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How To Restore Rusted Patio Furniture

Make Them Look Like New In 5 Easy Steps

How to Paint Rusty Metal Patio Furniture

Do you have ;rusted, faded, and drab looking patio chairs?

Dont let a little paint get in the way of having fun with friends.

Ive made the mistake of thinking that repainting a metal chair will take forever and isnt worth the time or effort.

But Im here to tell you that if my wife thinks the chairs in this post look good then you will, too.

I did have a few blunders though, ;read on so you dont make the same mistakes

Rinse With Clean Water

One nice feature of the cleaner bottle on the hose is that you can switch it to rinse without having to remove it. This way, I donât have to run down to the spigot, turn off the water, run back up to the deck, remove the bottle, attach the sprayer, then run back to the spigot to turn the water on. Whew, it makes me tired just thinking about it! ï

How To Restore Metal Garden Furniture

From priming to painting tips, here’s what a professional restorer says to do.

Your old metal garden furniture is teeming with restoration potential, it just takes a little work. That’s why when you find that your favorite piece of outdoor furniture is beginning to rust, chip, or show signs of aging, it pays to know what to do to help bring it back to its original integrity. “At a certain point, if left unattended to, rust can eventually compromise the structural stability of the furniture,” explains Jane Henry of , a full-service antique conservation and restoration shop based in New York City. “This is most often caught on the underside of furniture, where the moisture can collect in the nuts or rivets that hold the furniture together.”

Looking for advice on how to restore your aluminum and wrought iron garden furniture, so you won’t have to ever bid it adieu? We asked Henry to take us through the step-by-step process, and here’s what she had to say.

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Remove Flakingpaint With Wire Brush And Sandpaper

First run a wire brush briskly over your metal outdoor furniture to remove peeling paint chips and rust.; Theres a variety of wire brushes out on the market, but I ended up using brushes I already owned.;

For the larger spots I used a retired metal grill brush.; Every year we buy a new metal cleaning brush for our grill, so I clean and retire the old one for potential cleaning or DIY projects.;

But to get into the corners and tight, odd-shaped spots and spaces on this outdoor metal table, I used a circular metal radiator cleaning brush.; Its actually the same brush I use to get in between the fins to clean my cast iron radiators.;;;

Next, give a hard sand to the rusty areas with 80-120 grit sandpaper.; I sanded until a good portion of the rust was completely removed.;

Honestly, Im terribly sure this is the best route to remove the rust on this outdoor metal side table.; In hindsight I probably should have picked up a can of Rust-Oleums Clean Metal Primer.

But, I want to test it out without the rust prohibited.; Even if I get a few years out of his table before I have to re-do, Im OK with it.

Once you have tackled the rusty areas, follow by lightly sanding the entire faded metal outdoor furniture piece. My outdoor metal side table is small, so I just used a regular 9 inch x 11 inch piece of sandpaper.; But if you have a larger project, like an entire patio set, you might want to consider investing in an orbital sander.;;

How To Paint Plastic Patio Furniture

How to Restore and Repaint Rusty Metal Patio Furniture ...

Conventional wisdom says dont, but if you arent especially attached to your plastic patio furniture and wont be heartbroken if the finish doesnt last for years, painting it might be worth a try.

Youll need to pick up just a few supplies:

  • A large tarp or drop cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Spray paint designed for use on plastic

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Remove Old Finish And Rust

Clean the metal with a vinegar and water solution or use water with a mild detergent and a scrub brush or rag to remove dirt and grime. Use a bleach and water solution or a commercial mold remover to remove any mold or mildew.

You need to remove both the old paint and rust for new coats of paint to adhere properly. Keep in mind that you dont have to remove every bit of the old paint. The surface just needs to be free of loose flakes of paint and other debris. Sanding and scraping the surface also raises the surface a bit for better paint adhesion.

You can remove both rust and paint using a stiff wire brush or an electric drill equipped with a sanding pad and abrasive discs. Emery cloths can be used when there is minimal rust. Emery cloths work well because they are sturdier and easier to use than sandpaper on items such as railings or fences because of their flexibility. Paint scrapers come in handy as well. Remove sanding dust as you go.

Clean Oxidized Aluminum Patio Furniture

Handling aluminum furniture can be a little tricky at times. You cant use baking soda to remove rust, so an alternative method is necessary when it comes to restoring the look of the furniture in your outdoor space. Before you begin the rust removal process, start by cleaning the surface with soapy water.

Doing this removes any scuff marks, debris, or dirt and gives you a clean space to work with. After the washing and scrubbing are complete, the sanding process can begin.

  • A spray bottle

Surprisingly, vinegar is also a great way to remove rust from metals. Whether removing rust from cast iron with vinegar or using the same method on aluminum and iron, you also need to incorporate a sanding tool such as steel wool or sandpaper.

