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How To Get Rid Of Flying Bugs On Patio

Drain Any Standing Water

Of the numerous ways to get rid of flying bugs on a patio, few are as important as addressing the root of the problem. Standing water can be a breeding ground for generation after generation of pesky mosquitoes. Whenever possible, you want to keep gutters, downspouts, birdbaths, pools, buckets, and other areas clear of standing water.

Grow Plants That Repel Bugs

If you were disappointed by our first tip to eliminate plants from outside, cheer up! There are actually plants that repel bugs. By growing these specific types of plants, you will still be able to enjoy beautiful greenery on your patio, and these plants will also keep the bugs away themselves.

There are numerous plants that work well for repelling bugs. Depending on whether your patio is more exposed to the outdoors or more screened-in, there are specific plants that will help you keep out bugs.

For outdoors, plant lemongrass, chrysanthemums, marigolds, petunias, and pitcher plants. If your patio is more shaded, try bromeliads, citronella, catnip, jade, and Venus flytraps. These plants are a beautiful addition to your patio and a great way to minimize bugs.

Ways To Keep Your Patio Pest

The warm seasons are the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the weather. However, you might love your patio even more if it werent for those pesky , , and other bothersome insects. Although pests embrace the weather as much as you do, you dont have to share the same space with them. Learn how to keep bugs away from your patio with our list of tips.

Place Hanging Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a cheap and effective DIY home remedy for various pests like and even critters like squirrels.

This is perfect if you have both bugs and animals foraging on your balcony for food .

Just take a few scented sheets, crumple them up, and shove them into cracks where bugs enter on your porch.

You can also hang them or tape them around the balcony as a repellent. Or you can even clip them to your pants if you really want to keep the bugs off.

Plants That Repel Gnats

How to Get Rid of Flies Quickly (Inside and Outside)

While were on the subject of scents, you can play the long game and plant flowers that gnats cant stand. There is a handful that can keep gnats at bay, including geraniums, lemon thyme, lavender, and Mexican marigold. The wonderful thing about using plants is that not only do they look nice in your garden, but they will also help keep more than just gnats away.

Just be sure to look into what each plant requires and arrange them strategically around your outdoor space.

What You Can Do To Avoid Biting Midges

While there is little that can be done in Florida to completely avoid midges, there are strategies that you can use to minimize your contact with these creatures.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Minimize your time outdoors around dawn or dusk. Early morning and late afternoon are the peak biting times, just like for mosquitoes. If you simply stay inside during these times, youre far less likely to get bitten.
  • Use repellents. Insect repelling lotions and sprays generally work against biting midges, particularly if they contain DEET.
  • Keep moving. As mentioned above, midges are slow. If youre going out for a runor even a brisk dog walkyoure probably pretty safe from midge bites.
  • Wear long sleeves. Midges cant bite what they cant get to. It may not be the most comfortable feeling in the world to cover up when going out in the hot Florida sun, but it sure beats getting eaten up by midges.
  • How To Repel Gnats

    When dealing with a gnat infestation in your yard, your first thought might be to turn to harsh chemicals to deal with the problem. While an insect fogger or chemical insect repellent will be useful in killing gnats, it is also extremely toxic to your family and the environment.

    Aside from wearing long pants during the hot summer months, here are several gnat repellent solutions that use everyday items to repel gnats.

    A vinegar trap is an extremely effective way to deal with gnats in your yard. To make this effective gnat trap, add some apple cider vinegar and liquid dish soap to a small container or bowl. Place the pots around the potted plants on your porch and in other areas infested with gnats.

    The sweet scent of the vinegar attracts the gnats to the bowl, and when they dip down to taste the sweet liquid, their legs and wings will become covered in dish soap. The dish soap effectively keeps them from escaping the trap, and they will eventually drown in the solution.

    Do You Have Houseplants

    Remember that pests are attracted to your plants indoors, and will take the chance to live on your plants if you provide it to them.

