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How To Keep Pigeons Off Your Patio

How To Keep Pigeons Off Your Roof

Keep Birds Off Your Patio

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  • Scarecrow


There are other products available as well, such as ultrasonic sound machines that are said to keep pigeons away.


Check with local authorities before using chemicals, poisons or other possibly lethal methods of getting rid of pigeons, as it may be illegal in your area.

Pigeons can carry fleas, ticks, mites and disease. Their droppings can dirty your home, porch, patio and even remove the paint from your car. So if you see them setting up house on your roof, or on homes nearby, you are wise to do all that you can to keep them at bay.

  • Install plastic or metal spikes on ledges, window sills, roof peaks, or other flat or curved surfaces that pigeons might land or nest on. These spikes are easy to install, and barely noticeable, but make it nearly impossible for pigeons to land where spikes are present.

  • Consider a chemical bird repellent if pigeons are already a nuisance on your home or in your yard. Some repellents are made from Methyl Anthranilate, which is applied with a fogger. It will not physically harm the birds, but causes a very unpleasant reaction. After a few applications, the birds will come to associate your home with this reaction and steer clear.

  • Place chicken wire around areas such as small attic windows where pigeons are prone to perch. You may also consider boarding up small cubby-type areas around your home to detract them.

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    How To Improve The Effectiveness Of A Fake Owl

    However, there are some things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your plastic owl.

    According to Sciencing, placing the owl in a natural setting is likely to be more effective. As owls dont like to be seen, it’s more realistic for other birds.

    In addition, moving your owl every day will also help create the allure of a real owl. Go out and give it a go! What do you have to lose?

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    Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    In case you wouldnt want to let your pets stay outside, say its a rainy day or its too hot for the furball, you can place a mirror on it. If you want, you can add glass elements on your doorway as ways to get rid of birds on the porch. Placing small but multiple mirrors on your porch will serve as a reflective method that will annoy the birds. You can place this small mirrors on the sills, so sunlight will directly hit it during the day.

    You can also add this to the wall if the light hits on it directly. It works most of the time, but to be sure, its best to pair it with other methods and products I mentioned here. Just experiment and youll find what works for your porch.

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    Which Colors Keep Birds Away

    In the previous section, we discovered that bright and neutral colors act as a magnet to many types of birds. Since this is true, there must be a color that birds are actively repelled by too.

    That color, patio friends, is bright white. White signals danger in many species and they wont want to hang around an area with a large number of white objects.

    If youre looking for ways to add white to your patio area, here are some ideas:

    • Paint your fence, patio furniture, and/or shed white
    • Add a white flag or spinning reflective objects like pinwheels
    • Add a white wind chime

    With enough white or reflective objects, youre sure to be able to keep birds from pooping on your patio.

    Tips On How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Deck Porch Patio And Pool

    Pigeons: 7 Ways to Keep Them Off Your Patio

    Birds are lovely creatures, and theyre an important part of natures ecosystem. However, the droppings they leave behind are certainly not pleasant. Not many of us have time to fully pressure wash our deck and patio before spending time outside on a nice day. And if youre a pool owner, you dont need me to tell you that seeing bird droppings float on by as youre swimming is unsavory.

    If youre wondering how to keep your outdoor spaces clean, check out these 12 tips for keeping birds from pooping on your deck, porch, patio, and pool!

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    Remove Your Bird Feeders

    When trying to get rid of birds, a lot of homeowners tend to overlook the most obvious solution. Do you have a bird feeder or squirrel bird feeder on your property? Is it close to your porch? If so, you have two ways of solving the issue you can either move the bird feeder to another part of your property or remove it altogether. Having the right food in a squirrel bird feeder or bird feeder is very tempting for the animals and they could be coming even more often.

    The first way moving the feeder to the front yard or to the very back of the yard is something that can usually be done by those who have a large yard. If you move the feeder as far away from your porch as you can and the birds are still hanging around your patio, youll probably have to eliminate it completely.

    Seal Off All The Entrances

    Pigeons like to nest in corners where they can get protection from the sun, the cold, and predators. Take a walk around your home to pinpoint places that pigeons would love. Preventing access to these areas is a helpful way of getting rid of pigeons.

    There are a lot of ways to do this using items found in the home improvement section and hardware stores. You can use silicone caulk to fill in small openings.

    Use hardware cloth if you want to cover a bigger area. Bird or pigeon nets can be hung around the space above rafters to prevent them from making their home there.

    Birds love attics, so its good to pay special attention to that part. Prune the tree branches that graze your walls, as this can encourage roosting and nesting near your home.

