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How To Make Concrete Patio Look Better

The Benefits Of Maintaining Your Patio

How to Make Old Concrete Look New! Painting Concrete Patio DIY!

Concrete patios can add value and beauty to any outdoor living space. Patios are one of the top ten features homebuyers look for, according to the National Association of Realtors, so you should take care of yours if you plan on selling your home in the future. Incorporate the following tips and tricks to make your space more welcoming and durable.

In todays blog, well discuss three ways that can help make your concrete patio look better.

Create A Gazebo On Top

If you are willing to spend a bit of money on your concrete patio and want to make it look different, you might want to consider building a gazebo on top of the concrete floor.

Wooden gazebos are a fantastic way to completely change the way your patio looks. They add a central point of appeal to your patio, and allow you to decorate the patio in a myriad of different ways.

Once you have a gazebo, you can then hang trellis frames around the sides and you can always put in furniture in the middle. The wooden gazebo can be painted in as many different ways as you want. Its a pretty simple way to change the way your concrete patio looks.

The wooden structure of the gazebo will be firmly installed on the ground, so you dont have to worry about the flooring putting a damper on your investment. There are many different gazebo styles that you can choose from, allowing you to select from a range of different options.

Small Patio Decorating Ideas That Will Turn Your Deck Into An Outdoor Oasis

Just because you have a tiny deck doesnt mean you cant enjoy outdoor living. Use these space-saving tips and small patio decorating ideas to create an outdoor oasis out of whatever space you have.

If you are like me, the best part of summer is relaxing on an outdoor patio with a couple of friends and a cool refreshing drink and feeling like you dont have a care in the world.

No matter where I have lived, even in apartments, I have always wanted to have at least a little bit of outdoor space where I could go to unwind when the weather is nice.

Since Im a city girl, however, most of the places I have lived havent had a lot of room for large decks or patios. And I always felt like those small and crowded outdoor spaces cramped my outdoor living style.

So when I moved into my current house , I decided to build a deck and patio that would be big enough to handle all of my entertaining needs. And it does.

But you know what else I found? A really large open area feels really big and empty when you dont have a lot of people around I came to the realization that smaller patios and decks are more cozy and inviting.

And so, inside of my big outdoor living area, I now have many small spaces that require the same kind of small patio decorating ideas that my old city ones did.

I thought I would share some of my space-saving tips and small patio ideas that help make the most of the space you have.

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The Best Time To Paint Your Concrete Patio

Like any paint job, good timing and fastidious prep work is key. Choose a time of year in your region when the temperature isnt too cold or hot or the weather too wet. The paint can will have the proper temperature range listed.

You might have some wiggle room with these high and low temperatures, depending on the type of paint you use but these general guidelines hold. That means for most folks, youll be able to paint an outdoor concrete patio throughout the year, with the exception of very cold winter days or very hot direct sun summer days.

You will want to paint your concrete patio outside of your regions wet season. Rain or snow will affect how the paint adheres to the concrete and how it dries, so choose a time of year when you know youll have proper dry time. The side of the paint can label will usually provide dry times to touch and to walk on. If youre painting a covered outdoor concrete patio, or a garage floor, you can paint if its wet out, just make sure water cant leak onto the slab and ruin your work.

Pull Together Decor For An Outdoor Room Or Just Cover Up An Ugly Surface With An Indoor/outdoor Rug Built To Weather Rain And More

How Can I Make My Concrete Patio Look Better?

Promising review:Love this rug. These were recommended by a friend for use on my outdoor patio. They are terrific. So easy to clean and no matter what the weather brings, they always look fantastic. And they make my outdoors look like a living room. Great, inexpensive way to spruce up a backyard.

Get it from Amazon for .

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Hire A Professional To Paint Your Concrete Patio

A final note on painting your outdoor concrete patio: while many homeowners DIY this project, we strongly recommend hiring a professional. It might seem like just a concrete patio, but this painting project is actually tricky to execute properly. The prep work, especially, can be tough work for the average weekend warrior, and sealant and paint application must be done 100% correctly to ensure the life of the project.

A professional will also guarantee their work and finish the project quickly so you can get to enjoying your freshly painted outdoor concrete patio as soon as possible. Most will offer a free consultation, as well.

