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How Much Are Blizzard Beach Polar Patios

Do You Need A Full Day


Yes! Theres so much to do here, and lots of attractions to enjoy so it will take you an entire day to ride and see everything. Plus, the water park is only limited hours so your day wont be as long as a theme park day would. You can be at Disneys Blizzard Beach from open to close and still have time for dinner and Disney Springs afterwards!

About Disneys Blizzard Beach

According to Disney legend, Blizzard Beach resulted from a freak snowstorm in Orlando in 1977. Disney then built a ski resort to take advantage of the fun of playing in the snow. Of course, the wintry fun only lasted so long, and the snow started to melt. The operators were going to jump ship and abandon the idea of a Floridian ski resort until they heard yelling from the top of the mountain. Suddenly, a blue alligator came sliding down the mountain and landed in the newly melted snow. The ski resort operators saw the parks potential to become a thrilling waterpark, and so Blizzard Beach was created. The ski slopes turned into water slides, snowbanks turned into wave pools, and frozen creeks became lazy rivers!

Of course, the truth is that this fun water park was opened in 1995. As with everything that Disney does, the Imagineers wanted to make this park truly unique to make it stand out from the existing Typhoon Lagoon waterpark. What could be more opposite of a tropical oasis than a snow-covered ski resort? The idea of a ski resort in Florida is so whimsical, and Disney pulled it off flawlessly. Around every corner of Disneys Blizzard Beach, you find delightfully-themed details that will make you feel like youre really wandering through a ski resort. From the high ski jump to the ski-lifts that take you up the hill, the atmosphere of Blizzard Beach is incredible!

Image Courtesy of Disneys Blizzard Beach

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Discount Tickets

While you can purchase 1-day Blizzard Beach water park tickets, we find the most economical and fun option for most families is the Disney Park Hopper Plus Ticket. This allows you to visit all four Disney theme parks and two water parks during your visit! These tickets truly give you the full Walt Disney World experience and are perfect for the summer months when a break at Blizzard Beach is much needed.

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Complete Guide To Blizzard Beach At Disney World

Blizzard Beach is one of 2 Disney-owned water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Located near Disneys Animal Kingdom, it is a popular option for many guests wanting to take a break from the major theme parks.

But, just like the theme parks, a little advanced planning can help you minimize your waits and maximize your experience, and we have the tips and resources to help you do just that.

Lets take a look

Is Typhoon Lagoon Or Blizzard Beach Better


Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, it really depends on what youre looking for. Blizzard Beachs theme, though cute, isnt for everyone. After all, listening to Christmas carols in between trips down water slides or into the wave pool might get old after a while for some people. Plus, while Typhoon Lagoon has a wide array of attractions that are sure to be fun for the whole family, Blizzard Beach is very heavy on the waterslides. So, if youre someone who loves thrill rides and/or Christmas, Blizzard Beach is definitely for you. However, if youd prefer something more tropical or are looking for rides for people of all ages, youll probably enjoy Typhoon Lagoon more.

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach Kids Area

The excellent part about Disney’s waterparks is that they have areas specifically designed for the tadpoles in your family. An all-in-one, easy-to-access area featuring kiddie slides and other splashtastic adventures welcome your little ones for pint-sized fun at Blizzard Beach.

Warming Hut is a great place for a full lunch. It’s home to my favorite salad on Disney property, topped with grilled chicken, feta and watermelon. Wraps, sandwiches and pulled pork round out this loaded menu.

Polar Patios And Why Disneys Blizzard Beach Is My Preferred Water Park For Families

I spend a lot of time at Disneys Blizzard Beach. Last summer we spent six weeks living right near Disney-and with Floridas sweltering heat you could find us a lot at Blizzard Beach.

During the late fall, winter, and early spring months weather can vary in Florida. But it is not uncommon to get a day hot enough for a water park. When it is just my husband, daughter, and myself we often will just stake out a spot-usually in the kids area-aptly named: Tikes Peak.

However, 1-2 times a year my whole family descends down to Disney World. With my husband, my daughter, my sister, my brother-in-law and nephew we are the perfect 1/2 dozen to indulge in a Cabana aka the Polar Patio.

The Polar Patio can hold up to 6 people. It includes a shaded area, cushioned seats for everyone, towels, a cooler filled with water bottles, a locker, 6 refillable mugs, and an attendant to bring you food and beverages throughout the day.

It is ideal for families because especially little ones need downtime, frequent snack breaks, and naps are usually needed. It is great to have a home base for everyone.

The next time you are with the whole family, CALL and reserve a Polar Patio for Blizzard Beach. See you on the Family Ride-thats where you will find me and my whole family when were not chilling out in our Polar Patio with some ice cream!

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Does Blizzard Beach Have Lockers

YES! Putting your valuables in a locker is the only way to guarantee they wont walk away while youre out having a good time on the slides.

How to rent a locker at Blizzard Beach

Nearby the lockers youll find electronic kiosks that youll use to process the locker rental. To use the kiosk you indicate the size of locker you want and then pay . After you pay you are then allowed to select a personalized 4-digit PIN code that you will use to open your locker.