    If youve had pigeon nests in your home before, itll be much easier to know where to focus. Clean out the old nests and waste, and seal off that area with pigeons netting.

    This is best done in conjunction with other pigeon control methods. Making your home untenable for these birds is the first step to getting rid of them.

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    Use A Motion Sensor Water Sprinkler

    Theres nothing that can scare a bird away faster than a sudden, unexpected movement or sound. In this case, it would be a motion sensor water sprinkler.

    This is a brilliant device as far as getting rid of unwanted birds is concerned.

    It works by detecting bird movement within a specified range and automatically shooting out water. Similar to the way birds take off when a gunshot is fired, they will fly off when hit by an unexpected burst of water.

    Besides getting them wet, the water will not harm the birds, it will only scare them away. If they return, the sensor will pick up their movement and release water once again.

    It wouldnt take more than two experiences for the birds to realize they cannot perch in that area.

    How Do You Get Rid Of Pigeons


    Almost everyone that has attracted this invasive species to their yard has asked themselves this question.

    Pigeons can be incredibly problematic. First, these rather large birds can take over your feeding station, crowding out all the beautiful songbirds. The pigeons scarf down as much food as possible, and unfortunately, they arent polite enough to leave any for the other birds.

    Not to mention that pigeons make a huge mess with their waste! The feces is highly acidic and can stain the surface of anything it touches, such as your roof or car. If that isnt bad enough, pigeon poop can carry a host of diseases and parasites!

    And pigeons dont come by themselves. Once they find your house, they tell all of their pigeon friends, and soon you have giant flocks of these birds coming to eat

    But today I have good news.

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    Tip #: Keep The Ground As Clean As Possible

    Now that we have discussed bird feeders that pigeons cant use, the next step is to make sure there isnt food on the ground for them to eat.

    Pigeons like eating on the ground the best. Think of a city park that has pigeons everywhere. These birds are always walking on the ground, looking for food!.

    Annoy Them With Light

    Birds get annoyed by shiny objects or reflective materials. You could buy one of those metallic spinning propellers from your local hardware shop or the most cost-effective way is to cut out strips of aluminum foil and hang them on nearby shrubs or trees.

    For me, the wind chime using reflective materials is like a two-in-one deterrent for both sound and light.

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    What Does A Pigeon Look Like

    Pigeons consist of the 310-species Columbidae family. These birds are technically doves, with the rock dove and turtledove being the two most notable species. What exactly separates a pigeon from a dove is almost entirely aesthetic, with scientists usually going by size , while secular and religious circles consider any dove thats not entirely white to be a pigeon.

    Regardless of which description you choose, all pigeons are edible and have been used as a food animal for centuries. Theyre also easy to domesticate, having been the first known bird to be made into pets.

    Keeping Pigeons Off Your Balcony

    How to Keep Birds off of Patio Furniture

    Please help me get rid of pigeons on a my balcony. I have tied foil pie plates, wind chimes, and colored plastic bags to try to deter them and nothing is working. I live in an apartment building so am not allowed to put up any kind of netting or permanent structures.

    Debs Essex U.K. Best Answer

    I also got suckered into the egg-laying and watching and hatching rubbish but was disgusted by the mess that the pigeons left. Was horrified when they returned the following year but still could not being myself to ditch the eggs. I was absolutely determined not to repeat the whole nasty business this year so when they started their regular gatherings on the balcony i strung up about a dozen cd’s and I can’t believe it! I haven’t seen a pigeon since! Don’t know how it works, maybe when they fly towards the cd’s the holographic effect disrupts their homing radar or something – but whatever, I am absolutely delighted!

    Best Answer

    You don’t really need to hang up a lot of CD’s in order for it to work. All I did was stick 2 CD’s on the railing of my balcony and I haven’t seen a single pigeon on my balcony since!

    Best AnswerBest Answer

    I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex and have a balcony garden. The balcony has wide grills. The pigeon menace was crazy, with them dirtying my balcony and most of all destroying my plants!

    I don’t know if this works, it seems like it really might. I know pigeons are seriously afraid of cats though.

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    How To Get Pigeons To Leave Your Yard

    My first four tips were designed to keep pigeons off your bird feeders.

    But if these persistent birds have taken an interest in sticking around your yard, you may need to implement a few additional strategies to make them leave.

    There must be something pleasing about your backyard that makes them want to stay. Your job is to take this thing away or annoy them so much their only choice is to leave.

