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How To Clean Plastic Patio Chairs

Using Laundry Detergent To Clean Plastic Patio Furniture

diy PRO TIP Restore clean outdoor lawn patio furniture EASY!!!!

Laundry detergent works well at loosening up old dirt and gunk from plastic lawn furniture, as well as teak furniture. This recipe is also useful as a DIY siding cleaner and any liquid detergent works.

  • Water hose

To clean vinyl strap patio furniture, combine the water and liquid dish soap in a bucket. Clean the furniture directly from the bucket or pour it into a spray bottle for easy application.

Dunk the scrub brush into the cleaning solution or spray the mixture onto the furniture and scrub away stains and dirt using circular motions.

For tough stains, allow the solution to sit for a few minutes before using a garden hose to rinse away all of the dirt and grime residue. Set the furniture into the sun and allow it to air dry.

What Is The Yellow Dust On My Patio Furniture

This is probably pollen a powdery yellow substance that settles on many surfaces, especially during spring. Pollen can come from different sources trees, grasses, and weeds but the more prominent ones are the pine trees. A good example is the slash pine, which blooms mostly in mid-march, and is native to some areas. Other tree sources of yellow pollen are cedar, ash, elm, and birch.

How To Clean Your Hdpe Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

HDPE recycled plastic outdoor furniture is the easiest type of material to clean. You dont need special oil or sealant like you do with wood furniture. You dont have to add extra ingredients like vinegar to struggle to remove all traces of mold or mildew. You also use fewer cleaning supplies over time to maintain it.

A little soap and water or some specially formulated cleaner made specifically for this type of furniture goes a long way to keep your all weather patio furniture looking good-as-new.

Follow these steps to clean your recycled plastic outdoor furniture:

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Stubborn Stain Cleaning Instructions

Use this recipe to restore your white plastic chairs to their original brilliance.



  • Combine 1/4-cup of regular household bleach in a large bucket with warm water.
  • Slide on a pair of rubber gloves and then dip a scrub brush into the hot cleaning solution.
  • Scrub the chairs with the solution making sure you wipe away any bird droppings that may have settled in the chair’s seams.
  • Allow the solution to sit on the chairs for a few minutes, then rinse them down with clean water from a garden hose.
  • Dry the chairs with a cloth or place them in the sun to dry.
  • Note: Whenever you use bleach to clean plastic deck chairs, it is vital to spot test the solution before disinfecting. Bleach can stain coloured deck chairs. It can also cause yellowing on white plastic deck chairs if it is left on for more than 10 minutes. Never apply straight bleach on white plastic deck chairs. Also, when cleaning with bleach, be sure to protect your hands with gloves and wear old clothes in case of accidental spills.Remember that plastic deck chairs are not the highest quality patio furniture on the market.

    Q: Whats The Best Way To Clean My Poly Furniture

    How to Clean Plastic Patio Chairs
  • Choosing a warm, sunny day for this task, combine warm water and mild dish soap in a bucket.
  • Remove any cushions, tablecloths or other decorative items from your poly furniture. You can and should clean these separately.
  • Dip a clean rag into the water-and-soap solution. Then, gently scrub the surface of your poly furniture, paying careful attention to any grooves in the material where dirt could get caught.
  • Once youve finished scrubbing, rinse the furniture with clean water from your hose and allow to air dry.
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    Proper Cleaning For Resin Patio Chairs

    • Written by Natasha Gilani on Aug 25, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    Besides their aesthetic qualities, portability and affordability, resin patio chairs are an excellent option for those looking to spruce up their patios. In addition, resin patio chairs are easy to clean and with regular maintenance, they can last a few good years at least. The following steps will detail how to clean patio chairs.

    How To Clean Dingy Dirty White Chairs

    What follows are 5 simple tricks to getting dingy chairs gleaming again like new. All use simple items and ingredients that you will probably have or can get easily.

    1. Oxygen Bleach + Water:

    How to use this method: First, add approx 1/4 cup household bleach to a bucket of hot water . Put on rubber gloves to protect your skin. Using a scrub brush, scrub at the dirt and grime on the chairs with the bleach-water solution, paying special attention to the seams. Let the solution soak into the furniture for a few minutes after youre done scrubbing, and then rinse it down with clean water. Let it air dry or towel dry if youre in a hurry.

    2. Clean With Liquid Dishwashing Soap

    If youre uncomfortable for one reason or another using bleach, another option you can try is good old dishwashing soap & water!

    3. Use Vinegar!

    Youd be amazed what simple household vinegar can do to spruce up your white plastic furniture! Clean using the same method as before, adding approx 1/4 to 1/2 cup vinegar to a bucket of hot water, and then scrub at the stains, rinsing when finished!

    4. Get Out Your Liquid Laundry Detergent

    Liquid laundry detergent also has some pretty serious stain removers in it! Mix approx 1/2 cup with water, and get out your sponge or soft bristle scrub brush and attack the gunge! Dont forget to let the solution sit on your furniture for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

    5. Good old Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

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    How To Clean Cast Iron Patio Furniture

    The heavy, durable nature of cast iron has made it a favorite material for patio furniture. Cast iron patio furniture tends to be more expensive than aluminum or plastic furniture because it often lasts much longer than its counterparts.

