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Blue Sky Mammoth Fire Pit

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work

Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pit Review

Smokeless fire pits use advanced technology to eliminate most smoke coming from your fire. That means you can chill in the backyard or at the campgrounds without your clothes smelling like smoke and without bothering neighbors. An added benefit is that smokeless fire pits generally leave behind less ash. There may be no such thing as a smoke-free fire pit, but newer technologies enable them to get pretty darn close.

Blue Sky Protective Cover For The Patio Fire Pits


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  • Description

Shield your Blue Sky Fire Pits from the elements when not in use with a protective cover. Two handles on either side make it simple and quick to put on and take off the cover. Drawstring at the bottom allows cover to be flush against the fire pit for better protection


  • Two handles on either side make it simple and quick to put on and take off the cover
  • Drawstring at the bottom allows cover to be flush against the fire pit for better protection
  • The double-stitched material is durable
  • 2 Sizes available

What Size & Weight Are These Fire Pits

Blue Sky Outdoor Livings portable Ridge models are 16 inches in diameter and are 12.5 inches tall. They weigh from 15 pounds to 18 pounds with the spark screen and tool.

The Peak model is 24 inches in diameter, is 16 inches high and weighs 46 pounds. The models with spark screens weigh up to 52 pounds.

The Mammoth fire pit measures 33 inches in diameter, is 18 inches tall and weighs 92 pounds. Blue Sky fire rings are 36 inches in diameter and weigh 10 to 14 pounds.

Badlands fire pits measure 30 inches square and are 26 inches high. They weigh 53 pounds.

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Heat Shields And Pavers

While all of these fire pits have feet of some sort, the reality is that intense heat traveling through the units could cause damage to your patio and even concrete. The safest course of action is to place your fire pit on pavers, or some other heat-resistant shield. Concrete pavers work perfectly, and if done well, adding pavers under your new fire pit can be the focal point of a backyard makeover. If you plan on placing your unit on a wood deck, or even a composite deck, a heat shield is a must-have.

Solo Stove Vs Blue Sky Two Underdogs

Blue Sky Extra Large Mammoth Patio Fire Pit w/ Ash Tray

Its no secret that these two are the underdogs when it comes to smokeless fire pits. But as we saw, theyre quite efficient, and might be better than Breeo in some cases. However, how do they fare against each other?

If were talking purely about design, then I must say, Blue Sky has Solo Stove beat. It has a more modern design with some dark tones. And the customization is a plus as well.

But in terms of efficiency, Solo Stoves technology seems to be the best hand down. Plus, the design isnt that bad either, especially if you like the rugged steel look. All things considered, I would see myself use Blue Sky for portable smokeless fire pits, but Solo Stove for my stationary garden fire pit.

Still, keep in mind that Blue Skys accessory lineup isnt as full as Solo Stove.

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What Products Are In The Bluesky Fire Pits Range

Blue Sky Outdoor Living offers smokeless, multi-fuel fire pits, fire rings and Badlands fire pits. Smokeless fire pits are uniquely designed to give off intense heat without smoke or sparks. The intense heat leaves very little ash or wood pieces, making clean up easy.

The smokeless design works by pulling outside air into a ring of holes at the bottom of the pit. The air is pulled up through the pits hollow wall to the ring of holes around the top. The heated air coming from the holes increases the amount of oxygen in the burning fuel, superheating the burn.

Blue Skys smokeless fire pits models are named Ridge, Peak and Mammoth. You can use hardwood or pellets to fuel the fire in all their models.

The Ridge collection is portable. It is designed for the beach, camping, tailgating or homegating in your backyard. There are two purchase options available for the Ridge model: just the fire pit or a fire pit with spark screen and lift tool.

The Ridge can burn small firewood or pellets. It is made of heavy-duty steel that is powder coated. The Ridge has a compact and portable design. The two parts of the fire pit nest together for easy transportation. They come with carry bags so you can take them everywhere.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living has two models in their patio fire pit line, the Peak and the Mammoth. Both the Peak and the Mammoth are offered with just the fire pits, or the fire pits with a spark screen and screen lift tool.

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work Breeo Vs Solo Stove Vs Blue Sky

Most consumers, tend to run away from smokeless pits. This is due to the fact that theres a confusion on how the technology works, and whether it actually does what it is meant to do, meaning, whether it dissipates smoke or not.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I can tell you that Breeo, Solo Stove, and Blue Sky, and smokeless fire pits in general, do work.

Now, depending on which smokeless pit you get, you might see different efficiency and performance, but we will get into that later.

