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How To Design And Build A Pergola

Attach The Columns To The Posts

How to Design and Build a Pergola – The Basics

Now slip each column over its post. Strap a level near the base of each column and screw into the wood beneath. Predrill and countersink eight screw holes in the sides of the columns: four 6 in. from the bottom and four 30 in. from the bottom. Use 3-in. No. 12 exterior wood screws to anchor the columns to the wood posts. Plumb the column as you screw it to the post. Youll notice some play between the post and column. Opposing screws will tighten the entire assembly.

The Attached Wall Shady Pergola Blueprint

For people who lack a large yawn or dont want to bother with complicated constructions, this pergola attached to the house might be just the thing. It has a roof that will provide plenty of shade for your and your plants during the hot summer days.

Again, offers you easy to follow plans how to construct this attached pergola.

Diy Pergola Plans: How To Build A Pergola For Your Home

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A pergola is a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters. In laymans terms, it is a cool place like a patio for relaxation. If you are looking for DIY pergola plans, you are in the right place.

In this article, we have put together a compilation of some of the best videos and tutorials that will teach you how to build a pergola for your home. As hard as it may seem, building a pergola is actually very easy with the right tools, materials and guide handy.

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The Fancy Seated Pergola

This pergola is extra special. It has quite a few fancy touches. However, if you are looking for something a little different then this could very well be what you need.

It is not just a pergola. It has a seating area beneath it for you to enjoy that is actually attached to the pergola itself.

Dig Holes For The Posts

26 Pergola Plans Designs For A Stunning Inspiration ...

For best results, start with a level site that has good drainage and measure out the dimensions to make sure it can accommodate the pergola. Once the site is ready to go, it’s time to dig holes for the footers. All footers should be to local codes, which is usually below the frost line. Dig three holes in the first row, eight feet apart. The second row will be set up the same way, 10 feet in front of the first.

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Plans And Materials Report

Pergola Planner Software highlights the critical connections for building a strong, safe outdoor structure and recommends appropriate hardware based on the customized design. When the design is completed, a full output report is generated that includes a Bill of Materials needed to build the pergola.

Design And Build A Wood Deck For A Pergola Base

Get 10 carpenters in a room and youll probably get 10 ways to build and detail a pergola.

However, when it comes to the pergolas basewhat our furniture and feet touch every time we enter the cross-hatched shadows of the posts, girders and raftersits safe to say everybody in the pretend group will opt for a hardscape. Cementitious or blue stone pavers are popular. And the variety, at least in my experience, ends there.

I take a different approach.

I frame a wood box and build what amounts to a deck for the pergola base. The box is the best layout tool imaginable . I frame it to wrap around each post. So when Im setting posts, theres no guesswork, and theyre easy to brace and plumb up. And, unlike a paver productwhich is the same temperature, give or take, as the middle of the streetwood remains cool, comfortable and easy to maintain. I used Cedar and pressure-treated lumber for this one.

While I build all my pergolas like this , the idea originated with the pergola Im repairing in this article. So even though the pergola is already there, the details are basically the same from digging to decking.

This is what running out of excuses looks like. Time to take this knotted weed farm and make it awesome.

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The Kitchen Island Plan

Another unique option, this outdoor kitchen pergola provides a shaded area as well as a work island for food preparation and serving.

The countertop includes a sink as well as drawers and cabinets- the countertop can accommodate a miniature refrigerator as well as an icemaker. Built from resilient cedar this outdoor cooking station is a unique build and perfect for backyard barbecues and parties.

The downloadable blueprints run to 14 pages and provide comprehensive instructions regarding the tools and materials that you need, a cutting list and articulate assembly directions.

Ron Hazletons website is a home-improvement resource that provides instructions for creating a freestanding, hurricane-resistant pergola that can be tucked away in the corner of your yard.

He recommends designing it with enough interior spaciousness that you can accommodate garden furniture and perhaps even a hot tub. His instructions will walk you through assessing for electric, water and gas lines prior to inserting posts into the ground.

As well, a video guide walks you through aligning the back corner stake, tying markers down to figure out post positions, marking post holes, digging the post holes with a post hole digger, pouring in the dry concrete mix, attaching temporary supports, installing the carriage bolts, and finally attaching the cross beams with hurricane-grade clips.

Diy Pergola Plans Assembly

How to build a pergola with a cedar deck

Measure a 10×10 area making sure it is squared by measuring diagonally in both directions.

Use 12 long 6×6 poles with 2 in the ground with concrete as shown in illustration above. If you are using anchors on the poles use 10 6×6 poles.

Use a level to make sure all the poles are leveled.

