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How Much Is A 10×10 Concrete Patio

Concrete Slab Crack Repair

How to Pour a Concrete backyard Patio Slab [Beginner Guide]
  • Concrete expands and contracts with the temperature. In hot weather, it can expand, and if it meets with an unmovable object, it will crack.
  • The growth of tree roots underneath the concrete slab can cause cracks as they grow larger, pushing the dirt up under the concrete.
  • The settling of soil as time goes on can cause cracks.
  • Water can get under the slab and cause some erosion. Anything shifting under the concrete slab can cause cracking.
  • Excessive weight on the concrete slab can crack it. Know how much weight a concrete slab can safely bear.

Cost Of Materials Vs Cost Of Labor

The cost of 3000 psi concrete per yard generally cost $115.00 per cubic yard. $2.25 per sq ft

Light gauge wire mesh generally cost about $8.00 for a 5′ x 10′ sheet. $.18 per sq ft

Fibermesh in the concrete will add from $5 – $8 dollars per cubic yard of concrete $.13 per sq ft

#4 or 1/2″ rebar costs about $8 per 20 foot long piece $.07 per sq ft

50 anchor bolts 6″ length costs $75 $.03 per sq ft

1.25 rolls of 20′ x 100′ 6 mil poly vapor barrier $125.00 $.05 per sq ft

Total cost of materials: $2.71 per sq ft

The cost of labor to form, pour, finish, and saw cut the slab makes up the rest or approximately $3.30 – $5.30 per sq ft

Note: I’m showing you these costs based on my pricing in my area. What I pay for materials and what I pay my labor will be different than what other contractors charge to you the customer.

Use my 40’x60′ concrete slab cost as a general guide to inform yourself and expect to get higher or lower pricing where you live.

Cost To Build A Paver Patio

The cost to build a paver patio ranges from $16 to $25 a square foot. Pavers come in a range of shapes and sizes. In the case of stone pavers, they are thicker and larger than other materials. Pavers are set in a bed of sand or gravel. Sand is pushed between the joints to fill them. With the different available paver sizes and shapes, you can lay them in different patterns and configurations. This creates various styles and appearances for a patio.

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Lay Out The Rebar Grid

Cut and bend pieces of rebar to form the perimeter reinforcing. Splice the pieces together by overlapping them at least 6 in. and wrapping tie wire around the overlap. Wire the perimeter rebar to rebar stakes for support. Then cut and lay out pieces in a 4-ft.-on-center grid pattern. Wire the intersections together. Youll pull the grid up into the center of the concrete as you pour the slab.

Stamped Concrete Patterns Cost

How Much Is A 10x10 Paver Patio

There are many different patterns with which you can build your stamped concrete patio. Many can encompass a wide range of costs, depending on how detailed you want the design to get. A cobblestone design, for example, might cost $8 per square foot for a single color with no border, but if you layer in another color to give it depth, the cost will climb to $12 per square foot. If you add in a border, the same pattern will now cost even more, so the pattern you choose will have the lowest impact on your cost what you do with the pattern and how you use it will be more of a factor.

Fractured slate $25 per sq.ft.
  • A European fan can be done to imitate many materials from cobblestone to limestone. This repeating pattern is made of different cobbles that widen out into a fan. It can be a single color or be done with two or more colors. It costs between $12 and $18 per square foot on average.
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    What Does My Pricing Include:

    • Labor to set up the forms with 2 x 6’s
    • 3000 psi concrete with 3/4″ stone that’s 6″ thick
    • Wire mesh or Fibermesh reinforcement
    • Double row of rebar around the edges
    • Labor to pour the concrete slab
    • Labor to power trowel finish the concrete to a smooth finish
    • Sawed contraction joints
    • Anchor bolts installed
    • 6 mil poly vapor barrier

    Concrete Patio Labor Costs

    Labor costs are largely determined by the size of your concrete patio. Most contractors bill you for labor per square foot. It is common for contractors to charge $4-$10 per square foot for labor.

    A 16 x 18 concrete patio could cost $1,152-$2,880 in labor. The higher-end labor costs apply to customized, complex designs and finishes.

    Cost Factors

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    Pavers Vs Stamped Concrete Patio

    Stamped concrete can give you the look of many different materials including stone pavers. Pavers are individual stones or pieces of brick that are laid beside one another to form a patio or driveway. They come in many colors and can be laid in many patterns, although you are more limited in color and style than with concrete, which can take on the look of wood as well as stone tiles.

    Pavers can be slightly more expensive than a basic stamped concrete patio, with starting costs just under $11 per square foot and going to roughly $15 per square foot on average, so they can cost less than more complex stamped concrete designs, making them on par with mid-range stamped concretemore expensive than some basic designs, but less expensive than the most complex.

    The benefits of pavers include authenticityyoure using actual pieces of stone or brick rather than attempting to recreate them. This gives you natural variation that can be expensive and difficult to create with concrete. They also dont crack the way that concrete can.

    The downside, though, is that pavers can loosen and shift with time. They can also be more difficult to care for and clean long-term.