In general though, you can rest assured that your neighbors will thank you for opting in for a smokeless fire pit. Between Breeo, Solo Stove, and Blue Sky, there are detrimental differences though, which we did not expect.

To see how different these three actually are, consult with the in-depth comparison below.

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Cleaning Your Fire Pit

Since the fire pit models are built a little differently, it is worth understanding you may have to take different approaches to clean them out. Obviously, you need to make sure your fire pit is completely cooled off and remove any unconsumed firewood, and what youre left with is the ash. Like I noted above, it will be easier to clean out the ash if you use a lid or protective covers to keep the elements out of your fire pit. Water mixed with ash creates a nasty sludge, which makes cleaning much more difficult.


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Blue Sky Peak Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Blue Sky Outdoor Living The Mammoth Patio Fire Pit

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This Extra Large Fire Pit Uses Infused Air Flow To Offer A Better Burn And A Virtually Smoke Free Experience

  • EFFICIENT DESIGN New patent pending design allows for incredibly efficient burns, achieving up to 1,400°F . Virtually eliminates all smoke and embers.
  • CONSTRUCTION Made with HEAVY-DUTY steel and coated in high temperature paint for a long life. Has high temperature paint within the burn chamber.
  • DUAL FUEL Use either, or both, standard firewood or wood pellets to generate a significant amount of heat.

The Mammoth Patio Fire Pit

  • Black powder-coated paint is rated for exposure to high temperatures
  • High-efficiency design burns firewood or wood pellets with little smoke, sparks or ash
  • Generates significant heat for a great backyard bonfire
  • Strong and sturdy steel design
  • Removable ash catch tray
  • Overall assembled size: 32.8″ D x 18″ H
  • Burn chamber size: 26.5″ W x 14″ D
  • Brand: Blue Sky Outdoor Living
  • Weight: 91.5 lbs.

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How Do I Use A Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pit

These tips are for the Blue Sky Outdoor Living pellet patio fire pit:

  • Check the location of your fire pit. Move it away from anything flammable, like gazebo fabric, trees, bushes, or your house. Carbon monoxide can build up in enclosed spaces, so make sure your fire pit sits where there is plenty of fresh air.
  • Make sure the fire pit is on level ground no wobbling or tipping.
  • Check the wind. If the wind is gusting, then postpone your fire.
  • Tuck in your loose clothing.
  • Pour 2 to 3 inches of pellet fuel into the bottom of the pit.
  • Use a natural fire starter, like one of these, to start the pellets, or pellet gel. Never use charcoal lighter or gasoline.
  • While the fire gets going, there may be some smoke.
  • Once the secondary burn starts , you can relax and warm up.
  • Pellets will start to burn down in 30 to 40 minutes. When they do, throw in a couple more handfuls of pellets.
  • When the partys over, let the fire burn down instead of dousing with water. Using water can create a lot of steam, smoke and can even damage the structure of the fire pit.
  • Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit Review

    Blue Sky The Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit

    Solo Stove is a great alternative, and budget-friendly option to Breeo.

    What is great with Solo Stove, at least for me, was the fact that there are only a few models, each coming it at a different size. Theres the Solo Stove Ranger, the Solo Stove Bonfire, and the Solo Stove Yukon.

    The smallest is the Solo Stove Ranger, and it can work pretty well as a portable smokeless pit if youre looking for one. It weighs less than 16 lbs. which is perfect if youre looking for a small pit. Consumers also have reported it to be great for taking it on a trip.

    Like Breeo, the best fire pit in their lineup, and the best-selling one for that matter, is the one in the middle. The middle-class no-smoke pit from Solo Stove is the Bonfire, and it is perfect for many applications, but mostly for your garden.

    It is great value, coming in at only $254.99. However, if you want the get the most from your pit, you do have to invest in some accessories. Things like the shield, the stand, the waterproof shelter, the lid, and others. Otherwise, the Bonfire doesnt really come with any of them.

    But even this model could work as a portable pit, since it is only 20 lbs., thanks to its stainless-steel design. For most though, this model might be undersized, and thats where the Yukon comes in.

    Solo Stove, thanks to their signature airflow technology, has been among the great smokeless fire pits, and compared to best-in-class, like the Breeo.


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    Blue Sky Smokeless Fire Pit Review

    Alright, lets get one thing straight. What Blue Sky does really well is customization. You can customize your pit with your favorite team logo or league, and also, there are some U.S. Army themed smokeless fire pits.

    While this is all well and good, lets quickly talk about the shopping experience. Compared to Breeo and Solo Stove, at Blue Sky, you are bombarded with choices and models. Different designs, bundles, etc.

