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Fire Pit Benches With Backs

Store Seats After Use

How to Build a Fire Pit Bench | Simple DIY

Not all seats are weather resistant. So, it is better to store your outdoor furniture when they are not in use. We once made a mistake, thinking our wooden bench with leather padding can withstand long exposure to the sun.

Everything seemed to be fine in the first 6 months. After 6 months, we started noticing some cracks in the leather padding. In short, the frame of the seat was fine, but the padding was destroyed.

Fire Pit Dining Table Sets

Fire pit weather is also perfect for outdoor dining. Get the best of both worlds by choosing an outdoordining table with a gasfireplace built right in.

The warmth and ambiance of fireside dining cant be matched, and youll likely find yourself enjoying the atmosphere well into the evening. Whether youre hosting family dinner or gathering friends, youre sure to impress with an inviting fire pit dining set.

Mini Tree Trunk Bench

Firepits will forever be lovingly associated with campfires! If youre going for that budget-friendly cozy vibe, a garden bench made from tree trunk logs can help capture that without looking too unrefined for a residential home. You could also go small with this design using tree stumps to give children their own stools to use around the fire.

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Find A Source Of Logs

After a hurricane in Tallahassee, there were lots of downed and damaged trees. We had no damage, but the across the street neighbor was not so lucky. Soon after the storm, a very large pile of neatly cut logs appeared on the curb. We wandered over and chose all that would fit into the back of a Honda Pilot. A “team lift” is extremely important when moving logs of this size!

Wood & Cinder Block Benches

Fire Pit Benches

Using cinder blocks to build outdoor benches is not a new concept. But instead of using the holes, we only exposed the flat side to give it a modern sleek look.

But I do not only love modern design, I also love warm rustic elements too. So we paired the cold, gray cinderblocks with a warm, rich wood tone.

The benches are a simple design. And they are quite easy to build, which is great since you have to build 5!

Originally we had planned to put back rests on all 5 benches . But when we started dry fitting them, I realized the backs on the front two benches got in the way of the view.

What is the point of having a lakeside fire pit if you cant relax and look at the lake while roasting mallows???

So in a last minute design change, we hurried and removed the backs from two of the benches. This gave us the lake views we were hoping for all along.

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Firepit Benches With Table And Storage

Easy to make firepit benches have a table and storage integrated! Free plans by

Hi everyone! Happiest Friday!

We’ve learned one thing about the tiny house pretty quick. It’s tiny house, big outdoors. And there’s no better place to be outdoors than summertime in Alaska. We are truly blessed.

But one big issue we found pretty quick is the benches that we have around our firepit became the go to dump spot for everything and anything. Without a table outside, food, bags, clothing, garabage, beverages – it all got dumped on the benches as opposed to the ground.

So my friend Jen and I sat there and fantasied about the perfect firepit benches. They would have a table right behind the bench, so all the s’more supplies could be close at reach. And they’d need to have some storage, to hide the spare bag of marshmellows and the chips and the cooler, within easy reach but out of sight. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Well, a few hours in the garage, and I made this!

And we fell in love with it immediately. So perfect! I had to make another!

Two might not be enough!

They are very comfortable and sturdy, but also practical and beautiful. I love the table height surface for prepping and serving food and beverages. And the storage space is a life saver.

And the kiddos agree!

Here’s how I made these –

I cut all my boards using a compound miter saw at 15 degrees off square. I used 2x4s for the leg sets.

Then I just layed out the 2x4s and screwed them together with 2-3/4″ deck screws.

Build A Diy Fire Pit That Looks Like A Million Bucks On A Budget

The fire pit is officially all done!!! To say we are excited is an understatement.

And we are not just excited that we dont have any more manual labor in the hot Texas sun this week. But also just look at that view

While the view was pretty awesome before, the beautiful wood and concrete fire pit built in the landscape definitely makes it look amazing. And those beautiful wood benches are going to last a very long time thanks to our partnership with Waterlox and their century old Marine finish.

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Ever since I used the Waterlox Original formula on the wood vanity top in our last homes master bathroom , I have been excited to try all the other Waterlox products.

And what better way to give their outdoor sealer, the , a test than to use it on the fire pit benches.

Prefer to Watch? Check out the YouTube Video

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The All Battery Challenge:

The folks at Craftsman sent me all the battery-powered tools used in this project. This is a sponsored post for Craftsman, so I decided to really challenge myself by only using the Craftsman V20 battery-powered tools and forgo dragging an extension cord out to the job site. Want to see if these tools lived up to the challenge?

