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How To Install Flagstone Patio

How To Install Flagstone Patio With Mortar

How To Install A Flagstone Patio (Step-by-Step)

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Installing a flagstone patio in your backyard or pathway can give an attractive look to your home as many people dont like grass in their garden, so they prefer to install flagstone under patio furniture to provide an eye-catching look. Instead of using blocks on your pathway, you can install flagstone to give an impressive and attractive look. For this purpose, you must learn how to install a flagstone patio with a mortar and other substances. In this article, you will see the full procedure through which you can install flagstone by yourself without hiring anybody at work.

There are two ways from which you can install flagstone:

  • Dry set: In this type, you can install flagstone directly on the ground. This approach is cheaper and easier to work in. Its the best type for creating a garden pathway or walkway.
  • Mortared Stone: While mortared stone is more challenging and expensive, its the better choice to create it on a patio surface such as large and durable.

Now I will explain to you 2 methods:

Diy Vs Hire A Flagstone Patio Pro

DIY cuts out a lot of the costs of building a flagstone patio but that’s only if everything goes as expected. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to get the area level and flagstone cut and set just right. Hiring an experienced patio builder near you is the best way to get the perfect look and the biggest return on your investment.

Compare Quotes From Flagstone Patio Pros

Fill The Joints And Edge The Patio

While a patio doesn’t need edging to hold the stones in place, cobblestones are an option.

To install them, dig a trench far enough into the pack to accommodate a 4-inch bed of concrete and set each stone 3½ inches below finish grade.

After the patio is firm enough to walk on, spread stone dust over the stones and sweep it into the joints and along the edge.

Step 9

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Slope The Layout Strings

Level and slope the strings based on the position of the patio: The patio surface should be level from side to side and should slope down and away from the house from end to end at a rate of about 2 inches per 10 linear feet. For example, if the patio is 10 feet long, it will be 2 inches higher at the house end than at the opposite end. This ensures that surface water drains away from the house .

To level and slope the strings, place a line level on each layout string and adjust one end of the string up or down, as needed, so the line is perfectly level, then tie off the string. Keep in mind that all of the strings should be at the same height. Then, readjust the two strings running down the sides of the patio to set the correct slope. For a 10-foot-long patio, lower the strings 2 inches on the stakes at the lower end of the patio. Finally, adjust the perpendicular string on the lower end of the patio so it is even with ends of the sloped strings.

An Easy Stone Project Without Mortar

How To Install A Flagstone Patio (Step
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  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $3 – $5 per square foot

Laying flagstone patios in stone dust or sand, as opposed to mortar or concrete, is known as dry-set or sand-set. Dry construction is much easier for do-it-yourselfers because you can build directly on the ground, while mortared stone requires a concrete slab foundation to prevent cracking in the mortar. For a lasting installation, a dry-set stone patio does need a foundation, though. It’s best to start with several inches of compacted gravel, followed by a layer of stone dust, also called decomposed granite, or DG.

The DG is pulverized stone and contains small pieces along with gravel-size and sand-size particles. The variation in particle sizes allows the material to compact well. And while it is still loose, you can use it to level the stones, just as you would with sand. You can buy flagstone and DG at local stone yards and landscaping materials suppliers.

When choosing stone for the project, select the largest stones you can maneuver by hand, and choose them for consistent thickness and appearance. The stones should be at least 1 1/2 inches thick for strength 2 inches thick is better. Note that “flagstone” merely describes the stones’ wide, flat shape flagstone comes in many different types of stone.

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What Types Of Flagstone Are Used For Patios

Flagstone is basically just flat stone used for hardscaping.

There are many types in this category, such as:

  • Bluestone: Flat, fine-grain sandstone in blue-gray to purple hues
  • Limestone: Smooth calcite with small to medium grains in multiple colors
  • Quartzite: Smooth, glossy stone that comes in green, silver, blue and gray
  • Sandstone: Contemporary, earthy stone usually boasting deep red hues
  • Slate: Soft silver, gray or green stone with a weathered look

To find the best one for your patio, you have to look beyond their appearance to the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of the Flagstone Types


When To Build A Flagstone Patio

You can build a flagstone patio at nearly any time of year, especially if youre looking to turn your backyard into an oasis. Adding polymeric sand between the stones is the only part of the project that is weather-dependent. Since the sand is activated with water, avoid doing this part of the project on days when rain is predicted.

