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How To Keep Birds Off Patio

Tips On How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Deck Porch Patio And Pool

Keep Birds Off Your Patio

Birds are lovely creatures, and theyre an important part of natures ecosystem. However, the droppings they leave behind are certainly not pleasant. Not many of us have time to fully pressure wash our deck and patio before spending time outside on a nice day. And if youre a pool owner, you dont need me to tell you that seeing bird droppings float on by as youre swimming is unsavory.

If youre wondering how to keep your outdoor spaces clean, check out these 12 tips for keeping birds from pooping on your deck, porch, patio, and pool!

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Use Repelling Electronic Sounds

There are commercially available electronic devices, designed to produce an almost silent sound that irritates birds and drives them away.

Some versions are automatically triggered when a bird flies within range, while others need to be manually or remotely turned on or off.

Most of these devices produce sounds that cannot be heard by humans, the ones that do cause no harm to the human ear, it just irritates the birds and they cannot continue to remain within range.

Tips For Keeping Birds Off Your Porch Lights

Who knew our feathered friends can be such a nuisance? I have several bird feeders in my yard off the deck strategically placed so I can watch them enjoying their feast I provide for them. Whats bothersome is the mess they leave behind like bird poo. Not only is it unsightly, it is hard to clean off my deck, porch, vehiclessigh. A small price to pay in my personal opinion. But what do you do if you have a bird who is building a nest in your porch light? This is definitely not ideal to your fixture, although, birds dig the fact your porch light provides warmth for their eggs and there is plenty support to support her nest. With fling feathers, twigs and bird droppings, it can be quite the mess on your porch. The following tips from our experts here at Summit and will help deter and move the birds along to build their nests elsewhere.

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Remove All Roosting Options

Weve talked about how to render your home unviable for perching with bird roosting spikes and bird shock tape, but we still havent covered the most important roosting spot of all: trees.

Tree branches make perfect perching spots for birds. They also have the advantage of providing cover against the sun and rain.

But how do you keep birds out of trees? The simplest way is to keep your trees pruned and groomed.

Trim branches and shape your trees to give less space for birds to roost and make nests. Remove ripe fruit and fallen fruit to give them less reason to perch on your trees.

A well-manicured yard is in itself a bird deterrent. You also have the option to use netting to keep birds away from your trees and bushes.

Install them over your trees, but make sure to leave at least 12 inches between the mesh and the tree on all sides so your feathered visitors can get to the branches at all.

Buy bird netting from your local gardening store as these products are designed to withstand the elements.

Know Your Outdoor Environment

How to Get Rid of Birds Pooping on Patio

Before you start making all sorts of changes to the landscape, know what you have to work with. Spend some time sitting in the yard at different times of day and take notice of the light, the views and the existing elements. This will help guide everything from your furniture arrangements to your plantings. these are just some of the things to consider?

  • Is the property sun-filled or quite shady?
  • Does the yard slope precipitously or is it level?
  • Which direction does the yard face?
  • Is the soil sandy or heavy with clay, either of which can affect drainage?
  • Do you have a lot of trees that drop various pods, seeds, blooms or fruits, which will make the upkeep of any water feature more labor-intensive?
  • Is the land so rocky that digging anything deeper than a hole for an annual plant is next to impossible?
  • Do you have a view that you want to showcase?

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Etsitta 17 Inch Realistic Hanging Dead Crows Decoy

A lifelike really works well and it has been a traditional way to scare off other birds as well.

If you are done with dealing with new kinds of bird deterrents and want a good old fashioned device to work like a charm, then there is nothing better than this 17-inch dead crow.

And when we say its life-like, the dead thing is truly close to a real crow.

The feathers and all other minor details on this thing are very real.

It means that this decoy is going to work very well. Make sure that you dont leave your dead decoy outside for too long, or other crows or birds will find out that its fake.

The materials used in the construction of this decoy are all of the high quality. It also comes with a couple of ropes and you can use them to hang it in any direction you want.

You will find this decoy very useful and will notice its aftermath pretty much instantly.

  • Very effective to deter crows and other birds
  • High-quality materials

What we didnt like

  • Need to keep changing the position
  • Works well with other bird deterrent techniques

How To Keep Birds From Pooping On Your Patio

If you leave something outside for long enough, a bird will poop on it. This is an indisputable fact of nature. And lets be honest: this seems to be doubly true for patios. However, there are steps you can take to reduce how often this kind of disaster happens.

