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How To Decorate My Patio

Apartment Patio Design Ideas On A Budget

How to decorate your patio on a budget

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Who said only backyard patios can be decorated and beautified? One can also do wonders with their apartment patios. Turning your apartment patio into a mini-garden or your go-to relaxing spot could be well worth your time. Besides, why leave your patio dull when you can easily turn it into a lovely part of your home.

If you are on a tight budget then make the most of household equipment that now has no use. Consider using bottles as pots for your plants, or use some leftover wood to create a cute little table or seating arrangement.

Even better, you can even make it into a little play area for your kids. Get some turf, dim lights, window protectors made of a meshed design, and maybe a string-hanging swing.

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  • Create Your Own Outdoor Cinema On Your Patio

    The cutest of all the patio ideas. What more perfect a spot is there to create an outdoor cinema? All you need is a blank white wall or just suspend a white sheet and you’re good to go.

    As for chairs, you’ll need the right ones for movie nights. The Vago chair is for sure one of those indoor/outdoor pieces: great on a balcony, great in the corner of the kitchen. The design is just a classic.

    Add The Element Of Sound

    from Diane at In My Own Style

    When choosing how to decorate your patio, deck or porch for outdoor living in style this year, dont forget to add the element of sound in the way of wind chimes. Think all sound alike? Think again. Find out where you can listen to audio samples to choose just the right sound and design that will not only add some pretty, but also add a relaxing effect on the energy and mood of your outdoor living space.

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    Patio Decorating Idea: Add Lots Of Lighting

    Because you want your outdoor space to feel cozy and inviting, add lots of lighting! From twinkle lights, to candle light, I say the more the merrier!

    I love these large hurricanes that hold candles. We have cafe lights strung on our side yard, but use mainly candle lights in the backyard. I love to place them all around the yard during a party!

    Build A Small Patio In The Right Spot And Marvel At The Results

    How to Decorate Your Patio with Plants

    A patio need not be enormous to serve its purpose. If the owners of this patio built it for the purpose of communing with nature, then they could not have asked for anything much better. For one thing, the location is superb: It is tucked into a hillside, forming something of an amphitheater. In spring, the daffodil flowers surrounding it are a great plus.

    Plants and patios can complement each other. We will be looking at many examples of the marriage of plant and patio in upcoming slides. Beginning with spring, let’s examine how you can plan your patio in such a way as to make it enjoyable for all four seasons of the year. This will involve astute plant selection as well as creative solutions to some nagging seasonal problems.

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    Incorporate Conversation Starters Into Your Space

    Whether quirky or quaint, a garden statue can be quite the conversation piece. Im a big fan of talk piecesdecor items that spark conversation and elevate a space from expected to delightful, says Zachos. A small outdoor statue thats cleverly placed can liven up an outdoor patio and is fun for kids and adults alike to discover. Personally, we cant think of anything cuter than a sweet little bunny. This little garden statue is just 14 inches in height and weighs in at 15 pounds since its made of concrete.


    Have Plenty Of Pillows

    A collection of bright and cushy pillows will give your deck indoor-worthy style. Whether you add pillows to outdoor chairs or provide them for guests who prefer to lounge along the edge of the deck, they’ll help you reiterate your deck’s decorating scheme. Choose outdoor fabrics in cheery coordinating colors for easy-to-sew pillow covers spray with a washable protectant to help them shrug off moisture and stains.

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    Think Outside Of The Outdoor Rug

    Maybe you want to refresh your deck or patio floors with something that feels more durable than an outdoor rug. If thats the case, look to patio and deck flooring options. These 11.5-inch square polypropylene tiles by Pure Garden look super chic when installed, adding a simple but uncomplicated element of design to a space. Not all patio decor ideas have to be flashy to make an impact. Just make sure to carefully measure the area you want to cover before ordering. If youre looking for a more permanent solution, here are some ideas for stunning outdoor patio tiles.


    Fill Your Patio Space With Plush Vibes

    Learning to: DECORATE MY PATIO || DIY Small Apartment Balcony Decor!

    There are a few different factors that come into play when selecting your favorite patio ideas and the final layout. You want to start with your foundations to ensure that the surface itself is clean and fresh looking, free from weeds and dirt, of course. Then it’s all about filling the space and borders with planting and garden furniture to create the finish you’d like and that will work best for your size of patio.

    We could lounge in this patio area all day long. It’s not the biggest space, but visually it’s larger than life because the patio layout is so on point. The bright colors both contrast and complement each other the blue from those cushions nodding to the bluebells up above, the lemon trees and the cushioning on the fabric footstool and it all comes together marvelously. Add in the green border and you’ve one super cozy and gorgeous enclosure.

