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How To Keep Bugs Away From Patio

My Experience It Works

Keep Mosquitoes Away with Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

Glass + Water + Pennies = crazy fly repelling abilities.

It was unreal. Id say it reduced the flies by about 90%. At one point we looked up and the flies were just sitting on the deck railing staring at all the food they couldnt ruin.


Weve used the fly trick each outdoor meal since. The more glasses full of water, the better the fly repelling ability. The kids think this is the coolest thing ever and have learned not to drink the water with the pennies in it.

Apparently it has something to do with flies thinking the pennies were compound eyes of a much larger bug looking back at them. To us, they just look like coppery decorations that glittered in the sunlight. Theyre so PRETTY! my kids sighed

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Layer Your Clothing To Keep The Bugs Off Of You

This is one of the easiest natural ways to keep bugs away, from your body at least. Layer your clothes with pants and long sleeve shirts.

This is very helpful at preventing mosquitoes, which carry diseases. It may not keep them from landing on you but it will sure help inhibit them from being able to bite you.

Turn Off Any Lights That Arent Necessary

Unless you need to see to unlock your door, try to keep your porch light turned off. Even if you need to turn the porch light on to see, try to turn it off as soon as you are done using it. Leaving it on for the shortest amount of time possible will attract fewer bugs.;

If you leave your porch light on at night for safety, installing a timer or using special lightbulbs that only come on from dusk until dawn can help keep your porch light on only when its necessary.;

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Make Flypaper Strips At Home To Catch Flies

The market is flooded with flypapers, sometimes also called fly ribbons, a pest control device. These are made of paper coated with a fragrant, sticky and often poisonous substance which traps flies and other flying insects. The poisonous substance used in these flypapers can be toxic to humans and animals too. So why not use homemade fly papers! They are easy to make and work as efficiently as the commercially available flypapers.

Get this:

  • Thread

Do this:

  • Cut 2 inch wide strips from the paper or card. Punch a hoe or two at the top of each strip and thread it to make a loop to hang at the places where flies come.
  • Mix the corn syrup and sugar.
  • Coat one side of each strip with the corn-sugar syrup. If the syrup drips, place a bowl underneath the hanging paper.
  • Now hang these strips where you see the flies most. Theyll get attracted to the sugary syrup and when they land on these strips, theyll get stuck to it.

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Effective Ways How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Deck Patio Porch And Pool

7 Tips to Keep Bugs Away From Your Patio

It seemed like a beautiful day to spend in the backyard, relaxing by the pool, enjoying the nice sunlight while sprawled out on the patio. Unfortunately, I wasnt the only one who had that idea.

Before long, the mosquitoes knew I was there, and their feast had begun. Its amazing how quickly they multiply, and a swarm of mosquitoes can ruin almost any outdoor fun. So, I set out on a mission to figure out how to rid myself and my backyard of these pesky blood-suckers.

Of course, Im not the only one who has had trouble figuring out how to keep mosquitoes away from the deck, which is why Im sharing my findings with you. Hopefully, the solutions Ive found will help rid you of these pests, so we can all enjoy a nice afternoon out at the pool.

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Bugs On Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture can be protected with covers.

Use a tightly fitting furniture tarp or grill cover as needed. Make sure that theyre covered completely and that theres no way for the insects to crawl up from under the tarp.

Remove or get rid of any old and worn furniture, as they can have holes or damage that offer a suitable breeding ground for bugs.

Keep Your Yard Trimmed Mowed And Tidy

Pull out that lawnmower regularly, and keep your garden shears sharpened.

“Ticks like to hide in tall grass and wait for a passing human or animal, while bushes or tree limbs touching the home can provide easy access for pests to get indoors,” says Campbell.

Plus having a tidy yard makes for good curb appeal.

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Put Up Mosquito Curtains

These are commonly used to cover beds in temperate climates where rooms are often left open to the fresh air. The holes in the netting are very small, so mosquitoes cant get through. But theyre practically transparent, so they wont interfere with any views.

Mosquito netting isnt very durable, though. If youre going to be opening and closing it all the time, it may wear out. But its not a big deal since its so cheap to replace. This is one of the fastest and most effective solutions, especially since it doesnt wear off like sprays and other treatments!

Use Physical Measures To Separate The Bugs From Your Space

Keep Mosquitoes Away with Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

A very efficient way to eliminate bugs from your patio is to put up a screen to divide to enclose the patio from bugs outside. This is an effective measure because it actually keeps the bugs from entering your space.

Screens can be quite easy to install, and they dont distract you from enjoying nature. You may find that you like your patio more now that it is enclosed and protected from the outdoor environment. Physical barriers help to secure your patio and make you feel like you can spend time there during all sorts of weather.

