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How To Power Wash A Paver Patio

How To Pressure Wash Concrete Patios Driveways & More

Patio Paver Power Washing

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A concrete pressure washer is one of the best machines for cleaning concrete. It comes in handy for cleaning driveways, sidewalks and patios that are very dirty or have stubborn stains. You can rent or purchase a power washer and clean the concrete yourself, or higher a contractor who offers pressure washing services and has commercial grade equipment.

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Pressure Wash A Paver Patio Or Just Clean

I have a 400 sqft paver patio that I installed myself last Summer. I didn’t get around to sealing it but plan to this Spring/Summer. How should I go about cleaning it before sealing? I did use polymeric joint sand, but that has gotten pretty dirty in some spots and even has some moss already in some really heavily shaded areas. I’ve heard some people use a pressure washer, but I’ve seen where some people say to never use a pressure washer on it. I’m a bit concerned about damaging it. I was thinking of maybe just trying a product like SEK SureClean as the patio is only a year old.

This picture shows some of the joints that are pretty dirty:

This picture shows the moss in the heavily shaded area:

I’m admittedly a bit nervous about trying to use a pressure washer. This was a long, difficult project for me and I’d hate to do anything to screw it up after only a year. Thanks!

  • Had mine professionally done so I imagine it was at least 2700 PSI

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  • Pressure Washing Your Patio

    Our crew clearing out old sand

    Many people believe that pressure washing your patio is the best way to clean their pavers. The average homeowner needs to know that pressure washing can actually cause permanent damage to most pavers. Normal wear and tear leaves behind layers of dirt that build up on the surface of the pavers. Over time, this dirt can be forced down into the pores of the concrete.

    Preserve The PaverPressure washing your patio can remove the surface dirt and stains in some cases. Excessive water pressure may remove the deeper dirt but you will remove some of the paver surface along with it. You can also permanently scar the surface of the paver with streaks and lines. Its important to realize that every time you use a power washer you are opening up more pores for the dirt and grime to accumulate in. And that begins a cycle: the more often you use a power washer, the more often you will have to repeat the process to maintain the same clean, bright finish. And each time, you are eroding a small amount of the paver surface.

    There Is A Better WayThe Paver Savers Certified Restoration Specialists use powerful, concentrated paver cleaners that push the cleaner deep inside the cement pores of the pavers. The cleaners are acid free, quick rinsing, and environmentally friendly. Then, using the right nozzle and proper pressure, they can thoroughly clean the pavers without any damage.

    For more information on the benefits of sealing, .

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    Tips For Concrete Brick Or Paver Washing Without Damage

    To further reduce the potential for damaging your hardscapes, you may want to consider renting or buying a surface cleaner attachment, which directs jets of water to clean hard surfaces but does not have the same potential for causing damage as a pressure washer.

    If you are power washing paving stones, avoid directly spraying the joints between the pavers as this can wash away the sand. If this occurs, you will need toreplace the joint sand to maintain the integrity of the installation.

    If your hardscapes are particularly dirty or you just feel strongly about using a pressure washer to clean them, the best course of action is tohire a professional who has experience power washing your particular hardscape. This is the surest way to avoid damage and the potential for costly repairs.

    It is particularly important to avoid damage if you have concrete or brick hardscapes. Concrete can be repaired and sections can be replaced, but these repairs are always noticeable, since it is nearly impossible to match the color of new concrete to the color of existing concrete. A brick patio or driveway can also be repaired, but it can be costly to remove mortar and damaged bricks and can be very difficult to match the new section to what is already there.

    How To Make Pavers Look New Again

    Pressure Washing Brick Patio Pavers  Which Method Works ...