    This should be no surprise. There are many different bugs that live on houseplants like the common whitefly, tiny mites, and fungus gnats.

    If you have plants around the home, check if theyre related to the tiny bugs hovering around your lights, lamp shades, and ceilings and walls.

    Plants are just homes for bugs

    Typically, flying pests will start near the source and make their way to nearby light fixtures.

    Then, theyll migrate to other nearby ones. They can even follow a pattern of lights depending on your lighting habits.

    For example, if you turn on the light closest to the source of the infestation, youll see the bugs come out at night and fly around the light source.

    Then, turn on another light across the room and turn off the first one. Youll see that they migrate over to the other light. This is true for many pests, especially flying termites.

    This is why you may not always notice the bugs right away- they could be moving between lights and you dont really know where theyre coming from.

    So thats just something to keep in mind.

    But if you have plants indoors, know that they can attract many different pests. This is why you should take action to get rid of any bugs on your houseplants. Whether youre growing or , theyre all vulnerable.

    Make Your Own Fly Strips

    If you dont want to go to the store and find these fly strips to hang up around your outdoor area, you can actually make your own and implement essential oils that have natural repellent qualities to them that will keep those flies away.

    All you have to do is cut a piece of cloth into strips that are about a foot in length and at least an inch in width. You can cut as many or as few of these strips as you like; it really depends on the size of your patio or outdoor space when you are making them.

    When you have cut all of the strips that you will need, you just need to moisten them with a few drops of your favorite essential oil that has repellent qualities. This can be something such as lavender, clove, citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus, or mint.

    When you have successfully saturated the strips to your liking, tie them onto the railings and tree branches that surround your patio. If you dont have those things nearby, try hanging them from your roof or any other areas that are accessible to your patio or outdoor space.

    The scent should get rid of the flies altogether instead of physically trapping them on the strips. You will be left with pleasant-smelling strips that hang around your outdoor space and they wont have nasty little flies stuck to them.

    Keep Your Yard Trimmed

    Keeping you yard trimmed can eliminate the increase of thetick population near your home. It is very common for ticks to live in the tallgrass, waiting for an animal or human to pass by. Having a well-groomed yardcan also increase curb appeal for your home.

    To stay away from bugs, especially mosquitoes during peakseason, there are many different things we can do. During the summer, we wantyou to enjoy your time with family and friends. By following some of thesesimple steps to keep bugs away from your outdoor area, you can enjoy yoursummer and not worry about bugs.

    Repel Them With Scent

    Gnats are naturally drawn to fruity scents; in fact, your shampoo, body wash, or perfume may be what makes you a desirable target for these pesky flying pests.

    An easy way to combat this is by using unscented soaps or avoiding that spritz of cologne during the summer. Or, you can switch up your favorite scent with something they dont like. Try Lighting citronella candles, using lemon or vanilla sprays. While gnats are a fan of sweet-smelling fruit, they cant seem to stand vanilla, lemon, or even lavender. A little spritz can at least keep them at bay.

    Midges Vs Mosquitoes: Are Mosquitoes Different From No

    Midges and mosquitoes are different types of insects that often seek out the same resources, including egg incubation sites and opportunities for blood meals.

    As a result, midges can be just as much of a problem as mosquitoes. Luckily, what works against mosquitoes usually works against biting midges as well. Repellents drive them away. Long-sleeved clothing stops them from biting. And, most importantly, they both are drawn to Mosquito Magnet® CO2 traps.

    These traps use CO2 and secondary attractants to draw mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects to the trap and away from living targets. As they investigate the trap, the midges are sucked inside the trap and captured in a net. Within 24 hours, the trapped insects die of dehydration.

    Threats That Come With An Outdoor Fly Infestation

    How To Get Rid Of Flies In Your House Naturally

    Even though flies do not bite humans, that does not mean they do not pose . For example, because flies feed on many types of filthy matter and human food, they can pick up disease-causing organisms. Each time a fly comes into contact with food or people, it can spread these disease-causing organisms.