To use one of the home remedies for cleaning aluminum, start by spraying the surface of the metal with the water and vinegar solution. Next, use the sander to gently scrape away the layer of rust coating your patio furniture.

After removing all the rust with one of the best ways to clean aluminum, add a layer of protectant over the freshly sanded area, such as paste wax, sealant, or mild oil. Your aluminum patio or deck furniture will look almost brand-new again after just a little time and attention with basic household ingredients.

With these fantastic recipes and cleaning tips for maintaining your iron patio furniture, you are now fully equipped to handle any challenge that comes your way at least when it comes to your outdoor patio pieces.

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What About Stains On My Concrete Patio

Rust on concrete or pavers can be a bit more complicated than rust on wood because the rust tends to seep down a bit further.

Luckily the same natural methods of lemon juice or vinegar should work to remove most of the stain. Simply pour the vinegar on the spot, let it sit for about a half-hour, and then scrub it was a brush.

After you have scrubbed to loosen up the rust, you can wash the area down with water.;

If a natural solution is not working to remove your rust stain, then some chemicals can help, but they are usually a bit harsh. Professional cleaning companies also can be hired for severe stains.;

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The Right Tools & A Little Elbow Grease

How to Paint Metal Patio Chairs (Step-by-Step!!)

The best approach to keeping your patio furniture looking good is regular cleaning with an appropriate cleanser this will prevent the build-up of difficult to remove grime and stains and make it easier to keep your furniture looking new. Keep in mind that no matter what your patio furniture is made from, you should avoid harsh chemical cleansers. You should also avoid rough scrub brushes except in the case of rusty iron furniture. And if the finish on your metal furniture seems too far gone, then consider having it refinished by a professional.

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How To Prevent Rust From Forming

In most cases, getting rid of rust is quite easy. The same goes for preventing it from forming in the first place though, so might as well make yourself familiar with some of the things that you can do prevent oxidation and keep your patio furniture rust free.

Start here:

  • Protect it from moisture Cover your patio set when not in use to keep it dry. You could also store it inside, such as in a shed or your garage, if you have the space.
  • Dry off furniture right away It doesnt take long for iron oxide to form, so if your patio furniture does come into contact with moisture, dry it off immediately with a clean towel.
  • Use a rust-resistance paste wax Pick up a bottle of rust-resistant wax and give your patio furniture a good rub down. This provides a protective barrier between the iron and the outside elements, and as a bonus, it also keeps your furniture looking extra glossy and clean.
  • Keep your furniture clean Set aside some time at least twice a year to give your iron patio furniture a thorough cleaning. Warm water, a gentle detergent, and a clean rag are all that youll need, after which you can dry the pieces off with a towel.

The more extensive the rust damage, the more youll have to do restore your furniture. However, most instances of rust can be easily removedand preventedwith a bit of care, so stay proactive and keep an eye out for any rust that does form so that you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

Metal Patio Chair Makeover Supply List

Weve had the chairs in this tutorial for about 10 years.;I think theyre a Martha Stewart special .

The chairs are made from metal and have plastic slats for the cushions.

I bet youre just like me and hate spending a ton of money of outdoor furniture. If youve got metal patio chairs this is s great way to rejuvenate them in one day.

Here are the supplies youll need

  • Wire brush with scraper ;
  • Random orbital sander ;
  • 60, 120, 220 Grit sand paper for sander ;
  • Bucket, water, and sponge
  • Rust Oleum Universal Paint & Primer
  • Respirator
  • Protective eyewear

This project will take you about two hours and it the end youll be super stoked with your chairs makeover. So lets get to it.

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Using Lime And Salt For Rust Removal

The lime juice activates the salt crystals and makes the rust soft and easy to remove. Sprinkle some salt on the rusted area and then, sprinkle lime juice on it. Add more salt and lime juice and form a thick layer. Let the layer settle and leave it on for two to three hours. Now, remove the salt with lime rind and wipe the surface. Make sure to dry it completely or the metal will start to oxidize. Spray WD-40 on the surface and lubricate the entire area. WD-40 is the 101 technique when it comes to How to Clean Rust. It prevents moisture and keeps the surface dry and rust-free if any part comes in contact with water. If you dont have limes, you can use lemons instead. Lemon has the same properties as vinegar and works fast on rust.

Metal Or Painted Wood Patio Furniture

How To Fix Rusted Patio Furniture

Oxygenated bleach can corrode metal patio furniture and lighten painted surfaces, so the cleaning solution for these furnishings is different.

If youre cleaning painted wood furniture, dont skip the hand-drying step since standing water will make the paint chip and crack.