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Invest In A Ceiling Fan Or Portable Fans

Investing in an outdoor ceiling fan or a few oscillating fans can make a big difference when it comes to keeping bugs away from your party.

Fans can be particularly helpful in warding off flies and mosquitoes, neither of which are fans of strong winds.

This is a super-simple fix that can even be accomplished at the last minute by stopping by your local home improvement store to grab a couple of portable fans.

Of course, this works best on warmer nights, since your guests may not appreciate a cool breeze when it is cold outside.

Plants To Grow To Help Keep Mosquitoes Away

5 Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

The pungent smell released by marigolds is extremely bothersome to mosquitoes. Even better, that same scent also happens to repel a lot of other annoying pests and insects too!

Grow as a border planting along decks an patios to help keep them out of entertaining spaces. Or, plant directly into pots and containers to add color and protection nearby.

Talk about a beautiful way to repel mosquitoes! The scent of marigolds is offensive to mosquitoes, and to many other common pests as well.

Marigolds come in so many different shapes and sizes, and bring loads of color to planters, gardens and flowerbeds. Varieties of French Marigolds are some of the most effective marigolds at repelling pests.

Even better, they can be easily started from seed, making them extremely economical. Simply save seed heads from year to year, and you will have more than enough to plant again and again!

Nasturtiums 5 Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

Nasturtiums are another great annual flower for gardens and flowerbeds when it comes to controlling all types of pests. One of which, of course, happens to be mosquitoes! ;

Nasturtium varieties bloom in a beautiful array of red, orange and yellow colors. They are also highly economical and easy to grow. Most varieties will germinate and grow quickly from seed planted directly in pots or the ground.;

Citronella 5 Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

Oregano 5 Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

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How To Keep Lizards Away From Patio

How To Keep Lizards Away From Patio? Peppermint, eucalyptus, garlic, onions, and lemongrass are just some of the plants that work as lizard repellent. Garlic and onion have a powerful smell that lizards and insects do not like. If you hang onions near your porch, lizards will usually stay away, and so will bugs.

What smells do lizards hate?;Many natural repellents can help keep lizards off your property. What smell do lizards hate? Things like hot sauce, pepper, and cayenne emit a strong smell that deters lizards. For best results, mix a few tablespoons of your pepper of choice with a pint of warm water.

How do you keep lizards from pooping on your porch?;How do you keep lizards from pooping on your porch? There are no repellents to keep lizards away, but, like all creatures, remove the food source and the critters go away. One tactic is to turn off the front porch light to reduce the number of insects in the area.

Will coffee grounds keep lizards away?;Just like cockroaches, lizards hate the strong odour of coffee powder. However, if youre looking to do more than just deter them from entering your home, you could actually mix coffee and tobacco powder and leave around the house.

Eliminate Open Water Sources

How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Patio

Obviously, you cant eliminate the pool, but any sources of water that are near your yard can become nesting grounds for mosquito larvae. Try to eliminate any standing water in the area.

But what about standing water that you just cant eliminate? In that case, you might try these mosquito dunks. Theyre non-toxic and arent harmful to anything but mosquitoes. Simply place a dunk in any standing water source and it will eliminate the mosquitoes for up to 30 days.

These dunks contain a bacteria called BTI that the mosquito larvae eat. Once ingested, it will kill them before they can reach adulthood, but wont hurt any other creatures.

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Spray Yourself With Bug Repellent

For protecting yourself;from buzzing and bites, youll need a personal, body bug spray.;

Gaughan suggests using a DEET repellent spray, which the Environmental Protection Agency states;does not present a health concern for humans. This one from Bens;claims to provide 10 hours of protection against tick and mosquito bites.

For a more natural solution, look toward a plant-based repellent like the oil of lemon eucalyptus. Gaughan recommends a spray like this one by Repelits DEET-free and provides protection without that sticky or greasy feeling.;

Try Avons Skin So Soft Bath Oil, which is an old favorite among moms. It also has an interesting origin story as a bug repellentas in, it wasnt meant to be one. The bath oil has glowing reviews for keeping mosquitoes away.

Use Rue As A Fly Deterrent

Rue is yet another herb that is great at repelling flies both in its natural form and as an essential oil. Rue plants have been reported to be quite effective at repelling flies and can be used near plants, seating areas, and food.

Additionally, rue can be great when planted out in the garden, in a planter on the patio, and even in a small planter in the kitchen!

Rue also comes in essential oil, which is great for treating areas that would be difficult to treat otherwise such as curtains, window sills, and other surfaces by using a diluted spray mixture. However, it may be useful to see what effect a rue plant gets you in its natural form to repel flies!