I cant forget this Craftsman Cordless V20 blue tooth speaker that doubles as a USB charger when my phone battery get low while jamming out. Hard work is always easier with some rockin tunes.

Treat Them With Insect Repellent Chemicals

How to Build Outdoor Firepit Benches with Countertops and Storage Areas

If you are using wood bench seats, you need to treat them with chemicals to prevent insects from damaging them. For example, termites love to feed on wood.

Theyll hide inside the joints and starting eating the bench seats from inside. It is advisable to treat the seats with chemicals at least once in 6 months.

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Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Posted on

Without seating a fire pit is useless. After all, what do we do with fire pits? We sit around them and enjoy the ambient light in darkness and the heat in the cool evening. If you need seating for your fire pit, whether for your backyard or camp, here is a great collection of fire pit seating ideas – includes DIY options, benches, logs, patio furniture and camping furniture.

I hate to say it, but Im a stickler when it comes to seating.

I dont like benches, stools, logs, backless chairs of any kind.

I like overstuffed, big furniture that I can sink into and relax.

Thats why I spent a fortune on my camping chair that goes with me to the beach or anywhere Ill be sitting outside. Its also why we have large plastic Adirondack designed chairs in our yard.

Interestingly, many people who build fire pits in their yard incorporate some sort of bench seating, which is good for accommodating a lot of people and saves the hassle of moving chairs to the area, but its not great for comfort.

But my preferences are just that mine. Thats why this collection includes all types of fire pit seating ideas.

I organized this into DIY fire pit seating ideas, patio furniture, camping furniture and wrap it up with some unique seating thats not all that common.

Diy Fire Pit Bench With Step By Step Insructions

July 2, 2017 by Kaysi

One year ago we built a fire pit in our back yard We have used it lot this past year and we just love it. We have smores whenever we want and roast hot dogs on it and just sit around and chat. Its so fun to wind down and chat with the kids . Since we use it so much we decided that we could make a fire pit bench for it. I am so excited for the bench and cannot wait to use it all summer long! What I love about the design we did was that you can have 5 sections like we did or you can have 4 or 3 or 8, its up to you!

table sawscrewedmiter sawsandedWagner paint sprayeroutdoor pillows

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Clean The Bench Seats Regularly

To prevent mold growth, you need to clean your outdoor seats regularly. The little smoke from your fire pit can accumulate on it and destroy it. So, you should clean them after every use.

Just wipe them with a piece of cloth soaked in mild soapy water. Also, if a sudden rain starts and they get wet, you must dry them properly to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

How To Build A Fire Pit Bench Seat With A Backrest 5 Steps

Aluminum Bench with Back

We talked a lot about the beauty and pleasure of having a fire pit in homes. Everyone loves to enjoy some quality time outdoors with their family, even on cold days. Thats why they install a fire pit in their homes. There is nothing as pleasurable as enjoying a warm night in front of a comforting fire.

There are several types, shapes, and sizes of fire pits. But one thing is common with all of them. To enjoy the fire, you have to sit around it. You wont sit on the floor. So, every fire pit needs a bench around it. People can sit on the bench and enjoy some hours of warmth.

It is better for the bench to have a backrest for proper relaxation. You cant sit comfortably for some hours without resting your back. So, we recommend benches with a backrest around your fire pit. Dont worry.

We will give you a few steps on how to build a fire pit bench with a backrest. There are several benches being sold, but youll save some costs when you build one yourself.

Also, there are metal benches and wooden benches, but we will go with the latter because it is easier to construct. So, sit back and read the article through.

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What Type Of Chairs Are Good Around A Fire Pit

Whatever chairs are most comfortable for you in your outdoor living space. A fire pit is for relaxing around, so your chairs should be comfortable for hours and hours and hours.

Choose your favorite traditional Adirondack chairs, deep seating, outdoor sofas, outdoor daybeds, sectionals, sling chairs, resin wicker, rocking chairs, hanging egg chairs, gliders, or zero gravity chairs. If you like rustic, pull up some tree stumps.

Whatever your seating preference, make them comfortable and give yourself plenty of room. Then, consider fire safety. With fire pits, fire safety should always be a concern. Steel and aluminum chairs without cushions are the most fire resistant. And they may be the most comfortable for you. But many people will prefer cushioned seating.

Soft, cushioned chairs are not going to be fireproof. Some fabrics, like Sunbrella, are flame-resistant. However, you can treat your comfy cushioned chairs with a fire retardant.

