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Covered Patio With Fire Pit

Can I Put A Propane Fire Pit Under A Gazebo

MODERN BACKYARD TIME LAPSE!! Covered Deck, Paver Patio, and Fire Pit Backyard Makeover Ideas

If you have a propane fire pit, then you might be wondering if it is safe to install one underneath a canopy. This post will cover all your queries and provide safety recommendations for the propane fire pit under a canopy. Well also discuss propane fire pit size, the safest covered patio options and propane burn bans!

Ring Around The Toasty

With all due respect to simple fire bowls, the shapely iron band surrounding this version is awfully handy for putting your feet up and warming your toes. Gently rounded leading edges on these Adirondack-style chairs offer an ever-so-slightly-cozier update on a classic shape as well.

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How Hot Does A Fire Pit Get

The heat a fire pit emanates is measured in BTUs . The higher the BTU, the more heat it gives off.

Propane fire pits give off 30,000 to 50,000 BTUs.

Wood-burning fire pits burn at 1,000 Fahrenheit and can give off up to 100,000 BTUs depending on the size of the pit or bowl and how much wood you burn.

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Types Of Fire Features

As with any purchase, you should know what you’re buying before you buy it. If you purchase the wrong type of fire feature for your covered patio, it could be hazardous to use under certain conditions. If your fire pit is designed to be used in an open area, then that’s where it should be located. Safety should always be your number one priority.

Always research your local fire and building codes for what is allowed on your patio. As well, always consult the user manual and manufacturer recommendations for installation and placement.

Complete Your Covered Patio With Firegear

Is it safe to use a fire pit under a covered patio?

Using these five tips, you can safely use one of Firegear’s fire features on your covered patio. A gas fire feature or fireplace can be the perfect addition on autumn nights with proper location, overhead clearance, adequate ventilation, and a properly structured patio.

Whether you choose the Kalea Bay outdoor linear fireplace or one of the Sanctuary Series fire features, Firegear is here to help answer questions or find the right accessories to complete your outdoor experience!

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Best Wood Burning: Tiki 25 Inch Stainless Steel Smokeless Fire Pit

  • Ash pan for easy cleanup

  • Weatherproof, powder-coated exterior

  • Pricey for its size

You can enjoy the crackle of a real wood fire without inhaling smoke with the TIKI Low Smoke Fire Pit. The fire radiates warmth in a 4-foot radius around the pit, and its unique internal airflow system creates less smoke and ash. The fire pit is crafted from powder-coated stainless steel thats extremely durable, and it comes with a stand to elevate it up off the ground. You can use this fire pit with traditional firewood or the brands wood packs, which are easy to light, and burn for 30 minutes.

The TIKI Fire Pit is just under 25 inches wide, but the bowl is on the smaller side, measuring just 16 inches deep and across. A slide-out ash tray at the bottom makes the pit incredibly easy to clean, and the included weatherproof cover enables you to store it outdoors. It’s a bit pricey for its size, but an excellent low-smoke option.

Price at time of publish: $395

Size: 24.75 x 24.75 x 18.75 inches | Material: Stainless steel | Fuel Type: Wood | Features: Low-smoke design, removable ash pan

What Is The Best Type Of Fire Pit To Buy

The type of fire pit you should purchase depends on two main considerations. First is how much money you plan to spend. For instance, inexpensive pits are almost always basic cast-iron models that lack fancy smokeless airflow systems. The second factor to think about is how you’d like to use your pit. Simple pits provide the heat, sights and sounds of a crackling fire. They’re also fine for making s’mores and the odd hot dog. For more advanced cooking capabilities you’ll have to spend more for a pit also designed to operate as a true outdoor grill.

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Best For Cooking: Barebones Living Cowboy 23

  • Outdoor storage not recommended

For a fire pit that doubles as a grill, we recommend the Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit. This 25-inch fire pit not only is the perfect evening fire starter but it also comes with an adjustable-height grill grate that makes it easy to cook right over the flames. You can rotate the half-circle grate, mounted on a track system, over the pit, as needed. The manufacturer offers a variety of cast iron and steel cooking accessories.

This fire pit is crafted from solid steel, with a high-temperature coating, and three legs support its fairly simple design. Handles on either side make the grill compact and light enough to bring with you camping, or to move to a covered location for storage, as the manufacturer recommends.

Price at time of publish: $400

Size: 25 x 25 x 14.25 inches | Material: Steel | Fuel Type: Wood or charcoal | Features: Adjustable height grilling grate

Our best overall pick is the Hampton Bay Piedmont Steel Fire Pit, a freestanding steel fire pit with mesh sides that make the flames visible from all around. As an additional feature, an included cooking grate allows you to grill right over the flames. If youre looking for a fire pit that doesnt produce much smoke, consider the Solo Stove Bonfire, whose modern stainless steel design results in more complete combustion.

