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Backyard Landscape Ideas With Fire Pit

Playground Sloped Backyard Ideas On A Budget

DIY Fire Pit: How to Build a Fire Pit | The Home Depot

Playground Sloped Backyard Ideas on a Budget

There is no end to innovation when it comes to picking the perfect sloped backyard ideas on a budget for landscaping. You can turn your backyard into a beautiful playground. If you have kids, you should definitely choose this idea. After all, there is nothing better than seeing a smile on your kids face.

You can install one or two slides or swings to make it look like an actual playground. There is also an option to convert it into a badminton court or any other kind of playground that is feasible and fits your budget.

Things To Incorporate In Your Fire Pit

Introduce a social environment around your fire pit. Humans are attracted to the warmth and attractiveness of fire for hundreds of years. A fire pit is usually the most used site in a yard, particularly once the sun sets. Make your fire pit the centerpiece in a spot deserving of relaxing with your company. A number of methods to include class seating for guests include built-in seating, a grouping of ottomans, chairs or sofas, a group of logs or floor pillows, or a group of dangling bubble chairs.

Next, create your fire pit to be multipurpose. By buying a fire pit containing modular features, the fire pit becomes more than an area to loosen up and relax. Several ways a fire pit can turn into a multipurpose piece include: It has an area close to it to function as an impromptu coffee table or maybe a place to bring up feet. It is big enough to be utilized as a dining area, known as being a fire pit table. It can be gorgeous when not lit, because of the option of decorative gravel, glass, or stones. It has built-in lighting to light up the area.

Rustic Fire Pit Ideas

There are a variety of ways to create a rustic, outdoorsy atmosphere with your fire pit. One of the most effective ways of achieving a rustic fire pit design is to avoid patterns and materials that look too uniform or match too closely. Utilizing mismatched or staggered materials is a simple but effective way to achieve a rustic look. Adding a gravel patio with varying natural colors around the fire pit can also emphasize this effect.

Another way to achieve a rustic look is to add a removable repurposed wooden table to your fire pit. This combines usable entertainment space with a country aesthetic.

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Fire Pit Surround Ideas

Fire Pit surrounds are essential in creating a sense of separation in a backyard especially if you have a grassy backyard to work on.

This one here for instance, makes use of polished flagstones and boulder surrounds to give this firepit a compelling look in these greens.

But if you want to be more grounded and just cost-efficient, this crushed gravel firepit surround offers a lot of leveled mood and insulation for your firepit.

Bright Wood & Cool Grays

55 Awesome Backyard Fire Pit Ideas For Comfortable Relax (12 ...

Like the sun amongst the clouds, blonde wood details shine against a backdrop of cool gray materials. The fire pit, aligned with the pergola and dining table, casts an inviting glow that beckons visitors to enjoy after-dinner stargazing.

Modern hardscaped area with propane bbq, dining table, and fire pit

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Try A Tabletop Fire Pit

Stay cozy and linger around the table after dinner with a tabletop fire bowl insert it’s one of our favorite backyard fire pit ideas, keeping the warmth contained and elegant.

For the smartest option, choose a fire pit table that coordinates with complementary chairs. Offering fireside control at the flick of a switch, the gas-fired pit is a less messy option to logs or coals, and the flames are contained within a sleek glass bowl.

‘Relax, dine, entertain, and enjoy every time of day outside with an outdoor room full of indoor style,’ says Dani Taylor, creative and product director at Cox & Cox .

Are Fire Pits Legal In New York City

No. Chimneys, patio hearths as well as gas fire pits are considered as open flames in New York, hence, are considered illegal. The use of wood and gas are fire hazards in the state, so it is very much prohibited.

Electric fireplaces are, however, given passes in the state and are usually found in upscale penthouses and along elite centers.

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B Types Of Fire Pit Accessories

Fire pit accessories can really enhance the outdoor experience. Here is a list of the must-have fire pit accessories for new fire pit owners.

Fire pits are popular outdoor accessories for any patio or area. They are used in the cold winter months to say warm and roast marshmallows. During summer months they serve as a gathering place and to grill food. Here are a few basic fire pit accessories that every fire pit owner should have.

What Is A Fire Pit

How to Make a Fire Pit Seating Area: Backyard Makeover – Thrift Diving

As the term suggests, a firepit is any hole dug in the ground designed to contain fire or to inhibit it from spreading.

The earliest use of firepit is dated from 400,000-200,000 years ago specifically in excavation sites from South Africa up to Israel.

Based on archaeological findings, fire pits were used to keep bodies warm in caves, for food, and to ward off predators easily through the access of fire.

While the same function is still immanent amongst fire pits in the modern times, they have structurally evolved.

