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What Are The Different Types Of Patios

The Different Types Of Patios For Your House

Different types of Patio Covers
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Buying a new patio can be just the home improvement project that you need. Its a nice place to relax and unwind after a long day and can make your property a great place to live, while also bolstering its equity. With so many patio options available, which should you choose? Were glad you asked. Check out some of the many different types of patios below when youre ready for your next big home improvement.

Install A Gorgeous Waterfront Patio

The best outdoor spaces are a seamless blend between the man-made and the existing landscape. That’s why This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook chose native Goshen stone for this patio, nestled along the craggy Massachusetts coast in Manchester-by-the-Sea. For this project, Roger designed and built a 15-by-25-foot waterfront patio, plus a flight of stone steps leading up to an existing brick landing. Close enough to dip a toe in at high tide, the seaside perch offers panoramic views of the inlet and boulder-strewn cliffs.

Pretty Pergola For A Hint Of Shade

Build a vine-covered pergola in your backyard to shade a stone patio or wood deck using wood beams and lattice set on precast, classical-style columns. The dappled sunlight created by the overhead latticework creates a cool, relaxing environment perfect for backyard entertaining. Heres how to do it yourself.

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What Makes Pivot Doors So Unique

Lets just admit that as children, we were obsessed with the revolving doors at hotel entrances and we all wanted one in our homes. Pivot doors are just as fun but classier. They dont operate like your average patio doors. You dont need to worry about butt hinges and bulky framing ruining the homes aesthetic.

As explained above, pivot doors pivot on a spindle. The setup is simple, with one huge glass panel set in a frame. The panel rotates with the help of nearly invisible hinges at the top and bottom of the panel. Besides being beautiful, they are also easy to operate, providing quick access to the patio or deck.

If you dont like the look of multiple sectioned panels or generally prefer a minimalist look, then a pivot door is the one for you. From what weve learned, you can create a single panel pivot door up to 13 feet tall and 9 feet wide. They are not only chic and stylish but are also very convenient. It can rotate to a complete 360 degrees with minimal effort.

You also have the option to choose from a variety of frame materials such as aluminum, wood, steel, or opt for a frameless door for a more modern look. You are more likely to find them in high-end luxury homes as they do require a substantial amount of space both indoors and outdoors as they open and shut.

Pivot doors are fast becoming popular, especially in contemporary patio designs, for their clean-cut lines, chic look, and functionality.

What Do You Call A Covered Patio

Comparing the Different Types of Patio Covers

A pergola may be used to cover a walkway or to provide filtered shade for an outdoor living space. The word pergola has come to be used interchangeably with patio cover. Patio cover. An attached structure that provides shade and/or rain coverage for a patio or deck. A patio cover may have an open or solid roof.

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Solid Patio Covers Tend To Be Best

If the previous types of patio covers are not your style, then solid patio covers may work best for you. These tend to be one of the best types of patio covers to go with for several different reasons. If you want a patio cover with great functionality and will not cost you an and a leg, then a solid patio cover may be the one for you.;

Solid Patio Covers:

  • Solid patio covers are the best type of patio cover to go with if you live in a portion of the world that sees a lot of rain and snow. Since the solid patio cover is free of holes, it will help keep you safe from the weather if you want to go outside during poor weather.
  • Solid patio covers tend to be more expensive than latticed patio covers, but they tend to be well worth the money. If you can spend the money on a solid patio cover, they tend to be the better option for many patios due to them being weather resistant.;
  • Depending on the material you get for your solid patio cover, this will decide just how much maintenance you will need to perform regularly. Try to get a solid patio cover that is crafted out of metal, as these are the easiest to take care of.

Which Type Of Patio Is Right For You

Stone slabs or bricks;used to be a very popular type of driveway. They give you a great solid surface and you can choose from a range of sizes, but colours are often limited. They can crack or become loose and wobbly and youll need to watch out for weeds in the cracks.

Slate patios are an unusual choice and they certainly look very elegant. They can be great for period houses. But they are expensive and not as strong or sturdy as other types of patio material. They can easily loosen.

Wooden decking;is a great option for many homes, but its often combined with other patio types. Its ideal for entertaining in summer, but in winter it can become wet, slippery and full of moss and algae. Good quality wood is expensive, and youll need to protect it to prevent rot.

Artificial grass is an increasingly common option for many homeowners. Its extremely low maintenance and easy to lay, but youre often limited on size and style. Qualities can vary, and many pets dont like the feel of it.

Gravel or shale patios are good for decorative areas, but theyre not very practical. Theyre often uneven, so holding a BBQ or deckchair is problematic. A good membrane and maintenance is required to prevent weeds growing, and be careful of gravel pieces straying onto the grass.;

Its very long lasting, requires little maintenance and gives you loads of colour and design options. You can have any style you want it can even be made to look like wooden decking!