    To help prevent rust and retain the durability of the furniture, you want to clean it on a regular basis, particularly if the pieces are regularly exposed to weather and temperature extremes.

    It takes very little time to clean cast iron furniture properly, and you dont have to purchase any expensive materials. To help you maintain your cast iron patio furniture, follow the steps below so you can enjoy it for years to come. Follow these recommendations for how cleaning cast iron works.

    Cast Iron Furniture Cleaning Recipe

    • 1/4 cup mild detergent
    • 1 gallon of lukewarm water

    Pour mild detergent and lukewarm water into a bucket and mix thoroughly. Use the cleaning solution to dampen the sponge, shaking out any excess water. Beginning at the top of the furniture and working your way down, wipe the entire surface of the furniture.

    To get into the intricate detailing and crevices of the furniture, use an up and down motion when wiping. Continue to wet the sponge as needed, shaking out the excess water to keep it from dripping.

    With a bucket of cold, clear water, use a very wet sponge to work from the top to the bottom of the furniture, making sure to wipe away all the cleaning solution so no residue is left behind.

    Clean Stained Plastic Patio Furniture With Baking Soda

    How To Clean Patio Furniture (Plastic, Wood, & Metal) | Sears Knowledge Center

    Plastic tends to get scratches easily, so avoid using abrasive cleaners to remove tough stains. Baking soda is a mild abrasive that forms an alkaline solution when combined with water. It removes dirt and grime naturally without scratching the plastic.

    • Soft cloth

    To clean patio furniture, spray the surface of the plastic with a garden hose and sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the top, adding extra to heavily stained areas. Use a soft sponge to work the baking soda and water into the plastic, using circular motions to loosen up the grime.

    Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes before rinsing away all of the residue with a hose. Use a soft cloth to dry the furniture or set them into the sun to dry.

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    How To Clean Plastic Patio Furniture With Bleach

    Clean away dirt, debris, and dried stains with the power of bleach and a little elbow grease. Bleach works well for cleaning plastic outdoor furniture, especially if its white.

    • Garden hose

    Fill a bucket with hot water and then add the bleach. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and dunk the brush into the cleaning solution. Scrub the furniture starting from the top and work your way down using circular motions.

    Allow the bleach solution to sit on the plastic for a few minutes before rinsing it with clean water from a garden hose. Set the furniture in the sun to air dry.

    Additional Tips For Your Plastic Lawn Chair

    • Store them out of direct sunlight. Do not leave your furniture in the sun for long periods. Store it in a shed, garage, or shaded area when youre not using it. This will increase their useful life and a new appearance by slowing down the oxidization process caused by UV light. If you dont have the time or space to store the furniture safely, protect it with ready-made outdoor furniture covers.
    • Clean and wax occasionally. To keep it in good condition, check your patio furniture monthly. Look out for oxidation marks, scratches, and build-up of debris.
    • Repaint your Polywood furniture with spray paints. If your furniture has become discolored or oxidation marks are visible, why not consider repainting it? This will also allow you to personalize your furniture according to your individual taste. Use specialized paints for plastic, such as Rust-Oleum and Krylon, which are available on Amazon.

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    Cleaning Outdoor Plastic Garden Furniture

    Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair £64.00

    With the sun peeping through it is tempting to get out on the patio and give the outdoor furniture a clean in readiness for warmer weather that we hope is around the corner. If you have plastic garden furniture, getting it ready for the Spring and Summer months should be fairly straightforward.

    If your plastic table and chairs have been under-cover then a wipe with a soft cloth and soapy water may be all that is required to remove dust and the odd cobweb. However, if your plastic garden furniture has been out in the elements all

    Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair in White £64.00

    Winter, it will probably be necessary to undertake a deeper clean, and white plastic furniture may even require a mild bleach solution to bring them back to sparkling white. Always protect your skin and eyes and wear rubber gloves before trying the bleach solution out first in an inconspicuous place, just in case there is an adverse reaction with the plastic material. A mild bleach solution is also very good for removing any mildew on your plastic garden furniture.

    Using your soapy water , give the table and chairs a good wash with a soft cloth or sponge, not forgetting to wash the underside too. If your furniture is older or made from softer plastic then you should avoid using the abrasive side of the sponge as this will scratch the plastic surface. You could try using an old toothbrush to get into any corners and crevices.

    Emo Chair £49.00

    How To Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

    How to Clean Plastic Patio Chairs in 2021

    Lighter than cast iron, wrought iron can be easily manipulated to create beautiful, sturdy furniture for your outdoor space. Manufacturers often use wrought iron for outdoor furniture and fencing because of its superior strength, durability, and low-maintenance. Wrought iron furnitures weathered appearance can help add a lot to your home décor.

    To maintain the color of your wrought iron furniture keep it looking like new, it is important to clean it, using the following steps, every couple of months while in use. For extra protection, use spray wax once a year.