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Tips For Installing A Flagstone Patio

Things to remember when you’re planning and installing or repairing a flagstone patio.

Emily Fazio

  • Natural stone colors can vary by region and source. One supplier may have a completely different quarry source than another, so it’s worth shopping around if youre looking for a particular color or size.
  • If youre buying to match existing stone in your home, befriend an expert at the stone yard. Using photos or making an at-home visit, they can help you find a stone that’s a great match. The nuances between colors in flagstone can make a big difference if youre replacing a broken stone or extending an existing flagstone area.
  • Know the square footage of material you need when youre planning a patio, and add 10 percent to account for irregularities and extra cuts.
  • Be aware of the stone’s thickness. Smaller dimensions are easier for a DIY install than larger stones, which can quickly weigh upwards of 250+ pounds. Natural stone veneers are preferable for patio areas that are built upon an existing solid base, such as a foundation or concrete stairs.
  • It’s easy to lay flagstone if you choose a wide assortment of sizes, and you cut as needed as you work. Plan to have an extra set of hands on site to help with the big stones.

Why Is Gravel The Best Choice For Your Your Flagstone Patios Foundation

How to Install Flagstone Patio

Cement will crack. Especially grade level cement. Especially in a climate with winters like ours in Pennsylvania. A worse way to go about it would be to lay the flagstone upon a bed of gravel and then cement the joints between stones. Horrible idea. The gravel base is flexible and will move ever so slightly during freeze-thaw. Well, if the base was done poorly the movement might be more then slight, but lets assume the base was done well. A gravel base will definitely move a bitlooking at any of my patios, youd never know that, but the movement does happen. Cement is rigidif you put a rigid top on a flexible base then systemic cracking is inevitable.

Cement based mortar is a fine joint filling material if the flagstone happens to rest upon a concrete foundation. But why on earth would you want to have a concrete foundation anyway? The concrete itself will crack, eventually. In a northern climate it will likely crack within ten yearsand the chances of it cracking within the next three years are pretty high too. Environmental impact of concrete production is no small issue either. Anyway, I personally prefer dry stone work. More harmonious, warmer, just better. The feeling you get from a well done dry laid flagstone patio, in my humble opinion, is just better than a flagstone patio set in cement.

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The Six Step In Installing Flagstone Patio: Level The Flagstone

Oh, you assumed you were done? Ha! Theres still one step to go leveling the rocks.

Unless you do not mind the flagstone shifting around as you stroll or continuously tripping on edges, youll have to go stone by stone and level every one out. Considering that a lot of the stones will be unequal under, youll need to include some DG here and there, as well as eliminate it in other locations.

You might also need to grab a stone and also make modifications 5 or 6 times to get it sitting correctly. Thats simply exactly how it goes.

I suggest having a pail of DG and also a tiny shovel helpful so you could rapidly include as well as deduct DG as essential.

To level each rock, beginning by putting a 4 level on the stone to see how it sits about the grading you set and also the other stones. After that just make changes from there.

This action isnt really enjoyable, however if you take your time , it provides you an extremely specialist finish.

The Seventh Step In Installing Flagstone Patio: Fill In The Gaps

Currently comes the very easy part- completing the voids. You could utilize whatever you want for this action. You can use soil which would allow you to grow moss or something in the gaps. Or, you might simply utilize more DG which will assist maintains weeds away.

Whatever you add, simply ensure and spray it with a hose pipe to lock in the stones and youre ready to appreciate your effort!

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How To Lay Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone pavers work well for patios and walkways because they cover a wide surface area and are relatively flat and smooth, making it easy to install a flat walking surface. Flagstones are frequently irregularly shaped and must be fit together like puzzle pieces, but you can also find flagstones with straight, even sides that piece together more easily. Flagstone pavers can be installed in a screed bed directly on a base layer of sand or set into wet mortar. Choose the screed method for an informal walkway and choose the mortar bed method for installing permanent patio hardscapes.

How To Lay Dry

How to Install a Flagstone Paver Patio

Plan your patio

First of all, it is essential to think about the shape and space. Next, get a permit from your local expert to ensure that youre not breaking the laws. If you build something your government does not allow you to make, they will require you to take it down else, it could be a problem when you decide to sell your home. Next, check to see if there is no water or gas pipe is in the ground or within the patio, with a marking paint to mark the location. This will make it easier to measure.


