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How To Clean Cement Patio Floor

Degreasing And Cleaning Concrete

How to clean a stained concrete patio

When it comes time to cleaning oil stains off concrete, its important to know that youll have to use a DIY concrete cleaner that digs deep down into the pavement. If youre looking for an excellent way to get oil stains off concrete, start mixing ingredients to make an excellent homemade concrete cleaner.

This recipe also works well as a pressure washer cleaning solution for concrete or brick.

  • Hot water

Apply baking soda directly to stain on concrete and let it sit for a few minutes. Pour vinegar on the baking soda and the mixture will start to fizzle. Then, apply laundry detergent and scrub with a stiff brush. Rinse the area with a fully powered hose.

Repeat if necessary for complete stain removal. Use this solution for cleaning composite deck with vinegar and baking soda to get rid of mold, mildew and other stains that may mar the surface, too.

Directions For Cleaning A Concrete Patio

Pressure Washer Application

  • AddSimple Green Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Cleaner. Pour Simple Green Oxy Solve straight into your pressure washer detergent tank, or drop your siphon tube into the bottle.
  • Rinse with water. Switch equipment to plain water at low pressure and wet the surface.
  • Apply Simple Green. At low-pressure setting, apply Simple Green Oxy Solve to an area that is small enough to be rinsed before it dries.
  • Let sit. Allow the cleaner to dwell on the surface for 3-5 minutes.
  • Rinse with water. Rinse at high pressure, keeping the nozzle at least 2 feet from the surface and the spray perpendicular to the surface.
  • Repeat. Move to a new section and repeat.
  • Manual Application

  • Make Simple Green mixture. Mix 1 measure of Simple Green Oxy Solve with 20 measures of water in a bucket .
  • Scrub. Clean in sections with a soft-bristle brush, paying extra attention to stained areas. Do not allow the cleaner to dry on the surface before rinsing. Do not scrub with a wire brush, as metal pieces can sink into the pores in concrete and eventually form rust stains.
  • Rinse. Rinse with a garden hose at the highest pressure.
  • Repeat. Move to a new section and repeat.
  • TIP: Clean your patio on an overcast day. Your cleaning solution will evaporate more slowly when the sun isn’t beating down on it. It’s also a good idea to start cleaning early in the day before the sun has the chance to warm the surface.

    The Easy Concrete Cleaning Solution

    Theres always one cleaning solution out there that takes seconds to whip up. Recipes like this will give homeowners a break, especially when its been a rough week.

    Easy Homemade Concrete Cleaning Recipe

    • 2 parts baking soda
    • 1 part bleach

    Mix the two ingredients until the solution is thick and soapy. Pour little amounts of the solution onto stained areas, or dip a wire brush in the solution and start scrubbing the stained surfaces.

    Learning ways to clean concrete around the inside and outside of your home is the start to a great home improvement lifestyle. Here, youve determined how to make the best DIY miracle concrete patio cleaner. Youve also learned how to mix kitchen ingredients to create long-lasting homemade concrete cleaning recipes.

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    Preparing Your Concrete For Cleaning

    Before the concrete cleaning process starts, check to see if you have the following items:

    • Broom
    • Gloves
    • Cat litter

    Depending on the size of the stain and how much of your concrete surface needs cleaning, you may not need everything on this list. If there is no excess liquid on the concrete surface and youre just doing a standard cleaning, sweep the area of any loose debris before using the cleaning methods below.

    If there is standing liquid on your concrete pour cat litter over the liquid and allow it to soak up the excess liquid for about 30 minutes. If you dont have cat litter, baking soda will also help to absorb the extra moisture.

    Once the liquid has been soaked up, and the litter or baking soda has been swept up and disposed of, then your concrete is ready to be cleaned.

    All of the methods below will require a scrub brush to remove a stain. Be sure NOT to use a metallic scrub brush because these brushes can leave behind metal bits that will rust and stain your concrete.

    Natural Homemade Cleaners For Concrete Patios

    7+ Easy but Effective Ways to Clean a Concrete Patio

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    Your concrete patio is a place where your family gathers for meals, parties or simply to relax — but it will also need cleaning on a regular basis. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved more than 72,000 different chemicals that can be used in cleaning products, according to Karen Logan, in her 1997 book, “Clean House, Clean Planet.” Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are toxic, not biodegradable, or they have other negative health effects. You can make natural products to clean concrete with a few household ingredients.

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    How To Remove Stains From Concrete

    There are several options. You can use bleach, ammonia and other commercial solutions. For a natural solution to stubborn stains on interior concrete floors, mix flour and hydrogen peroxide into a paste the consistency of peanut butter. Spread it over the stained area. Let sit overnight. Then, scrape with a plastic-edged scraper tool.

    Trisodium phosphate mixed with water and scrubbed onto the stained area with a nylon bristle brush can remove tough stains. Scrub until the stain is gone and rinse with a hose. TSP is available at home improvement stores.

