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How To Paint Cement Patio

How To Paint And Stencil A Concrete Porch Or Patio Floor

How to paint concrete patio with Behr Granite Grip floor covering

Stenciled painted concrete patio or porch how-to instructions.

supplies needed:

  • Valspar Porch, Floor and Patio Paint Base color used: Stone Mountain
  • Paint brush for painting around edges of floors
  • Paint roller with a 3/4 nap roller cover
  • Paint roller pole

Time needed:;2 days.

How to Paint and Stencil a Concrete Porch or Patio Floor using a Cutting Edge Design Stencil.

  • Prep Concrete Floor

    Power wash the floor or scrub well with hot water and detergent or TSP. Rinse well and let dry.

  • Add a Coat of Concrete Primer

    This is an important step, so dont skip it. Roll on one coat of concrete primer. It goes on white, but will dry clear. Let dry for one hour. After one to four hours you will need to add the first coat of paint.

  • Roll On Base Coat of Paint

    When stenciling a floor you need two colors of paint. Use a 1/2 nap paint roller to apply one light coat of base paint color. Let dry. Apply second coat of base color paint and let dry at least 4 hours or overnight.

  • Figure Out Where To Start Stenciling

    When using a stencil you need to figure out where the best place is to start. Make sure to read the directions that come with the stencil. You want to consider what part of the floor you see first as this is where you want to make sure a full tile shows up. Then against a far wall would be where the stencil ends and it may not be a full tile.

  • Let Dry

    Check the dry time on the paint label on how long you need to let it dry before walking over it or placing furniture back on.

  • Kilz L378601 Decorative Concrete Paint

    This is another paint from KILZ that will give your patio and concrete surfaces the protection they need. Also, it is a produces a very attractive look and is suitable for your patio, garage floor, driveways, and porches. The paint is slip-resistant, making it perfect for places high traffic areas. Unlike some paints that peel or crack after some time, the KILZ L378601 Decorative Concrete Paint doesnt crack and it doesnt peel.;

    The quality and its decorative effect make it one of the best paints for patios and concrete surfaces. One gallon of this KILZ decorative paint will cover about 50 square feet when applied in double coat.

    How To Paint Your Front Porch

    When I first saw our house, I fell in love with the front porch. It had so much potential, I just knew it! The whole exterior needs a lot of work. I have big plans for it and itll all happen this fall! To kick off the porch renovation, I decided to paint the front porch!


    The maroon red floors werent doing it any favors though . I have big plans to install pink front doors and I thought that a grey would work better with the pink. And show less dirt!

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    How To Paint Your Concrete Steps Or Patio

    Ive received a lot of questions about the color on our concrete patio, so I thought it was about time I finally do a post to answer questions and give you some details on how to do it yourself!

    A few years back when we started this whole side yard project, we decided we wanted a dark color on our concrete. We were painting our brick house white, so we thought the deep gray would offer a nice contrast.

    Now, if you are pouring brand new concrete, you are able to order it stained from the start in a variety of colors so thats definitely the way to go if you have that option. That is actually what we did originally, but through a series of unfortunate events we ended up with half of the patio white and half gray. 🙂 Fancy, yes? Its a long story, but the bright side of this situation was that even though it was a bit of a disaster, we were able to solve it in the end.

    If you simply want to refresh your old concrete, its pretty easy. I remember painting concrete porch and steps years ago in one of our old houses and being so shocked by how simple it was! We were about to put our home up for sale and wanted our front doorway area to feel fresh and clean. What a difference the dark gray paint made! It made me wish we had done it sooner so we could have enjoyed it longer.

    Its so simple that its a project you can totally do at the beginning of the season every year or two to refresh it, especially if you dont have a huge porch or patio.

    Happy day!

    How To Remove Spray Paint From Concrete

    How To Stain A Concrete Patio

    Are you looking to eradicate spray paint splatter? You may be able to remove it with a soapy solution and a bit of elbow grease. However, if that doesnt work, chemicals most likely will.

    We recommend using a mixture of trisodium phosphate and water to remove stubborn spray paint stains. Trisodium phosphate is a chemical compound that can be used to remove stains and grease from concrete. Its a common ingredient in many household cleaning products.


    Apply a generous amount of trisodium phosphate to the spray paint-affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes. This will enable it to permeate the porous surface of the concrete. After a short period, use a scrub brush to scour the loose paint.

