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Pergola Ideas For Front Of House

Give Your Pool Some Shade

400 Patio Design Ideas 2022 Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas House Exterior Terrace Rooftop Pergola


Pergolas are an excellent option to keep around a pool area. They provide just enough shade to keep you comfortable without taking away all of the sun. Opt for an oversized pergola that covers most of the pool. Or, try a smaller pergola on one of the ends for a cooling area that serves as lounging space.

Integrate A Lit Pergola Into Your Terrace

There are lots of stylish outdoor lighting options for pergolas and a good starting point is to consider what the pergola will be used for. Is it for outdoor dining and entertaining or more a space where you want to relax and unwind?

It’s worth considering the garden lighting early on in the design process and not leaving it as an afterthought. Lighting plays an important role in enhancing the overall look and feel of your pergola. If possible, also have the lights controlled independently, so you can switch on only the ones you want to create the desired mood. To keep things flexible, try layering different styles of lights, which will then adapt to different uses.

‘Wall lights are perfect for providing a general level of illumination and a large single pendant hung in the centre of the pergola will create a very homely look, as well as being a statement to draw the eye,’ says Industville’s Marketa Rypacek. ‘Alternatively, you may wish to choose smaller pendants and hang them in clusters which keeps lighting soft and creates a wonderful ambiance.

These ambiant lights can then be further complimented through the use of more decorative candles, lanterns and string lights, depending on your preferred style.

Rattan For A Beach Feel

If you’re looking for pergola roof ideas to add to your pool landscaping ideas, then be inspired by resort living and fit a reeded roof to your pergola. A characterful choice of roofing material, reed roofs are typically sold in rolls which can then be unfurled and attached to the pergola. When used as pergola roof ideas, reeds offer dapple shade and create a laid-back look that is perfect for lounging poolside.

While not as hardwearing as solid wood, they can be expected to last for a few years before needing replacing, but since it is a cost-effective option that is easy to install, this is not as prohibitive as it might be with other pergola roof ideas.

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Train Climbing Plants Up A Pergola

In a more traditional setting, adorn a pergola with some of the best flowering climbers for additional screening and a more natural aesthetic.

In this beautiful garden design by Jo Thompson, the traditional wooden pergola creates a slightly separate garden space for a guest room.

‘I have planted roses and clematis carefully selected to give color through as much of the season as possible starting with the early alpinas and ending with the viticellas. A range of roses are used again to give an extension of color for as long as possible including ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’, Rosa banksiae var. banksiae and Rosa ‘Albertine’,’ Jo explains.

Training wires up the posts can help twining plants establish more quickly. If you’re planting in paving, make sure the climbers have plenty of space to root into, explains John Wyer.

The supporting wires may need to be considered within the design both on the horizontals and verticals.

For choices in plants, wisteria is robust, long lived and produces scented blossom Akebia quinata, or chocolate vine, has scented purple flowers and five-part palmate leaves or try perennials Humulus lupulus Aureus, golden hop, or flame nasturtium Tropaeolum speciosum,suggests John Wyer.

Geometric Harmony Freestanding Cubic Pergola

Best Front Porch Pergola Ideas Pinterest Pergula

The dark wood of this cube-shaped pergola area creates a shaded outdoor room. The two slatted walls of the pergola, one with a door-like entrance, define the space. The wicker furniture in charcoal gray adds a contrasting texture and color, while the white pillows and flooring introduce a bright note.

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Moonlight Drive Parkside Pergola

Light the sidewalk from your driveway to your house with this sleek, contemporary, black pergola. Attach lights to the slats, and add a clear cover between them to provide shelter from the rain. Lighting fixtures in the planter and in the posts beside the driveway welcome guests with more light as they enter your home.

Can You Put A Roof Over A Pergola

Yes, you can put a roof on a pergola. Adding a roof to your pergola transforms it into a highly usable space no matter the weather. It also provides valuable protection against the heat of the day.

‘The benefits of having a pergola with a roof include being protected by theweather and the provision of consistent shade throughout the space below it. Thiswould also allow you to include other features like an outdoor TV to aspace. However, in some cases you will require permits for a structure witha permanent roof where other cases you may not need to with a rooflesspergola,’ explains Mike Pletz, owner of Ever After Landscaping .

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Corner Cabin Style Pergola With Lantern

The rustic look of this pergola takes its style cues from the unfinished wood of summer vacation cabins. It provides a sheltered nook for an inviting conversation area. The woven textures add contrast and pattern while maintaining the neutral color scheme. The large cast iron lantern offers a striking and fitting focal point for the space.

// Pergola With Greenery

100 Patio Design Ideas 2022 Backyard Garden Landscaping ideas House Exterior Rooftop Terrace Pergola

The pergola above the garage doors in this rendering is a beautiful design choice. Our designers chose to paint it white, like the homes trim, so that it becomes a clear extension of the garage structure. Next, the greenery that wrapping itself around the beams of the modern pergola takes this homes cottage aesthetic to the next level.

