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What To Put Under Pergola

Pergolas Create Versatile Shade

Can You Add A Heaters Or Fire Pit Under A Covered Pergola? | Cover Your Pergola

You might be curious, do pergolas really offer shade? Yes, pergolas were designed to add shade to your backyard space. They are excellent for providing relief from the harsh, direct rays of the sun while allowing sunlight access to fill the space. Although, as a stand-alone structure, pergolas do not provide full shade, their versatile structures allow many shade options. If you desire full coverage, you can add a retractable canopy. This option allows you to enjoy various levels of shade depending on the time of day or suns location. Retractable canopies arent the only solution for full sun coverage. There are many more ways to add extra sunblock to your pergola that can reflect your personal style or preference such as plants, bamboo, or fabric sales, to name a few.

Follow these links below to discover different shade coverage options for your pergola. Pergola Shade: Practical Solution for Every Outdoor Space and Cheap Ways to Cover a Pergola

Enjoy The Luxury Of An Outdoor Spa In Your Garden

Combine your pergola ideas with a hot tub, like in this gorgeous set-up byGarden House Design

Always dreamed of bringing hot tub ideas into your garden? Whether you’re all about giggly, music-filled garden parties with your friends or a glass of bubbly with your significant other, a combination of pergola and hot tub, like this shaded sanctuary, is a luxurious addition to a space.

You might never need a spa day again…

Wooden Pergola & Gazebo Select The Right Wood For Your Outdoor Pergola And Gazebo

Pergolas and Gazebos are a wonderful accent structure to add to a garden, patio or uncovered deck. They are extremely versatile and the perfect way to set apart a seating or entertainment area from the rest of the yard. Additionally, pergolas tend to be fairly simple to construct, as the average design is rectangular, roofless and consists mostly of beams and pillars.

Wood is primarily used for Pergola and Gazebo construction since it tends to be readily available, easy to work with and durable when exposed to outdoor conditions. But before you rush to the lumber yard to grab your materials, you should consider which type of wood is best for your project and your needs.

You can build a pergola or a gazebo with essentially any wood youd like, but these four primary types are the best options for a professional-quality structure.

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Pick A Bold Color Scheme

Cool black and sunny yellow make a stunning duo in this scene

A black, charcoal or deep gray adds a dramatic accent to any outdoor space, and is perfect if you’re after an industrial edge.

If you opt for this approach, pairing it with neutral accessories is a reliable way to achieve a subtle yet sophisticated vibe. But, if you’re after something a touch more playful, try combining the inky tone with a bold yellow hue. We love the use of cozy patterned textiles in a sunshine-like color in this scene above they contrast against the black beautifully. Festoon lights and hanging baskets are a gorgeous way to complete the look.

And if that sofa has you swooning, our garden furniture ideas feature will provide even more inspo.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Pergola

All Season Outdoor Living Ideas Under Gazebo

Generally speaking, its cheaper to build a pergola from scratch than it is to buy a pre-fabricated one. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Transport: Raw materials such as pressure-treated lumber are cheaper and easier to transport than fully assembled pergolas. The cost of transporting a large finished pergola panel is higher, so that price is passed on to consumers.
  • Labor: Since youre buying someone elses labor when youre buying a pre-finished pergola, that labor cost is built into the final cost of the structure. You can reduce this cost by building a pergola from scratch yourself.
  • Convenience: Since many people dont have the carpentry skills to build a pergola from scratch, there is a high demand for prefabricated pergolas. This high demand results in a high cost compared to the raw materials needed for a DIY pergola.

Building your own pergola is definitely the cheaper option, but it requires that you have some basic knowledge of woodworking and construction skills. Without that knowledge, putting together a pergola can be a difficult project.

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Wooden Deck: Classic Option

A superficially one-dimensional outdoor flooring option but in actuality the most versatile in appearance, a wooden deck can give your pergola flooring a classic, rustic feel. It can go great alongside a pool deck. While its timeless quality could be the biggest reason for its popularity, the wooden deck is also an inexpensive choice.

Homeowners also have the option of covering the wood in vinyl to modernize it even more. These composite floors give the deck a sleek finish, and the floor will always look like it was just polished. With vinyl wood decks, you get the realistic look of wood without any troubles that accompany natural wood.

How Much Does A Diy Pergola Cost

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The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

If the desire to create a structure burns within you, there is no better way than to build your own pergola. This DIY project is ambitious enough to permanently change the look of your yard, yet it requires only intermediate building skills and simple materials available at your local home center. And best of all, the cost of the pergola may be balanced out by the value that it adds to your property.

