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What Is A Grill Gazebo

How To Keep The Kids From Getting Burned When They Are Eating Food From The Grill Gazebo

Gazebo: Best Grill Gazebo (Buying Guide)

Some people worry that animals will jump on top of the roof of the gazebo. One answer is to build a double vented roof. Other people worry about children climbing up the roof and slipping. If you plan to put a bar in your grill gazebo, then you need to make sure there is a sturdy roof to keep the pub overhang out.

Kent 8 Ft W X 5 Ft D Steel Grill Gazebo

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The Sunjoy Kent Steel Grill Gazebo lets you enjoy grilling in a more comfortable, cool area. From structure to accessories, this shelter has all you need to indulge yourself when cooking outside. This Sunjoy grill gazebo will keep you protected from the sun and rain while you flip your burgers. Its 8ft. W x 5 ft. D structure comes protected with a layer of rust-resistant powder-coated steel. Leave behind the days when smoke took over your BBQ area.

The 2-tier roof ensures better ventilation of the smoke. All sizes and shapes of grills will find a new home under the roof of this barbeque shelter. Get ready to be more enchanted by the little details of this gazebo. It even includes hooks so you can keep your grill utensils within reach. The built-in shelves will make your working area even more practical and attractive. This beautiful brown steel shelter will blend in perfectly in any outdoor landscape. And it comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so the assembly wont give you a hard time. Wearing the signature of the largest provider of gazebos in North America, this product comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Two tier roof for better air circulation
  • Hooks and built-in shelves for storage
  • Larger size for more options


Backyard Discovery Saxony Wooden Grill Gazebo

Dimensions: 7 H x 8 WMaterial: Cedar and power-coated steelAdditional Features: 2 shelves, hooks, LED lights

You can basically consider this option to be the Cadillac of Grill Gazebos. With an elegant, yet durable cedar construction, powder-coated steel countertops, a corrosion-resistant steel roof, and even power ports , this gazebo will keep your grill safe from the elements and add a beautiful touch to your deck.

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Quick Guide For Bbq Shelters

To enjoy more your time around the BBQ, you want to make sure you have a proper cover over your grill. Here is a list of the aspects you need to keep in mind before making a purchase decision.

  • Structure

Safety is a priority when doing a barbecue. This also applies to the construction providing shelter from sun, rain or wind. To avoid getting trapped under your BBQ shelter, you want to choose a sturdy structure. Metal or treated wood will be strong enough to face the wind.

  • Ventilation

A good ventilation prevents you from choking with smoke and ruining the whole BBQ. Most gazebos have open sides that permit fresh air to flow in and out with ease. Also, you can check for roof vents that also improve ventilation.

  • Size

You know your backyard best, so you have to make sure you use the space in the best way possible. Choose a BBQ shelter that can accomodate your grill without taking all the space in your garden. Or opt for a wider gazebo, to enjoy extra-space for you and your guests to move around or huddle under in case of rain.

  • Protection

Most gazebos provide UV protection and are also treated to be fire retardant. Tent style shelters usually feature a waterproof canopy top. Some wooden gazebos may require special treatments. Opt for a heavier structure, that has a solid foundation, in case the area where you live is very windy.

  • Assembly
  • Design

Install The Tabletop Shelf And Skirt Boards

Grill Gazebo Plans: Make a Grillzebo!

Cut the deck boards for the table top to fit between the posts at each end. Secure them with two 2-in. exterior-grade trim-head screws through each deck board. Keep the screws about 1 in. from the edges of the deck boards. Start with the table-top board closest to the inside, and line it up with the edge of the inside posts . Theres no need for a gap between the boards.

Measure and cut the shelf boards to length. Rip two of them down to 4 in. Install the cut end flush with the outside edges of the shelf frame so theyre hidden by the skirt board.

Cut the skirt boards to length. Center the first one between the posts and install it with two trim-head screws to the skirt nailer and shelf frame. Work your way in each direction, and trim down the last skirt boards to fit flush with the posts.

Remove all the temporary braces and touch up all the cut ends of the boards with stain. All thats left is to slide your grill into place and invite the neighbors over for a party under your barbecue gazebo.

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Cut The Cupola Rafters

  • Cut the rafters and the curved rafter tail buildups using the information in Fig. F.
  • Pro tip:Study Figs. A, E and F in the attachments at the beginning of this article.
  • Cut your lower rafters and screw curved rafter tail buildups to the ends of the lower rafter.
  • Cut the 1×2 inner and outer vertical rafter ties .
  • Notice that these 2×4 outer vertical rafter ties have slots cut in them to slip over the upper and lower rafters.
  • You can cut these slots with a table saw or circular saw, working from each end.
  • First cut one side with multiple passes and then flip the rafter tie over and cut multiple passes from the other side.
  • Youll get an angled slope at the end of the slot from the roundness of the blade.
  • Dakota 6 Ft W X 8 Ft D Metal Grill Gazebo

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    The Sojag Dakota Metal Grill Gazebo helps you make summer last longer. With the protection offered by its aluminum roof, you can enjoy your grilling days more. Get comfortable cooking outside, with a working area easy to set on the two built-in shelves. Dimensions of this BBQ shelter are 6 Ft. W x 8 Ft. D. The roof provides shade and good ventilation during the hot months. Maintenance is easy, as you only have to ensure snow doesnt put excessive pressure on the roof. The full-frame features protection against any weather conditions. The product comes with a one-year warranty. You will need to handle the full installation, according to the instructions.