To be fire resistant, a fabric must withstand heat. Fire resistant fabric is difficult to catch on fire, but when it does it burns so slowly, the fire will self-extinguish/

Fire retardant means that the fabric has been treated with a chemical to give them fire-resistant qualities.

Longer Benches Are Better

Longer benches will accommodate more people, so it is better to buy longer outdoor benches. Even if you dont have a large family, you may decide to host some friends or host a family get-together.

The longer benches will accommodate more people. Thats why it is more advisable to buy a long bench seat.

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Buying Guide: How To Buy A Fire Pit Bench Seat With Backrest

It is not mandatory to build your own fire pit bench seat, although it is more cost-effective. You can buy already built ones. Apart from being cost-effective, the other reason why we will encourage you to build yours is that you cant tell the kind of wood used for the bench seat.

You may end with a wooden bench that will begin to warp after a few months, but if you build yours, youll be able to determine the kind of wood you want to use. Nonetheless, if you choose to buy a ready-made seat, here are some tips to follow.

Integrated Fire Pit Bench

Seated Concrete Bench & Fire Pit. The Best in the West! California

This stone fire pit style made from bricks incorporates benches into its structure. Its designed with extending arms that you can use as seating, and youll be able to enjoy them even without a fire going. Additionally, this gives your yard a more custom look, and the masonry involved in building this could help increase the value of your house.

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Build Fire Pit Benches Around Your Fire Pit

Susan Foster

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Who doesnt want to enjoy a warm, cozy outdoor fire ambience in chilly weather? We bet you do! A comfortable seating arrangement can turn your fireside into a relaxing recreation space.

If you have a tight budget and are looking for an affordable way to add a complimentary seating arrangement to your fireside, make sure to stick to the end!

Having the ideal pairs of fire pit chairs or a fire pit bench in your backyard gives you the chance to arrange an evening party and entertain guests or spend quality time with your friends and family basking in the glow of flames.

Today, we will provide you with a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction guide to help you make your own customized fire pit bench within your budget. Choose your style and design and enjoy the rising, glowing flames sitting around a fire pit in a safe, comforting environment.

Lets get started!

You Can Build A $2000 Curved Fire Pit Bench For Only $125

byDan EdmundMay 9, 2019, 8:58 am

My all time favorite smell in the entire world is the smell of a campfire. Ive tried getting candles and oils that smell just like it, but honestly nothing compares to the amazing smell that a real campfire provides. I close my eyes and it instantly takes me to the wilderness, surrounded by trees and wild animals. All my stresses go away as soon as I smell a campfire. That being said, since I live in the suburbs, campfires arent always filling the air with my favorite smell. A couple of years ago, I received a fire pit for Mothers Day. This was one of the best gifts Ive ever received and as soon as the weather is getting a little bit warm, its time to light it up! I love sitting by the fire on a cool spring or fall night, or even a warm summer night. Sitting by the fire making smores or just watching the fire as it entertains my brain is a truly calming and relaxing experience. When I saw this awesome DIY fire pit bench I was so excited. The fact that this type of bench could cost upwards of $2,000 if you bought it already made, definitely deters me from adding benches around my fire pit. But this build only cost $125 using supplies from Home Depot. Thats pretty amazing! Check out this DIY fire pit bench.

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Sand Sand And Oh Yeah Sand Some More

After debarking, there’s a lot of fibrous matter left on the log. We used a belt sander with 40 grit sandpaper. A belt sander is designed to get rid of a lot of material in a short amount of time. It was perfect for this application. Once the fibrous material and other debris were removed, we continued sanding with a random orbit sander starting with 150 grit sandpaper moving through to 220 to give the logs a smooth finish. A Dremel was used in the slash on one of the logs to sand it smooth.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Fire Pit From Stones For Year

DIY backyard fire pit complete with adirondack chairs and handmade ...

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The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Adding a natural stone fire pit to your outdoor space makes it a destination. Like moths to a flame, you and your guests will be drawn to a fire feature in the evening to relax, enjoy food and drinks, get warm, and enjoy one another’s company. While portable fire pits are a good choice for some situations, stone fire pits are more permanent and likely to complement a home, landscape, and surrounding terrain.

A fire pit is a good beginner’s project for an outdoor building enthusiast. Most firepits are about 12 to 14 inches tall. Building a fire pit shouldn’t take much time or cost for ambitious do-it-yourselfers who can follow instructions.

Consult a professional if you plan to install a fire pit on an existing patio or deck. If you put a fire pit on a wood deck, flammability becomes an issue.

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