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Why You Should Own A Pergola

  • They create a definite space: A pergola can add definition to your backyard. You can create an entertainment lounge or a dining area, which is profound, especially if you do not have a deck or patio. If you want a definite purpose in your outdoor area, a pergola is the perfect solution.
  • You get privacy: If you do not like being on display when you are enjoying your outdoor space, you should get a pergola. Although it is an open structure, you can create privacy by adding drapes, latticework, or screens to one side of the pergola.
  • They create additional space for plants: You can add additional garden space in your outdoor area with a pergola. You can hang plants from the boards and create a gorgeous garden in the air. A pergola is also appropriate for plants like clematis, honeysuckle, ivy, wisteria, and grape vines as they grow from the ground up and can create a beautiful natural ceiling as they intertwine themselves in the boards.
  • They give protection and shade from the elements: A pergola can give you a beautiful shaded area where you can enjoy the summer day without worrying about sunburn. If you have a natural roof made of climbing flowers, you instantly get an outdoor lounge where you can relax. There are also pergolas that have an optional canopy that you can open and close as needed.

Extend Your Home’s Exterior

How to Install Renshade Screens Under a Polycarbonate Pergola | by ecoMaster`

‘The Trailfinders South African Wine Estate’ designed by Jonathan Snow at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

A pergola can be freestanding or joined to the side of your house. So, if your patio is in need of a feature or suffers from too much bright sun you can add a pergola directly from your back door for instant shade.

This can act a little like an extension, helping to enhance the feeling of space in your home. And, if you also invest in a style that has a covering, it will provide a slice of your garden that’s still accessible even when it rains. Opting for awning ideas is another solution.

We adore this classic look though, which is made even prettier with the addition of climbing roses. Want to recreate the look? Our guide on how to grow roses is a great place to get started.

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Support A Trendy Hanging Chair

For a modern look, paint your pergola in a bold black hue, such as Protek’s Wood Stain and Protect in ‘Ebony’

This seating set-up is brought together beautifully by the slimline pergola. Painted in a black hue, it makes a striking focal point whilst complementing the on-trend tiles and pared-back fence panels nearby. It also acts as a sturdy support for this season’s must-have seating solution a hanging egg chair.

Statement furniture and bold color palettes are always a good choice for modern garden ideas, and this example is a case in point.

Pergola Ideas: 21 Lovely Looks For Your Garden

To help you pick the best style for your garden, we’ve gathered up some of our very favorite pergola ideas. Get ready for a big dose of inspiration you’ll be keen to bring one into your own backyard in no time.

Looking for alternatives? There are plenty more ways to create shade in your garden in our dedicated guide.

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Add More Privacy With Curtains To Decorate Your Pergola

View in gallery

Recreate the look and feel of a fancy resort with these pergola curtains. If you have a garden that is overlooked by neighboring properties, youll be able to enjoy escaping from the world around you by adding heavy curtains to your pergola.

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your home, this pergola from Centsational Style will look incredible poolside. Add some comfy chairs, and youll enjoy chilling out here all summer long this year.

Benefits Of Adding A Pergola To Your House

Outdoor kitchen under a Kingston Pergola

Installing a pergola to your home can enhance your property’s value because it:

  • Helps you beautify your garden: Since a pergola has columns on the side and lattices or beams along the top, hanging and climbing plants can thrive on it. You can make your garden more attractive by adding some colorful, mood-boosting flowers and vegetation that can effortlessly grow between the lattice materials.
  • Is easy to build: To build a free-standing or anchored pergola, you only have to stick four poles into the ground and connect them with crossbeams. Since this setup is so simple to do yourself, you may be able to save money on installation costs instead of hiring a professional.
  • Is inexpensive: Since a pergola features similar materials to a gazebo, it tends to cost about the same amount to purchase the building components. However, the latter structure is bigger and more complex, so even if you hire a professional, you’ll probably spend less money on labor costs to set up a pergola.

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Make An Enchanting Walkway With Climbing Plants

This shaded scene is a delight

Pergolas can make beautiful additions to garden path ideas, especially when they’re covered in clambering climbers.

Recreate the look with the likes of wisteria, roses, or scented clematis. Wandering beneath the canopy of fragranced flowers and lush leaves is sure to bring a sense of joy. Our pick of the best climbing plants has lots more ideas.

Tile Flooring: Less Maintenance

There is very little that compares to the elegant look of a ceramic tile floor. The best part is, you can disguise your ceramic or porcelain tiles to make them look like wood this way, you get the best of both worlds!