Diy Cement Tile Concrete Patio

Get here free instructions about how to turn a plain solid concrete patio into a cement tile oasis. The makeover is pretty smart, and you will just love it. Mark the lines with chalk for 8×8 tiles and then use the Edco Walk-Behind Downcut Saw that you could also take on rent, to cut expansion joints. Next, use a grinder to dig the lines more and finish with paint. southernrevivals

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How To Transform An Old Cracked Concrete Patio

If you have got bored with the old concrete patio that has cracks, and is looking tired, then think of a quick concreting backyard makeover it. Get here instructions about how to transform your cracked patio with the rust-oleum stone effect. The project will cost you much less, for sure. Details here thehappyhousie

What Can I Cover My Concrete Patio With

How to repair your Cracked Conrete and make your Patio look NEW!

So far, weve seen several ways you can improve your concrete patio appearancessome of the ideas fit in with this topic. For instance, staining is one way you can cover a concrete patio.

Here is a highlight of some of the materials you may use to cover a concrete patio.

  • Painting a solid color or pattern is a great way to cover a patio
  • You can also use a rug to cover the patio
  • Again, staining is an excellent way to change the appearance of a dull concrete patio
  • Paving ideas make an excellent concrete patio cover
  • Laying tiles
  • Lack decking floor

You can try some of these ideas as fun DIY, or you can hire a professional to do so.

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Add Steel Pipe Edging Around The Perimeter Of Your Garden

When creating your garden layout, you may want to section off any designated planting areas. This can be done simply using discarded steel piping, which is cut into sections of a desired size using bench sheers. These pieces of pipe are then inserted into the ground and filled with soil, in which you are able to plant smaller seeds and succulents. If you are not keen on the rustic look, be sure to treat your pipes first using a colored primer.

St 10 List How To Makeover Concrete Patio For Small Backyard Entries :

10 Ideas How to Makeover Concrete Patio for a Small Backyard Poster

Next list is basically transcription version of video our team have uploaded and pasted above this section. It comes with reference link that you can find on the bottom of this post. We hope you can enjoy complete learning experience from this post and lets start the count down.

10. Bamboo Outdoor Dining Room Project Idea

Do you happen to see your weary concrete patio with mossy surface? Its no longer as appealing as it used to be, right? Dont worry! You can resurface it so that you get a brand new concrete patio on the cheap.To resurface a concrete patio, you need to clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt, oil, grease, and moss. Try to do perform this task with a high-strength pressure washer. Mix the concrete resurfacer and begin to apply it. Bear in mind that concrete resurfacer sets quickly. Therefore, you will need to section your working area so that youll have enough time for the finishing touch before it begins to set.Once the resurfacing process is done, cover the pergola posts with bamboo panels to get a brand new look as well as privacy. Besides, the panels will also provide a little bit of Asian style in your backyard.

9. Paint the Concrete Patio

8. Erect the Pergola

7. Wrap the Pergola around with Climber

6. Prep it for a New Social space

5. Stain It

4. Cover It with Deck

3. Opt for Geometric Style

2. Stencil It

Lastly number 1. Complete it with A Rug Made of Concrete

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Install Exterior Mirrors To Create The Illusion Of Space In Your Garden

While this may sound odd, clean and simple mirrors can be strategically placed in your garden to create the illusion of space. Whether you want to use interior mirrors or create a product that has been recycled from old windows is unimportant, as long as you fit them securely and position them in a way that makes your back garden appear bigger in size.

Roll On Accent Color Mud Gray With Faux Roller

Concrete Patio Resurfacing &  Repair

So next I used Mud Gray, the 2nd accent color using the same method with the faux roller. It has a muddy brown tone and really smushes all the colors together giving it more of a real stone look. The roller has those little tails on it that move the paint around and gives it that stone look.

I loved it already just from this look and knew that once the tape came up it would look great. The 2nd color really gives it more depth and a little more brown tone which I love because it goes well with our siding color.

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Seal Over Tape With Primer

A tip I got from Peter Daich was to then go back with a brush and seal down the tape lines with the primer again. This ensures that there will be minimal seepage of the next coats of paint under the tape. The tape stays on until all of the layers are completed and comes up just before the clear coats go on. Marks red rolling stool helped my back a lot on this process! I rolled around the patio painting lines.

Once they are all painted over, the tape disappears, but its going to do its job under there and give me a gorgeous look when finished. This is a layer by layer, step by step process, but I think its totally worth the effort! I would do it again in a minute.