    Muriatic acid can be used on outdoor floors to clean the toughest stains, like rust or dried grout. Its a powerful, toxic material that should be used with extreme caution. Wear protective eyewear and gloves when using it and be sure to follow manufacturer instructions on how to clean concrete with muriatic acid.

    For indoor concrete floors that are polished or stamped, youll need to take a gentler approach to how to clean it. Youll just use a mop and a bucket of water mixed with a mild cleaner. Dont use ammonia, bleach or any highly acidic substance on polished or stamped floors. Some good cleaners include Castile soap, liquid dish detergent, stone cleaners and mild floor cleaners. Mix a solution, apply to floor with a wet mop and then rinse with a mop dipped in clean water.

    Ways To Clean A Concrete Patio Using Oxygen Bleach

    If youre looking for a relatively safe and environmentally-friendly chemical for cleaning your concrete patio, try oxygen bleach, such as OxiClean. One option is to sprinkle this versatile powder over the patio. Scrub at stains using a push broom, then let the bleach sit there for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

    Alternatively, combine two scoops of the bleach with two tablespoons of water to make a thick paste with the consistency of peanut butter. Leave the paste sitting on stubborn stains for one hour before scrubbing it away with a brush.

    Another option is to dilute oxygen bleach following the instructions on the package, and then to spray the mixture over your patio, remembering to rinse it away after a few minutes. Any of these oxygen bleach uses help you return your patio to a clean state.

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    Professional Concrete Pressure Washing Vs Diy

    A common question many property owners ask is whether to take a DIY approach or hire a professional service for concrete cleaning. You can achieve good results with a concrete cleaner, a brush, and a garden hose. But, a professional service can pressure wash concrete floors in half the time with better results, to boot.

    It is also cheaper and better, in the long run, to hire a pressure washing company than to rent your own machine. This is because professionals have the necessary knowledge and experience required to safely clean all kinds of concrete. When you try to pressure wash concrete yourself, you run the risk of using too high a pressure level, which can lead to irreversible damage.

    Tools And Protective Gear

    Aggregate Concrete Cleaning- Patio Cleaning

    Black mold removal requires a few household tools and some more advanced protective gear. Youll need a bucket, bleach, disposable rags, rubber gloves, heavy-duty garbage bags to dispose of contaminated material, and a wire scrub brush. Its also necessary to use good protective gear. For black mold, an N-95 respirator is the minimum advised. Youll also need goggles to protect your eyes from spores in the air.

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    What Your Mamataught You

    It works great for cleaning our concrete garage floor and getting rid of the smells associated with our dog house being there. My hubby even uses it to clean his tools!

    To keep your concrete looking good and free of stains, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when you want your concrete surfaces looking great. Cleaning concrete floors is similar to cleaning cement and other similar surfaces. Learn how to clean concrete with our easy tips.

    First, a yearly scrub for your concrete and cement floors goes a long way. How you choose to clean your concrete depends on the stains. The best way to clean concrete is with a cleaning concentrate once every twelve months . This way youll avoid a buildup of grime and tough concrete stains that could require a professional cleaner down the road.

    All you need to clean concrete is a bucket, a cleaning solution like Pine-Sol®, a scrubbing brush, water and a bit of elbow grease. The good news is that you dont have to be dainty with concrete or cement flooring. They are tough surfaces.

    How To Prevent Mold On Concrete

    Preventing black mold from entering your home is fairly straightforward, although it requires staying on top of the situation. Because fungus loves to flourish on damp areas, make sure rooms with regular water exposure like the kitchen and bathroom are well-ventilated. Dehumidifiers are helpful is small rooms with high humidity levels. Always check for leaking pipes as well, which are a major cause of household mold. Preventing mold in the basement is a bit trickier. Youll need to make sure ground water runs away from your home to prevent it from collecting near the basement. Check that sprinklers and downspouts arent depositing water near the basement walls or windows. Prevent condensation on basement water pipes by wrapping them. Use an exhaust fan in the bathrooms of your home after showering. Finally, keep the humidity in your basement below 60%. Running a dehumidifier downstairs may be your only option if you live in an area with high humidity.

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    What To Use For Cleaning A Concrete Patio Floor

    The method you use for cleaning your patio will depend on how heavily stained or soiled it is. A mild soap or vinegar solution, hose and a stiff broom are what most people use to clean hardscapes.

    Heavily soiled or stained patio will need a pressure washer machine for a fast and effortless cleaning. But the machine requires a skill to prevent damaging your surfaces.

    Patios in humid areas badly suffer mold and algae infestations and a household cleaner such as vinegar, baking soda or bleach may be used for cleaning the fungus. Concrete patios should be kept dry to prevent future growth of mold, algae or moss.

    When using bleach or vinegar to clean your outdoor areas, it is good to be aware that these household chemicals has a potential to kill plants and weeds. Bleach specifically can also be harmful to other living organisms including yourself.

    How To Clean Mold On Outdoor Concrete

    Removing Paint From Concrete Patio Using Muriatic Acid ...

