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How To Make A Patio Table

Where To Buy Patio Dining Tables Online

How to make a patio table. This outdoor table is easy to build!

If right now this is a bit too big of a project for you, thats ok. Check out these wonderful outdoor dining tables you can buy at Wayfair, with free shipping!

We are in love with this Kya dining table! Made from solid wood and an iron frame, this patio table has hundreds of five star reviews. It doesnt look like an outdoor table, but it is! Gorgeous piece of furniture and its right around $350!

For right around $200, get this Folding Wood patio dining table that is weather resistant and space saving!

If you are looking for a small patio dining table for well below $100, we love the look of the Lula outdoor dining table. It is made from weather resistant steel, has a great industrial or modern look, and even has feet levelers so you never get that rocking cocktail table syndrome! Comes in three sizes as well.

Ok, now you have big plans to make your own DIY outdoor dining table, right? Good, pin it for later! Then jump on over to our posts on DIY outdoor kitchens and DIY backyard projects for relaxation! And if you are need of updating your chairs as well, check out DIY Dining Room Tables how to reupholster a chair and Thanksgiving Table Settings & Decor over at TBD!

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Diy Outdoor Table For $65

Hey there! Join us on and to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!

Spring is one of my favorite times of year so, I had to take a break from furnishing our new home and move outside to our patio!

Ive been dying to build an outdoor table for this space and with a few 2×4s and 2×6s, I created this super stout and GORGEOUS outdoor table for wait for it only $65!

Of course, we have the printable plans for you to build your own! You can click the image below or HERE to print them! You can find plans to the matching set of benches HERE.

A huge thank you to our friend Jay from Jays Custom Creations for converting our table design into PDF plans for you!

And, as always, I am also sharing the step-by-step pictures for you to follow along!

I started by cutting the legs at 10 degree angles.

We always make sure to protect our eyes and ears when we are building! These 3M safety glasses and headphones are some of our faves from the 3M Safety Products line!

I used my Kreg Jig® K5 to drill pocket holes in both ends of each leg. You can see that I have it set at 1 1/2 pocket holes.

I used 2 1/2 exterior pocket hole screws and wood glue to assemble the legs.

Almost done with the legs

I attached the 2×4 to between the legs first. If you attach the 2×6 first you will have a hard time adding the 2×4 trust me

and now the 2×6!

I attached the legs to the planked top and attached the stretcher with wood glue and pocket hole screws.

Now the small pieces.


Diy X Leg Patio Table With Pipe Trestle

Though X-legged table is quite bulky and heavy, you cannot deny that they are incredibly sturdy.

This written tutorial might feel quite overwhelming at first as the steps are not clearly divided and written in bulky paragraphs instead. But if your heart is really set at this table, you can quickly figure out the procedure once you give this blog a good read.

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Attach Center Table Supports

Attach the two 14 1×4 slats to the front 2×6 using 2 deck screws. Then connect the two on top with a 17 long 2×4.

Attach the 15.5 1×4 slats to for the back table support. Flush the bottom of the slat up with the bottom of the 2×4 rear support. Then connect the tops of the slats with two 17 2×4’s. The second 2×4 is used to connect the chairs to the table for extra support.

Recycled Tire Coffee Table


This recycled tire coffee table is the perfect complement to your outdoor furniture. Its also a great way to keep those old tires out of the landfill. Youll just need to paint two or three tires however tall you want the table and then add a round glass or wood top. Its a really easy project and its so creative!

Source/Tutorial: madcapfrenzy

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Diy Recycled Rug Ottoman

Dont throw out those old rugs recycle them into amazing ottomans for your backyard! I love this repurposing idea and its a really easy project. Plus, you get a wonderful ottoman to put your feet up when youre relaxing outdoors or extra seating if you need it. This one takes a bit of sewing but its nothing hard -= even beginning seamstresses can have it done in just a couple of hours.

Source/Tutorial: prettyprudent

How To Build A Tile Patio Table

  • Written by Justin Stewart on Oct 02, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

What You’ll Need

A tile patio table will add a lot of character to your outdoor living space. You can build one in a single weekend, and the project only requires a moderate amount of construction experience. The steps listed below will show you how to build a tile-topped patio table with an oak outer trim.

Step 1 – The Design

The table will stand approximately 27 inches high, with oak 1×4 pieces running around the outside edge. Four oak posts support a plywood base that has tile inlaid on top of it. To provide extra support, you will add 1×2 pine strips on the bottom edges of the plywood, giving the table more stability to support the weight of the tiles.

