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How To Enclose Your Patio

How To Build An Enclosed Patio

Enclose Your Patio
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What You’ll Need

Converting your patio to an enclosed patio can increase your comfort level, allowing you to spend more time outdoors. With an enclosure, you won’t have to worry about high heat or humidity, and can still enjoy the beauty of your yard regardless of weather conditions such as rain or snow. There are several options available for an enclosed patio space. If you have the money, having a contractor convert the patio into a sunroom is a good option. If you prefer to enclose the space yourself, you can with just some basic materials, time, and a little know-how.

Step 1: Measuring

You will need to start by gathering several measurements. You will want to measure the total area of the porch that is going to be enclosed. Measure the width, height, and length. It’s also a good idea to measure for doors and windows that you are going to install as well. For permit purposes, you are going to need to measure the distance from the curb or property line to the enclosure.

Step 2: Draft a Plan of the Project and Gather Permits

Step 3: Framing the Walls and the Roof

Step 4: Sheeting the Outside Walls

Step 4: Sheetrock

Step 5: Windows and Doors

Step 6: Finishing

Creative Use Of Trellises

Frame an open patio with large trellises anchored well with sturdy posts in cement footings at each corner. Use six foot trellises painted white and planted with purple clematis for a dramatic, cooling effect for your patio. Use dark cedar trellises and orange and yellow climbing plants, such as trumpet vines, for a rich, warm tone.

Enclose A Patio With A Sunroom To Add Year

A back-yard patio was enclosed with a gable-style sunroom. With a pool and a hot tub both in the backyard, a sunroom addition affords year-round enjoyment this backyard oasis. The existing house wall was finished with re-purposed barn board, which ties into the vinyl flooring.

Before Sunroom Installation

Contact us to schedule a tour of our showroom and factory, located in Auburn, MA, just south of Worcester, MA. We are just a convenient 1 hour drive from Boston, MA – Providence, RI – Springfield, MA & Hartford, CT.

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Use Outdoor Curtain Panels

You bet that theres a way to enclose your porch in a way as easy as hanging up curtains.

These outdoor curtains are made for the outdoors because they are water repellent and nice heavy weight against the breeze.

And like curtains, you have lots of choice from colors, patterns, to the romance of sheer curtains for your porch.

Use weather-resistant curtain rods to hang them up if youve got a roof over your porch.

If you need a cover for your porch, you can install an awning.

Also remember to iron out the wrinkles before you hang them up.

Bird Watching Porch With Dark Wood Paneling

How To Enclose Your Patio For The Winter

Heres another enclosed porch idea finished to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The stone tiles make the floor very durable, but the mats in front of the seating areas cushion the floor a bit. The layout of the seating itself lends toward sitting back and relaxing with a good book or watching the birds flutter through the trees. The lamp and ceiling lights give you enough light to read in the evening, and the ceiling fan keeps the air moving so that youre always comfortable.

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Open Space Enclosed Patio

No one said that your enclosed porch had to be boring or mundane. Therefore, what about creating a whole other living room with the option to open the walls up? You can have walls built from electric blinds, so when you want an outdoor patio, you can have that at the push of a button. Likewise, if its too chilly, you can close the walls for an enclosed patio.

Striking Covered Patio With A Gable Roof

This is one of the best ideas for the enclosed patio designs. Coming with a spacious design, this covered patio allows you to feel like youre completely outside.

You can read, dine, and hang out with your family or friends when the weather does prevent you to go outside. With some lights installed in the patio, itll be an inviting space too in the evening.


  • The L-shaped couch provides enough space to accommodate more people in this outdoor area.


  • The design might not be able to handle heavy winters or extreme summers.


The cost to build it is about $6,500, considering that you do the work yourself.

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How To Care For Your Patios Surface

Moisture may be your patios biggest foe this winter. Thats because as water freezes and melts, it expands and contracts, causing damage to your patios foundation and joints.

Take care of any soil erosion near the edges and corners of your patio to keep water from pooling under the patio and freezing. This expansion can cause your patio to lift, which can damage the frame and even break windows and doors. Youll also want to position your downspouts in a way that directs any water away from the patio for the same reason.

Fill any gaps in the patio joints with polymeric sand, which is more flexible than mortar or cement. This helps patio pavers stay in place, resist washout and avoid shifting in brutal winter conditions.

Water can also cause damage to your patios surface. If the patio is made of wood, youll want to seal it to prevent rotting. Clean and dry the surface before sealing it with water repellent or wood sealer. When the season ends, wash your patio with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Remove leaves and other debris throughout the coming months, especially during fall to prevent stains. Moisture can build up under patio rugs, so roll them up and store them in a dry place for the season.