Perfect Patios With Fire Pits And Fireplaces

DIY Patio And Fire Pit Seating Area

Ideal for entertaining with friends and family, fire pits deserve a spot in your outdoor area. Why? Bruce Fox sums it up nicely: Just as people are always drawn to the kitchen at a party, conversations and cocktails center around the fire pit on evenings and weekends.

If youre not sure about the right style for you, dont worry. We asked experienced designers to share some of their favorite projects and explain how to make the right choice.

The fireplace is the focal point, and from there, I created balance with symmetrical light fixtures and wooden accents, says Ginger Barber, explaining her design for this Austin patio. She kept the colors and textures neutral, with wicker furniture, pale green cushions and creamy plaster walls. Photo by Michael Hunter

In the outdoor patio of an Italian-villa-style California compound, Michael S. Smith added a pergola and cozy seating surrounding a marble fireplace. Photo by Scott Frances

The sharp lines and abundance of white lacquer imbue this home a quintessentially SoCal vibe, which RCH Studios picked up on with white furniture and a subtle fireplace. The homes seamless and structural skin give it an abstract, sculptural appearance, making it feel object-like and a part of the collection of sculptures on the site, says the firms creative director, Sebastian Salvado. Photo by Jim Simmons

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Questions Weve Got Answers

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    Under A Canopy Can You Install Any Fire Pit

    What kind of fire pit do you have? Is it a wooden fire pit or a gas fire pit like a propane fire pit? You must be concerned about which type of fire pit is safe to install under a canopy.

    Fortunately, any fire pit can be installed under a canopy with safety measures. But you must be extremely cautious while using a wood-burning fire pit. When you burn wood on a wooden fire pit, it creates ashes and sparks of fire that can spread around because of wind.

    Hence, it may cause fire accidents. To avoid accidents, you have to cover the wood-burning fire pit with protective screen covers to contain the flame and ashes.

    It has some potential risks. On the other hand, fire pits like gel fire pits and propane fire pits are the most suitable fire pits under a canopy because both of them have a smokeless fire. Firepit tables are a popular choice as the fuel system is gas and natural gas. These tables stand high above the ground, so the flooring is also safe.

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    Best Smokeless: Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit With Stand

    • Wide range of accessories available

    • Cover not included

    • Burns through wood faster than other pits

    Solo Stove is one of the best-known brands for smokeless fire pits. The Bonfire is the manufacturer’s mid-size smokeless fire pit, and its extremely popular due to its sleek, stainless steel exterior, lightweight form, and near-smokeless burning. The pits specially designed baseplate allows more oxygen to reach the fires embers, helping burn wood faster and hotter for more complete combustion. As a result, the fire gives off noticeably less smoke than a traditional fire pit.

    This particular Solo Stove is 19.5 inches in diameter, and it weighs just 20 pounds when empty, making it easy to travel with. In fact, we brought it camping and noted that setting up or taking it down only took about a minute each! A variety of accessories ranges from stands you can use on wooden decks, to grilling and cooking tools. While this product includes a carrying case, a true weatherproof cover for the fire pit is sold separately.

    Price at time of publish: $300

    Size: 19.5 x 19.5 x 14 inches | Material: Stainless steel | Fuel Type: Wood | Features: Smokeless burning

    The Spruce / Deanna McCormack

    “All in all, we loved the Solo Stove Bonfire. Its best if youre looking for a traditional campfire ambiance in your backyard with no fire-building effort and hardly any smoke. The fire is powerful, efficient, and the whole thing is portable when you need it to be.”Deanna McCormack, Product Tester

    Which Fire Pits Give Off The Most Heat

    50 Breathtaking Patio Designs to Get You Thinking About Summer

    While all fire pits generate heat, some tend to create more than others. Ordinary pits, which are also the cheapest, can put out a good amount of heat. Unfortunately they typically create a lot of smoke as well. Smokeless fire pits do reach higher temperatures since they’re designed to foster a high degree of airflow as they burn. However, in my experience, Solo Stove fire pits channel much of their heat upward. Breeo pits, on the other hand, tend to push more heat outward so you often feel their warmth more.

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    How Much Do Fire Tables Cost

    There are fire tables at many different price ranges, but on average a fire table is going to cost between $500 – $900 USD. Fire tables in this price range are likely to be aesthetically pleasing without compromising safety. Fire tables priced higher than $900.00 should either be quite large, or have much of the value contained in aesthetics.

    Sunvilla Rectangular Fire Pit

    The SunVilla Rectangular Fire Pit is the ideal hybrid between a warming, cozy fire pit and the perfect outdoor coffee table. This 56-inch sleek, low-profile wonder is made of durable magnesium oxide and stainless steel that is naturally fire retardant. The 50,000 BTU burner relies on a 20-pound propane tank outside the pit itself, offering the ideal toasty warmth on cool summer evenings and for November smores. Natural red lava rocks radiate heat from the inner chamber while the exterior displays a timeless brown stone finish that meshes well with both modern and classic decor. The flame is also adjustable thanks to quick light and pushbutton technology.


