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How To Resurface Cement Patio

Which Resurfacer Should You Use

How to Tackle: Resurfacing Concrete Patio with Sakrete FloCoat

The long-term viability of the restored concrete is only as good as the resurfacer used for the job. Fortunately, new state-of-the-art polymer resin technology found in next-generation concrete resurfacers has established improved standards for bond strength, workability, and working time. For example, tensile pull tests found that concrete will actually break before its bond to QUIKRETE Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer, which features a proprietary combination of additives that stabilize the polymer film to from a stable bond with the concrete surface. As a result, premium resurfacers allow contractors to finish more concrete restoration jobs faster and without worry of time-consuming and costly callbacks. Some other attributes contractors should consider when selecting a resurfacer include:

  • The resurfacer should have a compressive strength at least equal to the concrete surface being restored .
  • The resurfacer should be enhanced with polymers additives to increase tensile bond strength to at least 400 psi in seven days.
  • The resurfacer should have high-early strength exceeding 1,200 psi in one day so the concrete can be open to traffic quickly.
  • The resurfacer should have minimal plastic and drying shrinkage to prevent cracking.

Can You Pour New Concrete Over Old Cracked Concrete

There are situations when pouring new concrete isnt the most suitable option. For instance, surfaces with larger cracks, heaving or settling conditions, or where height cannot be raised, replacement is a better solution. However, in most cases, you can pour a new layer of concrete onto the existing one.

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Allow The Resurfacer To Cure

As concrete resurfacer cures, it hardens and becomes stronger. Wait about eight hours before walking on resurfaced concrete, and at least two days before driving on it.

Resurfacer should be kept slightly moist while curing. Covering with plastic is only necessary to protect the surface from rain immediately after application, but the surface should be lightly misted with water once or twice a day for the first two days.

Why Resurfacing Is Better Than Installing Pavers Over Your Concrete Surface

Resurfacing a Sidewalk is Easy to DIY

Pavers can easily become uneven, causing tripping hazards and spots for water to puddle and weeds to grow through. Also, hiring a professional to lay pavers is expensive.

If you like the look of pavers, we can create that look. We can mimic the look of bricks, wood, flagstone, slate, brick, granite, and more. We can also seal the surface for protection from stains and UV damage.

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How Thin Can You Pour Concrete Over Existing Concrete

The thinnest that is usually used when pouring concrete, in general, is about 2 to 2 ½ inches. That also applies to this pouring new concrete over old concrete.

Any thinner than 2 inches would be too thin. When considering how thick you want the new concrete to be, it is important to consider the surroundings where the concrete will be. Like I mentioned before, anything like a door or a staircase would warrant getting rid of the old concrete and starting fresh.

Prepare The Concrete Surface

Start by tidying your outdoor space area, clear it of furniture, flowerpots, and toys then sweep and clean thoroughly to remove any dirt and dust. Cover any plants or landscaping that cant be removed with tarps or cloth to protect them from chemicals and water run-off. Next, scrub the patio surface to remove grease or any type of grime from the concrete. Grease or oil on the surface will bleed through the new paint, interfering with the longevity of the paint and cause it to discolour.

Remove moss, roots, vines and anything else that has grown on the surface of the concrete before cleaning. Its probably worthwhile to rent a pressure-washer to remove the stubborn grime and stains. Alternatively you can mix water and some mild detergent and scrub over the concrete using a broom or scrub brush.

If you have previously painted your patio any old paint can be removed with paint-removing solvent and scrapers. This may take you a while, but it is essential for a beautiful painted finish. If you dont do this, you can end up with bumps and an uneven texture on the surface. Allow for the patio to fully dry before proceeding to the next step.

Even if the patio doesnt appear to be dirty, clean it anyway. Specs of dirt may not be visible but they can ruin the finish of a new paint job. So basically, the better the patio surface, the better quality of your paintwork.

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Extra Design Elements To Add

We have lots of great inspiration from home shows, and where to find similar pieces to complete your concrete patio ideas.

I can almost feel the plans for all of the summer nights and days spent out on the patio. It is going to be your favorite place to hang out with all of these great concrete patio ideas for a makeover.