You will need:

  • Bucket


  • Fill the bucket with 1 gallon of hot water. Add the liquid dish detergent and stir.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wash the furniture, scrubbing as needed with the brush.
  • Rinse thoroughly and immediately wipe dry with a clean towel.
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    Keep Up Preventative Maintenance

    Even though we mentioned keeping your patio furniture dry, you should periodically wash everything to make sure that it is clean.

    When you wash your furniture, look for any rust spots developing and treat them immediately. Use a small wire brush to get the rust off and then treat it with a bit of touch up paint and, at the very least, make sure to use paste wax.

    Apply Exterior Spray Paint

    To ensure that your metal furniture will stay looking good for years to come, choose an exterior spray paint.

    In the same way the Rust Reformer was applied, apply 2 coats of spray paint, using long strokes, pulling the trigger slightly off the piece and releasing the trigger at the end of the stroke.

    Additionally, make sure you hold the paint can 6-12 inches from your furniture and do 2 light coats.;

    In my opinion, nothing is worse than trying to rush a project by applying the paint to heavy and then getting runs in the finish.

    Also, I must say that I love the trigger pull of the Universal spray paint. I found that I had much less hand fatigue.

    In fact, I wish all spray paint cans had this feature.

    For the leg and arm piece of this chair, I chose a contrasting color.

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    How To Restore Rusted And Discoloured Metal Garden Furniture

    There are three key steps to follow.

    Ask the experts: Our expert panel answer questions on DIY, eco design, mortgages, cleaning, architecture, consumer issues and more.

    Question: ‘My metal garden furniture has rusted and discoloured over the years. Is there a way to restore it? Are there special paints I can use?’

    DIY guru, Jo Behari, says:;Luckily there is a way to bring new life to metal garden furniture. The first step, as with any restoration project, is to clean it properly. Use a mix of water and vinegar, scrubbing with a stiff brush. Painting on top of old paint will cause bubbling over time, so remove with paint stripper. Nitromors is a good one, but there are plenty on the market. Brush it over the paint and when it starts to bubble, scrape off. Use hand and eye protection, as this stuff is toxic.

    Sanding is the only way to remove rust, but there are a number of methods. You can use steel wool for intricate areas, or even a steel wool fitting for the end of a drill. Alternatively, you can hand sand or use an electrical sander. Next, clean the furniture again to get the surface at its best, preferably with a pressure washer if you have access to one. If the rust has created holes, fill these using an epoxy filler such as QuikSteel, which needs sanding once dry.

    From:;House Beautiful magazine

    What Is Rust And Why Does It Occur


    There are two factors that cause patio sets to rust: the material that theyre made out of and the elements that theyre exposed to.

    Rust is an iron oxidei.e. the result of iron meeting oxygen and water, a process known as oxidization. In the beginning stages, it appears as small spots of reddish-brown flakes. If left untreated however, it can expand to cover a larger surface area, eventually eating away at enough of the iron that it impacts the structural integrity of your furniture.

    Only iron can rust, which means that this a problem youre liable to face if your patio furniture is made out of wrought or cast iron, or if its steel with an iron coating. If you want to avoid it entirely, look for patio furniture made out of non-rusting materials such as aluminum, teak, or all-weather rattan.

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    Refinishing Your Metal Patio Furniture

    This article may contain links which lead to us earning commissions at no extra cost to you.

    Over time, even the best outdoor furniture gets worn down, no matter what its made of. Even metal furniture, sturdy as it may be, will lose its luster and may even begin to rust. However, it can usually be restored to its original state with a little work.;

    Restoring metal patio furniture takes a little patience, a bit of care, and a few simple tools that you can find at your local hardware store. It all pays off, though, with chairs, tables and other pieces restored to their former beauty.

    This post may contain affiliate links. View our disclosure.

    I found this vintage metal loveseat at a yard sale last summer for $20, but it sure didnt look like this when I got it.

    Up until last weekend, this is what it looked like.

    Lots of peeling paint and rust, topped off with a thick layer of pollen.

    Have some metal outdoor furniture that you need to repaint? Here how to get a paint job that looks good and lasts.

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    How To Paint Mesh Metal Patio Furniture: 6 Easy And Fun Steps

    Struggling on how to paint mesh metal patio furniture? This job is way too easy if you grasp the proper steps.

    If you dont know how to properly take care of your outdoor furniture, the metal will get rusty soon. But dont worry weve got you all covered up!;

    The easiest and most effective way to paint on mesh metal patio furniture is using spray paint. That way you can also go through the mesh and not cause too much hassle. Because if you use regular indoor paint on patio furniture, you wont be able to reach the tiny loops of metal.;

    Lets get started.

  • Final Thoughts on How to Paint Mesh Metal Patio Furniture
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