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Cast Iron Fire Pit Grate

Amagabeli Cast Iron Firepit

Cast Iron Grates for Weber Grills – Pit Tested by the BBQ Pit Boys

Cast iron fire bowls are great because theyre so simple, and this one from Amagabeli delivers. It has sturdy legs to lift the pit off of the ground, and two handles so you can move it around your yard.

The bowl itself has a 30-inch diameter that gives plenty of room for a nice fire. It comes pre-treated with heat-resistant paint to ensure it lasts for a long time and looks good all the while.


  • 30-inch diameter ensure the bowl holds a large fire
  • Handles let you move the pit without a struggle
  • Easy to assemble by adding three legs


  • Doesnt include a spark screen or fire poker
  • Reviewers say the paint flakes off and leave rust

Key Features And My Experience

SteelFreak Wagon Wheel Firewood Grate for Fire Pit has been known to maximize users fire pit experience. This product is made by SteelFreak and they are a small family-owned brand that is known to operate just on the outskirts of Cartersville, Georgia. The company made it its mission to give its customers and prominent users the best possible way to enjoy their fire pits.

This fire pit grate is built to last, last more than most products in the market today. The company uses heavy-duty square-shaped bars of steel to make sure it lasts longer than expected. SteelFreak also designed its product with innovative wheel and spoke shape lifts which makes sure that the fire you are setting up has enough airflow to burn through. The tips of this grate itself are raised to ensure that the logs are contained safely on top.

Wood Burning Fire Pits Are Simple To Use And Require Just A Few Tools To Make A Great Fire So How Do They Work

There’s nothing better than sitting next to a cozy, crackling wood burning fire pit on chilly evenings. While these classic fire features aren’t too complex, there are still certain components that are required for them to work properly.

Below we break down the main parts of a wood burning fire pit, along with the accessories and optional fire starters available to enhance your burning experience!

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The Best Cast Iron Fireplace Grate Of 2022

These are the most recommended best cast iron fireplace grate from leading experts and our editors in 2022. Our expert has thoroughly reviewed every single product to ensure you purchase the best cast iron fireplace grate. If you would like more details on each product including price and customer reviews, please click the list below.

Hex Shaped Fire Pit Grate

Patio Fire Pit Bowl Cast Iron Wod Grate Mesh Cover Durable Weather ...

Hex shaped fire pit grates are similar to their Wagon Wheel cousins. The main difference is that instead of a round circle, the grate is in a hex shape. The difference here is mostly aesthetic.

Although they look fairly different, they are just as effective at larger payloads.

Our Recommendation

Wayfair provides this excellent hex-shape fire pit grate. The round-ish, hex shape is ideal for campfires, fire pits, and even fireplaces. Not only is it rust-resistant, but even the hottest fires wont weaken the structural integrity.

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Best Squared Fire Pit Grate

The Sunnydaze X-Marks grate is sturdy, durable and made for heavy duty conditions. You can buy it in various sizes , allowing you to choose an ideal size for your pit.

This item is made of durable steel, finished with paint that is resistant to high temperatures. The paint also protects steel construction from corrosion and oxidations and allows more simple maintenance. The 30-inch size is capable of holding up to 50 pounds of food.

It features integrated handles on the sides, allowing you to remove the grate when needed. This grate is meshed and is excellent for cooking even the tiniest of food, ensuring that nothing drops through it and into the fire.

While this item is perfect for squared fire pits, you can also install it on round fire pits, but make sure that you select the optimal size. It is worth noting that this grate is very easy to clean, so keep that in mind should you decide to purchase it.

Walden Backyard Fire Pit Grate

With a high end state of the art design that does most of the cleaning up for you, the Walden Fire Pit Grate is made of a powerful alloy steel remaining very resistant to high temperatures and suitable for cooking any foods.

The most striking thing about this grill is the miniature looking circle around the middle.

This is actually a mesh design and works to catch embers, making for a better burn and an easy clean up, keeping a fire red hot for hours.Because the grate also stands on a circular stand, it allows for better airflow coming from underneath the fire which both maximizes the flame while at the same time creating a less smoky fire that could otherwise grow out of control or become too obnoxious. With a lack of ash being left behind, cleaning this grill is also easier than ever and almost not required at all, making for a product you can set up at any time ready for use, and not have to worry about the lengthy cleanup period after youve eaten. A perfect choice if you want the most out of your flames with the added bonus of remaining very clean even after prolonged use.

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Stanbroil Heavy Duty Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grates

The Stanbroil heavy-duty cooking grill grate is a broad, user-friendly grate that you can use conveniently without any specification. It is durable and a well-performing grate for multiple aspects.

If you are searching for a fire pit grate for burning your wood efficiently and will make your outdoor cooking time organized and more fun, then this fire pit grate is for you.