    Questions About Midges: Tips To Get Rid Of Midges

    If you live near a beach, marsh, lake, pond or slow-moving river or creek, then youve probably encountered biting midges. These insects leave itchy, red welts on your skin when they bite you. Its understandable that youll look for ways to get rid of midges!

    We came up with the most common questions people have about midges, so here we go. Click on the question you want answered!

    Swarm Of Flying Insects In Yard

    If you come across a swarm of flying insects in your yard, you will want to identify what kind of flying bug you are dealing with. To do this, you must know what kinds of insects are common in your area.

    In the United States, there are over 91,000 different types of flying bugs that vary by location and season. If you are dealing with a swarm of flying bugs in your yard and want to get rid of them naturally, knowing the flying insect you have is very important.

    Some types of flying insects are beneficial and naturally repel other bugs, while others can carry disease or destroy precious objects in your yards, such as plants or crops.

    Study their behavior and appearance. How do they move? How big are they? How many legs do they have? How vast is their body? How long are their antennae, if any? How long are their legs compared to the size of their body? How does it move its wings slowly or fast?

    This may seem a lot, but if you can correctly identify a swarm of flying bugs in your yard, you will know what kind of treatment they need and can decide on the best way to get rid of them.

    Identifying Stubborn Insect Pests

    , fruit flies and mosquitoes come out in the spring and make life miserable for people on their patios. In addition, and come flying in and threaten you with their stingers. They may also build nests near doorways and windows that may prevent you from coming outside. But why should we let tiny insects prevent us from going outdoors and enjoying the weather? With a little preventative maintenance, you can keep these pests and more away from you and your patio.

    Identifying the specific pest problem that is plaguing your patio is instrumental in finding the solution. Let the insect control experts at Western Exterminator give you peace of mind and get you one step closer to backyard fun. Call us at 800-937-8398 or today.

    How To Get Rid Of Gnats Flies Ticks Mosquitoes And All Other Pesky Insects

    Stephanie Osmanski

    Now that summer is here, homeowners have to reconcile with the fact that with warmer weather comes more . Nobody wants an infestation of any kind whether it be that suck your blood while youre sleeping or little fungus that wreak havoc on your kitchen. So, what can you do to get rid of all these pesky pests?

     Sure, there are plenty of insect repellents out there, but they might not be the best for the environment or for your health. Skip the insecticides and harmful chemicals and opt for a more non-toxic, sustainable route to getting rid of gnats, flies, ticks, and mosquitoes.

    And should you find yourself exhausted by the now full-time job of trying to rid your home of gnats, flies, ticks, and mosquitoes naturally, you can always buy a safe and nontoxic insect trap from . Zevos flying insect trap products simply plug into an outlet; using multi-spectrum light technology and body head attractants, this plug-in attracts bugs whether theyre gnats, flies, mosquitoes, or whatever else you can name without the help of chemical insecticides and catches them inside with a sticky adhesive backing. Throw away the dead insects, then replace the cartridge.

    Looking for ways to get rid of any other creepy, crawling critters? Keep reading for more all-natural ways to get rid of various insects!

    Cucumber Pepper Cloves Cinnamon Garlic Mint Chili Powder

    Mint, cloves, cucumber, pepper, and chili powder all repel insects. Depending on the type of bug that you are trying to repel you may find that one works better for you.

    The cucumber needs slicing in order to emit the smell. So keep things like this in mind as you try different spices and foods to keep bugs away from home.

    You are likely to find that the best results are achieved from your fresh spices and foods. In other words, garlic powder is not going to work to the same degree as a clove of garlic would.

    Different smells repel different types of bugs. If you have a specific bug problem in your home then you should look to see which of these works best for you.

