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How To Clean Travertine Patio

How To Clean Grout

What’s the BEST way to clean travertine pavers?

Properly sealing and maintaining the grout lines of your flooring is very important. Like travertine tiles, grout lines are prone to discoloration, water damage, scratching, stains, and more.

Grout lines are a significant component of travertine tiling because they are the filler that helps these tiles adapt to different temperatures. Travertine will expand and contract throughout the seasons, and grout protects the tiles during these changes.

Now, lets address safe, proper care for grout lines. First of all, you want to be gentle with the natural stone. At the same time, you need an abrasive product that will deliver clean grout.

This is where baking soda comes into the picture. You can prepare a paste using equal parts of baking soda and water. Grab a small brush or a special grout brush, and youre ready to go.

Apply the paste to your brush, and start scrubbing the grout lines. Make sure that you avoid the travertine tiles and their edges as well.

If you dont want to use baking soda, try the travertine cleaner you use for the floors to clean the grout. However, beware of grout cleaners as most are formulated with bleach and are thus not a good option for travertine tiles.

As you can see, the process of cleaning travertine tile and grout is relatively straightforward. If by any chance none of these solutions work, you can always regrout.

Can I Use Baking Soda On My Travertine Floors?

Baking Soda And Vinegar

The Dos And Donts Of Maintaining Your Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a gorgeous stone that is ideal for Arizona homes and businesses. It looks just as good inside as it does outside, and its natural colors perfectly complement the desert landscape. Installing travertine pavers can improve your homes curb appeal and increase its value.

Travertine is a low-maintenance and durable stone, but you do need to know how to care for it so you dont inadvertently damage it. Here are the tops dos and donts for this beautiful stone:

How To Clean Travertine Tiles

Please refer to the user manual before trying any of the methods listed below and proceed with caution and at your own risk.

  • To remove the mold on travertine tiles.

    Use 1- part baking soda to 4 parts borax and 8 parts water, mix together in a spray bottle, spray onto your travertine tiles then allow to work for 15 minutes. Use a small brush for cleaning grout stains. rinse well.If the stain still persists repeat and allow to sit for a further 30 minutes then scrub again with your stiff brush. Make sure you rinse the tiles well to avoid leaving a residue. Dry well with a towel.

  • To remove stubborn stains on travertine.

    You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove stubborn stains from your travertine tiles but extra care must be taken when cleaning darker tiles as peroxide can bleach colours, so always do a test in an inconspicuous area before cleaning. Stubborn stains can be removed using a poultice of bicarbonate of soda left on the stain for approximately 15 minutes then rinsed off and dried thoroughly.

  • How to deep clean travertine floors.

    It is probably a good idea to call in professional help for a deep clean, as they have special equipment to remove the deepest ingrained dirt from your flooring. For more information on having your floors professionally deep cleaned read this post.

  • Can I use bleach to clean travertine floors? Can you tell me how to clean travertine floors without streaks? Are travertine floor cleaner products safe to use in a travertine shower?

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    Exterior Golden Travertine Enhanced

    Client: Info:

    to read what our customers had to say about this job.


    Located in a beautiful development in North Scottsdale, AZ, a backyard travertine pool and patio oasis had become dull and lifeless looking due to years of exposure to sunlight and the elements. The golden travertine the homeowners installed had lost most of its beautiful color.

    Sample Cleaning and Estimate

    Beyond Stone Solutions always provides free estimates. Our customers expectations are incredibly important to us, so we did a sample of cleaning and enhancing this exterior travertine in an inconspicuous area. The homeowners saw the dramatic difference and scheduled us to enhance their entire patio.

    A Side Note

    We also repaired a stacked stone fire and water feature adjacent to the swimming pool. You can read the story and view the images of that job here.


    To deep clean the travertine, we used our own company-developed and manufactured, concentrated Natural Stone & Tile Cleaner. This specifically designed pH balanced cleaner is powerful enough for heavy duty cleaning, yet safe to use on all acid sensitive surfaces, protecting the different minerals found in each type of stone. We also utilized a combination of machines and other equipment, as well as hand scrubbing grout joints and other hard to reach places, to ensure the best and most thorough cleaning possible.

    About Dry Treat

    To learn more, visit our Travertine Services page and view this short video.

    Surface Care

    Clean With A Detergent

    4 Helpful Tips for Cleaning Travertine Pavers

    General liquid cleaners are preferred. Mix the detergent with warm water. Use a mop or sponge or a soft non-metallic brush. First test patch a small area to determine whether your cleaning mixture will be safe and effective. You should not forget the grout lines and pores because thats where a lot of dirt may be hidden. Make sure to change the water as it gets dirty.

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    Tips To Keep Your Patio Clean Longer

    For those who followed the instructions, scrubbed hard, and used the solution a few times without much luck, know that sometimes tougher measures are called for. A product like Wet & Forget should do the job. While the label says it is bleach-free, phosphate-free, non-acidic, and safe near plants and on all outdoor surfaces , do take caution when using this product. Wear rubber gloves and avoid unnecessary dripping into your garden or grass.

