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Wrought Iron Rails For Porch

Joe And His Customer Service

How To Paint A Wrought Iron Railing – Ace Hardware

Joe and his customer service is above reproach! Joe and I emailed back and forth numerous times so he could help me select the correct railings for my application. The shipping was incredibly fastthe handrails arrived far ahead of my expectations. I tell everyone that will listen about D.I.Y. Handrail. This has become my goread moreJoe and his customer service

Wrought Iron Railing Alternatives

Having worked in older cities in both North America and Europe, Ive worked on a lot of properties that have called for porch and deck railings with a classic look to match the aged and dignified nature of the houses theyre used on.

One place was an old neoclassical revival house with a brick retaining wall that was topped with an equally aged and badly rusting wrought iron railing that lined the porch on three sides. My clients wanted to keep the grand, elegant look of the material but ditch as much of the rust and maintenance as possible. It seemed like a tall order, but with a little bit of research I found that wrought iron railing alternatives do exist, making it possible to have a classically beautiful black steel railing that doesnt come with the maintenance baggage of wrought iron.

The Beauty and Strength of Wrought Iron Railing

Whats so special about wrought iron, anyhow? If you are reading this, you probably already have your own list of special qualities. For me and my clients, the beauty of wrought iron railing lies in its weighty, solid presence, its capacity for ornamentation, and the Victorian-style black paint coating.

The Problems with Wrought Iron Railings

While wrought iron railing provides strength and beauty, it has its fair share of weaknesses that ought to be taken into consideration before making any investments of time, energy, and money.

Rust-Free Wrought Iron Railing Alternatives

My Husband Has Been Struggling

My husband has been struggling with hip and knee pain. He has both artificial hips from the past 15 years due to long term steroid use. And will soon begin the process of knee replacements. A friend was able to install efficiently and my husband begin using immediately. We are very satisfied with the moreMy husband has been struggling

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The Perfect Solution We Have

The perfect solution. We have a small home with a wood deck and a box step leading up to our door. Originally, I had planned to build a wooden handrail, but after my 3yo daughter unexpectedly fell of the edge of the deck and almost seriously hurt herself, I decided that we needed a railread moreThe perfect solution. We have

Choose Custom Wrought Iron Railings

Handrail Wrought Iron Fits 3 or 4 Steps Stair Railing Outdoor Porch ...

Choosing awrought iron railing is a great design component to add to any home. Not only is it tough, malleable, long-lasting, and easily welded, but wrought iron is the ideal addition to create a sense of security while also adding value to your property.

If you would like to learn more about iron railings and how they might complement your home, get in touch with Naddours Custom Metalworks today to see how we can help.

At Naddours Custom Metalworks, our objective for more than 30 years has been to assist our customers in creating an elegant and glamorous setting in their homes. We remain dedicated to delivering on that promise with the highest quality craftsmanship with each of our projects.

We can custom design, produce, and install any style of iron railings to guarantee that you receive the desired aesthetic and performance youve been searching for.

To learn more about how we can provide you with a new custom iron railing for your home, set up a free consultation to speak with one of our experts. Contact us at 714-546-3003 at Naddours Custom Metalworks today!

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I Have Nothing But Great

I have nothing but great compliments on the entire process of having a handrail on my front porch. Ordering process was easy, was delivered in 2 days, and I was able to install in a very short time. It was great to have all necessary bits for installation, and the instructions to install easy toread moreI have nothing but great

Is It Easy To Maintain Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought iron railings are simple to maintain. While they may be prone to rust or corrosion, especially outside, homeowners can prolong the health and appearance of their wrought iron railings by applying a coat of sealant or paint. An easy way to maintain wrought iron railings is to apply a liquid car wash to the railing once a year.

Learn More. Talk to a Metal Railing Pro.

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Factors To Consider When Replacing

If the banister is part of a larger structure, parts of it might be load-bearing. For instance, the baluster may support the porch roof. In that case, replacement is more complex, and will cost more. Another factor is the ground that will hold the railing. Exterior poles going straight into lose gravel, for example, need additional steps to remain safe over time.

A Well Designed Well Made

How to Repair a Rusted Wrought Iron Railing | This Old House

A well designed, well made railing that was a breeze to install. Joe was very helpful in providing a drawing to show how the rail would look on the steps to our patio. Ive already had one person ask for photos & contact info to do a rail project at their home. Easy ordering processread moreA well designed, well made

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Modernize Your Wrought Iron Railings Without Replacing Them

Few design elements have the ageless elegance, flair, and appeal of acustom wrought iron railing. One of the nicest things about wrought iron is that it may enhance and beautify the appearance of your home and staircase, whether it is installed inside or outside.