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Is It Expensive To Build An Enclosed Patio

So basically, many factors that influence the fluctuating prices to build an enclosed patio. What are these factors? Lets have a quick look.

Location and taxes based on different countries.

If you are planning to build a small patio, it can be made affordable, but if you are willing to build a medium-size or large patio, then its prices can hike.

It also depends that what type of furniture you are using to make your patio look lavish, comfortable, and easily accessible.

Depending upon the choice of your screen, prices can fluctuate. Because each kind of screen has different prices. Fiberglass can be the cheapest option but not of great quality.

Key Points Of Consideration

Different types of sliding doors – HST, PSK, SMART SLIDE. How to choose?

If you are new to patio enclosures and are not sure where to begin, dont fret.

It must also be noted that another type of porch enclosure exists, which is a little bit different than the ones mentioned in this article. However, this is the total enclosure. Total enclosures tend to feature solid walls and may only have access to the outside through a door and a window.;

Totally enclosed patios are good for storage, but some may consider them not a patio at all. It becomes hard to differentiate them from the rest of the house. They are similar to a shed in some cases.

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Everything To Know About Patios

A patio is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence. It is typically paved and made of materials like concrete. Its a Spanish word that roughly translates to yard.

In most homes, this is actually an extension of ones backyard, providing its residents a safe and excellent place to hold recreational occasions, special gatherings or even simple events.

This article gives people a closer look at patios allowing one to decide the kind of patio, including the materials, is suited to their needs.

Do keep in mind, however, that the house architectural design, total lot area, the actual space to be used and the allocated budget for the patio affects the final patio design and appearance.

Regarding the costs involved, according to this article which is a free source from the National Association of Realtors, a patio might cost as low as $15 per square foot.

Open Concept/canopy Style/curtain Enclosure

Now onto the open concept, or what we may otherwise refer to as the canopy or curtain enclosure.

Again, open concept is a general term that may be taken to mean different things. Still, how we are using it for the purpose of this article is simply in reference to any style of enclosure that is left partially open. For the sake of clarity, it may help to dub this type the partial enclosure.

An example of an open concept enclosure would be one wherein the sidewalls are entirely closed in, but along the front, there is a half wall of a few feet above, which is nothing.;

Many people with open concept patio enclosures will add curtains to them to act in place of a wall or window.

The canopy style patio has a very inviting and nostalgic feel and makes you want to sit out at night and look out at the landscape. Open concepts can provide a very serene feeling, and for this reason, they are a great option for those who like to enjoy their alone time and get back in touch with nature.

Let us now look at the pros and cons offered by this style.

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Can You Do Pavers Yourself

I fully believe if youre in decent physical condition you can do this entire job yourself. Your only limitation is going to be if you can lift and hold the paving stones with your two hands. You need to be able to place the pavers carefully so they drop onto the final layer of sand as flat as possible.

Zero Corner Sliding Doors

Patio Décor

Featured in this image is a zero corner sliding door by True View Windows and Glass. The corner is made of two individual pocket sliding doors providing the option to open only one section for daily use or open both for parties.

The doors slide into pockets, disappearing completely and opening up the entire corner. You can either opt for one huge panel or multiple small panels providing a lot more flexibility in terms of design options. You can also integrate shades and mosquito nets for additional functionality.

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Swimming Pools In Katy Tx

Sahara Construction & Custom Pools individually designs and builds every pool to meet our clients personal tastes and budget.

Saharas elite pool design team completely transform your backyard into the outdoor living area of your dreams. Whether you are looking for our team of qualified professionals to design your custom pool from scratch or you moved into a house with an outdated pool, Sahara can design you a flawless, in-ground gunite pool.

Patio With A Cowboy Cauldron

The Cowboy Cauldron Co. has some of the biggest and coolest fire pits and cast iron works available on the market. The company offers three styles of fire pits made from steel. They run expensive, so unless youre in the habit of hosting large parties in your backyard on a regular basis, it might not be the fit for you.

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We Explain The Physical And Application Properties Of Patio Stones Types

Summer is here, and while you are thinking of doing some upgrades to your outdoor spaces whether it be the driveway, backyard, walkways or patio; maybe you want to add more flair than just laying traditional asphalt or concrete. With patio pavers, there are limitless designs to what you can do with your outdoor living space. However, it can be a daunting task learning what patio stones types there are. First you have your stone type, and then comes understanding their value. Its equally important to understand the stones physical properties and how it makes sense to place it in your outdoor environment.

