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What Kind Of Paint For Concrete Patio

How To Paint A Concrete Patio Stains & Cracks

How to Make Old Concrete Look New! Painting Concrete Patio DIY!

Some of our problems:

  • lots of staining from spills
  • water splash staining from rain and snow
  • plant debris staining it just blows onto the patio constantly!

This big stain pictured below, in particular, even after working with it and the pressure washer, it just wouldnt get off!

The cracks were already filled with silicone, which the paint cant stick to.; So we had to clean that out, but because of a lot of settling over the years the pieces had lifted the to slightly different levels, so we chose to grind them down.; Justin used a handheld plugin grinder and a diamond bit grinder blade in about a 4 inch diameter.

Poor Guy!; This work was pretty back breaking for sure and DUSTY!!

All ground down the cracks now looked like this:

How Long Did It Take To Paint And Stencil The Floor

It took a few hours over a two day period to paint and stencil the floor.

Since we used porch and floor paint we did not need to seal it.

The overall pattern is subtle with just enough color and pattern to make the porch look more inviting.

If you would like to try stenciling a floor, wall or a table top, there are dozens of allover stencil patterns you can use to fit your decorating style.

Check all the beautiful designs here: Cutting Edge Stencils and more how-to stencil tips.

How Do I Get Good Results When Painting Concrete

Any concrete surface you intend to paint must be free of contaminants and existing coatings, sealers, or curing compounds. Otherwise, the paint will be unable to fully bond to the concrete. The concrete to be painted should also have a slight texture for proper paint adhesion. If the surface is extremely smooth or has a hard-troweled finish, it may need to be acid etched or mechanically abraded first. Much of this advice on preparing concrete floors before staining is also applicable to concrete paints.

Although priming is recommended for some concrete paints, many products are self-priming and can be applied directly to bare concrete. Be sure to follow the paint manufacturers recommendations. Also adhere to the manufacturers guidance for minimum air and surface temperatures during application, especially when painting outdoor concrete surfaces. In most cases, temperatures should be above 50° F.

For paint to adhere properly, the concrete should also be dry and free of trapped moisture. An easy way to test the moisture content of concrete before painting is to duct tape an 18-inch square of clear plastic onto the surface and leave it in place for 24 hours. If condensation collects under the plastic after that time, the concrete is too damp for paint application and needs additional drying time. Learn more about reducing bond failures caused by moisture-vapor transmission.

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Priming And Painting The Surface

As with painting any surface, it is best to use a high-quality primer first.

Once it dries, you are ready for the paint.

There are a number of paints that are specially formulated to stick to a patterned concrete surface, even a stamped one.

Because stamped concrete has lines, etchings, and pocks, you will need to use a masonry epoxy paint that fills the porous areas while spreading evenly across the surface.

Oil-based paint is generally preferred over latex versions because they are far more durable and will bind to the stenciled concrete surface quickly.

However, they are also somewhat more difficult to paint and will take longer to dry.

Can You Tile Over Stenciled Concrete Driveways

How to Paint a Concrete Patio With Tutorial & Tips

While you can install the tiles directly on stamped or stenciled concrete, there can be problems in case the concrete cracks or shifts.

In that case, cracks in concrete may get transferred to the tiles in the form of cracks in the tiles.

One good solution to overcome this problem is to maintain a gap of about 0.5 inches between each tile while laying.

Once the tiles are laid on the concrete base, you can fill the gaps with soil, sow the grass seeds and let the grass grow.

This will make your driveway, pavement and patio look awesome. ;;

Keep in mind that as the green grass grows you should avoid using your driveway for at least four to five weeks.

Generally, you should allow the grass enough time to grow completely on your concrete pavers.

If you do not want to recolor or use tiles, there are various different materials that can be added to your existing concrete;driveways and home pavements.

  • Terrazzo: This allows you to try different desired patterns
  • Flamed granite: Give your driveway a chic polished and rich look
  • Natural sandstone or Kota stone: Gives a most appealing elegant;natural look;

Besides the above, few other options that can be tried out include paver blocks, brick pavers, and interlocking pavers.

The Bottom Line

Redoing a stamped concrete patio or a driveway is a great way to enhance the overall look of your property.

The good thing is you can decorate it with varied styles and themes like the ones that imitate stones, tiles, marbles, textured, etc.

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Best Outdoor Paint For Concrete And Patios

Concrete outdoor surfaces can face a lot of wear and tear over time, but a fresh coat of paint can provide a welcome makeover. The best concrete paint or stain conceals discolorations and signs of damage while providing a protective coating that extends the life of the surface. This guide reviews the best outdoor paint for concrete and patios, including the different types of coatings for concrete and their applications.