The dimension of this fire grate is 36-inch which is perfect for any hefty size round fire pit. But still it is lightweight, only 11lbs. This fire grate does not require any setup it is a ready-to-use grate. It has two solid handles on the sides that help with easy carry and moving. This fire pit grate is a simply designed fire pit grate that can serve you for wood burning and cooking outdoors.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • This grate can be used as a large wood grate that can hold a large amount of wood.
  • It is also usable for big arrangements of outdoor cook. You can prepare a large amount of food at a time.
  • Its x-bars are desirable for giving your food perfect grilled Xmarks.

Things you need to consider

  • The coating on the top of this bar tends to peel off. Dont put foodstuff directly and keep it in proper maintenance while not in use.

Final verdict

This Stanbroil cooking grill grate is an efficiently performing product for your woods and cooking needs. Also, this product comes at a get-at-able price. So you can count this on your wishlist.

Titan Great Outdoors Grill Cooking Grate

Solo Stove Cast Iron Wood Fire Grill | Fire Pit Cooking System

The Titan Great Outdoors cooking grate is an absolute option for your open-fire cooking arrangements. Its durable construction assures you of longtime service. In addition, its extraordinary features and functional specification makes it an ultimate accessory for your every outdoor feast.

If you think of having a fire pit grate and a griddle. And have them together with a whole kit package. Then this sturdy, strong, and functional fire pit grate is able to reach your every outdoor cooking need.

This cooking grate is a two-storeyed package of a grate and a griddle . This whole solid steel structure is supported with a 1-inch thick and firm 60-inch long steel stake. You can cook on these in two different and beneficial ways. The height of this grate and griddle are adjustable. And you can also slide them over the pole. Its 5-inch spiral handle hardly gets hot. You can touch and hold the grate and griddle with your bare hand.

Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can enjoy open fire cooking with a grate and griddle.
  • Enjoy cooking hot dogs, chicken, sausages, BBQ, fish, vegetables, and steak on the grate.
  • For the egg omelet, pancake, and toasting the buns, use the skillet. Do not forget to season the pan well.
  • The griddle tray traps the heat that helps you to keep your food warm for hours.

Things you need to consider

  • The pole can snap off after several uses. Considering this as a normal phenomenon, take care of it.

Final verdict

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Round Cast Iron Grill Grates My Opinion

I know that probably others have a different opinion but I like to cook on cast iron grill grates. I even prefer them to be ceramic coated if I can find them.

The reason for me behind it is that cast iron will contain the heat better compared to stainless steel. It is also easier to clean, especially the coated ones.

I have them on my stick burner grill and they are at least 12 years old and still in perfect shape.

The disadvantage is that it takes a little longer for them to heat up to the right temperature to make nice grill marks.

Edie van Aken

Screens & Spark Guards

Screens and spark guards are typically made of steel and mesh. They sit on top of a wood burning fire pit to prevent sparks, embers, and ash from flying out. They can also be used to cover the fire when youre done for the night. This is a practical way to let the fire burn out naturally without supervision, since you dont have to worry about embers and ash escaping.

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Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit

Before we finish up, Ill mention that you can also get an iron fire pit like this one pictured above.

Iron is different from cast iron in that it is a pure metal rather than an alloy .

Iron can be stronger and hold coatings better than cast iron, but its more labor-intensive to work with and can be dinged and dented.

Cast iron is certainly a more popular product to use for fire pits and these types of applications as it will last longer and stay truer to form. If you are still unsure of what type of fire pit you want to get, let me confuse the matter further by mentioning copper fire pits.

Copper is another wonderful material you can choose for your outdoor fire!

For those who are totally fresh to fire pits, check out our article on the best way to light a fire pit.

If you have any further questions, please leave them down below in the comment section and well get back to you asap.

The Buying Guide: Our Advice On How To Buy The Best Fireplace Grates Cast Iron

Antique Cast Iron Fire Pit

Before you invest your hard-earned money into a product, you should properly educate yourself about the available products and the best alternatives in the market. We have compiled the list of factors you should consider before buying a fireplace grates cast iron to make your task easier.

Like almost any product, before buying a fireplace grates cast iron, you should ask yourself these few questions:

  • How reputable are fireplace grates cast iron in comparison to market competitors?
  • How durable and long-lasting are they, and how easy is it to service or fix them if something goes wrong?
  • Why is it worth buying fireplace grates cast iron instead of other products?
  • What are some key features and highlights of fireplace grates cast iron? Are those features worth it for your needs?
  • What are some positives and negatives of fireplace grates cast iron, and how do they affect your user experience?
  • Where can you buy fireplace grates cast iron and service or repair it if necessary?
  • These are just some of the questions that you need to seek the answer to when purchasing the product. It is essential to keep in mind that you may have further queries and questions, as you should.

    These are just a few considerations that we consider absolutely crucial. You can find detailed answers to almost all of your questions by some internet research or even by trying out the product at the store.

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    Why Use A Grill Grate

    Grill grates are crucially important for fire cooking because they essentially eliminate charring but accentuate searing.

    Grill grates allow the juices to steam and boil which produces a huge kick of flavor that you just cant always get with a traditional and more unreliable grill.Because of the way they are designed, grill grates also allow for excellent heat transfer ensuring your food is cooked quickly and thoroughly.