    Follow the directions on the container of the cleaning product, making sure that the previous cleaning solvents have been thoroughly rinsed off with a strong blast from the hose. While the product used may claim that scrubbing isnât necessary, it will probably be necessary to have those sleeves rolled up continue to scrub the moldy/mossy area until itâs free of all the green stuff.

    Try revisiting the area in a week or two to keep on top of the mold and mildew. Persistence will pay offif you regularly do a light cleaning of the space, more thorough cleanings every few months wonât be necessary.

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    How To Disinfect Travertine Flooring

    Disinfecting floors every few months is essential, especially during a pandemic. If you have travertine flooring installed in high-frequency areas and you own pets, its a given that you need to give them a deep clean and disinfection treatment at least several times a year.

    Since they are acidic, citric ingredients and bleach are a hard pass for when you are disinfecting travertine you must find a gentler solution.

    An alternative that will do a good job is warm water with just a little bit of dish soap. The soap that youll use should be mild and formulated without acidic ingredients.

    After mixing these two ingredients, you can go over your floors with your mop. Follow up with another round of mopping this time, do so with just warm water. Thats how youll make sure that the floors are spotless, without any soap residue left behind.

    Finish off with a soft cloth to completely dry your travertine floors. Deep cleaning isnt a complicated process.

    Stains are such a nuisance when it comes to cleaning travertine floors. Since this natural stone is porous, it quickly absorbs liquid, which can cause difficult stains.

    The first rule of removing stains is to tackle messes right away. Grab paper towels or cloth once an accident happens and use them to absorb the liquid. Next, if there is a noticeable discoloration, you need to find the right solution to treat the stain.

    Oil-Based Stains

    Paint Stains

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    Cleaning Outdoor Travertine Patio Dallas

    Before deciding that travertine stone is the best option for your outside patio deck, its important to understand whats involved in the cleaning and maintenance of travertine. You wouldnt purchase a car without learning about its safety features or gas mileage. If you want your travertine stone tile to last a lifetime, its important to learn the ins and outs of proper travertine stone care.

    If youve decided to make the plunge and arrange for travertine pavers installation in your backyard, you no doubt want to get the most value for your money. Whether youre designing a new patio or pool area with these travertine pavers, youll want to take steps to ensure they look great and are in good condition for years to come. Regular maintenance is key to a long lasting travertine outside patio deck for Dallas homeowners.

    A honed-finish stone that has a satin-smooth surface with little light reflection is the proper choice for an outside travertine pool deck or patio. Travertine is a porous stone that is absorbent. Being outside travertine should be installed so puddles of water do not sit on it. If you have trees that shed you must address this issue or prolonged exposure will lead to permanent staining.

    Travertine pavers are durable enough to resist damage from the rain, snow, ice and wind. However, the outdoors can have a way of creeping up on your travertine pavers and negatively impacting their aesthetic in ways you might not expect.

    Your Monthly Cleaning Schedule

    How to clean and seal travertine, granite and natural stone pavers

    Your monthly travertine cleaning schedule should involve the following:

    • Scrub: Following a vacuum, apply a light solution of stone cleaner, and scrub using a soft brush or broom. Be sure to work the solution into the grout and pores of the stone. Leave for several minutes and scrub again
    • Dry: Soak up any liquid using a clean towel or dry mop. Make sure that all liquid has been absorbed from the pockmarks
    • Rinse: Using clean, warm water, rinse the surface before drying with a towel once more.

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    How To Clean Travertine Tiles And Pavers

    Travertine is a form of stone found at the mineral springs or hot springs. This stone is often found near a hot spring or even in a limestone cave formed by the rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate. If the same thing happens with ambient temperature, water is known as tufa. This is one of the favourite stones for architects due to its reasonable cost and wide usage area. This is mainly used in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoors, swimming pools, and various colours, styles, and soft textures.

    These tiles are for fancy use and give a luxury effect. Travertine is resistant to rain, snow, ice, and wind damage, but still, some things can negatively affect the tiles appearance. So cleaning them is a good and easy way. Lets learn about some of those cleaning ways and tips.

    Black Mold On Concrete In Basement

    For black mold on concrete in a basement, start by ventilating the area well. Because youll be using bleach indoors, open a window and escape the fumes when possible. Create a cleaning solution thats one part bleach to four parts water and apply it to the concrete. Allow this solution to sit for fifteen minutes before using a wire scrub brush to clean the mold off the surface. Make sure you leave the area while the bleach is soaking to prevent breathing in fumes. Its important to wear protective gear during this process, including rubber gloves and a respirator. After youve scrubbed the area, soak up the cleaning solution and apply clean water. Scrub once more and remove all surface water. Allow the area to dry completely. If your basement area is relatively damp, use a fan to dry the floor quickly.

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    Cleaning Grout In Travertine

    How do you best clean the grout in travertine tiles? We bought a home that gets orangish gunk on the grout in the shower tiles and I’m not sure how to get it really clean without harming the travertine….thanks for your help.