    Size patio

    How Much Value Does A Paver Patio Add

    How to Pour a Concrete Patio DIY – Part 1- Prep

    When homeowners invest in a paver patio, they can expect extreme durability, minimal maintenance and you guessed it added value to their home. According to Inman, a leading real estate news source, patio additions to homes can deliver a return on investment of anywhere between 30% to 60%.Jul 7, 2020

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    What Makes The Cost Go Up

    Common things that will add to the $6.00 per sq. ft. cost of a concrete slab1. THICKER EDGES ADD $1.00 to $2.00 PER SQUARE FOOT2. VAPOR BARRIER UNDER SLAB – ADD $.50 PER SQUARE FOOT3. 2 INCH STYROFOAM UNDER SLAB – ADD $2.00 PER SQUARE FOOT4. WIRE MESH INSTEAD OF FIBERMESH – ADD $.35 PER SQUARE FOOT5. PUMP TRUCK IF CONCRETE TRUCK CAN’T REACH – ADD $900.00 TO THE TOTAL PRICE Ifyour concrete slab is only 4″ thick instead of 6″ that will reduce thetotal slab cost by $.50 cents per square foot to $5.50 per sq. ft.Any dirt work and grading of the sub-base would be an extra cost as would adding radiant heat to the concrete slab.

    Use these prices as a general guide only, always get three estimatesfrom local concrete contractors to compare slab prices and remember tocheck references.I do anywhere between 50 – 100 concrete slabsper year, most all concrete slab estimates I do cost between the $5.50to $9.50 per square foot as I have described above.

    Remember tocheck with your local and state building codes, Maine requires a 12″thick edge and 2″ of styrofoam under the slab, your state might besimilar.

    This concrete slab we formed and are getting ready to pour is 50′ x 40 x 6″ thick with 12″ thick edges. The cost for this slab was $9.00 per sq. ft. That price didn’t include dirt work or radiant tubing installation.

    concrete slab training and cost estimates

    This is my private coaching/training academy where I teach others how to successfully work with concrete.

    Staining Stamping And Fine Finishes

    Concrete has lent itself to a new art form in the practice of staining, stamping, and applying fine finishes to it. Stamping the concrete on your driveway can give your house a whole new look, upping the curb appeal.

    • Staining Concrete Concrete can be stained or painted many different colors, adding to the visual impact of your home and yard. Concrete staining costs $3.70$7.70 per square foot.
    • Stamped Concrete While staining or painting concrete can be done after it hardens, stamping must be done before the concrete sets. Instead of looking like a large, gray surface, you can mimic the look of cobblestones, tiles, stones, or even brick. The cost of stamping concrete is $11.20$13.40 per square foot.
    • Smooth Finishes Concrete can be polished and receive different kinds of finishes. An epoxy floor coating can be applied for $4.50 per square foot.
    • Concrete Sealer After you install your concrete driveway or patio, or any concrete surface that will be exposed to the elements, it needs to be sealed. The sealer will protect it from stains, oils, de-icing salt, and the water damage that occurs with freeze/thaw cycles. Sealers cost $4.50 per square foot and pros charge about $86 per hour for application labor.

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    Concrete Patio Cost Vs Other Paving Materials

    A concrete patio costs less than patios made of stone, brick, or tile. This is beacuse patios made of natural materials are usually higher priced and require more intensive labor to install.

    Some concrete contractors estimate that stamped concrete costs one-third less than the cost of other materials. The lower price tag combined with the wide array of patterns and colors available are some of the main draws of choosing a concrete patio.

    Thinking Of Installing The Slab Yourself

    Indianapolis Paver Patio Contractor

    Hey, if you’re thinking of installing your own concrete slab then check out my training course.

    This video training course will teach you, step by step, how to build, pour, and trowel finish your own concrete slab.

    Check it out, it could save you hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself!!

    Here’s my list of all the tools you’ll need to install the slab.

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    Is It Cheaper To Do Stamped Concrete Or Pavers

    Stamped concrete is one of the most popular patio and deck materials worldwide. It is slightly cheaper than pavers and offers a variety of colors and patterns. Since stamped concrete is in fact concrete, it will crack at some point. Installers will try to combat this issue by placing control joints every few feet.

    Types Of Concrete Patios

    You have several options for concrete patios. As previously mentioned, the complexity of borders, colors, and design affects the total cost. Another factor that affects the cost of concrete patio installation, is the type of patio.

    Specifically, whether or not it is a stained or stamped concrete patio affects the total cost. Both stained and stamped concrete are closer to the custom and premium price range.

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    How Much Does A New Patio Cost

    The price of a patio generally includes material, labor, and equipment costs. A new patio usually costs $850 to $3,000.

    Estimating the cost of installing a patio starts with choosing the location and size, which is the biggest cost factor. In addition to the size of the space, the materials used will significantly influence the price.

    There are several options for materials to build your patio with. Concrete, pavers, bricks, flagstones, or gravel are the most common types of materials and costs can vary greatly for the different types.