    Pressure washing is a great way to make pavers look new again, but it is not the only way. Periodic cleaning is one of the secrets to keeping pavers looking fresh for longer. For starters, take a few minutes every day to sweep the pavers surface. That simple fact alone, sweeping the surface, will help remove the thinner and superficial layers of dirt, such as dust particles. By sweeping the surface youre likely to eliminate seeds, which can germinate in weeds, and spores that can become mold. Just make sure to use a broom with soft bristles, so that it will not scratch the pavers surface.

    Washing the surface with a water hose is another good tip. Similarly, the water eliminates much of the deposited dust and other residues from the surface.

    Finally, for stains, you can use a paver cleaning solution. Take a bucket, mix in water and dish soap, grab a rag or sponge, dip it in the solution, and apply some elbow grease to clean the spot. The solution with water and dish soap is effective for most stains, it may just not work very well with more resistant stains such as oil.

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    How To Remove Crayon Stains

    Kids like to spend their time outdoors by doing various things, such as playing board games or drawing.

    Although you have given them a drawing book, they like doing it on your concrete patio, leaving such hard and colorful stains to remove.

    So, do you know how to clean concrete patio without pressure washer? Try using an oil-based cleanser. If you have WD-40, congratulations! You can utilize it to clean non-washable crayon stains.

    You just need to spread the cleaner on the stained area. Let it stay for a few minutes. Next, scrub it with a hard-bristled brush. Finally, rinse it off with water.

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    How Often Should I Soft Wash My Patio

    Unfortunately, there is no common one-size-fits-all solution to determine how often patio cleaning is necessary. In many cases, it should be done on a yearly basis – often during the start of the season to remove autumn and winter foliage left unchecked. If a patio is in heavily shaded areas, or is often wet by storms, receives runoff or is in range of sprinklers, the patio may require more cleaning.

    There are other factors to consider such as the patios finish and the type of organic growth that is present. A SoftWash solution can be applied to an old deck or patio as well as a new one.

    SoftWash isnt a replacement process for sealing or staining, but it is by far the best method for cleaning.

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    Cleaning Off White Residue

    If you find any white powdery residue, otherwise known as efflorescence, when the brick dries, don’t worry. This can be easily taken care of with an efflorescence remover. Unfortunately, this needs to be done by hand, using a brush. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions and do NOT use your pressure washer.

    We Make Buying Technical Products Simple

    Using A Surface Cleaner To Clean Concrete & Patio Pavers

    Allentown paver patio power washing

    Enter surface cleaner!

    Using a surface cleaner to clean up your stone or brick patio pavers is the #1 method for overall efficiency. It takes much less time and produces a completely even clean.

    These machines are almost impossible to rent from local shops and can be extremely expensive to purchase outright, but most professional power washing companies will have a high-quality surface cleaner as part of their arsenal.

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    Choose The Right Equipment

    If the above tips do not work and you do need to use a power washer, make sure you choose the right equipment for the job. Choose a pressure washer with between three and four gallons per minute at a pressure of 3,000 pounds per square inch .

    Choose a nozzle that allows for a wide angle and avoid nozzles that result in a narrow stream of water.

    It is true that a different nozzle or a higher psi might help you get the job done faster, but the damage this can cause is not worth the time you might save.

    Specialized Nozzles & Attachments

    For even more efficient cleaning, consider using an attachment that was designed specifically for the job you need to complete. Here are some popular pressure washer attachments.

    Surface Cleaner

    This attachment uses a spinning bar to distribute the high-pressure stream of water over a larger surface area than a single spray. This is helpful for cleaning large sections of concrete, like a driveway.

    Rotary Nozzle

    Also called a turbo nozzle, a rotary tip produces a spinning zero-degree water stream. This nozzle is especially useful for removing difficult stains and grimy buildup.

    Pressure Washing Broom

    Similar to a surface cleaner attachment, a pressure washing broom divides a single water jet into two or three jets for more power and a larger cleaning area.

    Expandable Wand

    An expandable wand will give you more reach when you need to clean surfaces up high without using a ladder.

