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How To Make Your Own Patio Cleaner

Patio Screen Door Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning a patio screen door is important to maximize air flow through the screen, to make sure the door tracks open and close at peak efficiency, and to reduce allergens like fungus, mold, dead bugs, and tree sap. It’s a task that’s often ignored or put off until the grime is so bad one can hardly see outside anymore. But inevitable cleaning must be done. The good news is that the process of screen cleaning is simple and only requires a little time and the right cleaning supplies.

Step 1 – Gather the Right Cleaning Supplies

You’ll need some sort of cleaner to clean a patio screen door. Pressurized water through a garden hose will only work at removing the surface dust and won’t actually clean the grime and allergens the way water combined with a cleaner will. You can purchase almost any commercial household cleaner to do the job. But sometimes it’s easier, more affordable and more environmentally friendly to make your own. One easy screen cleaning mix you can make involves combining in a spray bottle 1 part water with 1 part ammonia. This mixture can cut through almost any type of grime including grease.

Step 2 – The Process of Screen Cleaning

Step 3 – Don’t Forget the Roller and Tracks

How To Clean Decking

Washing the deck with your homemade deck cleaning solution works best on a not-too-hot, not-too-sunny day so that the water doesnt dry up before you have a chance to finish.

If you have a large deck, you may want to clean sections of it at a time to make sure the oxygen bleach solution doesnt dry on the boards .

1. Before applying your DIY deck cleaner, soak the deck with the hose. ;This will open up the wood pores and make it easier to get rid of the dirt. I also use it to clean out any debris that may have gathered in the cracks between the boards.

2. Use the deck brush to spread the oxygen bleach cleaning solution over the deck. ;If your deck has a pretty thick layer of dirt and algae like mine did, youll need to scrub a little to get it into the grooves.

3. Leave the solution on the deck for about 10 minutes.

4. Then wash it off with the hose. ;You can see the green;coming off with the water!

If you have some really dirty spots, you may need to give them a second treatment. ;I usually use the slip testif the boards are still slippery when wet, theres still algae left on the surface

After it dries, your deck will look as good as new.

How To Remove The Musty Smell From Your Upholstered Furniture

It can be nice to have upholstered furniture in your home, as its cozy and comfortable. However, it can have a musty smell after a few years, and it isnt easy to remove. Finding Home has an unusual suggestion for removing the musty smell. It takes only a few minutes and the blogger swears it works!

To find out what unusual thing you can do to remove the musty smell from your upholstered furniture, go to the link: How to Get Rid of the Old Musty Smell From Vintage Upholstered Furniture.

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Clear The Patio And Mix Cleaner

After you have removed everything from the patio, mix a solution of one part chlorine bleach to two parts water in a plastic bucket or spray bottle. You will need to protect the lawn and shrubbery from the solution with old towels or plastic sheeting. The bleach will burn and possibly kill greenery. Always wear old clothes to prevent bleach spotting and protective eyewear for safety.

Need Help Pressure Washing

Make Your Own Miracle Concrete Patio Cleaner

If you pressure wash your pavers correctly, it will help your property look good as new. However, don’t fret if you don’t want to handle pressure washing on your ownit can be intimidating because you don’t want to ruin your patio and displace the pavers. Instead, rely on the experts who know how to pressure wash your pavers with care and efficiency. Labor Panes soft touch wash is safe for all types of surfaces and our team is highly trained to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today for a free quote to clean any part of your home’s exteriorwe do it all from pavers, windows, gutters, siding, and more.

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Using A Surface Cleaner To Clean Concrete & Patio Pavers

Enter; surface cleaner!

Using a surface cleaner to clean up your stone or brick patio pavers is the #1 method for overall efficiency. It takes much less time and produces a completely even clean.

These machines are almost impossible to rent from local shops and can be extremely expensive to purchase outright, but most professional power washing companies will have a high-quality surface cleaner as part of their arsenal.

How To Clean A Concrete Patio

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Concrete patios and driveways are practical, affordable, and durable. With design innovations like adding color stains, stamping, and sealers, concrete is no longer just a hard, dull gray surface and has even moved inside the home as an interior floor or countertop. Even though outdoor concrete is exposed to harsh weather and lots of use, with just a bit of care, concrete patios can look beautiful for decades.

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How Do You Clean A Concrete Driveway Without A Pressure Washer

drivewaywashingdrivewaywashingdrivewayGive a tired patio or paving slabs a makeover

  • Make sure your patio or slabs are clean and dry. That means, removing moss, algae and grease.
  • To remove moss and algae, sweep the patio with a stiff broom. If there’s thick coverage, we suggest using a fungicide.
  • To remove grease, use our Oil & Grease Remover.
  • Please follow the instruction below on how to clean paving slabs with bleach & water to achieve perfectly clean and weed free paving slabs.

  • Remove all patio furniture.
  • Sweep clean the area to remove all loose dirt.
  • Wet the patio slabs with clean water.
  • Mix the bleach with water in a watering can.
  • Easy Recipes For A Homemade Concrete Cleaner

    I built a cover for my patio. How to build a covered patio DIY video.