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    What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On A Cement Patio

    Typically concrete paints are labeled to indicate the type of surface they are best suited for: Concrete porch and patio paints are acrylic latex paints designed to resist fading, scuffing, peeling, and UV damage. They come in low-luster and gloss finishes and can also be used on interior concrete floors.

    Painting Concrete: How To Choose Colors And Apply Paint

    GotziLA STOCK / Shutterstock

    Just about any surface can be transformed with a fresh coat of paint, and concrete is no exception. Depending on the application and the look you want to achieve, paint is a viable option for adding instant color to lackluster gray concrete.

    But is painting concrete a good idea? And if you do decide to paint, what are the best products to use? Read on to get answers to these and other common questions about painting concrete.

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    Painting Your Concrete Porch: All The Questions Answered

    It can be hard at first to decide which paint to use and how to actually paint a porch. This is a not very complicated process, but it takes some time to understand what and how you should do the painting.

    You should consider many things when choosing a paint and doing the actual painting: weather, size of the porch, the color you want, etc.

    To help you not to lose your mind, here is a compilation of all the popular questions answered. Here you can find the most detailed guides and explanations on how to paint a concrete porch and choose the right products.

    How To Choose Paint For A Concrete Surface

    How to Paint Concrete Patio Floors — DIY Project

    Concrete surfaces require special paint because otherwise there might be no effect or it will not last for a long time. One of the best choices would be acrylic and two-part epoxy paints. If the surface you need to paint is used a lot and people often walk on it , the paint you choose should be durable.

    In case you would like to paint your walls as well, you dont have to pick a paint with a strong effect. For example, you can get latex paint for your walls inside the house and acrylic for exterior walls. But when you finished painting a porch and something is left, you can use these materials to apply to other surfaces as well.

    Another thing you should consider when choosing paint for the porch is how exposed the surface is to the sunlight or rains. Not all paints will be able to last for a long time if the porch is constantly under the bright sun. Things like weather conditions and heat or cold should always be taken into account since you might make a mistake if you decide to buy just regular paint.

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    Best Outdoor Paint For Concrete Porch Reviews And Buyers Guide

    April 9, 2021 By Richard Jenkins

    A porch has always been something that can be associated with quiet time free from distractions and any worries. Those who want to have some rest and relaxation, can always go to a porch in the afternoon and staying there for a while might bring peace to your mind. To make sure this place remains the most calming corner of your house, you should take good care of it.

    One of the most common types of materials that are used for porches is concrete. It is cheap and durable, so it is not a surprise that it is one of the most popular choices among house owners. But after some time of using it, many people notice how boring its color is and decide to change the situation and paint their concrete porch.

    The Best Time To Paint Your Concrete Patio

    Like any paint job, good timing and fastidious prep work is key. Choose a time of year in your region when the temperature isnt too cold or hot or the weather too wet. The paint can will have the proper temperature range listed.;

    You might have some wiggle room with these high and low temperatures, depending on the type of paint you use but these general guidelines hold. That means for most folks, youll be able to paint an outdoor concrete patio throughout the year, with the exception of very cold winter days or very hot direct sun summer days.

    You will want to paint your concrete patio outside of your regions wet season. Rain or snow will affect how the paint adheres to the concrete and how it dries, so choose a time of year when you know youll have proper dry time. The side of the paint can label will usually provide dry times to touch and to walk on. If youre painting a covered outdoor concrete patio, or a garage floor, you can paint if its wet out, just make sure water cant leak onto the slab and ruin your work.;

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    Best For Your Walls: Rtg Supply Co Concrete Paint

    RTG Supply Co., which sells almost exclusively through Amazon, offers great interior and exterior concrete paint for the money. At $29.99 for a quart, this paint is a little more expensive than some others in the lineup, but it doesnt require any primer or applicator . It also extends pretty far, as a quart will completely cover 80100 square feet.

    RTG Supply Co paints are available in four colors: white, light gray, sand, and amber/clear. This paint is UV stable to resist fading in sunlight and has high ratings for ease of use. This product is not made to be as tough as a garage or driveway paint, so take that into consideration if your wall faces a yard thats mowed often and will have debris thrown on it.

    Price on Amazon: $29.99

    Painted Concrete Patio Designs

    Pin by Elizabeth Brown on Pool and Patio Ideas

    Nothing can bring down an outdoor space more than a neglected concrete patio cracked and faded by the sun. The good news is that painting a sad concrete patio is a simple design fix that will cheer up your outdoor space with a little time and elbow grease and without a huge hit to your budget.