    • Coffee table size with an inner fire pit chamber
    • Metal alloy stands up to the elements and is naturally fire-retardant
    • 50,000 BTUs of hand-warming heat
    • Fits nicely with most outdoor furniture styles
    • Adjustable flame and quick lighting


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    Can You Roast Marshmallows Or Smores On A Propane Fire Table

    It may sound weird, but cooking anything, including marshmallows, over propane fire tables, or fire pits is not recommended and believe it or not, is actually discouraged by CSA regulations. The actual health reasons are due to carbon and soot from gas combustion. If the kids are going to do it, anyway, try to keep the marshmallows towards the outside edges of the fire pit bowl and away from the yellow flames. This will help to avoid or minimize black carbon or soot buildup on the marshmallow and gives the best chance to achieve the penultimate golden brown. If making smores the same principles apply, wrap in tin foil, keep them off to the side and out of the direct yellow flames. If you do intend to roast marshmallows its probably better to use a gas fire pit than a fire table simply because dripping marshmallows can damage the aesthetic and expensive fire delivery mechanisms on top of the fire table, not to mention, cleaning marshmallow off glass rocks is next to impossible!

    How High Is Your Patio Ceiling

    My 4-Day Fire Pit Patio Build [Full DIY Project]

    First things first you need to measure the exact height of your covered patio and proceed from there. A cute patio ceiling might look adorable, but sometimes theres just not enough room to fit a fire pit underneath.

    Fire pits are not just pretty, they are meant to keep you warm too, and the amount of heat they house can easily damage the ceiling if its not high enough.

    It might not seem too serious at first, but over time, the heat will definitely cause extensive damage to your patio ceiling and in the worst-case scenario it can even end up in a fire.

    Do the research and check to see what is the minimum height the manufacturer requires to safely install a fire pit, and also look up your citys codes and regulations.

    For example, Barbara Jean collection of gas fireplaces is only permitted to be installed in case your patio is fully opened on a minimum of 2 sides beneath the floor, and the clearance under a veranda or a covered patio must be at least 47 inches.

    In Canada, clearance to a mechanical air supply inlet must be 6 feet, while in the US the distance should be 3 ft.

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    Grill Fire Pit Gazebos

    Do you want to enjoy BBQ parties in your yard? Wind and rain can often ruin the fire going. In this case, you should set up Grill Gazebos. They are perfect for sheltering your pit fire.

    These gazebos often have metal frames and a canopy on the top. These canopy fabrics are heat and water-resistant.

    They are also great to protect you from the UV rays of the sun. Your grill gazebo should be strong enough to handle strong wind so that it stays stable when the fire is burning. Besides, a high-standard gazebo structure must have an LED light system so that you can have a BBQ party at night.

    Best Fire Pit Covers Buying Guide

    With the warmth of the nights approaching, your fire pit will soon become your backyards main attraction. With the help of fire pit covers, you can keep your pit exposed to the elements, so it always looks great. In addition, protecting your pit from the elements will ensure that it stays in top shape. Investing in a premium cover for your pit is an investment you wont regret, and these tips will guide you in narrowing down what is suitable for you. The differences between these covers arise exclusively from the shapes, sizes, materials, and fittings. The following segment will assist you in finding the ideal cover for a fire pit.

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    Latest Design Trends For Fire Pit Ideas

    While several of the designs in our inspiration gallery are customized and costly, creating an outdoor fire pit does not need to be. With a bit of imagination, as well as the usage of upcycled materials like shattered tempered glass, outdoor metal canisters, or stones, setting up a fire pit is able to add an attractive look for your yard, irrespective of finances. Just be sure you take safety into account when executing your outdoor fire pit ideas. Select materials which are durable and fireproof, and verify the region surrounding the fire pit is totally free of fencing, dry brush, and every other flammable material prior to use. You will find numerous kinds of fire pit gas options, including wood logs, propane, gas, gel, and eco briquettes. While gas requires expert installation and permits, the other energy alternatives might not. Wood logs and eco briquettes produce much more smoke and heat. Thus, make a summary of the cons and pros prior to determining what you would like most before building a fire pit to your lawn.

    Ice and Fire The word is coined for fire pit designs which use shattered glass parts as being a gravel alternative. Glass is heat resistant and also gives a fascinating, ice-like design element to the fire pit. Add geometric patterns or colorful glass to the fire pit for an innovative take on the fire & ice concept. Contact a neighborhood glass dealer and get them for any shattered tempered glass discards to work with inside your pit.


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