    It is really hard to find out whats what, especially if youre a beginner and dont know the first thing about no-smoke fire pits. With that out of the way, lets see their lineup, at least their signature models.

    Coming in at quite a reasonable price, it is their smallest portable model- The Pike Ultra-Portable Smokeless Fire Pit. Its great. It is as simple as that. Very portable, great for trips to the mountain, but while the base model comes in cheap, once you add a few accessories, things get expensive real-quick.

    The middleman, or the most bang-for-the-buck model as I like to call it, is the Ridge. It is not much higher than the Pike, but it is much wider, which makes it great for your garden, and possibly for some adventuring on the countryside.

    Lastly, their biggest model is the Mammoth. Were now past the portable stage. However, the Mammoth, as its name suggests, is quite huge. For garden parties or bonfires, it is amazing. But its price is quite huge as well.


    • Not forgiving for beginners

    What Do Reviewers Say About Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pits

    We looked at Amazon for our reviews. We used verified purchasers, not expert reviews.

    We found over 600 reviews. The reviewers gave Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pits and fire rings 4.4 out of 5 stars.

    Most reviewers thought the fire pits were easy to assemble, good value for money, were very warm and well made. Reviewers all thought the fire pits put out a lot of heat. One reviewer called it small but mighty. Reviewers loved taking it to the beach, camping and RVing.

    Negative reviewers thought these fire pits were hard to keep going. Some reviewers thought the fire pit was TOO hot it burned too high. One reviewer reported a fireball. Some reviewers thought the steel rusted quickly and it wouldnt last too long.

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    How Much Do These Fire Pits Cost

    The portable Ridge fire pit has two prices: one without the spark screen and tool and one with. The prices vary between $80 and $110.

    The Peak models prices vary between $230 and $300 . The Mammoths prices vary between $400 and $450 .

    Blue Sky fire rings cost from $50 to $150. The Badlands fire pits cost from $350 to $400.

    Which Is Better Breeo Vs Solo Stove

    What is a Blue Sky Smokeless Fire Pit?

    Both of these are very impressive smokeless fire pits. But there is a clear victor, especially if you put into consideration, some use cases.

    Generally, Breeo does tend to cost more, but considering it is the original, like the Coca-Cola, then people might lean towards it more. And quite frankly, if youre looking for the most luxury-looking and premium fire pit, this is it.

    However, if thats not you, then Solo Stove might be enough for you. Since it costs less, it wont put as big of a dent on your wallet, but youll still get a pretty good fire pit, which is highly efficient.

    There is a big BUT though. Cooking on the Solo Stove is not as easy as Breeo. Thats the whole deal with Breeo, you can get a great looking fire pit, which can also act as a cooker. With all the cooking accessories available with Breeo, it is the better option from the two.

    But if thats not the case and youre looking for a portable pit, which on the best of days will only be used for some marshmallows, it does make sense to get Solo Stove instead.

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    Are Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pits Any Good

    When it comes to choosing your next fire pit, isnt it about time for some Blue Sky thinking?

    Blue Sky Outdoor Living make fire pits and related accessories, and are based in British Columbia, Canada. Their distribution center is in Romeoville, Illinois. Many of their products are made in the USA , and verified reviewers give their fire pits and fire rings 4.4 out of 5 stars.

    Lets dive down into this brand in more detail, and discover more about the products in their range. Well also look at product maintenance and storage, and find out where to buy these well regarded fire pits and accessories.

    Backyard Firepit Family Fun With Blue Sky Outdoor Living

    This Blog is Sponsored by Blue Sky Outdoor Living

    I absolutely love when the weather is warm and everyone loves getting outside. Creating outdoor entertainment is always super important and making sure it is something the whole family can enjoy. It is the memories we create that makes it awesome. Blue Sky Outdoors amazing Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit is an amazing addition to our backyard. It is super easy to install and with amazing accessories can do so many things!

    Blue Sky Outdoor Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit ships to your door in two pieces. The Ash Catch tray and the burn chamber. Set the ash catch tray down on a flat surface and the burn chamber on top of the ash catch tray and you are all set!

    Always use caution when using your fire pit. To view the full safety guidelines and owner’s manual for the Mammoth Patio Fire Pit here.

    The Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit is not your ordinary fire pit, this baby is massive! Assembled it is 32.8 diameter and 18 Tall! You want to make a statement in your backyard, the Mammoth is for you. Blue Sky Outdoors offers plenty of sizes to fit many applications! Check their website for more information. I would recommend when installing the Mammoth to have two people setting it in place. Its Net Weight is 91.5 lbs!

    Thank you again friends for taking the time and as always stay classy!

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