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How To Spray Paint Patio Furniture

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How To Prep & Spray Paint Patio Furniture That Will Last For Years

Interior painting has never been easier. Make quick work of painting your walls, ceilings, cabinets, and anything else you want to refurbish or repurpose. This convenient paint sprayer comes with a handy chart that tells you how to mix or thin different paint substances so you get the best out-put with the least overspray and loss.

Go ahead and take this unit outside to paint your patio furniture, stain your deck, paint your fence, or paint any exterior project. You can even accomplish an exterior base coat in just one application so your work time is shorter.

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How To Paint Outdoor Patio Furniture In 4 Easy Steps

Today Ill be sharing with you how to paint your old outdoor patio furniture. Faded furniture? Paint it! Worn-out wood? Paint it! Furniture that isnt quite your style? Paint it! Ill also be sharing with you how to create a giant wood slat wall for your plants. This adds a unique, really customized look to your outdoor space.

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How To Spray Paint Patio Furniture

Tired of cracked, peeling paint or rust spots on your patio furniture? Painting metal outdoor furniture is easy heres how to remove the rust and spray paint your cast iron patio furniture to give it a brand new look in 2 hours or less!

Our patio furniture has been in pretty bad shape for a while now. There were rust spots, and lots of peeling and flaking paint, showing layers of different colors underneath. It got to the point where we didnt even want to sit in the chairs anymore because wed get rust spots on our clothes!

Finally I decided to fix up the patio furniture and give it a little makeover, and it turns out it was WAY easier than I thought it would be! A little prep work to remove the rust, and a few coats of spray paint, and our patio furniture looks brand spanking new now! Im sharing my tips and tricks below so you can learn how to spray paint your patio furniture for a quick and easy outdoor makeover.

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Prepare Plastic Chair For Painting

Prepare before painting your plastic chairs by covering any non-plastic surfaces, such as metal legs, with painters tape. Choose a good workspace with plenty of ventilation, preferably outside, and cover the floor or ground with drop cloths or newspapers.

Some plastic chairs may require a light sanding before painting, particularly if they have been painted before. You only need to lightly scuff the surface so that the primer and paint will adhere well. Use a piece of fine-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge to go over the entire surface to be painted. Before sanding, test out your abrasive on an inconspicuous part of the chair to make sure that it doesnt create visible and irreparable scratches. If youre unsure, avoid sanding and just skip to priming.

How To Paint Patio Cushions

Spray Painted Patio Furniture

Be sure that your patio cushions are clean and ready for paint. This is probably the most important thing to make sure that the paint covers your cushions more evenly.

The easiest way to do this is just to scrub them down with some dish soap, hose them off and let them sit out in the sun to dry.

The outdoor fabric paint is designed to use on weathered cushions so if youve got brand new cushions that are UV protected it may not work on them.

Its also meant to be used on a polyester blend or polyester, which most outdoor fabrics are made of. If youre not sure about your fabric then it will be up to you to decide if its worth the expense.

Of course I didnt check my tags or even think twice about trying the spray paint, I just figured it had to be cheaper than a new set of furniture, or even a new set of cushions.

And I was right!

In the progress picture you can see that one coat made a big difference. I added a second coat after these had dried and called it good. If youre very particular youre probably going to want to add more paint but unless I look really closely I think it looks good.

Who is going to be looking at your patio furniture that closely but you?

Um no one.they just want it to be comfortable to sit on!

Upside, it dries to the touch in 30 minutes and it cleans up super easily. I could just wash it off my hands and nails.

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Cleaning And Sanding The Furniture

  • 1Lay down a drop cloth in a well-ventilated area and place the furniture on it. Place an old tarp, bed sheet, or piece of cardboard on a flat surface where you can work. Make sure the area has plenty of windows for ventilation and wear a face mask while you paint since spray paint can release chemicals that are harmful when you breathe them in. If the furniture is heavy, ask someone for help before moving it!XResearch source
  • For added ventilation, run a fan directed toward a window to push small particles out of your workspace.
  • 2Remove any hardware or fabric from the item that youre painting. Use a screwdriver to take off any knobs, hinges, or pulls. If youre painting a chair or item with a cushion, remove that part of the furniture before beginning to paint. If the furniture has drawers, remove those, and set the pieces aside to paint or refinish them separately.XResearch source
  • If the hardware has previously been painted over, you can strip the paint by soaking the pieces in a slow cooker set to low with a mixture of liquid dish soap and water. Let the pieces soak overnight and use a toothbrush to chip off the remaining paint. Then, you can paint them.
  • If youre removing cushions, consider reupholstering the cushions for a new look.
  • The surface of the furniture should look matte, rather than shiny, once youve finished sanding it.
  • If youre painting a piece of plastic or metal furniture, sand only to remove loose rust or paint chips.
  • Instructions For How To Spray Paint Patio Furniture

    Would you believe my neighbor asked me to help her put this patio set in the trash?!!!