Whether youre planning to use your patio throughout the winter or packing it up for the season, take care of your space the right way so its ready to properly host barbecues, garden parties and late night stargazing when summer returns next year.

What Are The Benefits Of Enclosing A Patio

How to Extend or Enclose Your Patio with Doug Gauf of Sunshine Experts in Tucson

-It will be warmer in the winter

-Youll reduce noise levels, which means less disturbance for or from neighbours.

-Increase the living space of your home by adding a usable outdoor area.

-Appeal to more buyers by showing what they have available with an enclosed patio.

-An enclosed patio will make it feel like you are outside even when its raining or cold out.

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How To Enclose Your Outdoor Patio And Alfresco Area

  • Project
  • How to Enclose Your Outdoor
  • You most definitely love spending time in your outdoor patio but therell come a time when you just have to enclose it due to the unending sun, dust, bugs, birds, and noise. Bad weather conditions and environmental disturbances should not restrict you from enjoying your patio and alfresco area when you can simply enclose it with patio screens and PVC outdoor blinds.

    Benefits of Enclosing Your Patio and Alfresco Area

    There are many benefits of using innovative PVC weather screens to enclose outdoor areas in your home. For instance, a good enclosure system will keep off insects, rain, heavy winds, birds, dust, and the hot Australian sun from your patio and alfresco areas. The enclosure also creates a seamless flow between your outdoor and interior living spaces while protecting your home from the elements.

    Other benefits of patio screens include:

    • The enclosure provides you with additional space that can be used for entertaining guests
    • Patio screens will protect you from birds, flies, and other annoying insects
    • Youll have less cleaning to do when you reduce the amount of leaf debris and dust entering your home
    • It is an innovative way of creating privacy while maintaining your homes stunning views
    • PVC weather screens provide a controlled airflow in your home
    • Improve your homes energy efficiency

    Protect Your Alfresco Areas

    Enclose an Outdoor Area with High-Quality PVC Weather Screens

    Porch With Vaulted Wooden Beam Ceiling

    While this porch doesnt show much in the way of furnishings, Im including it in the Entertaining Guests section because of how large it is. Picture yourself sitting around with family and friends as all of your kids play together outside. The ceiling in this porch gives it a unique look, and its complete with skylights and a ceiling fan. The wall lights allow you to stay out on the porch even in the evening hours.

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    How I Framed Walls To Enclose Porch Patio Vid #5

  • Enclosing A Porch Into A Sunroom Size: 1400 x 788. Enclosing A Porch Into A Room Size: 800 x 600. Enclosing A Porch For Mudroom Size: 1280 x 960. Enclosing A Porch For Living Space Size: 1024 x 572. Enclosing A Porch For Living Space Cost Size: 1152 x 864. Enclosing A Porch DIY Size: 900 x 600
  • For most people, enclosed patio designs would be their idea of a dream comes true. Whether it comes with four season enclosure design or screen room design, the enclosed patio is just a versatile place outside your home in which you can sit and relax or enjoy hosting events and parties at home
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    Furniture Enclosed Patio Ideas

    How to Enclose Your Outdoor Patio and Alfresco Area

    Depending on the type of enclosure you choose, your furniture needs to be either indoor, covered, or outdoor style. An enclosed glass patio works with regular furniture because the glass protects the furniture from the weather elements.

    A covered space can have furniture thats designed for outdoor use but isnt durable enough to stay outside and unprotected. Use wicker furniture for both enclosed and protected patio areas. Its a traditional patio furniture material and can give your outdoor living space a tropical feel.

    Screened in and other totally exposed patios require patio furniture thats the most durable. Look for solid hardwood frames and removable cushions. You can take the cushions off when you arent using the patio to keep them looking nice. This furniture will give your patio a modern look.

    Resort-style furniture will create a mini oasis in your backyard. This furniture feels oversized and has plush cushions that you sink back into.

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    Preparing Your Patio For Fall And Winter Use

    The colder weather can make being outside unbearable but if you hide inside all season, you may be missing out on enjoying the cool, crisp air, the bright red, orange and yellow hues of fall foliage or the peaceful moments of a gentle snowfall. If you want to experience everything the coming seasons have to offer but dont want to deal with the harsher elements, consider enclosing your patio or screening your porch.

    Thrifty Decorating Ideas For A Beach Condo

    Patios are outdoor rooms that extend your home into the backyard for warm weather enjoyment. Patios are for outdoor dining, entertaining and relaxing, but they can get uncomfortable if exposed to direct sunlight without any shade. A plain cement slab patio can seem boring and unattractive without some other design treatment. You can make your patio more comfortable and attractive with an inexpensive enclosure.