    Before cleaning your concrete or even staining your deck, you need to get rid of dirt and leaves that may be on the surface. Sweep or use a blower to get rid of loose debris first. If you will be sealing your concrete after cleaning or need to clean a deck before staining, look over our recipes for stain removal to bring back the original color of the material.

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    Make Your Own Composite Deck Cleaner / How To Clean A

    ;¬∑Make Your Own Composite Deck Cleaner / How To Clean A Trex Composite Deck : A deck cleaner can safely get rid of layers of grime without stripping the deck paint or wood of oils or making it however, it can be overwhelming if you’re new to owning a deck, and it’s this deck cleaner works very well on patio furniture, brick, vinyl, wood composite, wood, stone, cement, the.

    Bonus Tips For Cleaning Concrete Floors With Homemade Cleaners

    Use a broomstick and a dustpan to get rid of any dirt and debris on your patio or driveway before you start cleaning it with homemade cleaners. You can also use a vacuum for concrete floor to remove debris quicker.

    If you own a pressure washer, you can clean the area easier. It can remove dirt, mold, and lighter stains easier.

    Then, pour a bucket of warm water on the surface, to clean the surface easier.

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    Homemade Concrete Cleaners The Truth

    The truth about homemade cleaners for concrete is that they work. Some combinations are more effective than others, but these cleaners are just as effective as store-bought cleaning products. In most cases, DIY cleaners arent toxic, easy to make, and budget-friendly.

    The home concrete cleaner remedies include various ingredients. But, I find vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, laundry detergent, and bleach as most effective in mixing with water to make cleaners.

    Have you tried homemade cleaners for concrete before? What worked the best for you?

    Like and share the article if you enjoy it, and come back for more cleaning tips!

    Natural Concrete Cleaning Solution For Pressure Washers

    How To Clean and Stain Your Deck. (Make your own cleaner ...

    Power washers are by far the most accessible tool to use when trying to clean the exterior of your home, especially when it comes to concrete. If made right, a homemade concrete cleaning solution for pressure washer can kill off mold, too.

    To start making your solution, pour one gallon of water into a bucket. Try to get the water to a hot temperature. Then, add baking soda little by little and stir while adding the baking soda until it has dissolved into the water. Add in one quart of household bleach and dish detergent, then mix slowly to avoid the suds from overpowering the bucket.

    Once this natural cleaner is mixed together, pour it into the pressure washer and follow the directions for the tool as stated on the packaging for the best DIY cleaning result.

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    Mildew And Algae Eliminator

    If you live in a region with a high level of moisture in the weather, you may encounter issues with mildew and/or algae on your deck. This is especially true if the deck is regularly in a shaded area, and this development of bacteria can be unhealthy and unsightly.

    You will need:

    • Trisodium phosphate
    • Powdered oxygen bleach
    • Warm Water


  • Use 1.5 cups of TSP to every two gallons of warm water.
  • Throw in 1 cup of the bleach if there is an excessive amount of mold. If you are concerned about too strong of a mixture, start with only one cup of TSP and be sure to always use powdered oxygen bleach because liquid chlorine bleach can damage the wood.
  • Wash down your deck with the hose, which opens up the wood and makes it much simpler to clean. Then, use a scrub brush attached to a long pole or handle so you are not down on your hands and knees breathing in the TSP and bleach.
  • Hose off the mixture and repeat if necessary.
  • Natural Concrete Cleaner: Clean Concrete Patio Without All The Junk

    Like I mentioned, our patio has rust and paint stains from the previous owner. Eventually, wed like to tile it but for now, I began researching how to clean cement patio with the least amount of chemicals possible. Since my kids play on it and our lawn is adjacent, I didnt want to risk the chemicals running off into our green space. Keeping this natural concrete cleaner recipe as simple as possible was a big priority.

    Thats when I came across washing soda. Cleaning patios with vinegar wasnt a surprise, but washing soda? How have I never heard of washing soda before? Its not edible, like baking soda, but also more abrasive; making it a great detergent for a patio cleaner and perfect to clean concrete.

    Obviously, this is super labor intensive , But I felt better knowing my natural patio cleaner wouldnt harm our grass.

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    Using A Pressure Washing Wand To Clean Brick Patio Pavers & Flat Surfaces

    If you rent a power washer from your local equipment shop or buy a machine from a big-box store like Home Depot, youll be stuck using a wand for power cleaning;your surfaces.

    Its a horribly inefficient method; one that can lead to hours upon hours of frustration for homeowners who thought cleaning their patio or front walkway would be easy with pressure washer

    Each year, I receive dozens of calls from these homeowners and when I show up at their home, most of the surfaces look like zebras . I feel bad because its not their fault! Most patio paver cleaning videos;online make cleaning large surfaces look easy! But problems start to creep up when you using inefficient methods

    What About Concrete With Mold Or Mildew On It

    How to Build a Patio: DIY Paver Patio | The Home Depot

    This solution can also work for concrete with moldy or mildewed areas. If your concrete is especially bad, you can add in some tea tree oil to kill the mildew. This also removes the stains too. You can read more about using tea tree oil for mold in this DIY mold remover post. If you dont have tea tree oil or dont want to use it, this homemade concrete cleaner will still be effective due to the addition of baking soda and peroxide. They work together as an anti-fungal, but also whiten and remove the stains from mildew.

