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Fire Pit Built In Deck

Build A Fire Pit Into A Wall

Using a Fire Pit Safely on a Wooden Deck

If floor space is at a premium, be inspired by this decking idea with a fire pit and elevate it by building a space for a fire in the walls. In this stunningly renovated round tower not only is a nook added into the boundary walls to house the fire, but seating also extends from the wall too, again freeing up more floor space on this small patio.

Create A Thermal Barrier Between The Fire

A fire pit screen may help to contain any sparks that fly out from the fire, but you need a thermal barrier to protect the decking from the heat radiating from the fire pit.

The most common way to build a thermal barrier around your fire pit is by constructing it with heat-resistant materials such as concrete or pavers. Fire pit tables with glass walls are another great option and achieve a more modern look.

A popular option for portable fire pits is to place the fire pit on top of a heat-resistant metal tray that will raise the fire pit off the ground and create a barrier between the heat source and the decking. You can search for fire pit heat shield or fire pit pad to find different models.

Refined Deck With Integrated Fire Pit

Pulling off Nick Wallecks exact design will require some landscaping, but you can also dig the yard to achieve the recessed effect.

The design by itself is simple wood flooring with a rustic steel fire pit in the middle. Its the lighting, the yard work around the deck, and the TVs positioning that gives it a pacifying look.

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What Does Trex Say About Fire Pits On Decking

Even with safety being the priority, the cost of replacing damaged composite decking will be costly if certain precautions aren’t taken.

Below are the specifics from Trex about the fire resistance of their products, product warnings, and their fire pit barrier recommendation.

Remember though, that each composite decking manufacturer makes their product a little differently, so make sure you check the specs and heed the recommendations of your brand of choice.

The below applies to Trex brand decking and substructure products only:


Our Transcend and Select decking lines retain a Class B fire rating, while our Enhance decking lines retain a Class C fire rating however, they are not fireproof. Moreover, our substructure product, Trex Elevations®, retains a class 1A fire rating.


Wood-burning fire pits should not be placed on top of Trex decking unless installed with DeckProtect, a product designed to temper extreme heat and loose embers. For more information, please visit their website.

The fire rating classes mentioned in the FAQs are part of a standardized letter classification scale ranging from A-E. This scale expresses how fast a fire would spread on a particular material, in this case, composite decking boards.

Fortunately, Trex doesn’t say no to fire pits altogether and recommends using a barrier between a fire pit and the deck surface they mention wood-burning specifically.

Wood Deck With Integrated Brick Fire Pit


Have a few pallets lying around?

You can make a deck out of those!

Screw pallets to deck boards like Zena did, and fill in the gaps with strips of wood.

Stack bricks together in a staggered pattern in the center, and line with sand.

Thats it.

Zena Walker explains her process in detail on her post on the Hometalk blog.

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Modern Fire Pit Bench

Part seating area, part fire pit, this fire pit bench is the epitome of modern design. The wood sections are incredibly linear. When combined with the concrete structure, the result is very contemporary.

As a bonus, this design relies on propane. That makes it very easy to control. Plus, you can substitute the darker volcanic-style rock in the fire pit with fire glass, giving you a chance to add some sparkle if youd like.

Metallic Black Fire Pit

Looking so cute and charming, this circular fire pit with cylindrical bottom which is made in metal is also best on decks.

Though it can be very large, having to put wood on the fire pit can also create a bond with your guests. You may go and get some while talking or you can view the fire together. Either or, this one is an idea you would not miss.

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Make A Statement With A Fireplace

This design is sure to keep everyone warm

Outdoor fireplace ideas are becoming increasingly popular in gardens, and it’s no surprise why. They bring a cozy living-room vibe to a space, whilst providing an architectural statement. And, they’ll keep the smoke away from you and your guests.

We like the contrast between stone and timber in this design, which results in a fresh and contemporary look. Can you spot the clever log storage solution here, too? Stacking them to the side of an outdoor kitchen unit like this will keep them neat, dry, and easily accessible .

Ohio Flame Steel Handmade Fire Pit 24

How To Build a Fire Pit Patio I Patio Style Challenge | The Home Depot

If you’re looking for a durable and stylish fire pit for your deck, the Ohio Flame Steel Handmade Fire Pit is a great option. Made of heavy-duty steel, this fire pit is built to last, and its simple design makes it a great addition to any deck. It is backed by its lifetime warranty and no maintenance is required for the Patriot Fire Pit. The 24″ firepit measures 24″ in diameter and 16″ high

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Vevor 22 Smokeless Fire Pit With Stand $152 Original Price: $257

This heavy-duty stainless steel smokeless fire pit from Vevor caught our attention for being durable and coming with a stand . Its portable, easy to use and designed by a company known for its high-quality nature.

Though its not 100% smokeless, its double-wall design ensures that smoke will be reduced to a maximum extent, as oxygen is added to the combustion through its vent holes.