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Keep Bugs Away From Your Patio

Spending time relaxing outdoors with family and friends is one of the summers most fun activities. Thats why its never a pleasant experience when you have to worry about mosquitoes, flies, gnats or other pesky insects ruining your day. There are several tips, tricks and products you can use to help keep those annoying pests far from your porch or patio, so you can spend less time swatting and more time enjoying the warm summer afternoons.

Ways To Keep Those Outdoor Bugs Away

Keep the bugs off your patio and enjoy! Universal MotionScreens

Ive lived in the Northeast for more than 10 years now and somehow every summer I forget about bugs. As the days become longer I get excited about grilling, ice cream, and shorts. But then one night Ill be on someones rooftop about to open a beer and Ill be painfully reminded of blood-thirsty mosquitoes, or that bee that just wont seem to move away from the guacamole. What are you supposed to do? Stay inside? Buy a house with a screened-in porch? Neither!

Our readers shared their best advice for dealing with bugs when theyre outside this summer. From purchasing special clothing to clipping dryer sheets to your shorts, there are a whole slew of ideas you need to try.

Our Readers Best Tips for Keeping the Bugs Away

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Use A Professional Service

If youd rather not do the spraying yourself, you can always hire a professional spraying service. They come around every few months and spray around your property. Youll generally have to wait an hour or so for the solution to dry before letting pets or children outside, but otherwise, its an effective option.;

Its Outdoor Entertaining Season Heres How To Keep The Bugs At Bay

Its been more than a year since we sequestered ourselves to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with vaccinations underway and warmer weather arriving, you may be eager to do some socially distanced outdoor entertaining. Before you welcome guests, you need to get your backyard ready. Groom the lawn. Clean the patio furniture. Prep the grill. Check, check and check. But whats your plan for dealing with uninvited guests? No, not that eccentric neighbor who shows up just as youre starting to chow down. Im talking about annoying pests such as mosquitoes, wasps, yellow jackets and flies. How do you ensure they dont crash the party?

Keeping insects away from your home is easy. Keeping insects at bay without harming good bugs, not to mention pets and humans, is harder. Stinging pests can cause obvious injuries; others, such as flies and mosquitoes, may carry pathogens. Not every bug, though, is a bad bug. Just because you can see it, doesnt make it a problem, says Angela Tucker, a staff entomologist for the pest-control company Terminix.

Many insects perform a service to the environment including ladybugs, honeybees and other pollinators and predator bugs, such as robber flies, eat other bugs. Good bugs keep bad bugs in check. If you kill off all the natural predators, the bad ones will go out of control, says Ryan Smith, an organic pest-control expert with Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control in Beaverton, Ore.

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Light Up Some Citronella

Citronella oil comes from a combination of naturally bug-repellent grasses. In candle form, it masks the scents of carbon dioxide and human lactic acid, which are so attractive to insects. And it’s perfectly safe too! Approved by the FDA, citronella has been used to flavor foods and beverages for more than 50 years. So,;get the tutorial for citronella candles,;and light them up at your next backyard party for a bug-free gathering.

Use Citronella As A Bug Repellent

Keep a Bug

Whether city dwellers or country folk, most consumers have used citronella candles in their outdoor space. These are an easy and affordable option, and while these candles arent nearly as powerful as bug zappers or insecticides, they are a more atmospheric option that fits seamlessly with your outdoor decor.;

This set of ornate soy wax citronella candles;sold at Amazon burns with notes of the green citrus and fresh clean fragrance. Each has a burning time of 26-30 hours. For maximum and widespread citronella power, try buying a large pack of citronella tea light candles.

Another, much more natural, citronella option is to stock your outdoor space with citronella plants, whether you have a few of the annuals in pots, or plant them around your patio.

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How To Get Rid Of Bugs On Your Balcony

There are a variety of different DIY home remedies that you can use to control, eliminate, and deter pests on your deck or patio.

The trick to doing this is simple.

Scan through these different techniques and try a few out. See what works for you. There is no single solution that works for everyone.

Thats why you should use a combination of them for the best results possible.

Treat Your Doorways And Window Frames

If youre hosting the party on your porch close to the house entrance, you can treat the doorways and window frames with Pyrethrin-based insecticides or other natural forms of repellent to discourage flies from food at the party.

Pyrethrin is a product made from the chrysanthemum flower and works against common house flies, gnats, and other insects too. Like a silent assassin, it wont leave any traces, at least, not on your doors or windows.

The product in the image below, Mosquito Magician, is made from a blend of essential oils, including Citronella, Garlic Oil, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, and Geraniol.

It can be used outdoors around the home, garden, patio, and pool, and lasts for up to 2 weeks.

You simply mix 4 oz in 1 gallon of water and spray it around with a pump sprayer, fogger, or even a commercial backpack sprayer.;

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