Patio pavers are the number one choice homeowners pursue due to their aesthetics. These patio pavers are;manufactured stone which are made in a factory through molds. They are such a popular choice because:

  • Limitless designs and flexibility to go anywhere
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to clean & seal
  • Looks organized and beautiful

Cambridge is a very common name in the patio paving industry. Nicolock, Techo-Bloc, and Unilock are other brands we carry.

Pivot Vs Hinged Doors

Different Types of Paver Patios, Patterns, Colors, Walls and Steps

For many, the concept of hinged doors is a lot more comfortable than that of pivot doors. They know that you need a door frame, a couple of hinges on the side, and your door is ready. You know that the weight of the door rests on the hinges, and they also aid the 90-degree rotation that opens the doorway.

A pivot door, on the other hand, is mind-blowing at first glance. To watch a huge glass panel rotate on an axis opening up a huge section of the wall is amazing. However, it also brings a myriad of questions to the mind about safety, structural requirements, operational nitty gritties, and more.

The operational pattern of both doors is very different. The pivot spindle can be placed at any point on the glass panel. You can even place it at the very end of the panel to limit the rotation to 180 degrees and open up the entire doorway all at once.

The important thing to keep in mind here is special requirements. Pivot doors look beautiful in all contemporary settings, but they require a lot of open space to remain functional. Hinged doors are ideal for smaller spaces as they are customizable and can look beautiful without taking away from usable space.

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Frameless Glass Stacking Doors

The image above is from We love it how the same style tile was used for the patio and the room interior floor. When the door is open, the room and patio become one large living area.

Featured in the image above is the Tuttovetro Slide, a completely frameless stacking door system by Sunroom, an Italian company. Also called a parallel sliding system, it contains tempered glass panels joined together through a linking mechanism made of stainless steel. The linking allows all glass panels to move together and stack one in front of the other by the first panel. Because it is a frameless design, when open, the door creates the widest possible opening between indoor and patio spaces.

The Pros And Cons Of Different Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures can be very visually appealing and can also make for a great place to relax.

This brings us to the obvious question to an aspiring researcher. What are the different types of patio enclosures, and what are the pros and cons associated with each one?

The sunroom style patio enclosure is visually appealing and great for gardening but lacks privacy. The canopy enclosure is casual and good for social gatherings but is seasonal and weather dependent. The screen room has a lot of privacy and an outdoorsy feel but is susceptible to water damage.

This article will look at the main points that should be considered when constructing a patio enclosure on your home.

Next, well go over the different types of enclosures and the specific pros and cons of each. By the time you have finished reading, you will be ready to get started on your dream patio.

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Make A Circular Fire Pit

Outdoor fires are so hot right now. Seriously. Mankind has called the hearth home for the centuries, it’s true, but these days people are going ultra-retro and getting their heat from stone-walled pits set into the earth. And, why not? On cool summer nights, you can melt marshmallows and nibble s’mores while you lounge in an Adirondack chair, feet propped up on the rock ledge. So if you really want to light up right, do it in style. Use our step-by-step guide and take a few days to build your very own ring of fire.

Follow along with TOH landscaper Roger Cook as he builds a circular fire pit and surrounding patio.

Common Types Of Decks

An Insight into Different Types of Patio Flooring ...

A deck is another type of outdoor living space that can enhance the overall experience of living in your custom home. Whether your deck is a comfortable sitting area, a place for a grill, or something else entirely, it can be a great addition to your custom home design.

Traditional decks are usually made of wood, but vinyl and composite are commonly used in the construction of modern decks. These are three common types of decks:

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What Is A Dutch Patio Door

A Dutch door, like a French door, consists of two parts. However, where a French door is parted vertically, a Dutch door is parted horizontally. The two parts, when closed, act as one unit, but you can also close one and open the other to create an opening at the top or bottom.

It is also known as a farm-style or a stable door, and it is reminiscent of 80s suburban or farmhouse look and feel.; They have recently made a comeback in modern architecture and are being modified to give a more modern look to fit contemporary style homes.

You can choose from different panel designs, door material, and length of the partition. You can even paint over the wood to suit minimalist home decor themes. Or choose a design with a very rustic appeal that demands attention. In any case, these types of patio doors will add a beautiful and charming touch to your house.

The origin of Dutch doors dates back to the 17th century, where they were a staple in all farmhouses. They are not only beautiful but functional as they let in sunlight while keeping all the farm animals out of the house. In the modern day, they can help keep the children and pets inside while letting in fresh air and light.

Choose a light pink or pale yellow color for a farmhouse look. You can even create the raw cottage look by keeping the wood bare. A raw wood Dutch door would look beautiful in an industrial-style home. The warmth of the wood could act as a nice contrast to the cemented patio and red brick walls.


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