    Soap/Detergent Reservoir

    A soap/detergent reservoir attaches to the pressure washer and adds cleaning solution into the jet of water. Be sure to use the right nozzle for this job. A water stream thats too strong will force soap into the surface, which can cause damage.

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    Faqs About How To Clean Pavers

    The best way to have clean pavers is to ensure they are properly installed in the first place. Mold, rot, and chipping pavers are indications they may not have been done correctly.

    That being said, hope is not lost! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cleaning pavers on your patio.

    Begin By Attaching Your Pressure Washer To The Primary Water Source

    Brick Paver Patio Cleaning Sealing, Brick Paver Sidewalk ...

    It is evident that a continual supply of water will be required for a pressure washer to accomplish an exceptional job on your patio. You cannot expect to use the same quantity of water for pressure washing that you use for mopping your house. You will require even more water than your regular cleaning routine amount! After all, you dont have to use a power washer to clean your patio every week.

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    Preventing And Removing Tough Stains

    Even with routine patio paver maintenance, there may be times when a little extra elbow grease is required to spruce up your concrete pavers. Although the sealant acts as your concrete pavers first line of defense against spills and weathering, it is still possible for staining to occur.

    Oil stains, rust stains, mildew stains, tannin stains , and efflorescence are all capable of eventually permeating the seal of your pavers with enough prolonged contact. Thats why its critical to wipe up any spills immediately. For outdoor living spaces, keep your patio paver surface swept clean of any leaves and other organic materials that can leave behind tannin stains. Improperly sealed wrought iron furniture can cause rust stains on paver patios, so if you have this type of outdoor furniture, be sure to periodically check that it remains properly sealed.

    For stains that do end up sinking in and setting into a sealed paver, we recommend spot scrubbing using the same approach outlined earlier. If the dish detergent approach doesnt seem to be working, you may need to purchase a dedicated, non-acidic concrete cleaning solution.

    Need Help Pressure Washing

    If you pressure wash your pavers correctly, it will help your property look good as new. However, donât fret if you donât want to handle pressure washing on your ownit can be intimidating because you donât want to ruin your patio and displace the pavers. Instead, rely on the experts who know how to pressure wash your pavers with care and efficiency. Labor Panes soft touch wash is safe for all types of surfaces and our team is highly trained to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today for a free quote to clean any part of your homeâs exteriorwe do it all from pavers, windows, gutters, siding, and more.

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    Good Pressure Washing Takes Talent

    While this is a project that many homeowners attempt on their own, our professionals are often able to deliver results that are far superior, besides wouldnt you rather be spending your weekends relaxing?

    Whether youre preparing to sell your home, deep cleaning for a special event, or just getting ready for spring, Let the professionals at Northern do the hard work, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your professionally cleaned property.

    and let our highly trained professionals leave your driveway, sidewalks and patios looking like new.

    Quick And Effective Cleaning Method

    Pressure Washing A Brick Paver Patio ð? – I Love My Job!

    Compared to other cleaning methods, pressure washing can restore the appearance of your pavers in no time. Pressure washing can quickly and effectively blast away all the dirt, dust, grime, and debris on your pavers.

    High-pressure water is powerful enough so you dont even need to use cleaning solutions or chemicals. Rather than spend the entire weekend scrubbing your pavers, pressure washing paving stone surfaces will only take a few minutes to an hour.

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    Can You Pressure Wash Patio Pavers Patio Care Guide

    This article is for you if youre asking, Can you pressure wash patio pavers? Using a pressure washer to remove built-up dirt, debris, and slime from a patio constructed of pavers, wood, brick, or even concrete is a convenient cleaning approach. Although most people would tell you differently, pressure cleaning a patio paver isnt a bad idea if done correctly. Most of the time, pressure washing can be done without the use of detergent, but if you want to remove stubborn stains by adding blasting strength to your patio, you may use detergent.