Step 2 – The Table Top

Center the 1×2 pieces on each side of the plywood. Nail directly through the plywood into the narrow edge of the pine wood, keeping the piece flush with the outer edge of the plywood. Line up the first piece of 1×4 with one corner of the plywood, and attach it to the table by nailing directly through the pine supports.

Step 3 – The Table Base

Step 4 – The Tile Layout

Step 5 – Finish the Wood

Step 6 – The Feet

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Great Wood Deck Cooler

If youre planning to spend a bit of time outdoors this summer, you need a great cooler, right? This wooden deck cooler is great it has loads of room for all sorts of cold drinks and its pretty easy to make. It also looks really great and has a bit of storage underneath so you can keep cups or anything else you need handy. You use an old cooler for the actual cooler part so if you have one thats seen better days, upcycle it into this great standing cooler.

Source/Tutorial: foxhollowcottage

Outdoor Cable Spool Rocking Chair

Making a Patio Side Table ~ DIY woodworking simple

An old wooden cable stool makes the perfect rocking chair for your porch or deck with just a bit of work. This is such a cute idea and its not really difficult to make. It will be a great reading chair or just a nice relaxing rocking chair for those warm summer evenings. You can shape it however you like and its a really inexpensive upcycle project. You can find these old wooden spools at home improvement stores or check with your local cable company.

Source/Tutorial: davidmeddingsdesign

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Repurposed Flower Pot Table

This flower pot table literally takes two terra cotta pots and puts them together to make a wonderful side table. Im thinking you could use those ceramic planters from the Dollar Store and make this one for under $10. You could do any number of sizes, shapes and colors, too. A metal pizza pan makes the top but you could use wood if you prefer and theyre all held together with strong glue.

Source/Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

Durable Diy Outdoor Dining Tables

Love dining outdoors? Then a cool outdoor dining table is what you need! Of course, you can bring your indoor table outdoors but real outdoor tables have some advantages, too: planters and drink coolers in the center, for example. Take a look at the DIYs weve gathered for you and get inspired to craft your perfect outdoor dining table.

Fans of the classic farm table will find lots to love in this outdoor dining table made from reclaimed wood. Though its the perfect complement to a yard with a whitewashed wood fence, its weathered white patina would make it look at home in almost any outdoor space.

DIY reclaimed wood rustic outdoor table

What a chic and cool dining table for outdoors! Underneath the golden-hued wood surface and the bold patterned patio umbrella is an ordinary and outdated tabletop. This new tabletop of fence wood that could be slid over the existing furniture. Finish the wood with honey-colored wood stain and wax, then bored a hole in the middle of the table to make room for the umbrella pole.

DIY outdoor dining table with honey-colored stain

This cool table is inspired by some pieces from IKEA, it features a neutral tabletop and bright vintage legs cut them off some old furniture you dont need! Read the tutorial to find out how to make such a table and rock bright and colorful chairs with it for fun. So cool!

DIY simple outdoor dining table with colorful legs

DIY burnt cedar outdoor dining table with hairpin legs

DIY large pallet outdoor dining table

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Repurposed Trampoline Teepee Bed

An old trampoline repurposed into a teepee bed may be the greatest thing ever. This project looks complicated but its really simple. Youll need to build a base to hold the trampoline bed so that it floats and the trampoline serves as the actual bed section. Material over it looks like a traditional Indian teepee. This is certain to get those little ones to nap on summer days.

Outdoor Concrete Table Plan

How To Make a Wooden Patio Table

Build a concrete patio table that can resist weather conditions and upgrade your garden look. Material is the main thing that will make your table more thrilling and aspiring to display in the yard. Therefore, you should prefer to make a concrete bar yourself instead of buying. Undeniably, nothing is better than a concrete top table for improving your gardens artistry. bhg

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Make Your Own Outdoor Table

To make your own outdoor table, you must have the required amount of wood. Try to keep things more conversational with accurate dimension measurements. The main thing to consider while making a patio table is your space. So, start making a DIY outdoor table after considering all the factors and supplies. It would help you to get a trendy and stylish end-product. theawesomeorange

Diy Cedar Patio Table Plans

Free DIY Cedar Patio Table Woodworking PlansInpsired by the Pottery Barn Chatham Rectangular Dining Table

These plans are a guide to build a simple DIY cedar patio table. Using cedar, this outdoor table will age beautifully. This is the first project I have completely designed in Sketchup before building. I will be posting pictures of the actual build in addition to CAD pictures from Sketchup.