    Just remember to resurface or repair any cracks before painting your patio using concrete-friendly paint. And don’t forget to treat your DIY painted concrete masterpiece to a regular cleaning to maintain its good looks.

    Check out these painted concrete patio designs in a variety of stylesfrom bold stripes to eye-catching geometrics to faux cement-tile stenciled patternsto inspire your outdoor space makeover.

  • 01 of 15

    DIY and interiors blogger Hayley Stuart chose a graphic black-and-white stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs for her spacious backyard patio renovation project that sets the tone for her mix of boho chic outdoor furnishings and decor and makes the outdoor space feel as finished as any room in the house.

    “One thing I must stress about anyone considering painting or stenciling their patio is that it is NOT a permanent solution and WILL require annual maintenance to keep it looking fresh,” Stuart writes on her blog in a follow-up post a year after she completed the makeover. “If youre prepared to put the work and time in, then I promise it is 100% worth it because it looks so effective.”

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    Is It Better To Paint Or Stain Concrete Patio

    Concrete stain embeds the surface to color it translucently, while opaque concrete paint covers the top of the concrete but is subject to chipping and peeling when improperly applied. Concrete stains go on quicker, dry faster and take less work than concrete paint, but they offer no significant protection.

    How To Paint A Porch Floor With Concrete Paint

    One project that Ive thought about doing for years is updating my porch floor with concrete paint. This year I moved it up on the priority list and finally got it done. It has made such a tremendous difference that I cant believe I didnt do this sooner!

    This is how it looked before. I had removed the furniture and power washed it about a week or two before I took this photo. You can hardly tell it was even power washed because the concrete was badly stained.

    What You Will Need to Paint Concrete*:

    Olympic Maximum Stain and Sealer in 2 contrasting shades


    One reason I waited so long to do this is that I wanted to do a good amount of research before choosing a concrete paint. Using something that would hold up to the elements and daily foot traffic was most important. I had used Behr granite grip on a small patch of concrete in my backyard and that has held up well for over a year. However, that is not the look I wanted for the front so I had to find something else.

    My plan was to paint this to look like wood planks, much in the same way I did the painted shiplap wall in my bedroom. One day on Instagram I saw another bloggers video showing how well her painted concrete porch floor;had held up after two years. After contacting her, I was confident with choosing the same paint she used. Its called Olympic Maximum and its actually a stain that comes in colors much like paint.

    How to Paint Concrete:

    Dont Miss This Trick!

    Porch Decor

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    How To Paint A Concrete Patio

    Make your old, stained concrete porch look beautiful again by learning how to paint a concrete porch. This detailed tutorial will show you how to clean the porch, then make it look fabulous with paint!

    The back covered patio at our house has needed a new paint job since the day we moved in. But you know how projects get pushed to the bottom of the list, right?

    Weve pressure washed it almost every summer, but this summer I decided enough was enough and went to Lowes for some porch floor paint. I knew it would make this space look and feel a lot better.

    Lets look at some before pics

    Yikes, right?! It looked bad. Also, my next purchase is a new grill cover. LOL Its seen better days for sure. Ha!

    I found the paint supplies I needed at Lowes and they have a special cement floor primer, so I feel certain that this will look good for years to come.

    Diamond Brite Paint 31150 5

    How to remove a sealer or paint off a concrete patio

    The manner of application doesnt really matter when it comes to this paint; it can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. As you can probably deduce from the name, it is a very versatile paint that can be used on wood, concrete, plaster, metal, and on more surfaces.;

    It provides a durable finish that will resist fading, peeling, or cracking. Also, it resists mildew and mold growth well, while preventing damage and making it easier for you to get rid of stains.

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    Did You Make This Project

    Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on

    While we went with bold colors and big thick stripes, you could easily customize this project to suit your tastes and style! The Porch and Floor Paint we used is really high quality stuff .

    The stripes were super simple to paint, but it did take a lot longer than I thought it would. Relatively speaking, it wasnt that long but I thought the base coat of white for example would only take an hour. Painting the concrete took nearly 3 hours! My tip is to take your time, and put on some good music or a podcast!

    You also need to factor in dry times. I like to let each coat dry *at least* overnight . Ultimately its your choice, but follow the instructions on the paint can for best results!

    I tried to use the delicateFrogtape when it was time to add the stripes but it didnt work at all. The tape wouldnt stick to the concrete and we didnt end up having any problems with the regular Frogtape on the fresh paint.


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