    How Much Does It Cost To Put In A Concrete Patio

    How to Pour a Backyard Concrete Patio part 2 (DIY)

    The best way to determine the cost of your project is to get quotes from concrete patio contractors near you. But, you can use the ranges below as a starting point when figuring out your budget.

    Plain Design

    *Calculated using: Plain – $4.50 per square foot Simple – $8 per square foot Custom – $12.50 per square foot Elaborate – $18 per square foot.

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    How To Diy A Concrete Slab

    DIY concreting will save you money on the cost of a concrete slab, since you won’t have to pay for labour, but you need to know what you’re doing. While laying the slab can usually be completed in a few hours, there’s a lot more involved that could take the best part of a week.

    To lay a concrete slab yourself:

    1. Check your safety equipment

    As well as buying concrete and tools to install it, you also need to have appropriate safety gear. This means covering your skin completely and wearing eye protection, a face mask, gloves and sturdy footwear.

    2. Make the frame

    Measure the area where your slab will go and lay timbers around the perimeter. Nail these together to provide shuttering for the concrete, up to the height where the surface of your concrete will be.

    3. Prepare the base

    Use a shovel or turf cutter to make the ground perfectly flat for your slab. You may choose to add a dust or gravel bed for drainage.

    4. Mix and pour the concrete

    Follow the instructions on the concrete packaging to mix it correctly in a cement mixer or wheelbarrow. Spray water onto the base and transfer concrete using a trowel or shovel until the frame is filled.

    5. Remove the frame and water

    Leave the concrete to harden for 24 hours, then remove the wooden frame. Keep the surface from drying out by spraying it with water twice a day for the next week.

    Can I Just Have A 4 Thick Slab Instead Of 6

    Sure you can. In Maine, most of the building codes require us to install 6″ thick concrete slabs. If you’re codes are different, a 4″ thick slab with a good compacted gravel base will be strong enough for most residential garages.

    The only difference in price would be the 2″ of concrete which comes to 5.5 yards for a 30′ x 30′ slab. So you could deduct $750 dollars from $4950.00.

    A 4″ thick 30×30 slab would cost $4200.00

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    How Much Does Concrete Cost

    Concrete is a versatile, durable material that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re thinking of pouring concrete to update your driveway or you need a slab for a structure, it’s important to understand what the concrete slab cost will be. The amount you’ll pay for new concrete can vary based on several different factors. If you’re thinking of getting concrete for any reason, read on to learn more about why this material can cost you different amounts to help you stay on budget.

    Overall, concrete is an affordable material, particularly when you compare it to stone or other construction materials. In general, you should expect to pay around $6 per square foot for a concrete slab to be installed. For a typical 30-by-30-foot slab, it should cost between $3,600 and $7,200. One of the biggest determining factors for the total cost is how thick the slab is. Most slabs for outdoor applications are about six inches deep. The concrete alone is around $4 per cubic foot, but factor in the cost of labor, and you’ll expect to pay closer to $8 per square foot installed.

    Cost Calculator

    Concrete Patio Vs Brick

    Indianapolis Paver Patio Contractor

    The materials for a brick patio will typically cost around $7 per square foot and another $10 to $12 per square foot for installation since they need to be laid by hand. However, a well-made paving brick can last for one hundred years or more.

    • Bricks are a possible alternative for a patiothey come in a variety of colors, and you can get creative in your designs with them.
    • They are more likely to crack, break, and shift.
    • You have to power wash and reseal the surface every year.

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    Concrete Slabs Pricing And Installation Cost Checklist

    • Expect the Concrete Slabs prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
    • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractors down season.
    • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out for Concrete Slabs costs.
    • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of Concrete Slabs and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier I save on average 20%.
    • Installing Concrete Slabs isnt an easy task to perform and can leave you with a sore back. You might find it more cost effective to hire a Concrete Contractor or, mason company to perform the work for you. Concrete Contractors or, Mason companies will most always get better prices on Concrete Slabs saving your back and additional costs of Concrete Slabs materials, so shop around, ask your neighbors if they can recommend someone.

    How Do You Estimate A Concrete Patio

    How to calculate concrete: Determine how thick you want the concrete. Measure the length and width that youd like to cover. Multiply the length by the width to determine square footage. Convert the thickness from inches to feet. Multiply the thickness in feet by the square footage to determine cubic feet.

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    Costs To Install Concrete Slab

    Concrete slab installation costs a minimum of $5.35 per square foot for a 4″ thickness, and as high as $10.55 per sq. ft. for a 6″ slab with thicker edges, styrofoam beneath the slab, and wire mesh. Adding radiant heat, extra dirt work, or grading to the sub-base costs extra.

    If you want to add additional reinforcement due to poor soil conditions, or if you’re worried about big cracks, put some structural reinforcing metal in the concrete foundation with either wire mesh or rebar. Also, if your going to go with 4″ thick slab, reinforcing metal is highly recommended to make your slab structurally sound.

    Costs To Install Concrete Slab



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