Safety: Fumes and debris may be associated with any of the supplies needed to complete this project. Please take the appropriate safety measures.

Not every type of paint is suitable for concrete and patios. The best paints for concrete contain binders that allow the coating to contract and expand with concrete as it cools and warms.

  • Concrete porch and patio paints are frequently low-luster acrylic latex paints designed to conceal imperfections and resist fading, scuffing, cracking and UV damage.
  • Epoxy-based paints provide high durability and stain resistance, making them ideal for garage or patio floors.;
  • Masonry paints are designed for brick and other masonry applications, but also provide effective coatings for concrete.

Tip: Avoid using exterior house paints on concrete as they tend to crack and peel.

If your concrete porch and walkways are showing wear and tear, apply an acrylic latex porch and floor paint with a paint roller.;

How To Paint And Stencil A Concrete Porch Or Patio

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Painting a concrete porch floor will make it and the space around it look so much better. Why not take it one step further and stencil a design over it to make it look like a tiled, stone or brick floor. Stenciling is not hard and is a very budget-friendly way to get the look of costly wallpaper, floor tile or even an area rug.

I have used an allover stencil to hide the imperfections on the walls in my guest bath and even used one on a shower door. I have also used an allover stencil to create the look of wallpaper in the foyer of my previous home.

Last week I had the opportunity to paint a concrete porch using floor paint and a stencil.

I went into mom mode x 2. Ed and I went up to Charlottesville to watch our 2-year old granddaughter for a week while my older daughter and son-in-law went to California to look for a place to live. They are moving there in June. 🙁

My younger daughter also lives in Charlottesville and I got to spend lots of time with her and her boyfriend while also helping her paint and stencil the concrete front porch of their house.

As you can see from the BEFORE photo above, the concrete porch floor had been painted grey at one time, but was worn and ready for a paint makeover.

So we got to work to give this floor a whole new look using paint and an allover stencil to make the floor look like it was tiled in a herringbone design.

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Kilz 13511101 L341011 Interior/exterior Self

Acrylic latex paints are known for their good concealing properties, and this KILZ water base paint is just perfect for covering up uneven surfaces and damages. It is a self-priming paint and it is water-repellent, it comes with great adhesion that makes it stick well to interior and exterior surfaces. One gallon can cover up to 400 square feet, depending on how you apply it.

It doesnt matter if your patio has stucco or brick surfaces, this easy-to-apply KILZ paint will bring out the beauty and at the same time prevent mold and mildew growth. Also, the paint can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed.

What Is The Difference Between Concrete Stain And Concrete Paint

Concrete Patio Painting – DIY Home Improvement

The biggest difference between an acid-based concrete stain and paint is how they react with the concrete. Acid-based stains actually penetrate and react with the salts and minerals in concrete to impart rich, deep, translucent tones. Although the color is long lasting and wont chip or peel away, it can be unpredictable and will vary depending on the makeup of the concrete.

Concrete paint is non-reactive and fills the surface pores of the concrete to achieve opaque, uniform, consistent color. However, paint can chip and peel over time, especially if you dont prepare the surface properly.

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Our Current Backyard Patio

Take our back patio;for example. A month or two back I had spruced it up just in time for the Fourth of July. However, it has quickly gone downhill. Today Im going to share an option for a painted concrete patio makeover and we love the results we achieved!

From far away, the patio;just looks a little disorganized.

However, upon closer inspection, you can see it needs help. First up is the concrete. For whatever reason, there are multiple rust stains on all six of the concrete squares. I would say upwards of 25-30. You can also see other various staining and marks . The concrete is also highly textured and seems to accumulate dirt much easier because it has a little more grit/grip and the texture is not necessarily consistent.

Here you can see more of the concrete stains and variations.

The porch steps were;really scary. Although they are structurally sound, theyve obviously never been stained or sealed and were;covered in cobwebs, dead grass clippings, dead leaves, and dust/dirt. Dont judge!

The house itself under the covered patio, as well as all of the window frames, were equally as dirty which is crazy considering they were all clean just two short months ago. Another issue with the space was functionality. Because we have the courtyard with a more intimate seating area, we tend to use the back porch solely for grilling and smoking various foods. Two functions that dont exactly lead to spotless conditions.

Can I Color My Concrete Patio

There are numerous ways to color concrete, including adding the color integrally to the concrete mix or applying it to the surface in the form of color hardeners, stains or dyes. You can also combine various methods to achieve unique color effects. See these ideas for enhancing your concrete patio with color.

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Other Concrete Coating Options To Consider

As mentioned earlier,epoxy coatings can yield a stronger, longer-lasting finish than paint for certain applications. Epoxy coatings can also give you a more polished, glossy look, so its often recommended to use mix-in anti-slip compounds to offset the slicker finish.