    Remove Bird Attractions From Your Home

    If you wanna keep birds off patio furniture and your entire property, remove their attractions:

    • Do not feed birds on your patio or on your property.
    • If you have overgrown shrubs, prune them and keep them neat and tidy.
    • Do not leave water in containers or flower pots on your patio.
    • Do not leave leftover food on your patio furniture.
    • Do not allow them to have their nest in your property. Destroy all nests.

    Keep Birds Off of Your Mailbox

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    Use Repelling Electronic Sounds

    There are commercially available electronic devices, designed to produce an almost silent sound that irritates birds and drives them away.

    Some versions are automatically triggered when a bird flies within range, while others need to be manually or remotely turned on or off.

    Most of these devices produce sounds that cannot be heard by humans, the ones that do cause no harm to the human ear, it just irritates the birds and they cannot continue to remain within range.

    Tip #: Pigeon Proof Your Home

    Protecting your garden from birds 3 mistakes I made before I found perfect solution.

    If pigeons dont leave your home alone, then you need to spend some time pigeon proofing.

    Take a walk around your house and look for areas where pigeons are sitting and using. Specifically, here are some things you should look for:

    • Open vents provide spaces for pigeons to build nests. Luckily, there are inexpensive screens and covers you can purchase to cover the vents. Make sure to buy the correct shape and size.
    • Dont forget to check your attic for any vents that need sealed!

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    Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pigeons

    Organic, homemade deterrents are usually pretty effective.

    • Place âpomandersâ of strong spices, such as chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and cinnamon around your patio and exterior window sills, or wherever pigeons tend to gather.
    • You can take a generous amount of these spices and wrap them in cheesecloth.
    • Alternatively, simply sprinkle the spices along railings and sills. Youâll need to replenish frequently, but spicing up your area tends to be fairly effective in discouraging pigeons.
    • Make anti-pigeon spray mixing chili powder, water, and vinegar and spray around the areas where pigeons gather the most.
    • You can also try a motion-activated sprinkle in your garden or front lawn that can scare pigeons away when they approach.

    Scare The Birds With A Plastic Owl

    If all the methods listed above fail to work, this one certainly wont.

    As you already know, a bird will be nesting and making a home out of your porch because shell see it as a safe space. The species youre most likely to see near your home include mourning doves, starlings, blackbirds, crows, sparrows, and pigeons. What do these have in common? Theyre all scared of predator birds, and thats something you can and should use to your advantage.

    To put a stop to bird droppings ruining your porch, buy a plastic owl with haunting eyes. Its among the best bird deterrents a person can get for his home and something that works just like a scarecrow in a cornfield would. Place this plastic owl somewhere near your porch, like for example on a branch of a nearby tree. You can also put it on the fence or even on the roof ledge.

    Once a bird sees this fake predator so close to your home, whether its a plastic owl or a hawk, it will undoubtedly stay away from the area. However, theres a catch for the scare to work as long as possible, youll need to place the owl in a different place every day. This is particularly important if crows often come to your porch these birds are very intelligent and capable of detecting a decoy in case it doesnt change positions.

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    Seal All Possible Entry Points

    While inspecting the outside of your home for potential nesting areas, pay particular attention to your eaves and attic. Sealing the openings a pigeon might use is a very effective exclusion tactic.

    • Seal the attic. If there are any openings big enough for a pigeon to squeeze through, either seal them completely or install a metal wire mesh.
    • Cap chimneys. If your home has a chimney, it is a good idea to cap it with a metal wire cage. Pigeons are quite well known for blocking chimneys with their nests. A bird can even get trapped and die inside the chimney.
    • Surround nesting areas with mesh or netting. This is recommended if you have an air conditioning unit as pigeons love to build nests on the trays beneath the unit.
    • Hire professionals. If all else fails, call the experts. The professionals at Fantastic Pest Control have the experience and knowledge to humanely remove nesting pigeons from your home.

    Place A Bird Feeder Away From Your Porch

    3 Effective Methods to Keep Birds Off of Your Porch in ...

    For once, stop feeding the birds and then complain about the droppings they leave on your porch. Feeding the fowls dont just make them poop, they also keep them coming back. If the birds still havent stopped landing on your doorstep, place a feeder somewhere in your backyard where they can be less invasive. However, this will still leave some bird droppings youll have to clean later on.

    Some homeowners arent worried about getting the hidden parts their yard get dirty as long as the porch stays pristine. To add another diversion to the perching birds, add a birdbath near the feeder so the fowls would be isolated within one area.

    Dont forget to remove any food sources on your porch, otherwise, the birds will also peck on it even in the presence of a separate feeder. Thats one of the crucial ways to get rid of birds on the porch.

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