Start by building the top. Specifically, start with the perimeter mitered pieces. I chose to design this table with a mitered perimeter, but the Pottery Barn Chatham uses simple butt joints for the perimeter pieces. Both look nice, so make it whichever way you want. The actual dimensions I chose for the butted table build are a bit bigger than shown.

The table top is made from 5/4×6 cedar decking boards that have been ripped down to 5 wide in order to get nice sharp corners. The overall dimensions of this table are 6 long by 3 wide. Screw these pieces together using pocket hole screws from the bottom. Make sure the frame is square before continuing.

Heres a picture of the underside of the table as the apron is being installed. Notice the pocket hole screws holding everything together.

For an intermediate update, check out my Not All Finishes End Up Perfect page. It shows you the dangers of using cheap paint brushes when finishing projects.

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Outdoor Picnic Table For Kids

Give your outdoors and garden an attractive look with a picnic table. Your kids will surely love this table. They will enjoy sitting and playing board games around this table. However, you may need to work more than a day to complete this project. But you will surely enjoy working on it! bitterrootdiy

Cut The Notch And Rounded Corners

How to Make a Concrete Patio Pub Table with LED Lights and a Cooler

Use a jigsaw to cut out the notch on the two front legs. The 2×6 piece will eventually rest in the notch. Measure 9 1/2 inches up from the bottom of the 2×4 front leg and mark. Measure 1 1/2 back . Then measure from your nine-inch mark up 5 1/2 and make one more mark. Connect the lines and cut out your notch on both pieces.

Next, grab a roll of tape to make your rounded corners for the arms and back supports of the double chair bench with a table. Do a rounded corner for the two outside armrests, and for both outside pieces of the tabletop. Create rounded corners for the top of the backrest supports as well. Cut with a jigsaw and use an orbital sander to smooth the edges. Check out photos in later parts of the project to see the rounded edges.

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How To Build Outdoor Dining Table

Step 1: Make Your Cuts

Using your 2x6x8 boards, cut seven 52 sections and two 38-1/2 sections for your tabletop. From your 2x4x8, cut a pair of 54 sections for the length of the frame, a pair of 32-1/2 sections to brace the middle of the frame, and a pair of 29-1/2 sections for the width of the frame.

Step 2: Form the Base

Assemble the frame. Drill pocket holes in each corner to allow for attachment of the legs. Attach the legs with pocket hole screws, then drill pocket holes into the top of the frame to allow for the attachment of the tabletop.

Step 3: Assemble the Top

Place your seven 2x6x52 cuts parallel to each other and bookend them with your 2x6x38-1/2 cuts. Drill pocket holes to allow for each section to connect. Clamp together the joints of each board before assembling with pocket hole screws.

Step 4: Assemble Table

Using the pocket holes that youve already drilled, attach the tabletop and base. Sand down rough spots, wipe away the wood residue with a moist cloth and allow the table to dry. Stain or paint your new table to preserve your work, or to make it better match your deck.

Diy Outdoor Table Plans

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These free DIY outdoor table plans will show you how to build a table that you can enjoy all year round. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with your family, lounging around with your friends, or prepping for a party, these plans have you covered.

The outdoor table plans include tutorials for how to build an outdoor dining table, picnic table, bar, grill cart, serving cart, coffee table, and end table. They have everything you need to get started from a materials list to finishing directions, and everything in between.

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Diy Backyard Fold Down Bar

If you dont have room for an entire bar with stools, why not build a fold down bar right on the side of your house or deck? This is a really easy project and it looks so great. It will also come in really handy for summer entertaining, and you could alter the plans to make it larger if you need more room for storing your cocktail supplies.

Source/Tutorial: turtlesandtails

Large Wooden Spool Umbrella Table


Instead of spending a couple hundred dollars on an umbrella table, just make one with an old wooden spool. Youll need a relatively large spool for this but the great thing is, theres really no work involved in it. Unless you want to paint or stain it, the spool makes a great table with nothing needed. You can even put your umbrella in the center hole and it should hold it perfectly depending on the size of the handle. This is the fastest and easiest outdoor table you could build and its perfect for keeping the sun off you while you relax.

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Wine Barrel Side Tables

An old wine barrel can give you loads of ideas for backyard furniture and décor. Take these wine barrel half side tables for instance. Theyre really easy to make and offer such a great rustic look. Plus, you can get two side tables from just one barrel. Just cut the barrel in half, making sure that you get even sideswhen you cut and thats all there is to it. Youll have two adorable little side tables that will only take you about half an hour to build.

Source/Tutorial: homedit


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