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Backyard Discovery Tacoma Falls Playset

Backyard Discovery Playsets Replacement Parts

Tacoma Falls Swing Set – Backyard Discovery

As is common in the industry, Backyard Discovery will not replace parts that were received as damaged . You sign a clean slate, you are responsible for the parts broken when you received them.

Once you start pulling apart the shipment, if you find missing or broken parts, theyâll replace those as they were likely a picking and packing mistake on their end.

Backyard Discovery Playsets Shipping Policy

Shipping policies will actually depend quite a bit upon the retailer you purchase from. Backyard Discovery typically works with all the big boys. Take note that âfree shippingâ doesnât equate to free returns and youâll likely be stuck with covering the actual shipping cost associated with shipping your set.

Similar to many others, youâll just want to have a camera and sleuth cap on when you receive it. The more you can demonstrate your case with stuff that wasnât your fault, the better. Playsets are generally shipped from the warehouse to the customer and rarely successfully shipped in the other direction.

Backyard Discovery Playsets Warranty

Iâm not in love with the Backyard Discovery warranty. They give you a full warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase, but thatâs it. Wood components have a prorated warranty amount over a 5-year period, but I just donât find that to be sufficient coverage.

This means that after 2 years into ownership, you could owe 40% of the cost of replacement parts, but youâd also be responsible for all shipping costs associated with those parts.

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Backyard Discovery Playset Prices & Availability

Below is the latest prices and availability of Backyard Discovery Playsets on their website and several popular online retailers. Prices are first and the current stock status is in parentheses. “N/A” means that retailer doesn’t carry that particular playset. To compare Backyard Discovery to other manufacturers, check out our swing set pricing data study.

Big Brutus Heavy-Duty Metal A-Frame Swing Set $649.00
Little Brutus Metal Swing Set $529.00
Mini Brutus Metal Swing Set $499.00
Pacific View Wooden Swing Set $1,499.00
Beach Front Wooden Swing Set $699.00
Bristol Point Wooden Swing Set $1,699.00
Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set $499.00
Canyon Creek Wooden Swing Set $1,399.00
Cedar Cove Wooden Swing Set $1,699.00
Sold at Exclusive Retailer N/A
Eagles Nest Elite Wooden Swing Set $2,299.00
Liberty II Wooden Swing Set $1,899.00
Mount McKinley Wooden Swing Set $899.00
Mount Triumph Wooden Swing Set $1,399.00
Prairie Ridge Wooden Swing Set $949.00
Sold at Exclusive Retailer N/A
Skyfort Elite Wooden Swing Set $1,899.00
Skyfort II with Wave Slide $1,999.00
Skyfort II Wooden Swing Set $1,999.00
Tacoma Falls Wooden Swing Set $1,899.00
Thunder Ridge Wooden Swing Set $1,299.00
Woodridge Elite Wooden Swing Set $1,999.00 N/A

Our Reviews Comparisons And Thoughts On Backyard Discovery Playsets

Tacoma Falls Wooden Swing Set

Meet the swiss army knife of the backyard play and leisure business. Backyard Discovery has been around for 30 years and started as a playset business. Over the years, Backyard Discovery has branched into other backyard products geared towards larger purchases — think playhouses, slides, gazebos, and pergolas. They have always pioneered new and innovative ways to do more in the playset business.

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More About Backyard Discovery Playsets

Started 30 years ago, Backyard Discovery really began the craft of putting together wooden swing set kits for folks looking for something more seamless than the DIY route. Backyard Discovery has spent a large amount of the past few decades building upon the simple concept of delivering what a customer is really looking for when it comes to out-of-the-box products to make their backyards more appealing.

Backyard Discovery has focused on some classic designs that stand the test of time, plus adding products and designs that are unique. They do not really take the fast-fashion approach that some toy companies have taken to come out with new models regularly. But they do try to innovate while other companies may stick to the few products they know work. Backyard Discovery has spent time engineering for overall value on their products. That means that you wonât consider their playsets as heavy duty.

In an attempt to create a better overall user experience, Backyard Discovery was one of the first companies to create a network of installers who could assemble their products for their customers. In fact, the division of their business created to complete assemblies is now its own standalone company, Go Configure. No longer under the same ownership, Go Configure partners with some of the very largest retailers to provide assembly services.


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