Once the poles are set make sure all the poles are the same height, you can use a string level for this. Cut poles if needed to get them level.

The top edges on the pole can be cut for a nicer appearance, illustration above shows the edges cut at a 45 degree.

Use four 12 long 2×6s for the support beams , cut the ends as shown on illustration above.

Install the support beams as shown on illustration above, use clamps to hold the support beams in place, secure with 3 1/2 deck screws.

Use seven 12 long 2×6s for the crossbeams , cut the ends as shown on illustration above.

Lay the crossbeams in place and mark were the 3 notch will go. Secure the crossbeams using 3 1/2 deck screws.

Use eleven 12 long 2×2s for the slats. The ends can be cut for a nicer appearance, illustration above shows end cut at 45 degree. Use 3 1/2 deck screws to secure the slats.

Cut eight 2×6s to 4 4 3/4 for the brace , cut as shown on illustration above.

Install the brace to the pergola using 3 1/2 deck screws as shown on illustration above.

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No Frills Modern Style

For those that prefer a contemporary design style, the simple lines of the modern pergola will probably be a safe choice. Those who want to incorporate a backyard fixture to seamlessly tie in with the clean, straight modern lines will likely prefer something that isnt too ornamental.

The use of straight posts, a flat top, and simple brackets keep the lines clean. Some modern styles also have a full roof as opposed to the traditional pergola slats. Whether you go with a natural wood color or paint it white, a no-frills modern style will be an excellent addition to a contemporary backyard.

Attached To The House

Having a pergola that attaches to the house on one or more sides may be the best way to maximize your outdoor space. By attaching it, it can feel like more of an extension of your house, and it can be added over an existing patio just outside the back door.

Depending on the size of your attached pergola, you may not need all four posts. An attached pergola may not be suitable for a DIY project as it will be directly affixed to your house.

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How To Build A Simple Backyard Pergola

I saved thousands in labor costs by building my backyard pergola myself.

It was hard work but not over whelming at all.

With some basic woodworking skills this can be done in a weekend.

Materials and Tools I used on this build:

6 – 6x6x12 – Pressure treated Lumber

4 – 2x8x20 – Pressure Treated Lumber

24 – 4x4x12 – Pressure Treated Lumber

12 – 1x2x8 – Pine

4 – 2x3x12 – Studs

16 – 10″ galvanized bolts

1 Box of Galvanized washers

1 Box of Galvanized nuts

5 pounds of 3 1/2″ coated decking screws

6 – 50 pound bags of gravel

18 – 90 pound bags of concrete

Please keep in mind the the tools and material I used are specific to my application so yours may vary my list.


P.S. It seems that when viewing this page from a mobile device, the embedded video doesn’t work. So here is a link to my YouTube video for your reference.

A Pergola For The Corner

How to build a backyard pergola

If you have a small or oddly shaped backyard, you may think a pergola is out of the question, but you may not have considered installing a corner style. These triangular-shaped structures give you all of the style and drama of the traditional shape, but they can fit into a tighter space.

You can find corner styles that are attached to the home or that are freestanding. They can make a great spot for some seating in the corner of your garden or on the edge of a backyard pool.

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A Louvered Pergola Diy Plan

This is a huge pergola plan project thatmeasures 16 feet x 8 feet. This is has a louvered roof so it provides ampleshade for your plants or for a breakfast nook. You can also install a louveredpergola along with a wooden walkway, deckor any wooden structure in your yard.

You dont need to dig in the soil for a post for this pergola plan. Theposts, as well as the center post, will be attached at the bottom of the floorjoist if you are attaching this pergola to a deck.

This louvered pergola can be done in just aday. As long as you have all your materials and equipment ready, you cancomplete this project without breaking a sweat.

The Simple Backyard Curved Plan

If you dont want to bother with complex pergola plans and you have only basic woodworking knowledge, this simple backyard pergola is just what you need. The builder uses Google Sketch software to design his wooden pergola shade, and he advises that you do the same. There is also a video of the building process for your convenience.

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The Freestanding Classic Design

This classic freestanding pergola shade offers a sitting area for relaxation and protection against direct sun rays. You can add furniture to transform it into a dining area or a lounge. The builder recommends that you use cedar, pressure-treated lumber, or Sienna Brown treated wood, which is his choice. He also uses Thompsons wood protector products to protect the construction from UV damage and harsh weather conditions.