The strength and flexibility of wrought iron, combined with its ease of maintenance, make it the ideal medium for the stairs of your home. Here are some wonderful ideas for modernizing your wrought iron stair railings into the decor of your house stairs without completely replacing them:

Why Choose Wrought Aluminum Railings Over Wrought Iron Railings

For their elegant appearance, wrought iron railings are a very popular choice for houses, but wrought aluminum railings are another option that can sometimes be a more suitable choice.When choosing railing materials for your home, its important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type, including cost, maintenance, durability, and safety. Some people may choose railings based solely on their appearance. However, particularly when two railings types both look the same , it makes sense to look at the differences between the two.

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Cost To Replace Wood Balusters With Iron

Bottom Rail Installation

Bottom railings provide structure and support to wrought iron railings. Replacing a bottom wrought iron railing will cost, on average, $500. The cost reflects $50 to $120 per linear foot for materials.

Newel Post

Newel posts are large support posts at the turning and ending points of a staircase. The average cost to replace or install a newel post is $75 per post.

I Need A Railing From

Exterior Residential Iron Railings

I need a railing from my mothers front porch. I googled it and found DIY handrails, what a blessing. They made this process so easy, I couldnt believe it. I found the one I wanted, placed my order, it showed up in 4 Days and is exactly what she wanted. Fantastic quality, installation was moreI need a railing from

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Handrails For Ramps For People With Disabilities

Building a disability ramp costs between $875 and $2,700. You may need it for personal reasons or in a public space. The railing should be part of the larger construction project. This ensures that it complies with ADA standards and the permit is correct. Standards to follow include slip resistance, height of handrails above the ground, and total length beyond the ramp.

I Am More Than Pleased

I am more than pleased with my two DIY handrails. They arrived quickly, they are a quality product, they were easy to install. The price was most reasonable for the high quality. Mine have been installed for one year and I expect to get many more years of use from them. Additionally, they satisfyread moreI am more than pleased

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Our Lifetime Commitment And Guarantee

Art Metal Workshop, Inc. has created some of the finest wrought iron gates, railings, and fences in Toronto. Our guarantee encompasses the quality of material and workmanship consciously considered during its fabrication. All our creations are thoroughly inspected before they are delivered to your doorsteps to ensure the quality of our work. Weve also launched a line up of aluminum products at NW Aluminum.

We assemble and construct a wide selection of gates, fences, and railings with consideration to what you have in mind. Our custom fitted wrought iron gates and fences is guaranteed to give your home or garden a magnificent and impressive look that adds to the overall value of your property.

Art Metal Workshop has been accolade with the glorious Best of HomeStars Award because we have made a clear impression on all our customers. We are proud to bring 100% customer satisfaction to every project we put our labor on.

At Art Metal Workshop, we guarantee to provide you with a sincere and honest service, quality products, and an aesthetically appealing wrought iron fencing that lasts for a long time. Create the aura of luxury with Art Metal Workshops wrought iron steel gates, fences, and railings.

I Purchased One Of These

How a Custom Wrought Iron Railing Is Fabricated

I purchased one of these rails for an elderly neighbor who had a handyman install a cheap metal kit from one of the big box stores. It had rusted out and I was afraid she would fall if she accidentally leaned against it. The rail was very easy to install. I followed the directions andread moreI purchased one of these

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Product And Especially The Customer

Product, and especially the customer service was second to none. A sketchup model was drawn up especially for my field measurements and confirmed the products would fit as intended. During shipping a piece went missing or was not sent, however upon asking, a replacement arrived the next day. Installation went as planned without issue. Greatread moreProduct, and especially the customer

Wrought Iron Deck Railing

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Iron Vs Wood Staircase Handrails: Which Is Better

Which option you choose depends on your preferences. Wood railing costs between $15 and $25 per linear foot, significantly less than the $50 to $100 for custom metal. However, it requires more maintenance. You also sacrifice durability. The average wood banister, even when treated, lasts only about 10 years. Compare that to 100 years or more for wrought iron with the right maintenance.

These Handrails Are Great Im

Decorative Front Porch Wrought Iron Railings

These handrails are great. Im 70 years old and my son and brother in law installed them at my front and back door a few years ago. I dont know what I would do without them. I needed a handrail on the stairs going up to an upstairs apartment in my 110 year oldread moreThese handrails are great. Im

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Glass And Stainless Steel Balustrade

Home Owners

Nothing is too big or too small.

