to place your dink as you lounge outside!

Platform Indoor Sofa By Genevieve Dellinger

This is a very comfortable couch which is an inexpensive alternative to a brand new sofa for sure. Plus it can be built in no time at all. All you need is a platform bed base and some foam. You need to have some fair sewing skills and you are good to go. This is a perfect addition to your guest room and could use a few guests easily. Follow the below link for the full supply list and instructions to put it all together to make a perfect sofa.

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Mobile Pallet Coffee Table

Move your coffee table wherever you want to sit and enjoy your coffee with family members! Create this easy-to-make and DIY mobile coffee table with wooden pallets and scrap. The creation method of this table is the same as the simple wooden pallet table. However, wheels are the only items that make this table unique and more friendly than others. Place this table on a patio or garden wherever you would like to do. hometalk

Wooden Pallet Patio Sofa

Skid Couch

The incredibly stable and beautiful looking 2 seater sofa will make you enjoy more outdoor life. Make it with free pallets, and it will instantly style up your patio. From seats to backrests to armrest, build all with pallets. Stacking up to 2 pallets will be enough to build the sturdy seat of the sofa. The best get out of pallets for your love for outdoors.

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Chic Diy Pallet Sofa:

This amazingly built Chic DIY Pallet Sofa will add modernization and style at the same time to your kitchen. It is designed with a storage place in which you can put your necessary luggage. It’s simple and easy to build up that will not require a high level of woodworking skills, and you could complete it in two or three days. It will prove a fairly cheap and inexpensive piece of furniture that will name your space more functional and practical.

One Pallet Sofa On Wheels

Do miraculous DIY furniture crafts using the single pallets only. Build this fabulous sofa using a single pallet skid. Grab a pallet wood skid, paint it in white and then raise on wheels. Finish with a heavy-duty seat mattress and gain a fantastic wooden pallet sofa on wheels. Use the heavy-duty foam mattress and pillows to raise the value of sitting comfort to peak levels.

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Diy Pallet Patio Furniture Projects To Get Your Hands Dirty With

Whether youre a novice DIYer or youre used to diving into more intricate tutorials, we should all try getting creating piecing together something for our home thats been handmade. Start out with some simple wooden bits and make something extra special. And these 23 DIY pallet patio furniture projects are a great way to get your hands dirty.

Easy Steps To Turn A Pallet Into An Outdoor Patio Bench


Every week we end up with at least a half-dozen pallets due to our incoming shipments of copiers. These we tend to stack to the side until somebody picks them up, either the trash truck or perhaps some of our associates who might need some firewood … or somebody odd like me who looks at them and thinks “I think I see an outdoor bench in that pallet.”

So here is how I turned that vision into reality.

For starters, I selected a pallet built of entirely rot-resistant oak whose slats of were a 1/2 inch thick. Of course, the less cracks, splintering and rot, the better.

Step 1: Transform the pallet into a bench seat and back

I selected this 48-in x 42-in oak pallet. Notice it had one broken slat, but conveniently it was one I was going to remove anyway. My plan was to turn the pallet into the bench back and the bench seat, with just six saw-cuts, and the 2×4 into four legs but that later.

I wanted to make the seat back 17 inches tall, so I measured that off on the pallet, confirming I needed to remove the broken slat. So with my trusty hammer and prybar, off it came.

Next, I marked off that same 17 inches from the end of each of the four major crossmembers where I would make my cuts. After setting my circular saw to cut roughly 2 inches deep, I cut along marks, flipping over the pallet to complete the cuts from the other side as the boards were too deep for only one cut.

Step 2: Make the legs/armrest supports

Step 3: Attach legs to the bench

And now you have a bench!

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Pallet Living Room Sofa

Build also expensive looking living room sofas at home inexpensively using the shipping pallets. Get inspired by this fantastic given model that comes with built-in bookshelves and have been well cushioned. Grab large pallets, stain them for a dark choco appeal, and then plan to build this living room sofa. It will rock for all who love reading books, and it comes with a coffee table also made of 2 pallets connected in the bottom-to-bottom arrangement.

Diy Pallet Sofa Plans Step By Step Instructions:

Pallets are the perfect and amazing wooden skids for indoor and outdoor furniture projects. Moreover, pallet sofa plans are cheaper and easy to build than store-bought furniture and sofas. So, get ready to be inspired by these 27 best DIY pallet sofa plans Step by Step instructions. I have made a list of these pallet sofa plans that will inspire you with their stylish pallet designs. You can easily try them out at your own home because they are cheap and easy. As pallets are free to get so, only your skills are required for these projects. So, there is no hurdle in your way to bring those pallet sofa plans to your lovely places.