Locker rentals at Blizzard Beach are good for the entire day.

Cost to rent a locker at Blizzard Beach:

  • Regular $10 per day
  • Large: $15 per day

What About The Kids Are There Areas Just For Them


Ski Patrol Training Camp is the place for pre-teenagers. Here they can balance on the floating icebergs, ride the T-bar drop, and enjoy their own water slides.

Tikes Peakis a kid-sized version of Blizzard Beach. Here children four feet tall and under can play in their own pools, ride their own slides, play in the pop jets and fountains, and much more.

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Polar Patios Worked For Our Family

Disney’s new polar patios were wonderful. Costly yes, but worth it for two family who split the cost. First, you get unlimited towels…the kids go through a lot. There is also a cooler with unlimited water plus if you need to place something of your own the cooler is there. The locker is located right there, no looking for your locker among the other hundred out there. The furniture is much better than the stuff around the pool plus they have pads. Each person gets an unlimited refill cup. We were in close walking distance to the bathrooms, drink refill stations and the chairlift. The attendant took your order and delivered your food…no standing in line. Our polar patio was shaded, plus there was an umbrella. Very close to one of the entrances of the lazy river that circles the park. The floor of the patio is raised fake wood so no stomping around in sand. There were six of us…two adults and four kids. Each kid rode the rides numerous times and had their own favorite. Watch out for the wedgies on the summit plummet and slush gusher.

Wave Pool & Lazy River

Melt-Away Bay

A 1 acre wave pool that is a lot more gentle than its counterpart at Typhoon Lagoon.

Height req.:Suitable for:Recommended?Tips:

Downhill Double Dipper

This attraction has guests pair up and race 50 feet downhill within a mostly enclosed set of waterslides.

Height req.:Suitable for:Recommended?Tips:

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What About Locker And Towel Rentals

Lockers can be rented at Beach Haus and Snowless Joes.

Lockers are available in two sizes. Small lockers are 12.5 x 10 x 17 and cost $10 per day, and large lockers are 15.5 x 13 x 17 and cost $15 per day.

Lockers are keyless and are accessed via a four-digit PIN that you pick yourself. The rental process is handled on a touchscreen the customer chooses the size locker he/she wants, then pays for it with cash or credit card.

Once paid, the screen prompts you to pick out a four-digit PIN, then you are assigned your locker number. You are allowed to go in and out of your locker all day by punching in the PIN you selected. There is a button at the bottom of the keypad on the locker that you push once you are vacating the locker for good.

Blizzard Beach Premium Seating

Chill Out This Summer In A Cabana at Disneys Water Parks

Blizzard Beach has two premium seating options.

Most popular are the Polar Patios scattered throughout the park. These cost somewhere around $300. Heres how Disney describes the patios: Renting a Polar Patio is a great way for your group to relax together during your day of way-cool fun. Each reserved area accommodates up to 6 Guests and comes with a variety of premium amenities including towels, cushioned seating, a locker, refillable drink mugs and a cooler stocked with ice and bottled water. Plus, Attendants are on hand to help Patio Guests get the most out of the water park and to take your food order .

Lodge Umbrellas are a simpler option, consisting of shaded seating for four people, plus towels and a table. These cost under $100.

To inquire about these options, call WDW-PLAY in advance or visit Beach Haus when you arrive. Honestly, theres no way wed ever recommend a first timer book these options. Thats not to say you shouldntIm not going to tell you how to spend your money. But if you arrive at open, youll have your choice of free seats.

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Top 10 Best Instagram Photo Spots At Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. Now open, Disneys Blizzard Beach water park at Walt Disney World Resort is home to countless Instagram-worthy locations. Ahead of summer vacation, here are 10 of the best photo spots to check out at Disneys Blizzard Beach water park.

  • Disneys Blizzard Beach Water Park Entrance Sign The alpine-inspired entrance sign marks the beginning of a fun-filled day at Disneys Blizzard Beach water park.
  • Sonnys Sleds Made for photos, Sonnys Sleds is a colorful shack that perfectly fits the parks unique wintery storytelling.
  • Snowman Family The snowman family statue is located at the front of the park and features a selfie ski to aid guests in capturing the perfect photo.
  • Melt-Away Bay The white sandy beach next to Melt-Away Bay sits just before Disneys Blizzard Beachs most iconic attraction, Summit Plummet.
  • The Cave on Top of Mount Gushmore While on their way to ride thrilling water attractions, guests can find a hidden cave at the top of Mount Gushmore.
  • Toboggan Racers The bottom of Toboggan Racers offers a unique view of Mount Gushmore and Summit Plummet.
  • Hidden Mickey Raft The raft formation at the bottom of Teamboat Springs may look familiar to guests.
  • Polar Patios The Polar Patios at Disneys Blizzard Beach water park offer a comfortable place for guests to relax a perfect location for photos.
  • Polar Patios At Blizzard Beach

    Can anyone confirm for me that the roof of the Polar Patio at Blizzard Beach is just an umbrella?