Tile is easier to maintain than other flooring materials. All it takes is the occasional mop, and voila, its spotless.

Ceramic tiles can be slippery when wet, so they are not recommended for pergolas placed near pools. So, if you have a pool, you might want to opt for other types of outdoor flooring.

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A Pergola Is Different Than A Gazebo In Several Ways

How to put gutters on a pergola. It’s about half a metre from where downpipe will run into pit all concreted with a slope. Second, a pergola doesnt necessarily have a wall, although it can . I have the option to either run the gutters from pergola onto the garage roof, thus they run into garage gutters and into downpipe or if it’s possible run a downpipe down the side of the pergola and let water flow into storm water pit at end of garage.

There is a gutter there and i was wondering if anyone had ideas or if there is a product that already exists that i could attach to my gutters to hold the horizontal pergola piece. If you have the basic knowledge in carpentry, you can succeed building one in as short as a weekend! You have slotted gutters, the waterfall is the result of the slots overflowing but this is better than the gutters overtopping.

In total it adds up to around £300 for all the materials. It would be very difficult to slope the gutters due to the pergola beams. Besides it looks simply stunning!

Canvas for pergola rain cover Another thing to consider is the location of the entrance of the pergola. Ag pipe will not take the flow and will overflow real quick, so best bet is take it to the kerb, otherwise, start searching for a storm drain to hook into.

Even more, you can also make a pergola that can protect from the rain. There are many ideas to use.

The 8 Best Plants To Grow Under Your Pergola

Putting TVs Outdoors Under Pergolas or Cabanas

Aarons Outdoor Living proudly supplies pergolas to Australian backyards, adding a covered, shady area that is perfect for entertaining, keeping a spa or even a space to park vehicles. While these structures might be grand, they are made even better with the right décor. Many homeowners choose to use potted plants as a great way of making the pergola look inviting and using the space to its full potential. These plants need to be able to be grown in shady areas. Aarons Outdoor living is here to help with a list of the best pergola plants.

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Paint Your Pergola A Pretty Hue

Mix pastel tones with contemporary paving for a modern look, like in this scene from stylist Maxine Brady

Make a pergola work for your scheme by transforming it with paint. A pastel color like the above scheme lightens the space and makes a garden feel summery. Combined with sleek paving and chic furniture, the result will feel contemporary and fun. But if you prefer a softer scene, add some cottage garden ideas into the mix.

Prefer a maximalist look? Try a bright pop of color in primary hues for instant impact. Our garden color schemes feature has more inspiration.

Decorate Your Pergola With Shades

View in gallery

Pergola Gazebos offers us a wide selection of ideas for anyone looking to protect themselves from the sun this summer. For anyone who struggles when they spend too much time outdoors, youll love adding some shade and protection.

Its a great option for anyone with kids, as youll give them an extra space to hang out during the summer break without spending a fortune. Most of these shades can be put up and down as needed, so you can also enjoy some sun from time to time.

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Pergola Flooring Ideas What Goes Under A Pergola

When we think of a pergola, the things that immediately come to mind are beautiful sleek installations with louvered roofs. In fact, pergola flooring ideas are usually an afterthought.

But flooring and pergola footings are just as crucial to the structure as the roof. The floor forms the foundation of the pergola structure, footings are specific to the floor and the foundation is what keeps it in place.

Before installing a pergola, we encourage homeowners to figure out what kind of overall look they want? How strong is the foundation upon which they wish to install a pergola? And what type of pergola flooring do they have in mind?

Choosing the right flooring for your outdoor installation is just as important as choosing what goes on it. There are many pergola flooring ideas out there each one is unique and serves a different purpose.

Consider The Pergolas Proximity To The House

Pergola With an Outdoor Kitchen

Generally, fire pits shouldnt be set up too close to the house, as they pose the risk of fire. You should only install the fire pit if the pergola is at least ten feet away from the house. Meanwhile, if there are any dry, overhanging branches near the pergola that might catch fire, you might want to cut them back a couple of feet before setting up the fire pit.

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Cover Attached To Top Of Pergola

The methods mentioned above for attaching shade cloth to the top of your Pergola would still be valid for canvas materials, making it suitable for heavier rain, as long as there is enough slope to ensure they drain. I found three different methods for attaching the cloth that if the whole roof structure of the pergola has a slope would still work. Check out How to Attach Cloth to Cover a Pergola. The main issue I can imagine is if using the batten technique you might trap water in the lower corners that may encourage the material to rot. Ensuring the water can all escape by maybe angling the battens and leaving a suitable gap at the corners should be sufficient.


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