    Read more:20 Most Effective Ways to Kill Roaches

    Does Citronella Repel Fruit Flies

    Essential oils, like citronella, have long been used to repel gnats, fruit flies, and other insects. Its one of the natural ways to kill chiggers and a variety of unwanted bugs.

    Gnat repellents that contain botanical oils are extremely useful for dealing with pesky crawling and flying insects.

    Does citronella repel fruit flies? The answer is yes. There are several ways you can use citronella and other essential oils to keep insects, like gnats and fruit flies at bay.

    Best Gnat Repellent Essential Oils

    • Geranium
    • Cedarwood

    To make a spray that kills gnats instantly, you can dilute several drops of any of the above essential oils with water and add them to a plastic spray bottle. Spray areas where you are dealing with gnats.

    You can also crush some fresh leaves of the plants and rub them on your skin to keep you from suffering gnat bites. It can also be helpful to plant these plants around your home, to keep gnats out of your yard.

    Where Do They Come From

    Bugs that can fly can lay eggs within the cover or light source.

    The larvae can then emerge into a warm environment. And it makes sense as many moths, flies, and other pests are drawn towards light.

    So it makes sense to find bugs crawling around all over the cover or shade. The larvae may not be able to figure out how to escape the fixture, so they get stuck in there. Some will be killed from the heat or dehydration, or possibly starvation.

    This may be why you see dead bugs caught in your light fixtures all the time. Remember that lots of pests are phototactic and this attracts them to the light.

    Theres no real explanation without seeing your specific scenario. If you attempt to clear out the fixtures from bugs but they keep showing up again, consider hiring a professional or sealing up your home from entry points.

    How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside In 4 Steps

    How to Get Rid of Flies Quickly (Inside and Outside)

    September 28, 2020

    When you are trying to enjoy a meal outside, it is so annoying to have flies swarming around or landing on your food. Flies can also invade your indoor spaces when you open and close doors. Flies are the least active during colder months and typically reach maturity during the . So, how to get rid of flies in your outdoor spaces? In this guide, we outline how to get rid of flies outside so you can enjoy your yard without worrying about an infestation.

    How To Get Rid Of Midge Flies

    What if you cant avoid biting midges and the problem is so bad that the typical protections just arent working? How can you get rid of midges?

    Unfortunately, theres not much out there that has been found to eradicate midges in any meaningful way for more than a short period. The simple fact is that there are too many of them, and they are too widespread.

    Insecticides have been effective in some cases, but even then, only for a short time. There arent really any traps that have proven effective either.

    Environmental changes may be the best way to reduce the midge population in a specific area.

    Specifically, homeowners can follow many of the same suggestions that apply to keeping mosquitoes away. The tactics below can make your yard less attractive to these pesky insects.

    Essential Oils And Natural Repellents

    Price says essential oils and other natural repellents can be effective deterrents. or can be diluted in a carrier oil or bought in a spray solution thinned with water. But use caution it can be toxic to pets.

    Versatile and virulent to insects, can be a fantastic addition to the arsenal, Price says. Its safe for topical use on all ages, including infants, and lethal to ticks, mosquitoes and their eggs. and its leaves are also great for preventing mosquitoes, especially malaria-ridden ones.

    Add thyme leaves to your campfire for a pleasant fragrance and to keep pests away. Last, mince garlic, mix with mineral oil, allow to soak overnight, then put in a spray bottle. This mixture can be sprayed directly on skin, pets, or on plants to keep ticks away.


    How To Get Rid Of Whiteflies That Are Swarming In A Backyard

    Related Articles

    The whitefly is a sap-sucking, soft-bodied bug that’s a common presence in gardens and backyards around the country. Whiteflies love to suck on ornamentals and warm-weather vegetable plants. Unfortunately, when plants become infested with these tiny white flying bugs, it can change your lush garden landscape into a yellow-brown wasteland. Learn what whiteflies are and how to spot them, and find out how you can get rid of these pesky bugs and prevent them from landing on your plants in the first place.

