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How To Keep Water From Pooling On Patio Furniture Cover

How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

Cheap Outdoor Patio Chair Covers Review

May 29, 2019 by admin

High winds have created a problem for many homeowners who are tired of witnessing their outdoor furniture blowing away. In certain parts of the country, windy weather has created a headache for many who have awoken to find their outdoor sectionals scattered across the yard.

Youve probably tried an assortment of ideas to keep your furniture from blowing away. Patio Productions is proud to let you know that you no longer have to command your dog to sit on your furniture until winds subside. Here are 7 Ways How to Keep Outdoor Furniture from blowing away and safely anchored in your backyard patio!

  • One of the easiest methods is to tie your furniture down with sandbags. ;This is how malls and other large venues usually handle high winds. ;You can also find canopy sand bags like these ones and adapt them to work with your outdoor furniture. ;Case in point, add weight to keep the wind from blowing it around. Here are some more solutions that really work!

Why Trust The Spruce

Theresa Holland is a freelance writer with several years of experience in the home improvement space. She’s been contributing to The Spruce since 2019, where she covers outdoor living, furniture, and yard care. You can read more of her home-related stories on MyDomaine. To make this list, she considered each pick’s size and material, as well as type of fastening.

Some Outdoor Furniture Materials May Be Wrong For Your Space

Heres a very incomplete list of the types of materials youll find when shopping for outdoor furniture: teak, eucalyptus, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, synthetic resin. Each material has pros and cons that make it ideal for certain climates and outdoor situations and not for others. Consider the various metals, for instance. Aluminum is lightweight, which means its not great for areas that can experience high winds. Stainless steel is heavy and low-maintenance, but it can get super-hot when placed under the sun, so its not ideal if you are planning to leave it exposed.

If you live in a particularly wet climate, you may want to skip wood furniture; even teak, a durable and all-weather hardwood, will need to be treated every year to protect against cracking and warping. As for natural wicker pieces, theyre intended for covered outdoor spaces as they cant really stand up to the elements. Synthetic resin wicker furniture is a better option if you like the style and want to use it outdoors.

The Lesson: Just because you find it in the outdoor furniture section doesnt mean its right for your outdoor situation or climate. Do your homework and make sure the material you choose suits the weather in your region and the level of exposure to the elements .

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You might be tempted to leave your patio furniture out on the deck, but it’s best that you cover your furniture to protect it from the winter weather. Outdoor furniture is often made of all-weather materials. While this may sound like they’re capable of withstanding fluctuations in conditions, covering your patio furniture will help prolong the life of your outdoor furnishings.;This article will teach you how to cover your patio furniture, how much it will cost and what to look for.

If you need help choosing the righ coverings, feel free to connect with a patio pro near you!

Should Outdoor Furniture Be Covered

Keep your patio chairs looking new season

Yes, patio furniture does need to be covered ; especially in the winter. This will make your furniture last longer and the money you spend on a cover will save your replacement costs in the future. Instead of having to replace your outdoor set in a few years, its more plausible to have the same set for up to 10 years.

Roy Barker

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Water Resistant Vs Waterproof

You would assume that all outdoor furniture covers would be waterproof, right? Wrong. Water resistant means that its repellant, whereas waterproof means that water will not penetrate the cover. The problem is that if the covers are completely waterproof, the material becomes airtight and loses its breathability. This creates problems with moisture and mildew underneath the cover. Water resistant covers are sufficient for repelling rainfall.;

Dakota Fields Bistro Patio Dining Cover Set

Best bistro set outdoor furniture cover: a compact cover for a small table and two chairs


Most of the best bistro sets for small spaces are designed to fold up for space-saving storage when they’re not in use, but if you have a design that doesn’t, then this compact cover is a great way to keep a small patio table and up to two chairs protected from the elements.

A pull-cord at the base helps to secure the cover in place whilst the water-resistant fabric ensures no water gets through.

It’s a shame not to have any air vents or handles added to the fabric cover, but as this is a smaller protective cover there’s more chance for air to get in underneath the base, and lifting on and off is fairly straightforward, so they aren’t such important features.

If you have a circular garden table then for the best fit you’re going to need a matching circular outdoor furniture cover, and this two-tone option from Amazon Basics could be a good fit.;

After a roster of grey and black options, we like this predominantly white design which features a coffee-brown splashback trim at the base to disguise any muddy marks. The upper section will potentially mark more easily than the darker coloured options, but you can hose it down, and if you have a light coloured wall you want to store your garden table against then this option feels less visually bulky than the darker colours.

