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How To Restrap Patio Chairs

Can Sling Patio Chairs Be Repaired

Patio Furniture Re-Strapping – Florida Patio

When its time to get those patio sling chairs out again, theres nothing worse than realising the fabric slings are sagging loose and need replacing. What about that BBQ party you had planned this weekend?

The slings on patio chairs can be repaired quite easily using a screwdriver, a razor knife and pliers. The best fabrics to use are Phifertex® and Sunbrella®, which are durable, water resistant, fade and mold resistant. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to clean with soapy water.

In this article well consider how to repair sling patio chairs in more detail, what fabrics to use and how to measure up your chair for the new fabric.

Leave It To Brown Jordan Vinyl Repair Experts

First of all, in order for the chair to be completely restored prior to restrapping, the frame will most likely need some rehab work as well. To properly restore it to mint condition, the frame should be sandblasted down to the metal, cleaned, and a powder coat applied in the color of your choice. Finally, the coating must be heat-cured. Not exactly an easy part of the project to do yourself!

After this process, the vinyl straps can be replaced. However, important to the restrapping process is making sure that the straps are applied with the proper tension. This is difficult to accomplish if you do it yourself. Because the vinyl straps will start to stretch and loosen after the chairs have been in the hot sun, it is critical that the straps are relaced to the chair at the proper temperature. Otherwise, after you restrap, chances are that the straps will loosen and sag after a few months of use and need to be repaired again.

Professional restrapping patio furniture services such as The Southern Company prevent this problem by repairing furniture in a hot room where the temperature is set to at least 95┬░. This allows the professional making the repairs to tighten the straps to the proper tension so that even when you are using them on the hottest days, the straps will not loosen.

To get a better idea about the restrapping patio furniture process, take a look at this video:

Outdoor Furniture Repair: How To Fix A Vinyl Strap On A Lounge Chair

You know how it is, with all that wear and tear in the garden, sometimes patio furniture breaks. You have the choice of paying to get it repaired, throwing it away, or you could fix it yourself! Learn how to wrap a double vinyl strap in this step by step guide and repair your furniture on the cheap.

If your pool lounger or patio chaise lounge is missing a strap, you can order a vinyl replacement here or you could even cut one to size yourself. With over 50 vinyl strap colors to choose from, vinyl strapping replacement is a cost-effective way to make your outdoor pool patio and lawn furniture look like new. Sunnilands founder Jeff will show you how in this video.

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Rehab Your Patio Or Pool Furniture

Slings, vinyl, & repair parts or replacements!

Winston, Woodard, Mallin, Tropitone, Innova, BrownJordan, Agio, Carter Grandle, Molla, Telescope, Lyon Shaw, Hampton Bay & more!

Patio or Pool Replacement Fabric Slings for names like Carter Grandle, Agio, Woodard, Winston, Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Innova, Mallin, Lyon Shaw, Telescope, etc.

A Revived Outdoor Space Awaits You

Pin on Patio furniture redo

We are experts at restrapping patio furniture. In the end, if what you want is your vinyl patio chairs looking and feeling brand new this summer, then let The Southern Company do the work for you. Our professional and experienced staff will repair, restrap, and refinish your furniture so that it is looking as good or even better than the day you first brought it home. Relaxing and entertaining in your outdoor space will be exciting and fun again!

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The Problem: The Umbrella

Sometimes only a part of your patio umbrella gets damaged or too worn to use anymore. In that case, you can purchase bits and pieces at A Good Strapping. You can get a kit that includes all the pieces except your old cover if you just need the base of the umbrella. That means the overall look to your outdoor furniture set isnt compromised, but you have a functional, sturdy umbrella to enjoy again. You can also get bottom poles and clips. However, if you need to have your umbrella re-stringed, youll have to send it in.

There are also patch kits that allow you to iron on sections of material in order to repair your umbrella. This is a good choice for those with good umbrella frames but a damaged cover. You could also stitch a tear with a simple sewing kit or even glue, depending on the size and severity of the tear.

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Patio Chair Strap Repair

We make vinyl strap replacements using only the highest quality virgin vinyl. We have many colors to choose from. We will replace the vinyl straps on your outdoor patio furniture for an updated look.

Do you need outdoor furniture repair in Naples, FL? Give us a call today!

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Stop by our store in Naples, FL

Delivery available

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Restrapping Patio Furniture Let The Professionals Help

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Now that the weather has finally warmed up and summer is fast approaching, it is time to think about sitting on the patio, catching some rays, and grilling with family and friends. However, the comfortable vinyl strap patio furniture that you purchased many years back may be starting to show its age. The professionals at The Southern Company are experts at Restrapping Patio Furniture.

After much use and years of sitting in the sun, the vinyl straps may be loose and the color may have faded, while the metal frame structurally remains in very good shape. The question is whether to replace the furniture or repair it.