From fire holes dug in the ground, fire pits are now enclosed using stone stacks and other fire-resistant materials. Nonetheless, they still function to give warmth during chilly days and for smores and other picnic foods during. Architecturally, a firepit also adds value to a home.

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Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Few features make your property as inviting as a custom outdoor fire pit. Installing a fire pit can dramatically increase and expand the use of your landscape or hardscape, as it becomes a natural gathering place for dinner parties, cocktail hours, and other entertainment. It can also be a peaceful spot to cozy up to with the family on a crisp evening.

Of course, the fire pits soft light and warm glow is an alluring draw, sure. But even when not in use, outdoor fire pit designs can act as an anchor creating a distinct, beautiful zone of your landscaping.

As an experienced hardscaping company in Charlotte, NC, weve helped design and construct fire pits of all sizes, shapes, and materials, from circular stone models to fancy tabletop setups. If you feel your yard needs something special or youre already considering an outdoor fire pit design in Charlotte, here are eight backyard fire pit landscaping ideas to inspire you.

Washing Machine Fire Pit Ideas

Thinking of another way to repurpose your washing machine drum? Transforming it into a portable fire pit is a beautiful take.

They are usually used as solo stoves or enclosed with different materials to give it a more defined look. This one here is upscaled with some steel legs and painted it with some neutrals for a trendier look.

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Trusted Fire Pit Design In Charlotte

For help in planning out the perfect outdoor fire pit design in Charlotte, NCand for expert installation of this fabulous addition to your hardscapinglook no further than MetroGreenscape. Take advantage of our local knowledge, our decades-honed experience, and our superior material sourcing to create an amazing new feature for your outdoor space thatll serve you for years.

At MetroGreenscape, were proud to be one of the top fire pit installation companies in Charlotte, NC. We know how to take your vision for an outdoor fire pit and turn it into a highlight of your property. Contact us today and start with a consultation with one of our experts to begin planning the best location and material for your outdoor fire pit.

How Can I Make My Backyard Look Nice

Top 50 Best Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Althoough planning will play a big role in the overall success of your design, Banken says there are three general categories that are important to address when installing your landscape.

  • Site Preparation: Banken advises to plan for positive drainage when designing your space. You dont want your yard sloped in a way that water will pool or run toward a structure like a shed or seating area. Water can be very damaging to structures, he says, not to mention that puddles dont look too good.
  • Hardscaping: Plan all of your hardscaping, like patios or retaining walls, carefully, especially any that need careful installation. These considerations greatly impact the aesthetics and longevity of your space.
  • Planting: Finish your design by incorporating how flowers and greenery will impact your backyard ideas. Plan your plantings in layers, he says. For example, you might put evergreens along the foundation, medium-height bloomers in front, and a lower-growing plant along the border.

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Solo Stove Fire Pit Ideas

Most solo stoves are portable, with a canned look made of stainless steel. They can, however, be enclosed in other materials like wood, stone or concrete.

If you are into the splash of wood and steel, the first one is a good idea. But if you need a more stable enclosure for your solo stove, this concrete poured brick is a finer touch.

But if you want to keep it sleek on its own and highly portable, you can just set the solo stove can wherever you want to put it like this one here.

The sleek, stainless steel finish of this stove can be versatile to any outdoor aesthetic, so you do not have to worry about its seamless look.

How Do I Design My Backyard

Designing a backyard can feel like a big task, especially if youre working with a large surface area. Luckily, its more than manageable if youve got a solid plan. Banken explains that although its common to design a backyard in phases , its important to always know how each part will eventually fit into the whole. When you have an overall plan for your space it gives you something to work toward and also makes sure youre not wasting time, he says.

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Backyard Fire Pit And Seating Area

Here is a classic version of a backyard fire pit, creating an entertaining area for friends and family. The brick fire pit, like the one shared above, will last for a long, long time. The pit itself adds a coziness, but what makes this whole setup incredibly relaxing is the use of patio furniture surrounding it.

You can easily give the ambiance a more relaxing feel or a modern setup by adding some interesting patio furniture and decoration. A pit like this makes the scene open for versatility.

Consider Your Existing Patio Furniture

Woodsy Fire Pit Terrace- Landscaping Ideas – eichenlaub

The shape and style of existing outdoor furniture can also naturally suggest the size, form, and material of your fire pit. If you have already invested in patio furniture that you love, it makes sense to find a fire pit design that will complement your furniture. Get out your measuring tape and see what shape and size fire pit will allow you to comfortably access your furniture without being too close or too far from the flames.

A linear fire pit or fire-pit tabletop can work perfectly in a long, narrow slot created by outdoor loveseats and couches.