Note: While a one-part paint with an epoxy additive can achieve some of these benefits, a true epoxy product will always have a two-part formula with the epoxy and a hardener additive.

Polyurea generally costs a little more than epoxy, and professional application is recommended, but its more flexible and abrasion-resistant than epoxy. Similarly, a polyurea coating can be very smooth, so anti-slip compound is recommended.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Paint To Color Concrete

How To Stain A Concrete Patio

You cant beat concrete paint if youre looking for a product that is:

  • Easy to apply
  • Offers a broad selection of colors
  • Provides good coverage

Unlike acid stains, which must be applied with a sprayer, you can apply most concrete paints with a simple paint brush or roller. Cleanup is easy as well, since most concrete paints are water-based acrylic latex formulas. Concrete paints are also safer to apply, especially indoors. When working with acid-based stains, its important to take precautionary measures because they often contain corrosive components that can cause eye and skin irritation and produce strong odors.

Like latex-based house paint, most concrete paints are tintable, giving you an endless array of color options. And because concrete paints are opaque and can be applied in multiple coats, they are great at hiding hairline cracks and other minor flaws in existing concrete, as opposed to a translucent stain which would allow those imperfections to show through.

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Kilz L573611 Porch And Patio Latex Floor Paint

The Best Porch Concrete Paint

If youre looking to update a space and want one single paint that you can use across many surfaces, the KILZ Porch and Patio Latex Floor Paint fits the bill! It can be applied to concrete, masonry, wood, and architectural plastic such as siding, even if it was previously primed or painted.

Like other KILZ products, its mildew resistant, and the thinner consistency means it can be rolled on, brushed on, or applied with a sprayer. Once cured, the coating is resistant to scuffing, fading, cracking, and peeling. A gallon of paint covers 300 to 400 square feet if the surface is smooth. It can be used indoors and out.

As the KILZ Porch and Patio Latex Floor Paint is suitable for a range of surface types, you can paint multiple surfaces in one area using one single type or color of paint.

Base MaterialDry to Touch TimeSize

How To Paint An Outdoor Concrete Patio

This article was co-authored by Scott Johnson. Scott Johnson is the Owner and Lead Design Consultant for Concrete Creations, Inc., an award-winning landscape and design company based in the San Diego, California metro area. He has over 30 years of experience in the pool and landscape construction industry and specializes in large estate outdoor environment construction projects. His work has been featured in San Diego Home & Garden Magazine and on Pool Kings TV Show. He earned a BS degree in Construction Management with an emphasis in Architecture and CAD design from Northern Arizona University.There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 16 testimonials and 100% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 688,493 times.

Concrete is a durable material for an outdoor patio, but regular concrete can be drab and look out of place in a back or front yard. A concrete patio can be painted, but it requires some special attention. Painting concrete can pose some unique problems, but as long as you take the proper precautionary steps to prevent issues, you should have a trouble-free patio painting experience that won’t cost extra time or money.

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Important Considerations When Painting Stamped Concrete

If you have any surrounding area or parts of the design, you do not intend to put paint on, its important that you mask them with painters tape.

You will also need to make sure that all the nearby edges, doors, windows, garden endings, and walls are completely protected.

With both the primer and the paint, you will need to apply several thin coats to keep them from pooling in the grooves or indentations of the stamps.

You will need a brush to paint the grooves by hand and a paint roller to fill in the smoother areas.

Once you have applied several thin layers, allow stamped concrete surface five to seven days to fully dry.

Also, take all precautions and do not allow for vehicle or foot traffic during that time.

You can, however, walk on the surface gently after four to five hours of the drying time.

When its time to maintain and clean your stamped concrete, you should never use a pressure washer.

The high pressure can break down the paint or sealer and can reduce the shine, protection, or expected life.

Find The Best Paint For Your Home Improvement Projects

How to paint a faux stenciled rug on a concrete patio
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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts; youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Reinvigorate your concrete surfaces with The Spruce Best Home Interior Paint & Primer in One, a brand new 100 percent acrylic paint thats produced by KILZ. With the right coat of paint, you can take a plain concrete wall or other fixture and give it a new life. After taking consumer feedback into consideration, we formulated the perfect paint for the joband we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Similar to other paints on this list, The Spruce Best Home Interior Paint is perfect for surfaces that need to withstand a lot of abuse. The durable formula will glide onto concrete and provide thick coverage for uneven surfaces. However, before you start painting, you might want to strip old paint and fill in any large holes or indentations. You can do this with either a paint scraper or nylon-bristled brush.

Because its a paint and primer in one, you can start painting right awayno need to prime your surface with a separate formula. Choose from 32 beautiful shades that range from gray to rich blues and greens. No matter your design preference, theres a shade to match!

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