    Many of the designs are also non-stick making them easy to place on and detach and are incredibly sturdy being efficient and effective for the long term.Grill grates are also getting better with time with a variety of styles and designs now on the market.

    This has made it far easier to find a grate for your particular fire whether you need something large and expansive or a grate thats portable and can be taken on the go to be quick and easy to use. There is always debate surrounding the very best material, design and shape that will produce the best results, so we have therefore listed a few variations below so you can freely choose one you feel would work best for a fire pit.

    What Is A Fire Pit Grate

    A fire pit grate is one of the most important factors one has to consider when setting up a fireplace or fire pit. This important safety feature helps it burn with a more smooth operation. A grate gives the fire pit a strong uphold for the fire to burn while it also helps to safeguard naked or open fire.

    If its your first time using a fire pit grate, you will find out that it sits directly over the ash pan. The grate also functions as a filter for the resulting ash which is gotten directly from the firewood burning from above. When this process takes place, the fire burns more efficiently and delightfully. This prevents the fire to act wildly thereby saving you more money because less fuel is being used in the burning process. It also increases the height of the fire due to the fact that the fire pit grates allow the fire to take in oxygen. Airflow is a great factor that is required for a fire to burn evenly.

    Unfortunately, the market is flooded with inferior and fake products. Allow us to guide you on the steps to go through before you purchase a fire pit grate, what to look out for, and my top products list that I consider as the best fire pit grates any user can get in the online space.

  • Best Outdoor Fire Pit Grate:Pleasant Hearth OFP28WG
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    Wagon Wheel / Spiders Web Fire Pit Grate

    While these wagon wheel fire pit grates are round, theyre different from the classic round grates above. Theyre distinct in a few distinct and important ways:

  • They have a circular design, with spokes extending from the center .
  • The end of the spokes tend to be slightly raised.
  • The last part is important because it prevents your wood / fuel from rolling off away from the coals. Its a major plus!

    Our Recommendation

    SteelFreak 28 Wagon Wheel Firewood Grate

    We absolutely love this wagon wheel fire pit grate. The support ring is thick and the 4-1/2 high log bed keeps airflow strong. This in turn reduces the amount of overall smoke and ensures that your outdoor space stays smelling nice.

    Additionally, the look is both industrial and rustic at the same time. Its just plain cool. Its a bit on the pricey side . However, you definitely get what you pay for. See for yourself.

    Onlyfire Round Fire Pit Grate

    Hotdogs & S’mores Recipe on a Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pit!

    Onlyfire round grate is strongly constructed with durable material that will serve you for a long time with impressive endurance. Moreover, its facile user interface and ordinary outlook is a thing you can call super convenient!

    If you are looking for an efficient wood grate with a simple outlook. That will be perfect for your in-built fire pit. Also will help you with outdoor cooking needs. Then this fire pit grate is the basic one you need.

    This 22-inch round fire pit grate is a sturdy steel-build product coated with durable and high heat resistant paint. It is designed simply with four transitory legs. Its extended space between the bars that function as air circulators for an efficient burn. Solid half-inch thick steel bars assure you hefty weight-bearing capacity without any ruck and ruffle. You can easily set and remove this without consuming any time, not even a minute.

    Things you are going to enjoy

    • Perfect amour for enhancing your built-in and stand-alone fire pits efficiency.
    • You can set it 3-inch off the ground using its four removable legs.
    • Adequate blank spaces between each bar make stirring airflow that will burn your firewoods well.
    • You can use it both ways as a wood grate and as a cooking grate.

    Things you need to consider

    • This fire pit grate is not appropriate for placing foods directly on it. However, you can enjoy the pan and potted foods on it.

    Final verdict

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    Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

    Texsport fire grill is a robust framed grill that will serve you for years. Its design and dimension are ready to go with your open-fire occasion. This fire pit convenient feature will make your outdoor cooking experience easy, enjoyable, and more comfortable.

    If you are searching for the best fire pit grill for outdoor uses that have to be constructed firmly. Also you dont want to spend much time on its cleaning and maintenance. Then you can check on this open fire grill.

    This fire pit grill is made of heavy-duty steel, high in quality. That guarantees its longevity with no rust and corrosion. This 9-inch high grill is 16-inch long and 12-inch wide. In an outdoor situation, you will get plenty of space to cook enough food at a time. Also, it can hold a good amount of weight. Its stands are foldable that allow you compact storing and easy carrying facilities, especially during traveling.

    Things you are going to enjoy

    • Your outdoor cooking will be more organized and mess-free with this fire grill.
    • This open fire grill is perfect for ease cooking problems during camping and travel days.
    • This fire pit grill can be turned out into an integrated size that enables its quick storing feature.
    • You will have to put a little effort into cleaning and maintaining this fire pit grill.

    Things you need to consider

    • The coat on the outer surface of this fire pit tends to put off on early uses. Try not to cook food directly on it.

    Final verdict


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