    I was more than happy to bring it home with me.

    For the last two years, I have been playing music chairs with this metal patio furniture moving it to about 10 different spots in our yard.

    Now that our brick patio is almost done I knew exactly where we could put it

    Over time, the white enamel paint that was covering our wrought iron patio furniture had started to rust and peel its paint.

    I also didnt love how much the white paint of this outdoor patio furniture stood out when it was in the yard.

    It drew your eye to the imperfections of the furniture, not to the nature around it.

    I wanted to paint the set a color that would blend in more with the landscape of our property.

    How many Cans of the Best Spray Paint you Need to Spray Paint Patio Furniture that is Metal

    We were so happy with how our dining room chandelier turned out that I wanted to paint our vintage wrought iron patio furniture the same color, .

    This metallic spray paint is perfect to use to spray paint wrought iron patio furniture!

    I originally bought 4 cans of spray paint thinking that would be enough but had to go back to Lowes for 3 more :). In total I used 6 1/2 cans.

    Prepping your Metal Patio Furniture before Spray Painting

    Dont forget to prep your metal patio furniture by removing peeling paint & dirt before you spray paint patio furniture.

    Now its time to Spray Paint Outdoor Furniture

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    How Durable Is Outdoor Painted Wood Furniture

    In one word VERY!

    We used this patio furniture for almost 4 years before changing it out.

    Here is what it looked like the day we replaced it

    This painted patio furniture stood out in the Southern California sun and rain in an uncovered patio for 2.5 years, followed by a covered patio for about 18 months.

    Over time, it got washed down many times!

    At the end of the 4 years, the back of one of the chairs had a crack, but the paint looked as good as the day it was painted.

    Obviously, I had to build a matching outdoor coffee table to go with my patio set. It only cost $15 and I have the plans available for you!

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    Chairs Need A Little Tlc

    DIY | Refresh Your Metal Patio Furniture Set with Spray Paint

    Solid wood adirondack chairs are not cheap so I knew that I wanted to just update the ones we already had. A few years ago I had spray painted these the lime green color that you see in the before photos, but like 8 cans of spray paint later and I still didn’t cover them! I knew I needed to go a more economical route this time, and since I had such great results with my Wagner Flexio 3000 on my hutch makeover, I knew it would be perfect for repainting these chairs.

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    How To Spray Paint Patio Furniture Like A Pro For Less Than $50

    Sharing all the tips & tricks for how to spray paint patio furniture that will last & make it look new again including how many cans of paint you need to buy

    With no money in our budget for new outdoor furniture we had to be creative with what we already had.

    All I our vintage wrought iron patio furniture needed was a little refresh with spray paint.

    Outdoor Patio furniture can look like new again with just a few cans of spray paint for less than $50.

    Painting Walls Is One Thing But There Are A Few Different Measures You Need To Take In Order To Ensure Tha

    The spruce / jordan provost give your furni. From the cabinets in your kitchen to a piece of furniture to a fun craft, there are plenty of wood items you can paint. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to. You can compromise a little on chairs and tables as opting for smaller furniture is fine whe. Summer is the time to eat outside, spend time in the backyard with friends and family and enjoy the best of the weather. Unless you have one already, you’ll need to invest in. Protect your wicker patio furniture and keep it looking fresh and new by. Painting walls is one thing, but there are a few different measures you need to take in order to ensure tha. It’s also a time most of us chose to renew your garden furniture. Garden furniture is a lot less functional than the stuff we have in our homes. It doesn’t get used as much so it doesn’t have to be as comfortable. Then paint with primer followed by the spray paint color of your choice. And one of the best things about wood is that it accepts a variety of paints well, whether you opt for something that’s.

    Learn these tips from experts on painting furniture to ensure that your next furniture painting project is a success. Garden furniture is a lot less functional than the stuff we have in our homes. Designers give tips and tricks for updating your old furniture to look like new.

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    How To Paint Metal Patio Furniture

    Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to update your old furniture. Which is why I decided to spray paint my boring beige patio table and chairs as part of my . Learning how to paint outdoor metal furniture has definitely had a big impact on my outdoor decor.