    Most individuals do not possess a pressure washer, so you do not need to consider this a problem. What if you rented from a neighbor, a home improvement store, or even a pressure washing specialist? That seems like a good concept. However, it would be best if you exercise extreme caution when using a pressure washer to avoid injuring yourself or others and your comfort and efficiency. Youre probably wondering what you need to do to pressure wash your patio paver in style. Would you mind going through our simple guide to learning how you can completely transform your patio?

    Wet The Patio With Water

    Using plain water from your garden hose, wet down the entire space. After its wet, then add some dish soap or a degreaser to a bucket of water. Using a brush thats stiff, pour some water and soap on the pavers and give it all a scrub. Keep it gentle, and dont go overboard on the scrubbing, so you dont damage any of the surfaces.

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    Eliminate Health And Safety Hazards

    Paver pressure washing isnt just about aesthetics. Its also about removing dirt, dust, mold, and other contaminants that can lead to health issues for you and your family.

    For instance, having mold and algae can be hazardous. Mold can cause itchy eyes, stuffy nose, throat irritation, difficulty breathing, and many other symptoms. Meanwhile, algae can make your pavers slippery and thus, increase the likelihood of slips and falls. A specific type of pressure washing, called soft washing, uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions to kill mold, algae, and other contaminants on your pavers and ensure that they dont come back.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Weeds In My Patio Cracks

    Power Washing Patio Pavers

    If youre happy to use chemicals, there are path weed killers available that, as well as killing the existing weeds in your patio cracks, will prevent others from coming up for several months afterwards.

    Alternatively, you may prefer to remove them by hand. Long-handled wire brushes make the job of removing weeds from between the narrow gaps less backbreaking.

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    How Should You Clean A Brick Paver Driveway Set In The Sand

    Cleaning sand-based brick paver driveways are usually tricky and challenging jobs.

    • In the first step, remove all the debris in the brick pavers.
    • Creating a solution combination between 1 part oxygenated bleach with 3 parts water.
    • You need to cover each paver by a garden sprayer. Then pouring cleaning solution all around the paver surfaces.
    • Keep it there to dry down the solution. The oxygenated bleach needs time to break the grimeâs structure.
    • Wash down the brick surface by a broom or a cloth with the cleaning solution.
    • Rinse the paver again with a low-setting pressure washer. Pay attention to not touching the nozzle buttons.
    • Let the surface dry down by itself.
    • Add more sand as the amount that washed off in the cleaning process.

    Best Pressure Washer For Pavers: Updated Reviews And Buying

    People mostly rent services from pressure washing companies when they want to clean their paver driveways or patios. However, some special pavers such as concrete pavers require professionals to use pressure washers. It is easily damaged if you do not choose a suitable washer for pavers.It is complex to understand the functions and features of different pressure washers. So we collect for you the short-listed products 4 best pressure washers for pavers.

    • Can use horizontally and vertically
    • Water-saving
    • The ground fault circuit interrupter
    • Budget-friendly
    • No water control
    • Only 2 nozzles
    Can be used vertically and horizontally, Universal Twist On hose, 35-feet power cord

    Greenworks GPW1501 is the perfect device for brick paver cleaning thanks to its small PSI that is gentle enough for fragile materials like brick.

    • Powerful engine for tough and heavy-duty tasks
    • Water-cooled induction motor
    • 2 flexible wands for various requirements
    • Hose reel
    • A bit heavier than other models of the same power
    • Difficult to assemble
    25-feet hose, DirtBlaster wands for tough cleaning tasks, 2 different wands for various needs

    We recommend this Karcher K5 Premium pressure washer to those who are finding best-in-class equipment for Bluestone/ Flagstone pavers.

    • Versatile with 5 quick-connect nozzles for various tasks


    • Longer time to assemble
    • Not suitable for stubborn dirt or heavy-duty cleaning tasks
    • Powerful Honda engine for the toughest dirt
    • 5 Quick-connect nozzles

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