So gather around folks, and let the Captain tell you about how to keep birds from pooping on your patio. Summer is too short to spend it cleaning avian messes from your outdoor space!

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Use Decoys That Scare Birds

Another great means to avoid birds from nesting on your porch is using decoys to scare them away. While it isnt exactly the most popular option, it remains optimal and effective.

All you need to get is an inanimate object that looks like a bird-predator. Then, place it somewhere close to your porch. This will ensure birds dont come near your porch.

You should know that this works on a basic principle. Precisely, birds can recognize their predators. However, where properly designed, they cant tell between a fake and a real predator. So, when they see the decoy, they steer clear. Examples of useful decoys include plastic ducks, scarecrows, plastic owls, plastic coyotes, and plastic swans.

However, keep in mind that this isnt exactly foolproof. If you fail to adopt other preventive measures, the birds might realize its just a decoy in time.

Watch Out For What Colors Youre Using Outside


Most folks are unaware that certain colors will attract birds. If you have any visible tapestries, rugs, or outdoor decorations with these particular colors, you may actually be drawing birds directly to your door. This is clearly the opposite of what you want to do to keep birds from pooping on your patio!

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How To Keep Your Mail Bird

One place where you don’t want birds to roost on is your mailbox. You can employ a couple of methods to repel and deter birds from roosting and leaving bird droppings on your mailbox.

You can have steel spikes as shown in the picture above. Having a predator decoy on the mailbox is cool. Just ensure the birds don’t find out that it’s a decoy!

You can get some inspiration from the video below on how to keep birds off the mailbox and prevent them from pooping on it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the authorĂ¢s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Install A Repellent Device

If all else fails and you dont have the patience to perform some diversion tactics, go straight to business by installing a bird repellent device. This gadget can either be battery or electricity powered and will emit high-frequency sounds that the birds will find annoying. Upon turning on the device, the birds will fly away due to the unbearable sound only animals can hear.

The only downside here is if you have a roaming cat, the high-frequency sound can also annoy them. Nevertheless, the sound is short-waved and cannot pass through thick walls. Your furball is safe when its on another room.

Check out the ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Repeller that doesnt just work on birds but also to other critters that keep on damaging your garden and porch. The device is solar powered so theres nothing else to do than activate it as ways to get rid of birds on the porch.

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How To Keep Birds Off My Pergola And Furniture

Birds are often fun to watch. In fact, it is even a favorite pastime for many. But, at home, most people prefer to view birds at a distance. When birds decide to hang out by your patio or pergola, they can become a nuisance. Birds can be pretty, but they can also be noisy, messy, and aggressive. Depending on the local birds, there are different ways to keep them away from your pergola, patio, and outdoor furniture. It also helps to switch up the methods to make sure they do not get used to one deterrent.

Take A Moment To Reflect

Sick of Bird Droppings? Keep Birds Off Your Patio With ...

Birds are sensitive to bright, reflective colors and will typically avoid any place that has it. To take advantage of this, and keep your deck a bird free zone, attach reflective flash tape to strings and secure it around your porch. You can also secure small mirrors to popular nesting areas, which will trick the birds into thinking the space is already claimed.

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How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Deck 12 Methods

There is nothing more disgusting than stepping into bird poop on your deck. Yes, birds are lovely animals and they are an important part of the ecosystem, but what they leave behind is not pleasant.

On a nice day, you do not want to have to pressure wash your deck before you use it because of bird poop. There are many ways in which you can help avoid bird poop on your deck. In this article, we will share these ways with you.

Fake It With A Snake Or Owl

Keep birds away from your deck, pool, or garden by putting a rubber snake or plastic owl nearby . As they fly overhead, theyll see the fake predator and wont land near it. Move the fake around at least once a day so they think its real.

For more helpful outdoor tips from all over the internet, check out our Gardening and Yard Tips boardnewsletter and !

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Britenway Bird Deterrent Reflective Scare Tape

As we mentioned that shiny objects tend to scare the birds away, so here is another option that you can consider.

makes it very difficult for the pest birds to land in your area.

And one role contains more than 350 square feet of shiny ribbon. So there is plenty of ammunition to use here, so to speak!

The shiny ribbon is extremely effective against birds like woodpeckers, herons, geese, pigeons, grackles, blackbirds, crows, and so many others.

The bird tape is extremely sturdy and strong and it is highly effective in various areas. nYou will see the results as soon as you apply this bird repellent tape in your area.

As it is just a bird reflective tape therefore, there is nothing too complicated associated with it when installing or using it.