    Its week 4 of the One Room Challenge and were heading down the home stretch. Or at least, we should beI still have a TON of work to do.

    In case you missed it, I decided to make over my deck this year. You can catch up on my progress here:

    The one problem with doing outdoor projects is that you cant control the weather. And weve had a lot of rain.

    Which has totally messed with my schedule.

    So, while I didnt get the tiling completely done on my outdoor bar, I did get my outdoor dining table and chairs painted .

    But my metal patio table and chairs look so much better, its hard to believe its the same set. The white paint really makes them stand out.

    In fact, it almost looks the same as this really expensive furniture* set I ran across. But mine cost way less than that!

    I bought my set from Sears many years ago, so for this makeover all it cost me was some paint.

    So you might be wondering

    How To Prepare Metal Patio Furniture For Painting

    How to Spray Paint Patio Furniture like a Pro for less ...

    So now that we have the paint decided on, heres how to go about painting outdoor metal furniture:

    1. Scrape off any loose paint and rust with a wire brush*. This is just to remove any loose bits that could peel off later and wreck your paint job.

    2. Wash the furniture with TSP* to get rid of any grime . Dry thoroughly.

    3. If your furniture is really rusty, spray it with Rustoleum Rust Reformer paint*. It will convert the rust into a paint-able surface without requiring sanding!

    Now youre ready to paint!

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    How To Paint Plastic Patio Furniture

    Conventional wisdom says dont, but if you arent especially attached to your plastic patio furniture and wont be heartbroken if the finish doesnt last for years, painting it might be worth a try.

    Youll need to pick up just a few supplies:

    • A large tarp or drop cloth
    • White vinegar

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    How To Paint Outdoor Furniture With Sling Seats

    supplies needed:

    • ScotchBlue Painters Tape I needed 2 rolls of the 2-inch wide tape to mask 6 chairs and used half a roll Advanced Multi-Surface tape with Edge Lock for the glass table top.
    • Newspaper
    • Drop cloths
    • Sanding block with medium grit sandpaper
    • Spray paint I used 4 cans of Rustoleum Hammered Brown for 6 chairs and the table. Make sure that whatever spray paint that you use is a Primer + Paint formula.
    • Small-tip paint brush for touch-ups
    • Bucket of soapy water and scrub brush to clean all surfaces before painting
  • Before bringing the chairs to my garage to paint, I ran a sanding block on all the metal surfaces to rough them up a bit. This will help with paint adhesion. I then scrubbed them down with mold and mildew cleaner. I rinsed well and let them dry.
  • I lined my garage with drop cloths and started the job of masking the slings on each chair and the glass on the table so that no overspray paint would get on them.

    2. I placed the ScotchBlue Painters tape right up to the edge of the metal frame of the chairs. To make sure the tape is sealed and locked into place run your fingertip over the edge of the tape. Repeat taping on both sides of the top and underside of the chair.

    3. I then covered the sling with newspaper and taped it on. I ran my fingertip over the edge on all the tape to make sure it was sealed.

    After a few hours I had them all covered and ready for paint.

    7. After I made sure there was no green showing, I removed the tape and the newspaper.

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    What About The Durability

    Ive had a few questions about the durability as well as if the paint will rub off on clothing. Since this spray paint is bonding, it should adhere well to our furniture and fabric! So far, there has been no evidence of the paint rubbing off and the fabric still feels like fabric. Our thoughts are that even if our set needs touched up next season, were thankful to bring some new life to it!

    How To Spray Paint Metal Outdoor Furniture To Last A Long Time

    How to Use Simply Spray Fabric Spray Paint on Patio Furniture

    One of the easiest and cheapest ways to update a yard or patio for spring is to makeover outdoor furniture. Im going to share with you how to spray paint metal outdoor furniture to last a long time. Its an easy one afternoon project that anyone can tackle and following a few simple steps has everything to do with how well your outdoor furniture makeover holds up over time.

    Its feeling like spring already around here. The days are getting longer, we have bright blue skies, and the temperatures have been perfect for outdoor activities. This is about the time of year where I start dreaming of all kinds of outdoor DIY projects to spruce up the yard.

    Do you get like that too when the weather starts getting nice?

    If so, my how to spray paint metal outdoor furniture tutorial is a great way to welcome spring with cheery colors and best of all, it can be done in an afternoon! Also, be sure to check out my tutorial on how to paint metal light fixtures and how to paint wicker furniture.

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