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Place Outdoor Furniture Out Of The Line Of Fire

So far, Ive talked about how that cheap outdoor sectional I bought was flimsy, uncomfortable, and mildewy. It gets worse. The sectional rested under a large tree. A couple months into its life on our deck, I noticed a few blobs of bird poop on it. Gross, I thought, Ill deal with it later. Within a week, the sectional was littered with droppings, all purple from the berries the birds ingested. I dutifully scraped off what I could and put the covers in the washing machine. Despite two cycles, the stains did not disappear.

The Lesson: Look up, and consider what may fall onto your outdoor furniture. Does your spot get a lot of birds overhead? Is there a tree that sheds berries that may stain? If yes, youll definitely need to plan to protect your furniture. Or find another spot to put it.

For more on outdoor furniture care, see:

Protect Your Furniture From The Elements

How to Clean Patio Furniture | The Home Depot
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The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

The right armchairs, sofa, or dining set can turn your outdoor living area into a personal retreat. But depending on where you live, your patio furniture might be susceptible to weather damage, whether it’s a torrential downpour, snowfall, hail, or UV rays from the sun.

Whether or not you have a covered patio, you’ll need a protective cover for your alfresco furnishings. Not only will it keep your furniture dry, but it’ll also help your investment last longer. From weather-specific materials to oversized styles, there are tons of options to choose from that’ll make great additions to your outdoor space.

Here are the best outdoor furniture covers.

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How To Care For Rattan And Resin Wicker Furniture

Like most beautiful, refined things, rattan is a little high-maintenance. Youll hear rattan and wicker thrown around synonymously. But theres a big difference. Wicker actually refers to the weaving technique not the material and different types of wicker require different types of care.

At Article, we make most of our natural wicker furniture from rattan, a climbing vine found in tropical paradises. While robust enough for Tarzan to swing on, rattan is still susceptible to the elements, especially when left in its natural form. We recommend keeping your natural rattan indoors, unless youre just using it temporarily for a dry afternoon outside. Exposure to water can cause rattan to swell, and too much sun can cause it to dry out.;

If you love the look of rattan but want something that can survive outside , synthetic resin wicker like that in our Urba sectional is your best bet. It looks just like natural rattan, but is made specifically to better withstand the elements.;;

To clean, its always good to keep things gentle. Use a soft cloth and warm water mixed with pH-neutral soap. Avoid scrubbing and water saturation, even when challenging a stubborn smudge. Allow the piece to air dry when youve finished.;

Have Spring Rains Caused Puddles On Your Patio Avoid Serious Water Damage By Getting It Fixed

Have you noticed puddles on your patio after a rain, especially up against your house? This is a serious problem: Standing water can seep into your siding and foundation, causing dangerous and very expensive problems with decay and pests. If you have water that stays against the side of your house, you need to find a solution.

Catch Basins

Catch basins allow for the collection of surface water from lawn areas, shrub beds, and hardscaped areas such as driveways and patios. Catch basins collect water through a grate that has openings to allow water to fall through. The water is collected in a basin or box and is then piped away using gravity. Filters can be installed in catch basins to collect debris and prevent it from clogging the drain pipe.

Install a Channel Drain

French Drains

A French drain can be installed along the edge of your patio, driveway, sidewalk, or near the foundation of your home. A French drain consists of a trench that is dug and a perforated pipe is placed in the trench and the trench is backfilled with gravel or some other coarse aggregate. Only to top 3-4 inches is filled with topsoil and sod. A French drain creates a well-drained area for water to easily seep into. French drains are not as effective as channel drains or catch basins for removing large quantities of surface water, they are effective for drying out those areas that always seem to stay wet long after the rains have passed.

Contact a Professional

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My House Has A Restricted Access What Do I Do

Our drivers will NOT bring any of our orders through your home unless suitable access is available. Please check that the dimensions of your selected product will fit through all required access points of your property before ordering. If you have any questions about access or you live in a restricted access zone please contact us prior to ordering.

Best For Sun: Budge Neverwet Mojave Extra

Classic Accessories Ravenna Stackable Patio Chair Cover ...

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes

  • Not big enough for large dining table sets

  • Limited sizing available

The sun’s rays can fade your upholstery and potentially cause cracking on wood and wicker frames. Whether you live in a year-round sunny climate or just want to play it safe in the summer months, Budge’s NeverWet Mojave cover is a great option.