    We have had many people get upset when we mention using tea tree oil because it can be toxic to pets, so I am including an important tip for those who decide to try adding in some tea tree oil for mold on concrete. Yes, tea tree oil is toxic to animals. However, most essential oils and cleaning products in general are toxic to animals. If you know your pet will be around your patio during cleaning or shortly after, then dont use it. If you keep your pet away while cleaning, they can return to the area once patio is rinsed and dried.

    Always use precautions when cleaning around animals or children, but especially when using essential oils.

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    Backyard Paver Patio With Garden Accessories

    Garden Backyard Paver Patio with Chairs Umbrella Plants Pots Trees and Decoration

    Jit Lim

    Patios take a beating over the years. You keep the floors of you house clean, so keep your patio clean as well. Spring is a good time to clean so youre ready for peak patio season. Heres how to clean a cement patio.;

    Move plants, furniture and other accessories off the patio. Sweep the surface to remove dirt and debris. Remove the weeds that may have grown along the edges or between the cracks in the pavers.

    For a lightly soiled patio, you can remove dirt with a cleaner and a stiff brush. You can use bleach mixed with water. Add 1/8 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent to the solution and put into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the surface, let sit for a few minutes and then scrub with a stiff nylon-bristled brush. Dont use a metallic brush because it can leave metal bits on the concrete that rust and stain the patio. If you have flowerbeds surrounding your patio, protect them as well. Bleach will harm the plants. Rinse the bleach off with the hose. Oxygen bleach is a safer option. Dilute with water and spray on the patio, then rinse off. For tough stains, mix;oxygen bleach with water to make a paste the consistency of peanut butter. Apply to stained areas and let sit for an hour. Scrub with a nylon-bristle brush.

    You;can also make natural, eco-friendly cleaners from ingredients in your kitchen.;

    Make Your Own Organic Concrete Patio Cleaners At Home

    When concrete patios become dirty and water is not enough to make it clean again, there are cleaning products that are being sold in local stores. If you are not a fan of the chemicals found in commercial products, why not choose the natural route? They are as effective but a lot safer for you, your kids, pets, and even plants. Here are a few you could mix up on your own:

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    Kids Safe Hardwood Floor Cleaner

    This mom is awesome! She has taught her kids to pitch in and help out from a young age. She said even her four-year-old knows how to pitch in and help mop the floors. I think that is amazing!

    But she wanted to use cleaning agents that she didnt have to worry about with her children. Her homemade floor cleaner is water, dish soap, and vinegar. It is kid friendly and works well according to her post.

    Keeping Concrete Countertops Clean

    Homemade Deck Cleaner: The Best Inexpensive Non Toxic DIY ...

    The best defense mechanism against a dirty countertop is to seal it completely. Think of it this way: unsealed countertops encourage stains, and sealed countertops shoo them away.

    If you purchased a countertop, chances are the company you hired to install the countertop used a concrete sealer to keep the counter stable. However, over time, seals can fade. In turn, this means that the countertop in your home should be re-coated every few years to prevent stains from showing up.

    One way to make sure its time to re-seal your countertop is to check whether water still beads when present on the surface. If it doesnt bead, youll want to start looking into sealing quartz countertops.

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    Homemade Powdered Bleach Scrub

    This deck cleaner relies on powdered oxygen bleach laundry cleaner to kill algae and mildew. In addition, it prevents the building of wasp nests and keeps yellow jackets away.

    It is milder than liquid bleaches and needs to be used soon after it is made. Use this solution for decks that are in good condition without major stains and for cleaning between yearly scrubbings.

    • 2 cups powdered oxygen laundry cleaner
    • 1/4 cup liquid dish soap

    Mix the powdered bleach and water until it is completely dissolved, then add the dish soap and stir gently. It is my preferred homemade deck cleaner for a pressure washer.

    If you have cleaned your deck as I recommended, and you still have mildew stains, try applying a solution of half and half bleach and water and scrubbing it in. This solution is very strong, so do not breathe the fumes. Let the bleach stand for 15 minutes before washing it away.

    Do not use full strength bleach or commercial bleach. Also, realize that you do need to scrub the cleaner into the deck. Unfortunately, elbow grease is required, unless you have a pressure washer.

    >> Further Tip: In case you need a more delicate wooden floor cleaner, make sure you check our DIY wood floor cleaner recipes tips.

    I hope that this article helped you find the right deck cleaning solution for you and gave you the information you need to keep your deck in shape. This article is about cleaning the deck, but I do advise you to apply a sealer when you have it clean.


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