    Move the furniture away from dirt, grass, and plants to avoid splashing mud onto it when you are cleaning it. Hose the furniture down to remove the loose dust and dirt.

    Put a quarter-sized drop of dish soap on a sponge and wipe the furniture down, using a circular motion. Frequently rinse the sponge, adding more dish soap when needed.

    If the furniture is particularly dirty, use a scrub brush to get to the hard-to-reach areas on the furniture. Rinse the soap and any remaining dirt from the wrought iron furniture using a hose.

    If you notice areas that have become chipped, rusted, or stained due to overexposure to the elements, sand the areas with sandpaper and repaint the furniture.

    Keeping your wrought iron furniture looking like new, take the time every couple of months to clean it using the steps listed above. To avoid rusting, be sure to cover the furniture during the rainy and snowy seasons.

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    How To Clean Outdoor Fabric

    Mix a solution consisting of 1L water and one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. You can add a tablespoon of Borax if you really want to get wild. Borax is a salt of boric acid and will prevent mould and bacteria from growing in your cushions, seats and rug.

    Fun Fact: Borax was banned in the UK for claims of adverse effects on the reproductive system . Maybe skip the Borax just to be on the safe side

    Soak your sponge or cloth, or heavily spray your solution on all sides of the fabric youre cleaning.

    Rinse the solution out with a hose at high pressure.

    Let the cushions dry in direct sunlight.

    Spray your cushions/rug with fabric protector before they are completely dry.

    Guide To Clean Outdoor Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

    Step 1:

    First, you will want to clean the cushion covers on your resin furniture. Remove the cushions from the cushion covers if possible and set the cushions aside. If you are using Patio Productions cushion covers, great! All of our cushion covers are a nylon fabric or Sunbrella, so they are easy to clean. Loosen the dirt on the cushion covers with the soft-bristle brush.

    First, remove and clean the cushions hand courtesy of our very own employee, Eric!

    If you havent already done so, you should watch this video about Sunbrella Fabrics. Youll be an instant believe after you watch it! You can buy © Sunbrella Cushions here.

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    Q: Where Can I Purchase High

    A:poly furniture for all your outdoor needs

    In the past, purchasing Amish products could only happen with a trip to Pennsylvania, Ohio or one of the other locations where Amish craftspeople do business. Today, you can buy beautiful Amish-made pieces from the comfort of your home. Owned and operated by the Hilty family of Smithville, Ohio, AmishOutletStore.com offers American made pieces at competitive prices. Besides our selection of poly outdoor furniture, we also offer a wide variety of traditional Amish wood furniture, including tables, chairs, beds and desks.

    In the market for new furniture? Check out our complete selection online!

    How To Clean Glass Patio Furniture

    Shocking Transformation of a Chair Being Cleaned, How to Clean Patio Furniture. Mold Algae Gone!

    Keep glass patio tables sparkling with a few simple cleaning steps. First, remove any stuck-on debris with a glass-safe, nonabrasive material. Many scrub brushes will scratch glass, so opt for one designed to tackle tough cleanup jobs without marking your furniture.

    Dish detergent and home cleaning solutions are the most effective cleaners. After an initial cleaning, spray white vinegar or glass cleaner on the surface and wipe away with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Wipe down the underside of a glass table at least once a month to prevent irreversible grime. Clean frames of glass tables according to their material type.

    To keep glass outdoor furniture clean, you should cover your glass table when it’s not in use. Fix small scratches and chips in the glass with a glass repair kit.

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    How To Clean Moldy Plastic Patio Furniture

    Because plastic patio furniture is most often left outdoors rain or shine, its no wonder that mold sometimes ends up growing on them. No one wants to sit on a moldy chair, so tackling that is a must if you plan to offer your furniture to guests at a get-together.

    Dont forget a good rinse!

    The easiest way to clean off the mold is to use good, strong sunlight to your advantage. Move the furniture into bright sunlight and let them soak it in. Brush them down with a solution of water and lemon juice and leave the lemon-water on it to air dry. Some soapy water will finish off a good clean and youll be all set.If you have some furniture thats pretty moldy, some bleach will be a good choice. Use a pretty strong ratio of bleach and water , and clean it with a scrub brush . Be sure to fully rinse the chairs afterwards and if its a sunny day, let them dry in full sunlight!

    How To Clean Plastic And Hard

    Use these tips to remove stains and built-up grime on plastic patio chairs and tables. Make your own mild cleanser by mixing 1/2 cup baking soda mixed with 1-gallon warm water, or 3 tablespoons dishwasher detergent and 1 gallon of warm water. For colored plastic, mix 1/4-cup vinegar with 1 quart of warm water. It’s best to avoid using chlorine and bleach on white plastic furniture because they eat away at the material.

    For stubborn stains, dampen a clean rag with white distilled vinegar and wipe down the piece. You can also sprinkle baking soda on a wet sponge to create a mild abrasive that will peel away stains but won’t scratch surfaces. Avoid abrasive cleaners, which will scratch plastic outdoor furniture. After washing your plastic furniture, protect it with a coat of automotive paste wax.

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