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    Heat Up With A Fire Pit

    Photo via

    The best backyard designs are the ones that include a fire pit! Show off your DIY skills by building your own fire pit out of wall stones with this simple tutorial, or find a metal one thats also budget-friendly. Make sure that you include ample seating around your fire pit for roasting marshmallows!

    Make It Modern With Contemporary Colours

    Image credit: Nick Pope

    Grey is still one of the most popular colours in all aspects of interior design. Take the colour out to the patio by way of polished concrete or grey porcelain tiles. This garden welcomes coordinates the colour scheme with grey shutters and doors. The glass-topped pedestal table and finely woven chairs have an almost weightless feel, and look crisp and fresh against all the gardens greenery which is located around the patios boundaries. A large white parasol creates the sense of a specific dining zone, while also providing shade on sunny summer days.

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    Add An Outdoor Firepit To The Living Space

    15 ways to decorate your patio for $ 50

    We love our outdoor firepit, and my husband has it all ready to go with a bucket of firewood and kindling.

    Also, every spring, I give our little fire pit a new look with black bbq spray to freshen it up for the new season. But, I must admit that we enjoy sitting around and chatting and making smores.

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    Apartment Patio Ideas: Catchy Colorful Decor

    The colorful planters, linens, accessories, and plantations decorate this patio with faux grass field base attractively. A vintage Boho bench and accent table are the main focal point of the area which is enough to make your afternoon tea time feel so cozy. Of curse, those greeneries work very well to freshen the nuance of the patio which even makes you love to stay around the area for a long time.

    Sit Around The Fire On An Elegant Flagstone Patio

    The material that you use to create your outdoor patio depends partly on your tastes, but also partly on practical considerations. Most homeowners choose hard surfaces, such as the flagstone patio shown in this picture. But as we will see later, there are some instances where a hard surface is not necessarily the best option.

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    Create Ambiance With Cafe Lights

    One thing you really want to consider is how an outdoor area will look at night. One of the best ways to use a patio or deck is by hanging out after the sun sets. And for that, you definitely want lights! Stringing cafe lights is affordable and SO magical! Honestly, there isnt anything better than sitting under a canopy of sparkly lights.

    + Most Admirable Diy Christmas Patio Decoration Ideas To Copy

    How to Decorate a Patio

    When Christmas is coming, one of the must-do things is obviously decorating your beloved house the Christmas theme. It will surely make your house look way more attractive and feel more joyful during the Christmas days.

    As part of your house, the outdoor living space like the patio is also the spot which should be decorated with catchy Christmas decor and ornaments. In fact, the exterior of your house gives the first impression of how its interior looks like. So, you cant leave your outdoor space when you decorate your home this Christmas.

    Its quite easy to decorate a patio with Christmas theme since it usually has narrow size. Therefore, you can style it up with the ornaments and decor items without any helps from a pro. Moreover, you can also make some stuff all by yourself by using cheap and easily available materials.

    For your inspirations, here we have picked dozens of inspiring DIY Christmas patio decoration ideas which look so adorable. they are so tempting to copy to make your patio look sparkling and cheerful in Christmas theme.

    Well, lets just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of DIY Christmas patio decoration ideas!

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    Screen Out Prying Eyes In The Simplest Way Possible

    Portable wooden screens such as the ones shown in this picture represent a simpler and less expensive option than does a full fence. If you are really looking to save money, it is easy to build one on your own using lattice. Such a privacy screen further functions as a trellis upon which to grow vine plants.

    Covers And Shade Structures

    Shade structures are a great way to protect yourself from the sun and make a grand statement in your patio. You dont have to settle for a simple umbrella either. The space is there, so think big!

    Consider a pergola with vines growing across the top. This structure blocks out sunlight and serves as a beautiful backyard feature. Additionally, you can opt for a gazebo with curtains or retractable shades. Youll enjoy a defined, enclosed area while protecting you and your family from pesky bugs.

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    Position Planters To Add Dimension To Your Space

    Adding greenery, whether faux or real, can really make the space look lush and full of life, say Youngblutt and Johnson. And now is a great time to get deals on potted plants. Try Place & Times Summer Bamboo Planter to add a little height and visual excitement to your patio decor. FYI, bamboo also happens to be a great natural material for the great outdoors.


    Slow Things Down With A Running Bond

    Simple Patio Ideas For Suburban Homes

    The “running bond” is another brick pattern used in outdoor patio construction. In spite of its athletic-sounding name, this pattern strikes the eye as being smoother and has more of a soothing effect on the psyche than does the herringbone . That effect is perfect for the patio in this picture, a resting place in the middle of a garden.