Screened Porch With Durable Sectional

How to Install Double Wrapped Vinyl Strapping on a Patio Chair

Sectional sofas come in many materials, but woven resin options are much more modern in appearance and are remarkably durable. The sectional used in this porch came in many different modular components that offer a plethora of configurations.

How to maintain it: These materials often dont require intense maintenance: if theyre dirty, spray them down with a hose. More stubborn muck may require a scrub-down with a simple soapy water mix. Protect your plastic and resin outdoor furniture from cold-induced brittleness, which can cause cracking and instability, by storing them in winter.

How to fix it: If you spy suspicious spots on your plastic or resin outdoor furniture, you can use store-bought mold remediation solutions, or you can make your own. Harriet Jones, cleaning supervisor for Go Cleaners London, recommends a mix of warm water a gallon or so with a 1/4-cup of household bleach to banish the musty blight. Wearing gloves, scrub down the pieces with a soft-bristled brush. Leave the bleach mix on the chairs for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the severity of the staining, then rinse clean and dry with a cloth.

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The Problem: Damaged Wood

Want to make scratches in your wood furniture less evident? There are kits that come with retouching crayons, which fill in and disguise scratches. Rockler has a Repair, Renovate, Revive kit. You can also use it on your indoor furniture to repair scratches, clean, fill nail holes, and more. You could also purchase a set of furniture markers like the ones at Harriet Carter. Find your perfect match and fill in the scratches. Normally the way the crayons work is by applying them with a putty knife, sanding them down, and then applying a top coat to blend everything together and effectively disguise the scratch or ding. For best results, consult the manufacturers directions.

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Why Buy New Re

Put new life into your old furniture. Let us show you how to save your old pool furniture and your money!

We suggest reconditioning furniture for less than 50% of purchasing new. We handle commercial accounts, such as apartment complexes, homeowner associations, resorts, hotels and residential too!

If your old frames are chipping and peeling, we can recondition the frames by powder coating them, replacing your old straps, and installing new plastic feet to make them look just like new!

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Red Cushion On Outdoor Chair

Pergola from DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2014

How to maintain it: First, only use cushions meant for outdoor use on your patio furniture. Indoor/outdoor pillows are mildew and waterproof, but when dirt, pollen and other foreign objects are exposed to the pillow, mildew can grow on those tiny pieces, explains Mary L. Delpit, VP for Business Development at The Blush Label. Regularly brush dust and debris off your cushioned furniture, and use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice attachment to remove dirt along the seams of the cushions, where it often becomes trapped.

How to fix it: For basic dirt and stains, Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid, suggests combining 1/4 cup of mild dishwashing detergent with 1 gallon of warm water in a bucket. Scrub cushions with a soft nylon brush, then let the soapy solution sit on the cushions for about 15 minutes. Rinse them clean, then allow the material to air-dry in the sun. To treat mold and mildew stains, use the same cleaning process, but try a mixture of 1/2 cup bleach in a gallon of water just remember to check for colorfastness before applying to the whole cushion. For oil-based spills that can leave greasy spots on your decor, wipe off the surface thoroughly, then treat with a generous dose of flour or cornstarch, which should soak up the oily residue. Clean off fully-soaked absorbents and repeat until the grease is gone.

How Do You Fix Patio Furniture Straps

Fixing Patio Chair Straps

What is a double wrap vinyl strap?

  • Step 1: Remove the old strap. Pull off the old, broken strap until you have the frame with the empty holes underneath.
  • Step 2: Measure strap size. Hold your tape measure around the edge of one hole.
  • Step 3: Make the straps.
  • Step 4: Install the straps.
  • . Beside this, can you paint vinyl straps on patio furniture?

    Vinyl strapping is used as part of some exterior chairs. If you would like to paint vinyl strapping, you must combat a pair of problematic issues. Vinylis poorly suited for paint adhesion. In addition, because vinyl strapping is flexible, it will cause ordinary paints to crack.

    One may also ask, how many feet of webbing do you need for a lawn chair? 39 feet

    Secondly, how do you measure a vinyl strap?

    How To Measure Vinyl Straps

  • Step 1: Measure Width. Measure the width of the strap in the middle , not on the ends where it is attached to the frame.
  • Step 2A: Measure Length for Single-Wrap Method. Place the tape measure at one hole and measure over the frame to the hole on the opposite bar following the placement of the strap. (
  • Step 2B:
  • What can I do with old patio furniture?

    Yes! Aluminum patio furniture is easily recyclable, but you cant place it in your curbside bin. To recycle your patio furniture, youll have to either take it to a local scrap yard or have it hauled away by an eco-friendly junk removal service like LoadUp.