    Take The Trash Out Frequently

    As you can guess, having trash around your patio is a bad idea if you dont want to have bugs. While you may not want to take the trash out daily, you certainly shouldnt be leaving the house trash can right next to your patio. If you do, you may find a swarm of bugs near the trash that could spread to your patio. Instead, isolate your trash collection from your patio and take out the trash as frequently as possible.

    Best Way To Get Rid Of Bugs On Patio

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Bugs can be a very frustrating thing to deal with on your patio. Whether you are entertaining guests, or just relaxing after work, bugs can get in the way and ruin it for you.

    Luckily there are ways that you can get rid of them without harming them! Here is our list of 14 different ways to get rid of bugs on patio:

    Your Battle Against Midges

    Are you experiencing problems with midges, mosquitoes and other biting insects at your home or business, then youll want to learn more about Mosquito Magnet®. Try visiting Mosquito Magnet® on Facebook and then subscribe to our E-Newsletter for more articles like this, as well as important product announcements. Before you buy, add yourself to our Reward Points program so you earn money back for future purchases.

    Pycnanthemum Muticum To Keep Ticks And Chiggers At Bay

    Ticks and chiggers are a huge problem, especially if you will find yourself in the woods. It is important to remember to put on repellant each time that you are in the woods.

    Applying repellant will help you to avoid getting ticks bites. Remember that ticks carry diseases, and you dont want to deal with that.

    To help protect yourself simply rub the powder of this flower, also known as mountain mint, on your clothing. This will help with repelling any insects and is very effective.

    As always with repellents, you need to reapply as necessary. You can wait till you notice the effects wearing off to reapply.

    To ensure protection at all times you should go ahead and treat yourself regularly.

    Read more:

    How Do I Kill Flying Bugs In My Yard

    13 Ways to Get Rid of Flies

    In addition to the many natural repellents available, there are also several pesticides for use as an insecticide spray. Make sure you know how to identify the bug before you buy any pesticide so that you can determine what kind of bug you are dealing with and know which spray to buy.

    How to fix overwatered st augustine grass

    How to get rid of flying bugs in your yard is a question that many homeowners deal with every year. How you go about doing this depends on the type of bug and how much time you want to spend outdoors. If youre looking for an easy way out, then insecticides are the most effective method.

    They come in sprays or granules, which kill insects quickly by attacking their nervous system and cells. However, suppose you dont like using chemicals around your home or would prefer not to use them at all.

    In that case, there are other natural ways to control these pests, such as diatomaceous earth , horticultural oils, sawdust, garlic, and nicotine sulfate.

    Tips To Keep Bugs Away From Your Patio Space This Summer

    Summer is officially here, and that means outdoor living is in full swing. Whether its relaxing with a refreshing drink, grilling a favorite meal, or just watching kids and pets play in the yard, our exterior spaces get a lot of use this time of year.

    Unfortunately, along with all the great things summer brings, theres one major drawback…bugs. From wasps and bees to ants and mosquitos, theres no shortage of pests and creepy crawlies that can put a damper on your warm weather fun.

    Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep these nuisances at bay and enjoy your outdoor space this summer.

    Add a patio fan

    Outdoor ceiling fans are becoming more popular as a way to keep homeowners cool while they relax on their patios and decks. And in addition to providing a cool breeze, these features can also keep annoying pests away. In particular, fans are helpful in warding off flies and mosquitoes, neither of which stand up well to strong winds.

    Get rid of standing water

    Eric Bak, owner of Quality Pest Services, says standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and he suggests homeowners regularly check their yard to make sure they arent attracting these pests. 

    Keep your yard tidy

    A clean and well-manicured lawn goes a long way in deterring summer bugs. Tall grass can harbor ticks who are just waiting to climb on you or your pet. Also, bushes or tree limbs close to your home can help provide easy access for pests to come inside.

    Clean your gutters

    Avoid using mulch

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