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A Simple Deck Pergola With Plant Hangers

A pergola is a ersatile outdoor structure.It can be used to beautify your outdoor area and at the same time, serve apurpose. This can be used as a structure to shield plants from direct sunlight.

You can use a supports to hang aerialplants as well. This first pergola DIY plan is a simple one, with basicinstructions on how to construct the pergola lower and upper supports.

Take Yours From Day To Night

Pergola ideas needn’t be costly. What a dreamy setting, which will work just as well by day as by night. Lanterns add a fun decorative touch to this backyard pergola, and choosing solar-powered lights means that they’ll naturally illuminate this spot exactly when you need it without costing you too much either.

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Install Wood Plugs In The Pergola Columns

Cut 5-1/2 in. round treated wood plugs to fit the inside of your columns. Glue and screw together a pair for each column top, then glue the plugs flush into the top of each column. Secure the plugs to the columns with 2-in. deck screws.

Note: Drive a screw into the top of each plug to use as a handle to position the plug.

Cut Posts With A Jigsaw

31 The Best Small Front Porch Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Transfer your mark completely around the post using a combination square thats set from the bottom of the post. Cut the post with a 10-teeth-per-inch wood blade in your jigsaw. Youll need a fresh blade for every post you cut. We found the jigsaw a lot safer, quieter and less dusty than a circular saw. This composite polymer is only about 1/2 in. thick but pretty hard, so expect to eat up a new blade on each column.

Note: To make cutting the columns easier, lay them on sandbags or mulch bags to keep them from rolling or vibrating as you cut.

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What Is A Pergola

Pergolas shade owners from the suns harsh ultraviolet rays and enclosed styles can keep you dry during periods of heavy rain showers. Pergola is an Italian word with ancient origins and it’s derived from the Latin term pergola which references a latticework or trellis structure that supports climbing plants. They are distinguishable from gazebos because of their differing dimensions. A gazebo is a freestanding structure with open sides, a roof, and typically constructed in hexagonal or octagonal shapes. Pergolas are structures that consist of parallel columns that hold up an open roof or grid of beams, rafters, or lattice work. They are typically made of wood and can be detached or attached to a home.

Add Vertical Interest With Pergola Ideas

Pergola ideas undeniably bring vertical interest to a garden.

The style of the garden will dictate the most appropriate style and whether you want to set it within planting, explains Fi Boyle.

Often we plant trees around a pergola to help anchor it into the garden. A tall row of pleached trees or a multi-stem tree positioned either side will bring a softness to the structure, explains Harriet Farlam.

Take into account, too, the additional space required by surrounding planting. You should anticipate the bulk of mature climbers, whether this be a rambling rose or winter jasmine, which might need two to three feet clearance underneath, explains Ali Paterson.

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Give Your Patio Some Shade


Pergolas can provide plenty of shade, especially if you choose to cover the top of the structure. Some pergolas have mechanics that allow you to open and close the shades to adjust your lighting preferences. This pergola, in particular, also has some side shades for extra comfort that are great for hot days.

Polynesian Bliss Poolside Pergola

How to Build a Pergola Attached to Your House | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

Recline and survey your poolside domain from the regal white seating in this pergola. White fabric canopies draped along the roof and slatted sides protect the inhabitants from the sun. One table waits with liquid libations while another offers a romantic white lantern for the night. A pole lamp bows, suggesting an attendant with a cooling fan to wave.

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What Makes A Good Pergola

A good pergola design idea should be fully functional to suit your needs and lifestyle, it should be affordable, low maintenance and offer good privacy and excellent sunshade, says John Mifsud of Hipages-listed company AA1 Drafting. A specialist pergola builder will be able to advise on the best style, size and materials based on your requirements and budget.

Extend Pergola Roof Sides To Turn A Pergola Into A Mini

Adding a roof to your pergola creates a private, peaceful sanctuary in your garden that is ideal for outdoor living. Take the look to the next level by continuing your solid roof to cover two perpendicular walls. This will create a room-like feel which, when paired with patio furniture and outdoor lighting ideas, is useable at all times of the day. Add a few blankets and cushions and its the perfect space for an after-dinner drink with friends.

‘To truly embrace an al fresco lifestyle, treat your outdoor space in the same way you would your interior. Think about your concept, furniture and accessories to create a space that feels like a room,’ says Scarlett Blakey, creative partner of Ophelia Blake Interior Design . ‘Add some height to your landscape and create a feature by building a pergola, which can be used as a spacious outdoor dining area. Use this as an opportunity to change your floor finishes to tile, and dress it up with festoon lighting.’

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Is It Cheaper To Build A Pergola Or Buy One

Whether it is cheaper to build a pergola or buy one will depend on the style and size of the pergola and the chosen material.

‘You can find box section prefabricated aluminium and steel structures on the market, although these can be quite expensive,’ explains John Wyer.

Simple wooden structures can be more cost effective, although you need to ensure that it will be the correct size and look for your garden.

‘Installing pergolas requires some technicalities and its important to ensure the structure can withstand high winds amongst other things Id recommend getting professional advice on this,’ advises John Wyer.