We do stainless steel and glass balustrade staircases, pool enclosures and all the standard balustrade models you’ll need for your home to keep you and your family safe and stylish.


We have CAD drawings, certificates, and calculations of our stainless steel and glass balustrade products to support you in your planning, design and specification process. We adhere to legislation and are eager to be of assistance.


We understand what’s important

to you. We comply with legislation and safety regulations. Our high quality stainless steel and glass balustrade products are tested extensively and can endure all weather conditions. We look forward to partnering with you to bring to life your stainless steel and glass balustrade finishing touches.


Every builder has a vision for their project. Our mission is to support your vision by providing superior stainless steel and glass balustrade solutions to not only enhance the look and feel of your building project, but also add essential safety features which are stylish, robust, durable and affordable.


Let us support your project as you work your magic to develop greatness. We utilise our patented stainless steel and glass balustrade designs and modular systems to create a modern aesthetic look that is rigid, robust and structurally sound.

Quantity Surveyors

I Installed The Arch Railings

I installed the arch railings this summer. I highly recommend that you use a hammer drill for the screws and an impact wrench to drive them in once the holes are drilled. A reciprocating saw for trimming the iron is helpful as well. Having the proper tools makes for an easier install. We are veryread moreI installed the arch railings

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The Railing Was There For Him To Grab

In the years we have resided in our current home, there was never a thought that we might need a handrail to our front porch entrance. However prior to the onset of Winter, we decided to add a short DIY handrail, mainly for appearance purposes. On Thanksgiving day, a friend arrived and began to climbread moreThe railing was there for him to grab

Compare Metal Railing Costs Per Foot

How to Paint a Rusted Wrought Iron Railing

Homeowners looking to complete a railing project on a budget may need to consider alternative metals and materials. The cost of cable rails, steep post banisters, and aluminum is appealing if youâre looking for a lower-priced alternative to wrought iron railings.

Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum & Steel Railings


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What Makes Wrought Iron Unique

Because of its versatility, wrought iron is an excellent choice for residential balustrades and railings. When updating their homes, homeowners spend a lot of money, but if they choose a versatile material like iron, they can make tons of savings.

Here are some of the components of wrought iron stair railings that make them unique:

Turning 72 Very Soon Have

Turning 72 very soon. Have health issues cannot do steps very and had falls. I have lots of friends who kept saying you need rails. So finally gave in. I ordered them got here very quickly. My husband and a good friend put them up. Boy what a difference rails make. Best thing weread moreTurning 72 very soon. Have

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Immediately Fell In Love

My wife and I just had our old basement stairwell rebuilt along with a new expansive patio. We knew we were going to need a handrail for the basement steps and on the search. We are in an older part of town and like to stay true to the aesthetics and older building material soread moreimmediately fell in love

Advantages Of Wrought Iron Vs Other Metal Railings

SalonMore Handrail Picket #2 Fits 2 or 3 Steps Matte Black Stair Rail ...

Wrought iron railings are an attractive and practical way to improve the safety of a home. Other metal railings like aluminum are a lower cost and rust-resistant alternative to wrought iron but can range in durability and quality. Aluminum is lightweight, which makes it easier to install, but can compromise the safety of the railing.

Steel railings are durable but lack the same customization properties as wrought iron railings as iron is more malleable than steel. Homeowners will find more decorative design options made from wrought iron as opposed to other metals. Wrought iron railings are a durable and aesthetically pleasing addition to the home.

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How Much Does It Cost To Paint Iron Railings

Expect to pay about $6 to $10 per linear foot. That’s similar to the price to paint a metal fence. For two railings that measure 10 feet each, that means a total rate between $120 and $200 for most contractors. If you choose to complete the job yourself, the right paint costs $30 to $40 for the same surface area.

Your Product Was The Perfect

Your product was the perfect solution to reduce the risk for myself and guests entering my backyard from the study. I had just installed pavers and covered the steps. Your handrail was easy to install and you provided excellent support for choosing the right anchors! Sturdy and attractive, the handrail fits perfectly!

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Steel Gate & Fencing Specialists

Hello Michael ,Thank you very much , I am very happy , the gate looks stunning .


I thank you again for the extraordinary quick and professional work.


baie dankie been pleasure working with you and your team.


In all my many working and business years I have seldom had such amazing customer service from your quotation to the manufacture and installation of driveway security gates for my home.

The job was perfect and your staff were efficient and courteous.

I will highly recommend your firm to my friends.

Guy Macleod


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