Consider A Pergola In A Garden Area

How to build a pergola: Back yard landscape, design, and woodworking

Pergolas can be great at adding structure to the garden. This might be off of the house near the kitchen or dining area. You might even consider adding a small sitting area underneath your garden pergola to make it a destination space. Some homeowners really love the tranquility and beauty of spending time in their garden.You can even add vines to your pergola to truly integrate it into the garden. The vines will grow up and around the pergola, covering the structure even further adding not only more interest but also more shade and cover.

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Your Dream Backyard Starts Here

As a leader is structural wood connectors, Simpson Strong-Tie is a perfect partner to help you build a safe and strong outdoor structure that will last for decades. With this free web-based planning software, you dont have to worry about complicated downloads or managing licenses. Just design your pergola, print out your permit submittal pages and materials lists, and go. We even include a Dealer Locator tool to help you find material suppliers within your area for your materials.

Note: Pergola Planner Software requires , Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari browsers that are run from a desktop or laptop. The software will not run on mobile browsers or devices.

How To Build A Pergola Adding The End Beams

We will add the first layer of beams, the outer beams . We will sandwich the 6 x 6 with two 2 x 12 beams. We know we want the overall height of our pergola to be at about 10 feet so we need to have the bottom of our 2 x 12 at 9 feet. Mark each post on both sides at 9 feet. The easiest way to attach the 2 x 12s is to place a scrap piece of wood at the 9 foot mark and either hammer it in or hold it with a vise. I suggest hammering it in. This piece of scrap wood will give you a brace to support the beam while you attach it to the 6 x 6. Dont forget to measure to make sure your 2 x 12 is centered.

Once the 2 x 12 is in place drill through the beam and post with a paddle bit and attach the beams to the post with a lag bolt, washer and nut.

After all four beams are attached to the 6 x 6s trim any of the 6 x 6 above the 2 x 12s off with your reciprocating saw.

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The Garden Party Backyard Idea

This patio pergola is a backyard option designed to jazz up your outdoor area. Its perfect for recreational use, though My Outdoor Plans cautions that youll need to judiciously place it, otherwise there could be negative landscaping consequences.

It makes sense to do your homework prior to beginning one of these woodworking projects- there are so many different styles available to choose from that many builders often decide to mix-and-match elements from different design plans.

The materials list helpfully includes all of the different items youll need to assemble this particular pergola, including wooden posts, support beams, carriage bolts, shading elements, screws, slats, braces, and footings. They cautioned that if your home is in a particularly windy area, you might need to embed the posts in concrete or even lock down the entire structure with braces.

Hideaway Your Hot Tub

How to Build a Garden Pergola

When relaxing in your hot tub, you probably want a modicum of privacy which can be difficult when you live in a modern neighborhood. Adding a privacy pergola around your spa can give you the privacy you crave while maintaining a lovely design in your backyard living space.

Cedar is likely a good option for this type of pergola because it is resistant to moisture and humidity. The cedar beams wont warp or crack being near the steam rising off of your hot tub thus your pergola will last longer.

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Pergola Turned Outdoor Kitchen

If you practically live in your backyard for the majority of the year, you might as well cook your meals there too. An outdoor kitchen pergola can sport a simple grill and cooler set-up, or it can be a full kitchen with stove, fridge, and sink. Some people with large backyards add a pergola kitchen and dining room to maximize their outdoor living space.

Installing an outdoor kitchen should be left to the professionals as it will require plumbing, electricity, and maybe even gas lines.

A Simple Deck Pergola With Plant Hangers

A pergola is a ersatile outdoor structure.It can be used to beautify your outdoor area and at the same time, serve apurpose. This can be used as a structure to shield plants from direct sunlight.

You can use a supports to hang aerialplants as well. This first pergola DIY plan is a simple one, with basicinstructions on how to construct the pergola lower and upper supports.

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Gazebos And Carports Vs Pergolas

A related outdoor wooden structure is the gazebo. But gazebos always have a closed roof, which is not true of pergolas. Many gazebos are further distinguished from pergolas by having:

  • A raised floor
  • A rounded shape

A “carport” is a structure defined more by its purpose than by how it is made. Carports are used to shelter one’s automobile at home in lieu of the more expensive option: a garage. The basic carport is a roof supported by posts. But we have seen more elaborate carports that are essentially pergolas co-opted for car storage.

Building A Pergola: Design Construction And Sizing Considerations

How to Build a Pergola – DIY Network

Postedby Chase Coateson January 08, 2021

Pergolas are beautiful garden structures that add drama to your landscape and provide the perfect little getaway spot in your own backyard.

But there are some decisions to make. What size pergola do you need? Should it be attached or detached? What material is best?

Lets take a closer look at pergolas, how they can improve your landscape and how to decide what size is right for you.

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