So, be crafty with these DIY pallet sofa plans and with the help of your inner skills. Lets take a look at the following gallery that I have prepared for your inspiration. All of these ideas are amazing and interesting, and exclusively comfortable. Scroll down and dive into these outstanding DIY pallet sofa plans.

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Diy Pallet Picnic Table

Looking for inspiration to create a stylish sitting plan for a picnic? Make this trendy and affordable picnic table in the garden using upcycled pallets and craft supplies. Entertain your outdoor activities by involving yourself in the customization of this table. You can make this table only by using the pallets and wood-craft supplies. Get the tutorials and guidelines online if you are working on this DIY for the first time. craftboxgirls

Low Budget Pallet Outdoor Lounge

How to Make a Couch Out of Pallets

Do you want to create a new sitting place in your courtyard? If yes, this pallet lounger is an ideal option to work and create. Reuse and recycle the shipping wooden pallets for creating these lounge settings outdoor. It would be the most budget-friendly and time-friendly option for you. According to your specifications, you can either make the lounge floor using pallets or not. However, you can do these settings even without flooring. So, make this DIY pallet outdoor lounge in whatever way you would like to do. instructables

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The $200 Espresso Colored Couch Futon Design

You just have to take a look at this comfy sofa bed to fall in love with its design.

The great thing is that you can remove the top seat and turn the couch into a queen size bed. The couch measures 33 x 72 x 32 inches, while the beds dimensions are 54 x 72 inches.

There is a list of the necessary materials and a cut to list to make things easier for a novice. There are also some tips how to stitch and sew the pillows. And everything will cost you no more than $200.

Stained Tiered Pallet Wood Deck

We all know that getting the event decoration services from a designer may cost us more than our budget. Get rid of this worry and create something new or unique for your event with recyclable supplies. Create a deck within your cost and supplies using wooden pallets for your next event. Apart from creating a deck for an event, you can make it next to your outdoor lounge to get a relishing overall look. remodelaholic

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Pallet Outdoor Corner Sofa With Spool Coffee Table

If you are willing to organize big terraces and balconies and even the newly built decks with some high-quality models of sofas, then go head over to beautiful one. It comes painted in white and is loaded with quality cushions and is sure to provide seating space to lots of members. This large chic white L-shape sofa comes with attached side tables and finally entertains with a recycled spool coffee table.

Diy Outdoor Pallet Couch Project:

DIY – Building a custom Patio Sofa out of Pallets

Make a stunningly beautiful sofa for your backyard using the pallet woods to help this unique idea. Painting it in dark brown color will make your sofa look more attractive and best fit any modern or classical decoration. As it’s specially designed for the backyard, so in my opinion adding softer square matrices will make your pallet sofa more functional.

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Stylish Diy Wooden Studio Sofa

This would be a perfect addition to your studio room. This one is a difficult project but with the right set of tools it can be completed earlier than Francesa. It took her 6 months solo to complete this project but if you can get a hand or two, it will be smother to get this done. The main tools include a jigsaw, drill and an electric sander.

You can check out the other materials used and a step by step demonstration with HD images on her website. You can easily find some other tutorials to make cushions/pillows by browsing her other posts.

Outdoor Patio Furniture From Pallets

No wonder, patio and garden are the most fascinated places for sitting and enjoying gossips with your family members. Redo or makeover the deck looks with wood pallet furniture affordably or stylishly. Reuse and reclaim pallets of different sizes and colors for making the tables and chairs to get an item of a complete furniture set on the patio. Enjoy a beautiful day out with your friends and family members! thesassysparrow

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Build A Pallet Day Bed

Get a quick nap in your garden while seeing the sunset after a hectic routine on an innovative day bed. Create this day bed by yourself with wooden pallets and the coolest steps instead of buying. All you need to do is arranging the pallets and blocks in specified positions and glue them. Once you have created the pallet bed, make it more tempting with colorful cushions and a mattress. frecklesandfluff

Outdoor Pallet Seating By Hgtv

how to make patio furniture out of pallets


This outdoor pallet seat is agreat addition to your outdoor space. Some of the materials and tools neededinclude hammer, had saw, rubber mallet, chop saw, jigsaw, L-bracket, postdigger, measuring tape, pencil, speed square, spool of nylon string, drill bit,4x4x8 pressure-treated boards, 2x6x16 pressure-treated boards, joist hangers,wood stakes, wood screw, decking boards, and paint.