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    Factors To Consider While Buying A Grill Gazebo:

    Having a grill gazebo outside is the perfect way to add the summer outdoor atmosphere to your backyard. Not only does it provide a place to grill and store food, it also gives you a nice place to sit and relax. However, if you are purchasing a grill gazebo made of metal, there are some factors to consider before making your purchase. The first and foremost factor to consider is durability and weather-resistance. The best grill gazebo offers maximum protection and a protective cover from direct exposure to the sun and from intense UV rays which can be damaging over time.

    There are many factors to consider when selecting a grill gazebo, but some very important specifications to consider when selecting the ideal Gazebo for you are: the type of material , the size, and the shade type . However, there are some other important specifications to consider when selecting the ideal gazebos for your grill:

    Next, consider the type of fuel you will be using for your grill gazebo. Gas grills are known for their rust resistance, but the gas grill gazebo may also have an advantage in terms of waterproofing. If you are planning on using propane or charcoal, then waterproofing may be a priority. Propane and charcoal tend to flicker a lot, which is why some people opt for more permanent structures that are waterproof.



    Leisurelife Outdoor Bbq Grill Gazebo

    Assembling the Grill Gazebo by Sunjoy I got from Lowes.
    • No siding
    • Single color option

    This is one of the coolest looking gazebos for grilling in the game today. It features a two-tier hardtop that allows for any weather to slide right off the top and keep your chef dry underneath. Incredibly sturdy and built to last this piece is going to be a conversation starter for everyone that comes over for your BBQs and parties. The design creates a great ventilation system and heat dispersion so you can rest assured that you will stay cool underneath even while leaning over a hot grill.

    Each side has a shelf that is designed to hold food that is cooked and ready to go. Much like a window in a restaurant separating the kitchen and dining room. You might even want to invest in a little bell to let your food runner know that the steaks and burgers are done. Every single material that this piece is made with is weather-resistant and made to last for years and years. There are even three cup holders for a cool adult beverage or soda that your guests can use while they are checking out your grilling skills.

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    Garden Winds Replacement Canopy

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    The Garden Winds Replacement Canopy Standard 350 are a perfect match for the Sheridan Grill Gazebo. Stylish and resistant, this canopy proves beauty is in the details. This product features reliable ultra stitches and durable pockets. So, no matter how strong the wind or rain may be, you will be safe. Your grill gazebo will keep you protected from rain and sun, for a long time. Made from waterproof polyester, this grill gazebo replacement top fits only a specific model. Its dimensions are 107 x 67 inches. Aint no sunshine and no rain coming through this beautiful beige canopy. It can protect you from UPF 50+, it is water-resistant, and complies with the CPAI-84 fire retardant.

    Lay Out The Post Locations And Install The Bases

    Cut two 2x4s at 72 in. Line them up with the outside post lines you made on the two 2x4s you marked along with the top chords. Fasten them together with 3-in. wood screws. The inside diameter of the frame should be 72 in. x 87 in. Square and center the frame, and mark the post locations .

    Metal bases like these not only keep the posts secure but also keep up off the concrete so the wood doesnt wick up water and prematurely rot. Drill the holes for the bases and slide them into position. Tap the anchors into the holes and tighten the nuts .

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    X 5 Steel Grill Gazebo

    Dimensions: 8 x 5Material: SteelAdditional Features: 2 shelves, vented top, one hook

    For a more traditional, soft-top grill gazebo, check out this 8 x 5 steel option. With a cupola-inspired top to encourage air ventilation and two shelves for serving, this functional grill gazebo is an attractive patio staple as well.

    The black finish on this steel frame makes for a sleek look that will tie in with your other patio furniture. There is a single hook at the top of the gazebo designed for a lantern to add a bit more lighting. Something to note is that this grill gazebo is only designed for seasonal use, and is not all-weather proof.

    Ventura Bbq 8 Ft W X 6 Ft D Aluminum Grill Gazebo

    Sunjoy Meijer 5 Ft. W x 8 Ft. D Metal Grill Gazebo ...

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    The Sojag Ventura BBQ Grill Gazebo transforms any outdoor space into a haven. Enjoy cooking outside under a well-anchored gazebo. With a galvanized steel roof and an aluminum frame, this BBQ shelter will be worth the investment. Designed to face the weathers changes all year round, it will survive rust, UV, mildew and even fire. Feel comfortable in your barbecue area, as this shelter also includes two shelves. This way, you get to enjoy a working area right next to your grill.