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The Right Way To Repair And Resurface Eroded Concrete

How To Repair And Resurface A Concrete Patio Slab

Q: Ive got problems with some of the concrete on the outside of my home as well as in my garage. There are lots of places where the top finish and layer of the concrete has eroded away. I think its called spalling. Its worse in some areas than others. My biggest question is if I should transform my concrete garage floor by installing a fancy epoxy coating. They look marvelous in my opinion. What are the pros and cons of this? How would you repair all the other wretched concrete outdoors?

Steve H., Sylvania, Ohio

A: Unsightly concrete is an increasingly common problem, if my incoming email is any indication.

First, lets discuss a few of the primary reasons spalling happens to some concrete but not to other concrete nearby. That should be your first clue that the problem probably is poor workmanship.

Concrete is simply artificial rock. Three of the 4 ingredients in basic concrete are or were rock at one point. The aggregate is made up of small stones. The sand is made from thousands of tiny pieces of rock in almost all cases. The Portland cement is powdered rock, primarily limestone and shale. The only ingredient that’s not rock is water. You need the water to ignite the chemical reaction that transforms the powdered Portland cement back into solid rock again.

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What Is The Best Concrete Patio Coating

Types of Overlay SystemsTime: 02:24Compare types of systems and learn which one is right for your patio project.

Concrete patio coatings come in a variety of options and should be chosen based on the type of work you need done.

  • Patio paint is the least expensive option for bringing color to your patio. It does not handle wear and tear as well as other options and will need to be replaced more often.
  • Epoxy coatings protect your surface from water and can handle some wear and tear. This coating can also bring a bold color palette to your surface.
  • Stamped concrete overlays add color, pattern and texture to your patio, while also enhancing the durability and strength of the surface.
  • Microtoppings are a thin layer of cement that gives your concrete a new canvas for decorative ideas. Some even come pre-tinted for an easy change in color.

Preventing Peeling Paint On A Concrete Porch

Question: I have a concrete porch thats been painted several times. But the paint bubbles and peels off, leaving a mess. Each of the painters has said that this happens to concrete when you paint it over the winter. Im not sure that they are telling me the truth. How do I get the porch painted in the correct manner?

Silver Spring

Answer: A variety of issues could be at play here. First, you should determine whether moisture is coming up through the concrete from below. Tape a piece of relatively thick, clear plastic, such as a three-inch square cut from a reclosable plastic bag, to an area with no paint. If moisture droplets appear over the next day, youll need to strip off all the paint and switch to a coating that resists hydrostatic pressure. Rust-Oleums WaterTite-LV Waterproofing Concrete Masonry Paint is one example. Or you can coat the stripped surface with a concrete-resurfacing material, such as Quikretes Concrete Resurfacer, which can be tinted.

All of the above is fairly standard advice, so your painters may have done that. But they might not have realized some of the details that Mariah Sanchez, senior technical services representative for Behr, says are also important. First, when the paint label tells you what the temperature must be , its referring to the surface temperature of the concrete. That is typically 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the air temperature. So for most water-based paints, the air temperature needs to be at least 60 degrees.

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Add Some Outdoor Rug Or Carpet

As we mentioned previously, one of the ways to customize and improve your yards look is to use carpet or rug over the concrete layer. There are specialized carpets that are durable and wont get damaged because of the weather conditions. Rugs are usually smaller pieces of carpets, and you can easily remove them from the backyard if it starts raining, so you may dont want to invest a lot in them.

But if you choose a carpet to cover the patio, you should find a high-quality one. If you decide to use this option, you can choose between many colors, tones, patterns, and shapes, or even resurface it according to the current season.

After you finished the resurfacing process, your patio is ready to be used. The next thing you should do is to choose proper outdoor furniture, including chairs and seats, table, appropriate sun protection, and smaller, but important details, like cushions, flower pots, and table sheets.

If you live in a house, you know that the backyard is the heart of your home. You can spend quality time there, no matter if you want to be alone, or with your friends or family. You dont have to go far away from home, so you can drink coffee in nature and enjoy the birds sounds.

So, if youre planning to move and you dont know what to choose, we recommend you to take the house and of course, build a patio because its a nice replacement for the classic terrace solutions.