For the preparation, it is best to choose the right location, any level area of the yard for your pallet seat where trees can provide plenty of shade. Once you have determined the proper location, you need to use wood stakes, marking the location of the deck.

Creating an outline for the shape, length, and width by unfurling nylon string and then wrap it around each post until you are able to create a solid outline.


If you want to give a mind-blowing outlook and scenery to your room, you can do it with this radiant looking and high-minded DIY pallet sofa design. The pattern, features, and construction criteria are pure handmade.

It is a creative idea from pallet wood, shining up your home with lovely pallet furniture delights. This pallet sofa project very cheap and easy to build. The entire construction process took about 3 to 4 hours. This sofa pallet has drawers and side pockets.

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Chic White Pallet Terra Sofa Set

Look at the organized view of this terrace that is just great to enjoy the sun and the open outdoor environments. The best place to enjoy your tea, snack parties, and family gossips. What you need mainly here to build this sofa set, is the free pallets. Pile them up to get the sofa seats, and next, add them up with thicker foam seat mattresses. Use pillows for the comfy backrest positions.

Pallet Patio Island Deck

It is a floating deck or anisland deck. The design is very simple and you can use a pallet than buyexpensive boards. It has hidden fasteners. You can build this at the end ofyour backyard or in a shady corner of your garden. There is no need to do deepfrost footings. It means saving you so much time doing the manual labor.

The builder designed this deck with a simple construction. The power tools you need are a circular saw, miter saw, and drill. A composite deck was used but pallet is also a good replacement. The dimensions of the deck are 11-ft. 8 inches square.

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Diy Virginia Outdoor Couch

Inspired from Ana Whites RYOBI nation plan, Sarah built a wonderful looking outdoor sofa for her home. It cost her around $170 and took around 4-5 hours to complete this project on a Sunday afternoon.

For a complete list of supplies and materials used, head on to her website below. You will need a circular saw and a drill kit to work on this project. However she hasnt shown the step by step process, you can certainly watch Ana Whites YouTube video HERE and learn how to get this done.

Diy Outdoor Pallet Couch

DIY Pallet Furniture – Patio Sectional

On this weekend, create a couch for sitting in your garden and for the patio. Enjoy your winter season while sitting in the sunshine and having your cup of tea on this couch. Use wooden pallets of the same size or width to create a comfortable and smooth sitting couch. Get a comfier look and sitting option in the form of this couch by placing the warm couches and macrame blanket on it. hellocreativefamily

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How To Make Outdoor Pallet Sofa:

Make every of your stay at outdoor special by building this grand L-shape wooden sofa set with pallets! It will be zero in the cost price and will be super quick to build also!

Stack 2 pallets for a seat and use a single pallet board with removed dice section as a backrest! Pretty simple and easy peasy! DIY Pallet Sofa

Pallet Patio Swing Chairs

Swing chairs are amazing furniture that could definitely bring relaxation and comfort to you. Aside from the design, it is ideally placed outdoors to enjoy fresh air when your swinging with it. This swing chair is a contemporary type of furniture, there is no theme, all colors are mixed together added with the pure color of the wood.

You can also put swing beds indoor, on your porch. You will still enjoy the breeze of fresh air. This swing bed has unique style though its still created from pallet wood. It literally is a bed with comforter and pillows on it. This could be a relaxing way to sit down after a tiring day at work.

Another one would be this swing bed. As you can see its located outdoors under a tree. You can put up a swing like this but you need to make sure to have a spacious place not too spacious to create a relaxing swing bed like this.

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Pallet Patio Outdoor Pretty Cantina

Cute, slick, pretty and candid. That is how I can best concisely describe the sectional furniture sets. While I do not consider it that much of a challenge, securing more than the average number of pallet woods still proves to be time-consuming though. That is why I prefer using recycled sets. After all, the pry bars can own up to the work in this case.

Sectional furniture sets resemble more as mini-versions of larger furniture. These items are however lighter and more eye-friendly when assigned outdoor. Above all else, sectional furniture sets are easier to move around. In that line, I would recommend that you pair up smaller pallet wood sections to end up with lighter pieces. But, it is all up to you anyway.


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