    The dark gray finish of the frame gives an elegant touch to space and will for sure stand out in your backyard. This BBQ shelter covers an area of 352.16 square feet, enough space for you and your friends to gather around. In terms of dimensions, the gazebo measurements are 8 Ft. W x 6 Ft. D. The item includes 1 Year warranty for the product and 2 years against any rust perforation of the roof. Installation and foundation will be necessary for this barbecue shelter.


    • Galvanized steel roof with aluminum frame
    • Rust, UV, mildew, and fire resistant
    • 1-year warranty on the product
    • 2-year warranty on the roof


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    Benefits Of Grill Gazebos

    Grilling gazebos are explicitly designed to shield the grilling space from outdoor elements without trapping the smoke. This means a cooler, dryer, healthier, and more comfortable grilling experience.

    Yet grill gazebos do a lot more than provide protection. A barbecue gazebo transforms backyards into social spaces where friends can mingle, enjoy food and drinks, or just relax on the patio furniture.

    And because more barbecue outdoor gazebos come with shelves and tool hooks, they help grillers stay organized.

    How To Choose Bbq Shelters

    Overwhelmed and confused by the numerous types of BBQ shelters on display at your local hardware store? Dont fret, this happens to a lot of people due to the options. You might be wondering how to determine what type of BBQ shelter is better than its competitor when you cant see any noticeable differences. That is why you need to keep the following in mind while shopping:

    • How big is the BBQ you are trying to cover?
    • How often do you plan to use your BBQ during the on and off seasons?
    • Are you looking for a BBQ shelter that allows multiple people to stand under the canopy out of the elements?
    • Are you interested more in functionality or design?

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    Sunjoy 110109132 Original Replacement Canopy For Grill Gazebo

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    The Sunjoy 110109132 Original Replacement Canopy for L-GZ651PST is compatible with the 5 x 7 Grill Gazebo. The fabric used for this canopy is 100% premium Polyester. It has a polymer coating so UV-protection, water and fire resistance are also included. This top cover is compatible only with the grill gazebo sold in Bigots US in 2013 spring . A great plus of this product is the 12-month warranty. Also, the low maintenance translates as a very easy to clean material.

    Which Grill Gazebos Are The Most Durable

    Grill Gazebo For those that love to BBQ year round

    Longevity is a huge plus no matter what you are purchasing right? You want to get the most for your money and the items that last the longest will give you the best bang for your buck. Every single gazebo on this list is made with high-quality materials and each has great customer reviews. You can invest in lesser quality gazebos if you are planning on putting them up and taking them down every time you want to use them but for convenience sake, invest in a gazebo that can withstand the changing weather and years that you hope to be able to utilize your new purchase. Check out the most versatile and durable of the bunch below.

    OUTSUNNY makes some seriously cool-looking gazebos that are built to last. The base and legs are all made of steel alloy that is brushed so that water and moisture wont deteriorate over time. Just like on cars and boats, rust can really destroy anything with metal. The top of the gazebo is made with thick, UV-blocking fabric that wont rip or tear no matter the weather. The better the materials the longer you can stay hovering over your grill or smoker and the longer you can feed your hungry family and friends. This grill gets an A+ for versatility and durability.

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    Tangkula 1010 Feet Steel Patio Gazebo

    • Heavier than other models
    • No shelving

    With a look unlike any of the other gazebos in this list, the white top and steel sides add depth to a typically simple-looking structure. This item is perfect for weddings, family reunions, birthday parties, and BBQs alike. Being that it is slightly bigger than the others on this list, the ten-foot by ten-foot design is built that way to give you more than enough space even if you are using a massive grill and smoker setup. The steel sides wont rust or wear down over time and the polyester canopy can withstand any weather.

    Looking at the design of the steel sides/legs gives it a vintage look and would pair well with any yard, garden, or piece of land with cast iron decor. The thickness of the canopy will give it years of life without wearing down in the rain and snow. If you live in an area that has a lot of bugs in the summertime you can fit this gazebo with mosquito netting around the sides to make it even more comfortable and will allow you to hang out outdoors for longer periods of time.

    Tangkula 10 X 10ft Outdoor Pergola Gazebo

    • Heavy
    • No LED lights

    The gazebo and pergola have been confused as one and the same for decades but they are actually quite different. The pergola has an open, flat top with beams running across. The idea behind the pergola was to have a structure without blocking the sunlight. A gazebo has a roof and typically has walls whereas a pergola doesnt. This pergola/gazebo hybrid is a great item for the griller on your holiday or fathers day wish list. The base of this item can be kept outdoors year-round.

    The canopy top and sides are retractable and are easy to use as well as easy to take down. The entire thing is made of steel and polyester which are both used for durability. The dimensions of this piece are 120 x 120 x 87.6 inches and it weighs 135lbs. This piece actually has two different canopies, each of which can be used for different parties, events, and when the weather changes. While it doesnt have shelving or hooks to hang your cooking gear, it is great looking and will keep the rain and sun off of your back while grilling and smoking your meats.

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