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Cozy Country Pattern Fire Ring

The scene on this metal fire pit looks like a scene straight out of the woods. Not only will this add a picturesque scene to your yard throughout the day, but it will come to life when you light your fire, illuminating the view for all to see. Its a beautiful fire pit, perfect for use at any time, day or not.

The open design not only allows for a full view of the fire contained within, but it also allows everyone around the fire to enjoy the heat, making it a great choice for those that enjoy a toasty winter fire.

Enjoy Your Backyard Fire Pit From All Angles

Here, the fire pit is positioned in a transitional space, between a covered outdoor area and the main garden. From one side, it appears as an atmospheric addition to an intimate and cozy space from the other, its an expansive hearth that invites people to gather around.

A fire pit can also be a real showstopper when entertaining friends outside and is guaranteed to draw all the family out for an evening of fun, says Claire Hornby.

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Backyard Ideas That Will Keep You Outside All Summer Long

Gazing out onto a vast space behind your house ought to get your mind thinking about backyard ideas. The rear is an extension of your home, and it deserves the same care and consideration as any part of the house. Your design will set the tone for all of your future outdoor spaces, so its important to plan accordingly. Before you can break ground on the outdoor oasis of your dreams, know what that dream is. Will you go modern or classic? Evoke a luxury spa of countryside living? Create space for entertaining or space to kick back and be alone? Look at the big picture: the entire backyard, entire front yard, or the entire property, and envision your goals, says Tyler Banken, an indoor/outdoor plant expert and landscape architect at Neverland, a plant resource.

Here, is a list of 46 backyard landscaping ideas to help inspire your perfect space.

Barbecue Fire Pit Ideas

30 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas to Inspire You

Your fire pit doesnt have to be just a design choice it can be beautiful and also serve a functional purpose! Your fire pit can go farther to make your backyard barbecues even more fun and exciting. You can use a fire pit with an attached, or removable, cooking grate or grill in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re hungry for hot dogs, smores, kebabs, or another classic bbq dish, you can make dinner right on top of your fire pit!

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Landscaping Trees In Your Backyard

Depending on the overall space and hardscaping in your backyard, trees can add shelter, shade, beauty, and grace all at once. It is important to know which species of tree you are planting in which location.

Roots Many tree species have invasive roots that will grow far from the tree in search of moisture this can take them under pathways, porches, patios, and even a homes foundation. As the roots age, they thicken and begin to apply consistently growing pressure until they either die or break through whatever they are under.

Height There is also the question of height. Overstory trees are those that reach 60ft and above, while understory trees will typically reach only 12-15ft in height. The use of both in landscaping is common practice and very rewarding as they reach maturity.

One very important consideration to make is whether or not you want to rake leaves in the fall.

Evergreen trees are green all year long. They will lose small portions of their foliage throughout the seasons, but nothing requiring a rake and leaf blower.

Diy Washer Drum Fire Pit

Make a fire pit with a tossed-out washing machine drum, which you can pick up at an appliance repair shop or scrap yard. This step-by-step project is super easy, can be done in just an afternoon and will add some upcycled style to your backyard.

Get the How To: How to Turn an Old Washing Machine Drum Into a Fire Pit

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Portable Fire Pit Ideas

If you want to add even more flexibility to your outdoor space, you have the option to use a raised, portable fire pit to accentuate your outdoor space. Portable fire pits are compact, and some can even be broken down and stored when not in use, making them the perfect choice for small backyards!

Portable fire pits are an inexpensive option that allows you to choose from a number shapes, colors, patterns, and materials. Choose a circular metal fire pit for a classic, low-maintenance design, or opt for a smokeless bonfire pit to add a sleek and modern element to your gatherings.

Modern Fire Pit Ideas

Backyard Fire Pit Building Tips – DIY Network

Going for a modern firepit idea is a good way to incorporate propane or electric fire pit in an outdoor deck or patio.

If space is a problem, you can always transform that elongated, compact space in your backyard into an L-shaped, modern fire pit nook.

It features an edgy, propane fire pit which gives it a lot of sleek, edgy look.

It does not even need to be large and over the top. Sometimes, a repurposed metal barrel transformed into a modern style, open firepit like this one can offer a lot of tranquil look.

Simple, minimalist fixtures are the hallmarks of modern design and this firepit idea gets it a lot.

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Choose A Flexible Fireplace

With the flexibility of a freestanding fire, but the handsome good looks of a fireplace, an outdoor stove is hard to beat for upgrading your backyard fire pit ideas.

Think about the best position for a large outdoor stove like this its size and heat output mean it could turn a shady, infrequently used corner of the yard into an inviting space. This Chesneys Clean Burn XL controlled heat output fireplace can be installed freestanding or back to wall to make the best of its views.

If you want a more permanent outdoor fireplace, opt for a fixed design that incorporates a hearth and mantel to surround your outdoor heat source.


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