As its name suggests, this waterproof solution will ensure your outdoor furnishings never get wetbut it really stands out for its UV resistance. Made of woven 600D polyester, the thick, heavy-duty material doesn’t allow any light to pass through, while air vents prevent mildew and mold growth.

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Nylon | Waterproof: Yes

  • Limited sizes available

To protect your outdoor armchairs, consider the Duck Covers Ultimate Series. The cover comes in four sizes, each made of high-strength polyester with a multi-layer wraparound panel for ventilation.

The waterproof fabric is ideal for rainy and even snowy climates, though it also offers UV protection to prevent fading. Plus, these outdoor chair covers feature durable straps and buckles, helping them stay in place in the windiest conditions.

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyester oxford fabric | Waterproof: Yes

  • Doesn’t cover wheels or legs

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Can I Use A Tarp To Cover Patio Furniture

Adding a tarpaulin , or tarp , over a patio is as simple as using a few grommets, eye-bolt screws and cord. The tarp can extend from the houses eaves to a nearby fence to cover the patio . As long as the tarp is lashed tightly, so wind can t tear its grommets, your patio shade will last at least one season.

The Best Outdoor Furniture Cover

  • 1.

Patio furniture is a great way to relax during the summertime by the pool, in the backyard, or on the deck. It can be a great addition to any summer day, but for the winter time it needs protection. A simple solution to winter storage for your outdoor patio furniture is to use outdoor furniture covers.

Outdoor furniture covers come in a variety of styles and most have many different color options available. They are durable and easy to use to protect your furniture from the sun and rain. However, quality outdoor furniture covers can be hard to find. There are a lot of cheap designs that are not long-lasting.

Our guide is designed to help you find the best outdoor furniture covers that youll love using every day. Below we have some important features, as well as a list of the ten best outdoor furniture covers.

AmazonBasics ยป

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Diy Pergola Shade Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. We make a small commission if you buy the products from these links . As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. But we only recommend products we would use ourselves. For more information, .

These first few pergola cover ideas provide a lot of shade and some protection from rain but arent totally waterproof.

Duck Covers Elite Patio Sofa Cover With Inflatable Airbag To Prevent Pooling 79

Summer Prep: Pool, Pergola and Patio

: Duck Covers Elite Patio Sofa Cover with Inflatable Airbag to Prevent Pooling, 79-Inch : Outdoor Couch Covers Waterproof : Garden & Outdoor. : Duck Covers Elite Patio Sofa Cover with Inflatable Airbag to Prevent Pooling, 79-Inch : Outdoor Couch Covers Waterproof : Garden & Outdoor. PATIO COVERS: Fits patio sofas 79″W x 37″D x 35″H Two-year limited warranty Water-resistant fabric, “Like water off a duck’s back” Lightweight material is breathable, UV treated and easy to use Reinforced tie-downs to hold cover in place Easy to fold and store Ideal for use in moderate to harsh weather conditions. Elite Series provides breakthrough protection to keep patio furniture looking like new. Our innovative multi-layered material creates superior airflow between your cover and outdoor patio furniture, eliminating condensation that can damage furniture. Our patent pending Duck Dome airbag inflates into low points of outdoor furniture creating a dome-shaped cover to repel water, snow and debris, much like water off a duck’s back. Cappuccino color. Two-year limited warranty has you covered. Migrate to today!

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How To Care For Wood Outdoor Furniture

If you can care for a cactus, you can care for outdoor wood furniture. That said, some woods fare better than others in the outdoors. At Article, we use teak, acacia, and eucalyptus because theyre solid, hardy, and resilient. Teak is naturally dense and oily, with the oil it produces acting like a force field. The oil seals the wood, while repelling ravenous termites and invasive moisture alike. Its so hardy, in fact, that its often used in the building of boats and yachts. Acacia and eucalyptus, when finished, have a similar resilience.;

Like all natural materials, wood is impacted by the weather. Rain, snow, wind, sunshine, and the temperature will all affect wood just like in nature.;

The general cleaning instructions for wood furniture are pretty simple: wipe away dirt using a damp, non-abrasive cloth. For stubborn spots, simply dip a cloth into a mix of gentle, pH-neutral soap and warm water. Wring out the excess liquid and wipe the spot. Then, dry the area with a second cloth or, if its a nice day, let it dry out in the sun.;

Of course, external factors force you to clean your furniture a little more often. If you position your wood furniture around a pool or hot tub, wipe it down with water once a week. As chlorine accumulates, it can gnaw away at the woods finish.

Why is my wooden outdoor furniture cracking?

Why is my wooden patio furniture turning silver or gray?;

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