When youre ready to clear the area, you have designated to be evacuated, cut the hose and sod and the edges outer side with a spade shovel. You will now think about which size area you would prefer to dig. Typically, three inches deep is sufficient to dig. It all depends on the amount of flagstone you have placed over the concrete you plan to lay.

Add gravel base

Now, you can put the gravel base on the area dug on the gravel, 2 inches at one time. Press it down before adding more stone to make it even. It can be pressed down using an instrument that you can use to press it down. Be sure that it is level. This will help ensure that your patio stays level for a long time. It also helps prevent your stones from cracking or being damaged.

Set up the flagstones

In the last step, sprinkle 1 inch of sand over the gravel. Then, smooth it and even use the help of a Rough rake. It is possible to use water using a hose to make sand moist. This will allow you to fix your flagstone.

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How Do You Attach Flagstone To A Concrete Patio

You have to use the sand and cement in a ratio of 2:1 each. If you are taking sand in 2 cups, you have to make cement in 1 cup composition. Now start mixing in a container, pour water to make a consistency into the mixture, and continue pouring until it reaches the cake frosting-like consistency. Now start applying the mortar, then set stones one by one into the mortar. If your stones are not in an exact position, then apply more mortar under uneven stones to make it even. In this case, start by identifying the thickest stone, then applying more mortar, then working outward from this stone.

Flagstone: What To Use Sand Cement Or Gravel

This DIY article and the rest of the how-to section of my blog, cover much of the basics of how-to properly build flagstone patios. These will be of much use to the hobbyist, DIY landscaper/builder, and to professional builders as well. If you need guidance for site-specific issues for your stone hardscape installation

$80.00 for a half hour consultation.

$118.00 for a full hour.

Monies are payable via paypal.

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When To Call A Pro

Flagstone has unique characteristics that make it difficult to work with: size and thickness variations, color inconsistencies and weight and edge irregularities. All of these variables slow down the process. If youre building a flagstone patio thats more than 100 or 200 square feet, you may want the help of a professional landscaping company.

Can You Set Flagstone In Concrete

How to lay flagstone Installing a flagstone patio


Flagstone can be laid over concrete, so you will not have to tear out your old patio. It can also be laid over a sand bed or directly on the bare ground. First, work on the flagstones that will cover your existing concrete patio. Lay the stones out over the patio and cut them with the chisel to fit together.

Furthermore, how do you cement flagstone?

  • Mix up a cement mix in a large container.
  • Pour the cement in the walkway and smooth it out with a trowel to create a concrete pad that is 4 inches thick.
  • Mix three parts sand and one part dry mortar mix in a container.
  • Likewise, people ask, what kind of mortar do you use for flagstone?

    Thinset mortar is the same type of mortar that is used in traditional ceramic tile installations. It is a combination of sand, cement and polymers. You can trowel it on using a notched trowel with a size that is dependent on the size of the flagstone with which you are working.

    What should I put between flagstone?

    Sand is traditionally used between the cracks of pavers. The small granules fill in the gaps between the stones without leaving spaces. Brush the sand into the flagstone gaps with a push broom. Youll need to wet the sand so it settles and add more sand until the cracks fill up completely.

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    Installing Flagstone Can Be Very Simple If You Have The Correct Tools

    It can be a very simple job and easy for anyone to accomplish. It will also provide beauty to your home and make a very nice sitting area and you will be able to say that you have completed it on your own.

    There are 2 different ways in which you are able to install a flagstone patio. When you are installing the patio in the sand, it is known as dry construction. When you are installing the patio on cement or concrete, it is called wet construction. The easiest of the two for a do it yourself person is the dry construction. With the dry construction, you will be able to pass up mistakes and move subjects around as you go as opposing to having the adventure of the mortar drying on you and messing up your total project. Learning how to install flagstone is simple.

    How To Install Flagstone

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    Installing flagstone is good way to create a path or patio with an attractive natural look. Although flagstones can be frustrating to work with because of their lack of uniformity, the process is one that anyone can learn. There are two approaches to installing flagstones: dry-laying the stones is cheaper and easier, and ideal for creating a garden path or similar walkway, whereas mortaring your flagstones is more challenging and costly, but better for creating a large, durable surface such as a patio.

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