What Are Safe Materials To Place Under A Fire Pit

Most stone surfaces will work, whether it’s gravel or a hearth made out of natural stone such as sandstone or bluestone. Even marble and granite should tolerate heat intensity well.

Cement blocks can be used, however, a stone product like quartz will probably not stand up to the heat.

Sand is also a go-to substance for securing an area that might experience high heat.

Synthetic materials often do not stand up to fire unless specifically designed for that purpose, so be wary of what you are placing underneath and around.

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Rustic Stone Fire Pit

This fire pit and deck design is a great choice for anyone who enjoys a hint of rustic flair. The deck itself is very linear and tonal, causing it to blend in a bit with the natural surroundings.

However, the fire pit, while natural as well, stands out a bit. The stone is in a range of colors, making it interesting. Plus, its fairly substantial, making it a feature.

The hot tub surround is meant to mimic the stone. That makes it feel cohesive, even if it isnt an exact match.

Jair Iron Propane Outdoor Fire Pit: Best Luxurious Propane Fire Pit

10 Most Popular Fire Pit On Deck Ideas 2022

The Jair 15″x 48″ Iron Propane Outdoor Fire Pit by Wade Logan is for one looking to make a statement in their outdoor space.

The sleek modern design is reminiscent of decor on a terrace at a resort or luxury hotel.

Impress your friends on a cold night with 50,000 BTUs. The propane tank is also hidden in its own sleek housing.

While you’re paying a lot for this fire pit, you are getting a lot. The Jair includes a cover, filler, and the flame is adjustable.

The powder-coated iron exterior is weather resistant. Choose from two different colors.

The Jair was also one of our top choices because while it is a bit more expensive than your average fire pit, it’s actually a great price for propane fire pits that come in a sleek modern design, which can be well over $1,000 or even $2,000.

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Hicks Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit: Best Space

The Hicks Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit by Arlmont & Co. is a great economical choice for those looking to save not just on price but also space.

Not everyone’s yard is spacious enough to hold a barbecue grill, patio furniture, and a fire pit. The Hicks turns right into a fire pit once you’re all done grilling.

It’s easy to convert your hardwood logs into a real hardwood charcoal for your barbecue for extra flavor.

The Hicks also comes with a spark screen so no one gets hit with stray embers.

A unique feature is the rectangular shape of the fire pit.

It not only saves on space, since the more traditional ones are round and take up more room, but it also quaintly resembles the setup you might have in a fireplace.

Graceful Stone Deck + Fire Pit

Stone complements grass exceptionally well thats just how nature designed it to be!

Start by laying out the stone for the fire pit, then mortar it all in place. Add seat stones to the top, and fill the pit with sand and stones.

Build your deck AROUND the fire pit, placing stones in patterns, and build a seat wall to match.

DIYing this deck + fire pit is a sure-shot way to ensure you have the neighborhoods best deck.

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What If The Sand Is Too Hot

If the sand around the fire pit gets too hot, you can try adding more sand. If that does not work, you should take out the paver base and set it aside for now. Then place a thick layer of pebbles or rocks surrounding your fire pit . Finally, surround the pebble area with another two inches of sand. This will help to insulate the sand and keep it from getting too hot.

Benefits Of Having A Fire Pit In Your Backyard

Protect a Composite Deck from a Fire Pit

A person together with his family and friends have gathered around the communal fire since time immemorial, so the tradition hasnt lost its appeal, maybe even in our age of every conceivable comfort. We might have left our ancestors in days gone by, but the contemporary delights of a crackling backyard fire over a cool winter night and under a starry summer sky are really worth having and may be accomplished in your own personal backyard no less. An outdoor fire pit welcomes your visitors in a manner that simply exceeds the conventional house. Inlaid or maybe above ground designs, accented with stone or even Pacific wood, & complete with an irresistible seating arrangement, the backyard fire pit promises safety, comfort, & the classic pleasures of hanging out with old friends or even seeing a lovers face aglow in the firelight. Also, since the fire pit is built and fitted with safety as main priority, you are able to relax without the concern of performing possible double duty as a volunteer firefighter.

We are now living in uncertain and chaotic times, but the patio fire pit stands beyond the madness, providing an elemental reassurance which even the most state-of-the-art technical advances neglect to secure. You more than deserve to bask in the steadfast tranquility of humans most triumphant discovery, & these fire pit ideas assure us that regardless of the future holds, the hearth will invariably persist and provide.

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Loom X Tabletop Gas Fire Pit: Best Tabletop Fire Pit

You might not automatically think of putting a fire pit on top of a table but think of it as a miniature set or centerpiece that will bring real ambiance to your outdoor gathering or dinner.