Just stick it like a regular tape and youre done. It is an extremely environmentally and wildlife-friendly product too.

  • Stick it anywhere you like
  • Use it indoor and outdoor
  • Wildlife and environmentally friendly
  • Stays in place for long
  • You can also hang it wherever you want
  • On rill covers good ground

What we didnt like

  • Not made for large area and fields
  • Rain can damage the tape
  • Better to use with other deterrents

Homescape Creations Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Rods

Keep birds off the deck railing

Heres another one of those bird repellents that work relying on the concept that birds dont like shiny objects.

are very easy to use and you just need to hang them using a string.

If you use those pinwheels in conjunction with these spirals, then it will work seamlessly.

Each spiral of this bird blinder is 15-inch long and they shine more prominently.

There are multiple angles of reflection and with the wind, these will make sure that no feathered creatures stay in your yard for long. If you dont want to use those discs or tapes, then you can use these for sure.

These spirals will allow you to protect your assets and those flowers and fruits will remain untouched by any pesky birds.

This is a very humane solution and there is nothing toxic about it. Therefore you can comfortably use it anywhere you like.

  • Very effective for different types of birds
  • Easy to install

What we didnt like

  • Not for extreme weather
  • Doesnt cover much space

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Use A Motion Sensor Water Sprinkler

Theres nothing that can scare a bird away faster than a sudden, unexpected movement or sound. In this case, it would be a motion sensor water sprinkler.

This is a brilliant device as far as getting rid of unwanted birds is concerned.

It works by detecting bird movement within a specified range and automatically shooting out water. Similar to the way birds take off when a gunshot is fired, they will fly off when hit by an unexpected burst of water.

Besides getting them wet, the water will not harm the birds, it will only scare them away. If they return, the sensor will pick up their movement and release water once again.

It wouldnt take more than two experiences for the birds to realize they cannot perch in that area.

How To Get Rid Of Birds Pooping On Patio Or Deck: We Got A Few Ways

To get rid of birds pooping on patio or deck, repel them with shiny, moving things. Hang mirrors, old CDs, metallic streamers, or metal windchimes. As they blow in the wind, birds will feel apprehensive. Also, make your yard less welcoming by not leaving out food or water.

Are you tired of cleaning bird droppings off your patio or deck? Are you wondering how to keep birds away? Fortunately, there are many methods to choose from.

In this article, Ill explain how to get rid of birds pooping on patio or deck.


Before putting up deterrents, try removing the things that attract birds to your yard.

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How To Keep Birds Off Porch Ledge

Easily incorporate visuals and sounds into your yard to deter birds from nesting on your property.Eaves, canopies, awnings and other covered areas are the perfect home for wayward birds.protected beams provide shelter from weather and predators.Essential oils, garlic, cayenne pepper and professional products are all known to be smells that birds hate.Even though the monofilament is not a physical barrier, it seems to appear and disappear in the birds line of vision, creating uncertainty and fear of a barrier and of possible entanglement.

Examples include mirrors, reflective bird diverters, old cds, metallic streamers, and metal windchimes.Fix monofilament fishing line on your porch to deter swallows from nesting.Hang wind chimes from trees, your fence, the overhang of your porch, or one of those metal hooks that they often come with.Here are five home remedies to keep birds away:

Home remedies such as shiny, moving things keep birds away.If the birds still continue to flock to your.If you are continuously feeding the birds near the porch and then expect them to not flock over, you are making a mistake.If you dont have the time or resources to handle your bird problem, we can help!

Move the plastic hawk periodically, so the birds do.Nets to keep birds away Now the bird poop wont detract from our enjoyment of our porch either!Often birds choose these protected sites for nesting.

You can block off rafters and other perching areas using bird nesting.

Best Bird Deterrents That Actually Work

How to Keep Birds off of Patio Furniture

Birds can become a very annoying problem very fast. The more birds, the bigger the issue. Birds love to eat grass seeds and bird droppings are just repelling.

They also mess up your patio and driveway. The best solution is a proper bird deterrenta humane way to keep the birds away from your property. Here are the best solutions for your bird problem.

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Hang A Plastic Owl Near The Porch Light

Operating under the same kind of logic as a scarecrow in a field, birds can be frightened away from your porch if you hang a plastic owl somewhere near your light. Keep in mind that in order to successfully trick the birds, you must commit to the charade and move the owl around pretty often to give the illusion that an actual predator has taken up in the area. If you do not move the plastic owl, the birds will eventually discover that it is actually fake and innocuous, and they will continue to nest on your porch lights without fear.


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