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    A: Strapping For Single

    Push a single-wrap pin through each end of the vinyl strap. Position one end of the strap at a hole on the frame. Push the pin through the hole until it locks . Stretch the strap around the front to the corresponding hole on the other side of the furniture push the remaining pin through the hole on the backside of the frame, and lock it into place .

    How Do You Measure A Fabric Patio Sling Chair

    If youre buying your replacement sling online, its important to order the right size.

    Some websites will give the option of ordering by model, but most ask for the chair measurement. Whats the most reliable way of measuring your sling chair? Grab that tape measure, and heres what you need to know:

  • Unless your chair is already in pieces, always measure the sling while its still attached to the chair. This is because older slings can stretch and sag, but if you measure them when theyre on the chair, youll get the size you need
  • Most sling chairs have a rail on each side with an opening, which is where the sling slides in. Find the top bolt for both rails, and measure between these. This gives you the top width measurement
  • Repeat at the bottom of the chair, measuring again between the two slide rails. This gives you the bottom width measurement. Never assume that tip and bottom are the same
  • Next, measure the length of the chair by measuring from the top rail to the bottom rail, following the contours of the chair. This is the length measurement
  • If your chair has separate pieces for the back and the seat, measure each one in turn, as above. You should end up with six measurements in total
  • Its the same process for swivel chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans and loveseats
  • If you have an older style chair where the sling fits between rods at the top and bottom, you may need to contact the store to discuss
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    Where Can I Buy Replacement Slings For Patio Chairs

    So, youve decided that your patio chairs need a refresh with some durable new slings. How do you go about doing this? You can buy one of the robust fabrics we mentioned above and make your own, or you can make life easier and order a replacement sling.

    Theres a great choice of online stores that sell standard size replacement slings. Some sites let you search by model of chair, or you can measure your sling chair for a bespoke replacement. Well look at the best way to get the right size sling in a moment.

    American Slings is an online store that sells all sorts of chair parts, including slings. Theres a choice of fabrics and colors, and you can order up to four free samples to help you decide.

    Slingfabslets you order five swatches, and they have some great prints to choose from. Slingmastersis another online sling replacement site, and is a family business thats been repairing yard furniture for almost 40 years.

    So, there are a lot of specialist sling retailers out there, and theres a great choice of fabrics. If you prefer to use a local store, take a look on or similar, and see if theres anyone in your area that deals with chair repairs.

    How To Order The Right Size Replacement Slings

    How to Repair Outdoor Patio Lounge Furniture

    Click on the appropriate chair from the replacement sling page and have your measurements to hand.

    Now select the correct sizes from our drop-down menus.

    Select the rod size, then choose your desired fabric. We custom make your replacement sling from over 50 different designs: from cane wicker fabric to solid block colors, to fetching stripes and stylish patterns. View the swatches here.

    Delivery is free for orders over $150. Slings ship within two weeks and because they are custom-made are non-refundable and non-returnable once the order has been processed so its doubly important you get the measurements correct by following the steps above.

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    How To Repair Patio Chairs

    The first thing you need to do to repair patio chairs is to lay your chair on the ground to find the bolt holding the seat in place.

    There should be one towards the front and one towards the rear of the chair. Using a socket wrench, remove both of the bolts.

    Place the bolts aside, do not misplace them! You will see that there is a cord inside each side of the mesh seat. This cord sits inside the track keeping the mesh patio chair seat in place. Or at least it should.

    Now that both bolts are removed you can easily remove the seat portion from the base frame.

    Remove the old cord.

    How To Restrap Patio Chairs

    • Phyllis on May 27, 2020

      Hi I believe they are metal/aluminum. They are part of a very nice set I inherited from my in-laws. Over the years the straps have broken.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY on May 26, 2020

    Hope this helps! Ive been planning to do it myself on a couple of chairs that we have!

  • This is a great tutorial also:

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    Bright Blue Bar Cart With Cocktail Supplies

    A bar cart always looks best with some yummy beverages on it! Using both shelves of the cart is great for parties you can store extra glasses and mixers on the bottom shelf and leave the top for drink prep and little snacks. Now lets party!

    How to maintain it: Cast iron can be cleaned like most other outdoor furniture: apply a mixture of soapy water, then rinse clean. Many newer metal outdoor materials are made to be rust-resistant, but if yours isnt, use paste wax or naval jelly to add an extra layer of protection. Check for any cracked paint and address it before the metal becomes exposed to the elements. Both iron and other metal furniture can be left outdoors year-round.

    How to fix it: Cast iron and metal furniture present a challenge other outdoor furniture materials dont: rust. If you spot a rust spot on your outdoor furniture, dont let it fester. If you dont address it when it is a minor issue, the metal will continue to oxidize around the original spot, and the rust will spread and become a more serious problem, eventually resulting in weak spots and holes that will ruin the piece.

    How to Paint Metal Outdoor Patio Furniture01:57


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