    Cleaning and disinfecting mold-covered concrete is a fairly simple process and there are a few ways to do it. Cleaning outdoor concrete is the simplest because you can use a garden hose to finish the job. Create a cleaning solutions and pour it on the surface. Scrub and clean in a circular motion to clean like an expert. Spray down to finish the job. Voilà, all mold removed. Follow our detailed 4 steps removal guide below for the best result and lasting effect.

    • Step 1: Create a cleaning solutionTo begin youll need to create a cleaning solution thats effective at black mold removal. Use a bucket to mix one-half cup of bleach diluted with one gallon on water. This amount of solution can treat an area about five square feet. If you need to clean a larger area simply double the solution.
    • Step 2: Pour and waitSimply pour the bleach solution onto the entire affected area and allow it to set for about fifteen minutes. This gives the bleach time to kill the black mould completely.
    • Step 3: Tedious for the bestNow make a more concentrated solution with one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. Use a wire scrub brush to scrub the concrete in a circular motion. Although a bit tedious, this will make sure the mildew is completely removed from the surface of the concrete.
    • Step 4: Spray down to finish the jobFrom here you simply use a hose to spray down the affected area, removing the cleaning solution from the surface.

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    Clean Concrete With Detergent

    If your concrete surfaces are only mildly dirty, the best thing to do is wash them with a mixture of water and mild dishwashing liquid. Clean the concrete with a coarse mop, rinse it off and let it air dry.

    Before starting, make sure you remove all plants so they dont get damaged. Spray the concrete floor with water and then apply a cleaning solution Coat the surface, let it sit a few minutes, and then scrub it with a nylon brush. Rinse it off and the result will be a sparkly clean concrete patio.

    However, if there are more prominent stains, such as mold or gunk, you should give bleach a go. Use ½ cup of bleach in a gallon of water for the solution and follow the same steps above.

    Grease stains are best treated with a store-bought degreaser, but you dont want to risk discoloration of your concrete due to the harsh chemicals. Therefore, its wise to conduct a test in a small secluded area to see if there is potential damage. If the cleaning product is too strong, use a more diluted solution.

    The Magic Of A Pressure Washer

    The quickest and easiest way to have your concrete patio and pathways super clean is to use a power washer. Its very easy to use and sweeps away all the dirt in an instant!

    Make sure you stay safe while using it by wearing protective gear, such as gloves, boots, and eyewear, as the water is extremely powerful and will hurt your skin severely if it comes into contact. Go steadily along the patio and paths, making sure you cover all the gaps, grime, and mold.

    For the most stubborn dirt and stains, you might opt for an efficient concrete floor grinder, which is another mighty, multi-purpose cleaning tool you can use. Its excellent for grinding away heavy-duty stains, paint, and deposits from concrete floors and surfaces.

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    Is Black Mold On Concrete Dangerous

    Yes, mold on your concrete surfaces can be dangerous. When exposed to large amounts of black mold, some people develop allergic reactions or asthma. People who are not allergic to mold can also experience irritation in their eyes, nose, skin, lungs, throat, or skin. People who are allergic to mold experience symptoms such as a running nose, prolonged sneezing, skin rashes, and red eyes when exposed to it. If one has a severe allergy to mold, he or she might experience severe reactions such as a shortness of breath, and this can be fatal. In some instances, people who have asthma and have developed mold allergy are likely to experience asthma attacks when exposed to mold.

    Act Now and Remove Mold from your HomeCall a Professional Mold Remediation Specialist or Get Up to 4 Quotes Now.

    General Cleaning For Dirty Cement

    How To Clean & Seal Your Concrete Patio

    Before you begin cleaning cement stains, general cleaning of the entire surface.

  • Sweep the surface with a push broom to remove debris.
  • In a bucket, combine 1/2 cup baking soda, 1 gallon of hot water, and a good squirt of liquid dish soap. Use a push broom or stiff brush to spread this around and scrub dirty spots. Rinse, and let it dry.
  • For lingering stains, rewet the surface and sprinkle it with oxygenated bleach. Unlike the chlorinated version, oxygen bleach wont harm your lawn or any plants lining your driveway. Again, use the brooms bristles to scrub the area, then let the oxygenated bleach work for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse the surface and your broom. Let both fully air dry.
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    Grease And Oil Stains

    To clean oil from concrete, sprinkle sawdust, cornmeal, or baking soda directly onto the stain to absorb as much of the spill as possible. Once the spill is absorbed, brush away the remaining powder with a broom.

    If a stain remains, sprinkle more baking soda and scrub the stain with a nylon brush and a little bit of water. Not all is lost if the oil stain is old or has penetrated the surface to help remove residual grease stains, try a degreaser and follow the manufacturers instructions.

    How To Maintain The Painted Surface Of Concrete Floors

    Concrete floors with paintings are pretty durable, so many people think we do not have to manually take care of them. This is a misconception because concrete, though hard and durable, is actually easily destroyed by acids..

    If you want to maintain the concrete floors surface and the quality of the concrete floors themselves, you should avoid dropping substances such as vinegars and other acids to the floors.

    When those chemicals reach the floors, it will damage the painting right away. This makes the painting look like a mess and reduces the quality of your floors.

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