Taped and ready for the next coat.

How Can I Make My Concrete Patio Look Better

Nancy GarciaExterior DesignPatio 0

If youre remodeling or building a new patio, then you need to have this question answered what can I use for my concrete patio cover? You might think that you can do away with the old patio and build a new one, but the truth is that you will end up paying more for it, and most people dont have the budget for that.

However, there are plenty of alternatives to your patio, such as a walkway, gazebo, trellis, decks, terrace, and much more. One thing to remember, though, if you want to cover your patio with something like this, it has to be very durable and withstand the weather better than concrete. A solid wooden deck, for example, will last much longer than a concrete patio, so get one today!

If you are reading this, you must be dealing with a dull-looking concrete patio at home. Numerous methods are available for you to make your concrete patio look better. Here are a few options that you can try. All you have to do is to take a look at these methods and then make the decision to move forward with the best one out of them.

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Amazing Backyard Patio With Fire Pit And Lush Garden

10 Ideas How to Makeover Concrete Patio for Small Backyard

Here is a professional project by Alderwood Landscaping that I am positively in awe of. Originally, this home had a totally plain, standard backyard. Afterward, the landscapers transformed it into a lush garden paradise. It has a feel of privacy, comfort, and even a sense of the exotic. What a way to get away from it all without going anywhere!

Source: seattle.curbed

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Include Contours With Pavers

A settled concrete piece is basic, however, you could include contours about your concrete outdoor patio area with the assistance of pavers. For circumstances, you might include a fifty percent circle away to produce a terminate match location. Or utilize pavers to the boundary off a round yard at one edge of your outdoor patio area.

You could see exactly just how we included a rounded keeping wall surface throughout our yard outdoor patio area job, bonus a coordinating terminate match.

This is such a quiet method to transform a concrete outdoor patio area.

Prepping Your Outdoor Concrete Patio

Yes, concrete is hardy and can withstand lots of wear and tear over the years. This fact doesnt mean you should slap a coat of paint on it right away.

First, youll want to make sure the concrete is as clean as possible. For newer outdoor concrete patios, you might be able to get away with a good scrub with a solution of TSP and water. Make sure to rinse the patio and let it fully dry after this step. Muriatic acid is often called upon for extremely dirty concrete surfaces.

For older patios or especially dirty surfaces , power washing is the way to go. We strongly recommend bringing in a professional for this project, as the wrong power washing setting and solution can cause more damage to your outdoor concrete patio, or even strip it of its sealant.

Next, fill in and sand any holes and cracks. You might need to remove any old spackling or mortar and refill. This step is where the real elbow grease comes in, since you will want your surface to be as smooth as possible before you apply new sealant or paint. Again, we recommend bringing in the professionals for this type of project, as your prep work can take hoursif not daysto complete on your own.

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Create A Waterproof Frame Filled With Flat Stones To Wash Your Feet After Frolicking

Frolicking outdoors can create mess, and the last thing you want to do is tread this back into your house. So after a day playing with your children or gardening, why not rinse off your feet and hands outdoors with a DIY frame? Simply craft a wooden box and coat it in waterproof sealant before filling it with flat stones and placing it near your back door. You can then wash using a fresh water supply, while also giving your feet or hands a smooth massage.

+ Nice Ideas How To Makeover Concrete Patio For Small Backyards

Concrete Patio Resurfacing

Making your own wonderful patios mean that you need more efforts than just preparing some chairs and expecting for the best result. It means that you need to shape the artistic vision and transform that vision become a true reality. Many experts add some elements such as rattan, teak and white wood with the beautiful prints and your garden will look so great around the pool. While those elements may out of your reach, at least now, you can add DIY string lights, firepit and so on.You can check some ideas below.

As always this list is compiled for you by and to complete your experience I have completed the list with relevant video, texts, and also images from our sister site Tavernierspa.

Intro : Concrete is renowned for its durability. For this reason, many people use this material to make driveways, pathways, stepping-stones, or even patios.Although concrete patio is durable and long-lasting, it doesnt mean that it will always look standout. Just like other materials, it can be worn and weathered due to the prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, and weather conditions. This is why you have to do a makeover to bring back its striking look. Related to that concern, check out these next 10+ project ideas on how to makeover concrete patio for small backyard. For more ideas or different learning experience, follow reference link or play next awesome video.

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