    I know the ones at Typhoon Lagoon are an actual Cabana but all the photos I see of the Polar Patios at Blizzard Beach look like they are just an umbrella.

    We want to do BB because it has a better toddler area but want a cabana with a roof so might be swayed to TL instead based on this.

    Just from looking on the WDW website, it’s hard to determine for sure, but it appears you are correct that the ones with the roof are at TL, and only the umbrella roof is on the ones at B.B.

    We just rented a cabana at BB in May and had a fabulous time. Yes, it is covered with a very large umbrella and under trees as well, so there is no sun. From the 5 in our row, all were shaded all day. I passed by one on the way to the lazy river and it too, was completely in the shade.


    It’s not the shade I’m worried about

    It’s the rain, every time we have visited the water parks it’s rained and I would like the roof to protect us from it

    Still unsure which water park is better for our toddler who will be 19 months old.

    I’m thinking blizzard beach because I like their lazy river better and they seem to have a better kids area

    Galaga_girl, when are you visiting?

    We always visit in September and that’s when our next trip is.

    It always rains, not for long but because we will have our baby the cabana will be a good option for us.

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    Blizzard Beach Arctic Expedition

    Though we didnt stay at Blizzard Beach for lunch, we did have a chance to pop by many of the locations and check out the menus. Our first stop is Blizzard Beach Arctic Express. These is a great place to stop for some of the Water Parks famous glazed almonds and pecans. Youll also find craft beers and and specialty alcoholic drinks here including Pina Coladas and my favorite the Frozen Black Cherry Lemonade made with Three Olives Cherry Vodka!

    Intro To Blizzard Beach

    Blizzard Beach and The Boathouse at Disney Springs- Travel Vlog

    Disneys Blizzard Beach is one of two water parks on Walt Disney World property. This park has a little something for everyone, and features a preteen section, and toddler section, as well as some seriously thrilling waterslides! There are 7 slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and a chair lift!

    Its also one of the shadiest and most tree covered water parks in Florida, which makes it a great choice for those looking to cool off on a hot Florida day. And speaking of cooling off

    Blizzard Beach has some interesting and epic theming and a crazy backstory. The park is themed with snow, ski lifts, and downhill skiing, as well as some ski lodge-style buildings. As the story goes, Florida was hit with a freak snowstorm and this was originally Floridas first ski resort. But since Florida is hot, that snow melted and turned into water and slush, ruining the ski resort. And since the owners didnt want to lose any money, they turned it into Blizzard Beach the water park!

    Before visiting Disneys Blizzard Beach, make sure you check out the rules on bathing suits and things that you can bring into the parks. We suggest wearing a one-piece bathing suit here over a two-piece if youre looking to take advantage of the more thrilling slides!

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    What Attractions Have Restrictions At Blizzard Beach

    Summit Plummet: Must be 48 inches tall to ride this attractionSlush Gusher: Must be 48 inches tall to ride this attractionDownhill Double Dipper: Must be 48 inches tall to ride this attractionChair Lift Up Mt. Gushmore: Must be 32 inches tall to ride this attractionTikes Peak: Children under four feet tall play here with their parents

    Children under 10 are not allowed admission into Blizzard Beach unless accompanied by an adult.

    Blizzard Beach Park Hours

    Like all Walt Disney World parks, the hours for Blizzard Beach are posted 180 days in advance. To make it easy, we compile all park hour information in one spot on our Crowd Calendars so you dont have to.

    These handy crowd calendars also include the entertainment and firework information for all parks, and they can be found on the monthly pages under the Crowd Calendar section at the top of the site.

    In addition to the Crowd Calendars, the monthly pages also provide information on:

    • refurbishments
    • reservation dates
    • + more!

    Visit your Monthly Dashboard now to find the Blizzard Beach park hours for your trip. Dont forget to sign up for the free email alerts while youre there!

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    Blizzard Beach Has Reopened And That Means More Eats And Treats

    by Melissa Roden·March 7, 2021

    Happy Opening Day Blizzard Beach. MickeyBlog was lucky enough to be at Disneys newly reopened water park this morning to give you a first look at the sights, sounds and of course eats!

    It was nice to see the cast members welcoming us to the parks and the many restaurants and snack stops now open throughout the parks! We showed you a lot of the rides this morning which youll find here. I also took some time this morning to outline 10 of our favorite things about this Orlando water park which you can find here. And now its all about the FOOD!

    Areas For Small Children And Tweens

    Blizzard Beach

    Tike’s Peak is the main area reserved for children 48 inches or shorter. This polar bear themed area includes miniature snow-banked slides, side-by-side slides, a junior inner-tube ride, snow chutes, a wading pool with melting snow sculptures, and an igloo fortress with water jets. The area is surrounded by sand so little ones can make sand castles.

    Ski Patrol Training Camp- this water playground area for kids 12 and under is filled with nets, obstacle courses water slides, and more so guests can put their athletics to the test. This area includes: an ice training course, a zip line, enclosed body slide, inner tube slides, and a body slide.

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