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    Bring The Indoors Out

    Bring your interior style to your deck or patio to create a seamless, indoor-outdoor living space. Designer Abbe Fenimore transformed this apartment balcony into a sophisticated outdoor living room complete with a substantial chaise longue and weighty stone coffee table. Bold textures and bright blue hues enliven the open-air lounge and mimic the color scheme featured throughout the interior of the city home.

    Take Indoor Interiors Out With Homely Accessories

    Image credit: Max Attenborough

    In addition to considering the aesthetics such as wood panelling on walls and floor tiles, think about taking the indoor accessories outside too to create a more homely feel. Outdoor rugs and cushions are both becoming increasingly more popular, as a great way to inject an artistic flare to garden spaces. Theres no harm in taking your existing accessories outside, permitted the weather stays fair to prevent damage. However you can purchase accessories especially made for outdoor purpose, which is preferable.

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    Diy Painting Apartment Patio Flooring

    Difficulty Level Intermediate

    If painting is your hobby and youve always wanted to paint something that you use and see every day then this guide is for you. All apartment patio ideas dont have to about building furniture to make it comfortable.

    This guide will teach you how to give your patio visitors a sense of visual comfort, rather than physical comfort.

    You will also be taught to perform stenciling on your concrete flooring.

    Bonus tip: If your supporting barriers have ridges and grooves with holes that allow sunlight to enter then trying painting around them. Basically, try creating matching designs on the spot where the sunlight hits the floor.

    It’s Your Call: Genius Or Cracked


    Here is an interesting look for a patio. The designer has left a grass strip around each of the pavers. The resulting “crack” sets off the pavers nicely. Here’s the trade-off, though: This patio is hardly low-maintenance. Why give yourself more mowing work than you already have to do? But it’s your call.

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    Lounge About On Your Patio Chair And Let Your Stress Slip Away

    Without some type of furniture, your patio is just an area in the yard to pass through, not a true outdoor room. You need chairs on a patio so that you can rest while getting a breath of fresh air, reading a book, or dining. Furniture installation is a major step in making this outdoor space more livable, more truly an extension of the home.

    Outdoor Patio Ideas That Will Excite And Inspire You

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    The Spruce / Almar Creative

    Do you enjoy dining outside? Some people are more die-hard outdoor dining enthusiasts than others, to be sure. But almost everybody can remember a pleasant experience at some point in their lives that involved sipping on some coffee, tea, beer, wine or other beverage in an appealing outdoor setting, whether it was at a friend’s house or at a cafe. And now you want a patio of your own.

    Or perhaps it is reading a book or chatting on your smartphone that you find enhanced if the experience occurs in an open-air setting? Regardless of the activity, improving your outdoor space is the key factor in making it possible for you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. The ideas illustrated here will help you cover all the bases in planning your new patio.

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    Choose One Eclectic Accent Just One

    Add an instant splash of color, without sacrificing comfort, with a woven rattan chair. It can add an accent shade, or an array of brilliant hues, to a patio so you dont have to wait for flowers to bloom. Try the Salsa Garden Mini Chair from John Lewis, which comes in a wonderful yellow shade. You can also re-create this look by painting your own colorful garden chairs a cheap patio idea even a beginner can tackle. ‘

    Patio Decorating Idea: Create A Summer Bar Cart

    Summer Patio Ideas

    One of my favorite pieces outside is this bar cart that I got at the Serena & Lily Warehouse sale a few years ago. I love that it has 2 ice bucket compartments perfect for holding beverages.

    When we have guests over, I bring out items from our indoor bar area to create a full bar so guests can mix their own drinks.

    Tip: You dont need a dedicated bar to recreate this. By simply repurposing a table into a makeshift bar, you can make your outdoor space feel festive and inviting for a party!

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    Fantastic Ideas For Decorating Your Patio Or Garden Fence

    Are you looking for some crafty ways to give your garden or yard a makeover without breaking the bank?

    Weve gathered a selection of some of the most exciting ideas for sprucing up your garden or patio by framing the entire space in DIY art. The fencing surrounding your outdoor space doesnt need to remain simply a border. Getting creative with some low cost materials can utterly transform the way your garden looks.

    With each of these entries weve included a source link, so that you can see just what goes into creating the unique look. Most of these are straightforward creations youll be able to craft after simply seeing the picture, while others involve a few steps of preparation. The best part is that none of these projects will cost you much money, if anything.

    Being able to brighten your personal space with hand-crafted art and beauty, on the cheap, is a wonderful thing!


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