Most tabletop units come in bowl form. We chose the Loom X Tabletop Gas Fire Pit because it’s one of the few that is gas-powered, electric-ignited, and the perfect shape for a table, particularly an outdoor dining table.

Most fire bowls make it difficult to see across the table. However, the Loom X creates the perfect setting for an alfresco dinner on a chilly night.

With 40,000 BTUs available you can ensure that you and your guests will stay cozy.

Cylindrical Glass Fire Pit

This one is looking so classy and elegant given the glass material that is housing the fire. Having this on your decks is very stylish and can steal the show on every occasion.

It is looking small like the chairs aligned across each other that you might mistake it with other materials when not lit.

The stainless steel on its bottom part adds class to the whole look too. So if you want it small, classic and elegant, go for this kind of fire pit idea.

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Terrain Low Profile Round Fire Pit: Best Looking Fire Pit

Terrain’s Low Profile Round Fire Pit is best for those looking for great design.

This fire pit incorporates the use of COR-TEN steel which is unique for its self-weathering and rusting properties. This fire pit is the first to employ the use of this material but is among the most affordable.

The low and clean profile would add a unique and aesthetically pleasing touch to any outdoor space.

The beautiful ruggedness of rusted metals makes this the perfect addition not only to a rustic backyard setting but also to a sleek modern terrace.

Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Wooden Deck

Top 50 Best Deck Fire Pit Ideas

The short answer is yes. You can safely place a fire pit on wood decking. However, theres always that risk of it causing damage to the decking or even worse, starting a fire.

After all, wood decking is not all that different from the fuel burning in the pit!

Although you can do it safely, we dont recommend using a fire pit on a wood deck, especially if it is burning wood, unless youre working with a seasoned professional.

Check Your Towns Code! Your city or town may have specific regulations about open flames. Check with local authorities or a licensed contractor before you start using fires on your wood deck!

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Small Deck Fire Pit Brazier

An option for any homeowner that doesnt want a permanent fire pit on their deck, this option uses a brazier instead. Its a simple metal structure with a compact chimney that can also work as a rain shield. The dish is generous without being overly large, making it ideal for smaller decks.

The wood deck is comfortable without being overly large. Its design leans contemporary thanks to the minimalist railing and linear floor.

What Do You Put Under A Fire Pit On A Deck

To add a layer of protection around your deck fire pit, you should put something under your fire pit to ensure a safe burning process while everyone is enjoying themselves. On what you should put, here is a list of the basics:

  • Pit mat: Whenever a pit mat is present under your fire pit, there is a hundred percent assurance that your deck is well protected and safe. Whatever the used material in a fire pit wood, concrete, stone, or composite, they will be protected from any heat damage when you use a fire-retardant floor protection mat. So, when planning to put one on, it is advisable that you put pit mats.
  • Fire pit ring: Known also as a campfire ring, this is a fire proof object that can be put directly on the ground containing a fire. Its primary function is to prevent fires from spreading beyond the bound of the fire pit and can serve as a protection against an accidental wildfire.
  • Heat shield: A heat shield serves as a barrier against a heat transfer below the fire pit. This one functions to preserve a safe deck environment. It has a layer of protection from small fire ambers and hot ashes keeping your decks away from a possible fire.

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Fire Tables Provide An Alternative Option

A gas fire pit installed on a deck can create a beautiful entertaining space. However, ensuring all requirements are meant maybe more than a homeowner will want to deal with. Fortunately, fire tables offer a great alternative to a more traditional fire pit. Many of these options, like the popular Muskoka Fire Table from Napoleon, are safe to use on decks. As an added bonus, these fire features can be used as regular outdoor tables when the flame is not in use, making them an excellent option for a functional area.

Bali Outdoors Propane Fire Column

Dont Put Your Firepit on a Wooden Deck

The aesthetic design and unique view of the BALI Fire Column will enhance your patio ambiance. This fire pit is handy that you can port or move quickly. You will find this fire pit very easy to use. Also, this one is approved to put on your wooden deck.

If you are finding a fire pit for your wooden deck that looks unique and which will have efficient heat output to keep your family and loved one warm, then this one with great portability can be the best pick for you.

This Bali Fire Pit is a column-shaped uncommon fire pit that is 26.5 inches in height and 23 in diameter. Inflamed, it will give you a 360-degree dazzling view with cozy warmness. This one weighs only 43lbs that is very lightweight for regular move and portability. It is effortless to use and requires almost no assembly. The design and build material are also eligible for a wooden deck.


  • The fire pit has an excellent heat output of a 50000BTU that will create enough heat for you and your family.
  • You will enjoy an incredible 360 degree visual of dazzling flame with reflective blue fire glass.
  • It is 43lbs in weight, so you can move and use this easily.
  • The thermocouple on this one assures you a more safe and secure experience.

Things you are going to enjoy

Things you need to consider

  • If you think of having it for a larger area, its performance will not be the same.

Final verdict

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