Extended Carport Ideas Attached To Front Of House

Pergola on a gable front

The extended ceiling is the ultimate step in applying simple yet stylish carport ideas attached to house. It is especially if you come with a wooden shade like the one above and install it right in front of your dwelling.

We know that wood is not the perfect material for outdoor areas. But all will be well as long as you have sealed it so that it is more resistant to weather changes.

To further state the existence of a carport, you can also give different colors to the driveway in your yard. Precisely at the spot where your vehicle is parked.

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Pergola Trends: From The Small Screen To Your Block

The unique twist on the traditional pergola didnt appear out of thin air. Over the past few years, this design trend offering a certain curb appeal flair was featured on Joanna Gaines work in Season 5 of Fixer Upper. Meanwhile her husband Chips 2017 European inspired cottage noticeably featured pergolas hanging over the garage doors.

Another TV designer putting out the good PR for front porch pergolas? John Gidding on HGTVs Curb Appeal. On this show, front-facing pergola additions of all sizes are a frequent accent for the chosen homes. Remodeling Magazine has called pergolas a sophisticated upgrade and an iconic structure for outdoor sanctuaries.

However, pergola traditions go back much further than the history of TV. The term stems from the Latin word pergula meaning projecting eave. In fact pergolas have been in use since ancient Egyptian times, serving as both a structure to display colorful flowering plants and to protect people from the elements.

To see how front porch pergola trends translate to real homeowners, we looked at pergola coverage from experts at Better Homes and Gardens and Architectural Digest who have reviewed pergolas of all shapes, sizes, materials and placements. We also discussed the specifics of front porch pergola building and resale value with Kim Trouten, a top real estate agent in Charlotte, North Carolina who sells homes 32% faster than her peers.

Prefabricated Pergolas And Pergola Kit Cost

After factoring in delivery and installation, prefab aluminum, fiberglass, and wood pergolas will run from $8K to $15K for a standard sized pergola. Increasing size or adding accessories can add as much as $10K on top of this standard price range.

With the higher purchase price, you generally get a higher quality product that will be more durable and look more like a permanent landscape feature. You may also get a warranty, or the option to include accessories.

Keep in mind that kits or prefab structures that claim to be DIY-able may not actually be simple to install. Many prefab pergolas seem more appealing than a custom build at first because of their lower price tag, but require professional help to install which will add to the total cost.

Kit and Prefab Pergola Recommendations:

  • TheToja Grid is a great modular option offering incredible versatility at a low price, but be aware youll need to purchase wood separately – the list price only covers brackets.

  • The aluminum pergolas byParagon Outdoor and Bon Pergola are also solid low cost options.

  • Forever Redwood has a host of pergolas spanning the style spectrum, and supports sustainable forestry practices in their material sourcing.

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Make An Enchanting Walkway With Climbing Plants

This shaded scene is a delight

Pergolas can make beautiful additions to garden path ideas, especially when they’re covered in clambering climbers.

Recreate the look with the likes of wisteria, roses, or scented clematis. Wandering beneath the canopy of fragranced flowers and lush leaves is sure to bring a sense of joy. Our pick of the best climbing plants has lots more ideas.

Choose Slatted Cedar For Dappled Light

200 Backyard Patio Design Ideas 2022 Rooftop Garden Landscaping ideas House Exterior Pergola design

The forgotten corner of an urban garden can be transformed by the addition of well-designed pergola ideas. As well as adding design interest by introducing an architectural focal point, the space can be used as a quiet, dappled retreat for reading during the day or gathering round the fire pit in the evening with friends.

It’s also the perfect structure for plants to romp over. ‘Even in a small urban garden, an appropriately sized pergola can really add interest, provide some height and framing and a foil for flowering/climbing plants to grow along,’ says the designer Natasha Nuttall . ‘The slatted cedar also shows off the dappled shade of overhead trees in a really lovely way.’

One of the most popular building materials for wooden pergolas is red cedar because of its all-natural look that fits so well into a garden setting. There are plenty of kits available online but if you have the budget why not consider a bespoke option to get exactly the look you want.

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Create An Outdoor Oasis With Trending Jewel

A clear, emerging garden trend for 2022 is jewel-toned gardening with a whopping 17,965 pins. This trend emerged after jewel-toned magenta pink was reported by WGSN , the world’s leading trend forecasters, as its color of the year for 2022 which promotes a sense of positivity and escapism making it the perfect choice for an outdoor oasis.

Shroopa Patel, category manager, OnBuy Garden Furniture Sets , comments: With Google Trends showing a 190% increase in search volumes for jewel tones in spring last year, it is clear that this is the color of the year for spring gardens. For a bold statement this season and to bring the beauty of rare gemstones into your garden, bright tones of exterior paint in lustrous cobalt blues and uplifting Fuschia pinks can liven up uninspired furniture. Paint everything from table legs and pergolas to sheds and fence ideas. These striking colors are a stylish choice for anyone looking to draw attention to focal points within your garden.

To combine the most in-demand spring gardening trends this season, experts from OnBuy Garden Furniture Sets recommend planting jewel-toned wildflowers, such as pyramidal and green-winged orchids, in your outdoor space.


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