Benefits To Resurfacing A Concrete Patio

Resurfacing a Sidewalk is Easy to DIY

In making our decision, we had to look at the benefits to DIY concrete resurfacing compared with replacing or doing something different with our patio. The decision ended up being really easy once we did our research. Since our slab was still in relatively good shape , resurfacing was the perfect solution for us.

Here is a summary of the benefits of Daich Coatings Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits:

  • The project can be completed in a weekend with minimal supplies
  • Resurfacing yourself is much more cost-effective than replacing or paying someone else to do the project
  • The kits are made with real stone
  • The surface is UV, heat, and extreme cold resistant
  • They are industrial strength and heavy duty
  • The surfaces have superior traction and are water repellant
  • No special skills are needed! The method and tools provided give your concrete an artistic look without any artistic skills needed on your part. Im not exaggerating its almost impossible to mess up the look.
  • This solution is not just for patios! The same kit would also work for steps, pool decks, walkways, entrances, garage floors, balconies, foundation walls, interior shower areas, bathroom floors, basement floors, commercial concrete floors, and more.

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Allow The Surface To Dry

Once done with your repairing work, the last thing that you need to do is allow proper time for drying. This will take approximately 12 hours in normal temperature conditions. Keep in mind to protect your patio against rain during this time.

Plus, make sure no pets or humans go on the area until it is completely dried out!

The last thing you need to do is apply a sealant to your fresh concrete patch. This step will help protect your patio from future wear and tear, but it also helps ensure that the patched area matches the existing structure. You can find a wide variety of sealants in stores, so make sure to choose the right one!

Stamped Concrete Overlay Cost

Stamped concrete overlays cost $7 to $15 per square foot for a single pattern or $15 to $20 for more complex designs. Stamped concrete replicates the look of stone , brick, natural rock, or tile. A texturized mat or rolling tool imprints a pattern into the wet concrete surface.

Stamped overlays are installed over an existing concrete slab. Pouring a new stamped concrete patio costs$7 to $18 per square foot on average, depending on the number of colors and patterns. Intricate designs for a new installation cost up to $25 per square foot.

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Concrete Resurfacing Options For Patio

A patio is a paved outdoor space where family and friends can gather, hang out, and relax. It is an important part of any house and were sure you want it to look as stunning as possible for your next get-together. Not only will that increase the appeal of your home, it will also increase the value of the property itself. When it comes to a concrete patio surface, it is a more economical choice than natural stone, brick, or pavers. is hugely popular because it encourages the restoration of existing concrete slabs instead of a complete replacement of your concrete slabs.

If you are interested in resurfacing your concrete patio, here are some possibilities you might want to consider. We also have a comprehensive guide to indoor and outdoor refinishing options for further reading.

Two: Check The Forecast

How to Resurface a Concrete Patio with a Decorative Concrete Overlay

Make sure to check the weather forecast before beginning this project. This process can be ruined by wet weather, so make sure that there-s no chance of rain and that the day is dry and preferably sunny. Also, keep in mind that the colder the weather, the longer it will take for the concrete to dry.

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The Bottom Line On Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

We were very happy with not only the DIY process, but the results. I would definitely recommend the SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kit from Daich Coatings if youre looking for an easy, budget-friendly way to give your patio a makeover. My husband and I completed the project over the course of a few days, and we saved hundreds compared with replacing our concrete patio or having it resurfaced professionally. The before and after results are like night and day, and we feel so happy in our newly refreshed space!

Stay tuned for more details on our backyard patio makeover later this week!

How To Resurface A Concrete Patio

The are the steps required in the resurfacing process:

  • Repair – fix cracks in concrete patio with sealer or filler
  • Clean power wash and sweep away debris
  • Prep grind your surface for the overlay to bond better
  • Mix combine overlay components and add grit additive or coloring agents
  • Apply spread overlay onto area to be refinished
  • Seal add a protective coating that will keep your new patio looking great
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    Scrub With Mild Bleach

    Bleach always seems to do the trick. Be careful to water down the solution so that you dont create spots of discoloration on your cushions. I recommend pouring 1/2 cup of bleach into a gallon of water. As always, never use bleach cleaning products if you are pregnant.

    Important: Never use bleach and ammonia together. This is very dangerous and can produce toxic chemicals. Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. does a good job of explaining why here.

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