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    How To Enclose A Patio Isnt A Simple Procedure

    Undoubtedly, enclosing a patio is a complex process. Unless you have experience in design and construction, its best to leave enclosing a patio to the professionals. A poorly constructed structure can actually devalue your home and become an eyesore. Furthermore, any enclosure failing to meet your building codes will cause legal issues when you try to sell your home.

    Moreover, hiring an experienced contractor brings workmanship guarantees and warranties to protect your investment. Plus, a skilled contractor can get the job done quickly, allowing you to enjoy your new space faster. Youll also avoid costly mistakes in design and construction.

    For example, when developing your design, you need to consider aesthetics and functionality. Your enclosed structure should match the rest of your home seamlessly. Additionally, you need to consider the flow of the room when adding an exterior door. Finally, you may have to account for any physical obstructions when adding screens.

    Often, your inexperience may lead you to make some mistakes. For instance, most patios cannot handle the additional weight of a roof. A patio with a shallow foundation will cause cracking in both the foundation and the enclosures roof. Moreover, building a roof and framework for the screens can be complicated. Mistakes in framing can lead to moisture issues and structural damage.

    Planning To Enclose Your Patio Porch Or Deck

    Another use for shower curtains. Inexpensive Way to Enclose Your Patio
    • Written by Paige Butterfield on Sep 14, 2011To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    An open porch, patio, or deck is a great place to spend time relaxing with your family and friends or having a quiet moment to yourself. Unfortunately, it can only be used when the weather is cooperating. There are several benefits that come from enclosing your porch, patio, or deck. While protection from inclement weather would probably rank at the top of many homeowners’ list of reasons, there are others. Have mosquitoes ever chased you inside on an otherwise beautiful summer night? A screened porch eliminates the bug issue, and a porch that is framed-in and has windows installed can, with a little extra work and expense, become an all-season room.

    Enclosing your outside space is a quick way for you to add usable square footage to the living area of your home.

    Step 1 Research Building Permits in Your Area

    Before you begin planning your new outdoor space, you should research what building permits are required in your area. Although this is a step that you might easily look over, its important that you take this step seriously. If you do not get the proper permits and follow local regulations, you could have trouble selling the home, or worse, have legal repercussions.

    Step 2 Begin Sketching Your Outdoor Room

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    How Much Does It Cost To Enclose A Patio

    The cost will be entirely dependent on your project. A fully enclosed patio with insulation will cost a lot more than a gazebo style set-up. The only true way to know what itll cost is by getting bids from contractors or pricing up the materials involved if you intend to DIY.

    Wooden thatched roofs are a cheaper option but they require more maintenance over time to keep them intact and waterproofed. If its not too much of an eyesore, then consider adding sail shades which be more affordable.

    How Do You Winterize An Outdoor Patio

    When the colder months are approaching the best thing to do is cover your patio with a tarpaulin or sail shade and install some kind of heating system. If you dont have any structure, tarpaulins are the cheapest option and also provide shelter from sun and rain at the same time.

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    Enclosing Your Patio: Is It Feasible

    Is your patio feeling a little neglected? Have you day-dreamed about enclosing your patio? Sometimes, its the perfect solution and relatively simple to pull off but, other times, depending on your context, it can be quite a bit more complicated. Heres what you need to keep in mind so you can make the right call.

    Chris Parker
    May 2, 2019

    Sometimes, the outdoor patio you have doesnt get as much attention as you thought it would, and you find yourself wishing, If only that patio was enclosed, I could Maybe youre just not a patio person, or you value more livable space inside your home. Although it seems like a simple add-on, enclosing your patio can be complicated. So, while you daydream about what an enclosed patio can do for your home, lets look at what you should keep in mind.

    How To Stay Warm On Your Patio In The Winter

    Three Reasons to Enclose Your Patio

    Start with decorating your patio in warm, heavy and cozy textiles that include thick rugs, insulated curtains, heavy quilts and heated blankets. When it comes to furniture, choose pieces that are plush covered in fabric if possible. Avoid metal furniture, which will hold the cold. Top any hard furniture like benches and chairs with blankets or cushions. Consider using warm fabrics like flannel, fleece and wool. You may also want to leave a couple of sweatshirts, jackets and knit hats on the patio for extra chilly days.

    If you have electrical outlets available, plug in an electric heater. Since the space is relatively small, one should do the trick. Just make sure you practice fire safety and never leave space heaters on when youre not in the room.

    The best way to stay warm on your patio this winter is to connect the rooms vents to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This heating option is available for solarium and four-season rooms, which are built to withstand this type of heating and cooling. A heating and cooling system will add to whats considered livable space in your home, which can increase your homes square footage. This could be a top selling point if you ever decide to sell your home.

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