    • krissie55

      9 years ago

      The orangish gunk is “mildew” in the early stage. it will start out with pinkish/orangish look and later turn black.

      I do not have travertine and therefore cannot tell you what to use for cleaning.

      I usually use bleach water to kill mildew on grout, not sure if it is safe on travertine or not.

      After you get it clean and free of mildew, be sure and rinse well, dry with an old towel, and use a fan to blow air into the shower leaving the door open for a few hours after using the shower, every time. This will help prevent mildew/mold.

      If soap or bath wash is left on the tile/grout it will get yucky faster.

      “Soap” leaves a residue on tile and grout, we call it “scum”. Best to switch to a body wash, rinse well, and squeege after each use of shower.

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    Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule

    How To Clean Travertine Pavers

    Your weekly travertine cleaning schedule should involve the following:

    • Vacuum: Vacuum your travertine surface to remove dust and grit. Avoid using a vacuum that has wheels prone to scratching
    • Damp clean: Using a microfibre mop or a cloth dampened with warm water, wipe over the surface of your tiles with some pressure
    • Spot clean: If your travertine is unfilled, apply a soft brush to the inside of pockmarks. A toothbrush works well for this. Using a towel, soak up the liquidised dirt
    • Dry: Travertine should not be left to dry naturally. A dry mop or clean towel should be used to soak up any excess moisture.

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    Easy Maintenance Tips For Your Travertine Pool Decks

    Travertines are pristine to look at. Whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, it would add that extra spark that your home needs.

    As mentioned, a proper maintenance routine for these pavers would eliminate your cleaning time drastically and keep them secure for years. By following these easy tips, you can last your precious travertine for a lifetime.

  • Weeding: Occasional weeding is necessary if Mother Nature decides to take over your decks. Carefully pull out the grass and weeds with their roots. Later, apply chemical solutions to stop future growth.
  • Sealing: Adding additional sealant will give your pavers more security from any type of damage, e.g. the exposure of chemicals, snow, or the sun. It will also ensure better durability and shielding.
  • Disinfecting: If you have kids or pets, you should disinfect your pool area frequently. Pool water can contain harmful bacteria, so disinfecting while mopping your deck is recommended.
  • Repairing: Repairing small cracks as they happen, is better because these cracks tend to get bigger with time. It will cost you more money and effort if you wait on them. Use Epoxy instead for fixing it.
  • Help Prevent Mold And Bacteria Growth

    The pores inside and on the surface of travertine can be the perfect breeding ground for mold and unwanted bacteria to grow. Simply cold water pressure washing the surface of the paver can appear to remove the mold, however, this process is simply removing the leaf leaving the spore still intact. In fact, cold water pressure washing mold can be similar to cutting grass. When you cut grass, it grows back fuller and stronger. In addition, each time you pressure wash the pavers youre running the risk of removing the sand between the pavers and also undermining the sand setting bed beneath the pavers, which can be costly to repair. Our STEAM cleaning process of cleaning travertine pavers kills mold and bacteria on contact.

    To help minimize the growth of this mold and bacteria, we seal the pavers using a specialized sealer designed for natural stone. This sealer soaks down in to the pores of the paver filling the void so that its harder for mold to grow. The sealer will also keep the surface cleaner by allowing dirt and debris to easily rinse off the surface during rains similar to a waxed car. And, as a bonus, the sealer will enhance the colors in your travertine a bit making it look even better than when it was installed.

    Our process allows you to do the necessary maintenance on travertine which is what helps keep the mold away. We will educate you on the necessary maintenance that you need to do to keep your outdoor travertine looking great.

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    Best Concrete Mold Cleaner

    Complete Mold Killer & Remover DIY Bundle Kill, Clean and Prevent Fungi & Mildew This product comes a two in one package. The first product, cleaner RMR-141 RTU is a certified fungicide that kills and prevents re-growth of black fungi. The second product, cleaner RMR-86 black fungi stain remover clears all fungi stains. When paired together, the two products will wash all your fungi worries away.

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    Benefits Of Travertine Pavers

    How To Grout Travertine Pavers

    This natural earth product forms when water passes through limestone. The water deposits calcium and releases carbon dioxide, making the stone resistant and porous.

    The Roman Colosseum is made of travertine pavers, so thats proof of how strong the material is. People love it for several reasons:

    • Its heat resistant These stones dont get hot, so you dont have to worry about walking on them barefoot in the height of summer.
    • Its durable Several ancient artifacts are made of travertine, and theyre still in good condition today. Your patio will definitely last for years!
    • The surface is non-slip Travertine is porous, so it doesnt get slippery when its wet. Its the ideal stone for patios and poolsides.
    • Its easy to install You can choose either wet set or dry set installation for your pavers. Its simple enough for a D.I.Y. project!

    Homeowners should learn how to take care of their travertine pavers so they last longer and continue to look beautiful.

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