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Fire Pit With Water Feature

Self Contained Fire And Water Features

Color Falls Water Feature and Fire Pit Sitting Area

These 360 fire and water fountains are equipped with every luxury you could think of and are sure to be the centerpiece of any space. HPC has a great line up of 360 fountains, all you have to do is decide how to finish it. They are commonly finished with pavers, stone, or veneer which effectively hides the basin and all of the other components.

These amazing fire and water features showcase cascading water in a variety of forms. A gentle waterfall trickles over the circumference of the basin, as demonstrated in the Evolution 360 fire and water copper fountain, or over four scuppers that are positioned around the lip of the bowl. Within the center of the basin is a separate integrated burner system that lights up with a marvelous display of flames, giving the illusion of fire dancing on the water’s surface.

For something with an even greater element of surprise, consider our Osiris 360° with a 24-inch copper bowl center-mounted atop a slim pedestal. Hidden just beneath the lip of the reservoir basin is a water ring that projects an upward-facing spray! With the combination of LED lighting, this product is truly a breathtaking sight!

Fire & Water Bowl Faqs

  • Are fire and water bowls with electronic ignitions safe? Yes. All fire/water features that we sell are subject to rigorous safety testing and are designed so the water and electronic components are entirely sequestered from each other, preventing any chance of electric shock.
  • Can I use lava rock or fire glass in my fire and water feature? Yes. The large majority of the fire/water bowls we sell are designed to be used with some kind of fire media. Check product listings for complete details.
  • Can I install a fire and water feature near a hot tub or pool? Yes, with some caveats. Some areas have restrictions on the type and proximity of electrical devices near pools.Article 680 of the National Electric Code requires that fire features with an electronic ignition placed within five feet of a swimming pool must be under 12 VAC or 30 VDC. Be sure to check local codes and HOA regulations before purchasing.
  • What are the best fire and water feature brands? We carry a wide array of top-notch brands here at Firepits Direct. Some of the most popular brands of fire and water bowls are Grand Effects, TOP Fires, Hearth Products Controls and Fire by Design.


Outdoor Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fire features can create an effect and set a mood that almost no other landscape feature can. There is just nothing like sitting by a flickering fire, softly illuminating the faces of the guests enjoying the view. Marshmallows can be a great addition taking the fun factor up a few notches. A propane or gas fired fire-pit or fireplace can be a central focal point to build around in an outdoor living space. Ornamental fire-woks can create a dramatic effect and create a great backdrop for an area or define a space. If the idea of a little safe and contained fire in the right place in your yard sounds creative then talk to your designer about the idea. Your designer will share their experience and guide you to the best way to work some flame into your outdoor space.

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Fire & Waterfall Bowls

Fire and water bowls provide another layer of interest to this otherwise intriguing, contemporary pool. Vibrant flames and smooth, flowing water add a level of unpredictability that can only be found in nature. By incorporating both elements into the space, the designer has managed to strike a balance between the organic elements of the fire and water bowls, and the strong, geometric lines of the pool.

See How The Fusion Of Fire And Water Can Bring Your Outdoor Space To Life With These Inspiring Custom Projects

Beautiful water feature and fire pit

Fire and water can create visually appealing displays that are equal parts exciting, mesmerizing, and relaxing when paired together. You may not think these two opposing elements would make a great match, but their differences actually complement each other in a way that heightens the beautiful qualities present in each.

See just how perfectly the custom fire and water features below have brought each other, and their respective spaces to life!

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The Perfect Way To Add Some Ambiance To Your Yard Get The Outdoor Plus Osiris Fire & Water Fountain

With the Outdoor Plus Osiris Fire & Water Fountain, you can add some pizzazz to your yard and make it a place people will love spending time. The copper material will change color over time as it’s exposed and reacts differently in its natural environment due to various elements. You’ll love the 360-degree water fountains, and with stainless steel and copper construction, this product is built to last.The 65,000 BTUs/hr will create a beautiful and mesmerizing flames display that will be sure to impress your guests. The customizable base allows you to choose any type of surround that will perfectly match your existing decor. The fuel type can also be customized depending on your needs Natural Gas or Propane. The Overall Width/Diameter is 84 and the Overall Height is 58. The Type is Fire & Water and it features Lava Rock for a realistic burning display.

Las Vegas Fire Fountain

A Las Vegas property took their fountain to the next level with these stunning fire and water bowls that feature four illuminated jets of water shooting out of the bottom of each bowl. The intensity of the water jets makes the bowls look as if they’re blasting out of the fountain, much like a rocket ship taking flight!

Single jets of water dance across the center of the fountain creating visual interest and pulling your eye from one side to the other.

Multicolored LED lighting is used to create even more visual interest throughout while adding a contemporary vibe.

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The Look And Style Of A Water Fountain

There are so many different kinds of fountains that can work with any landscape design aesthetic. Some fountains are built to a naturalistic design which can take on the look of a bubbling spring, fitting well in a Japanese zen garden. Classical style fountains evoke the feeling of an ancient Mediterranean villa with their weathered travertine or marble look. Modern laminar jets can shoot water in jet streams across a pool, creating a dazzling show of water and light. Sheer descent waterfalls can transform a retaining wall into a thing of beauty while adding white noise for a soothing effect.

Design Your Fire Pit With A Look You Love

Water Fountain / Fire Feature!

Fire pits create unforgettable moments with family and friends at your social gatherings. They also create warmth, extending the seasonal use of your outdoor living space. Fire pits are great for outdoor cooking and add a beautiful visual focus.

We offer attractive fire pits, fire places, and fire pit kits in customized sizes and shapes. We also have the skills to build your fire pit into a wall or other existing structure to fit in seamlessly with the configuration of your landscape design.

Unilock Pre-Fab

The Unilock fire pits will remind you off quarried stone with an antiqued patina finish. They provide a classy, yet relaxed look to your outdoor living space.

Budget friendly, strong, and overbuilt, these Unilock materials come in consistent color mix throughout and are available in classic shapes and styles.

Oberfields Fire Pits

We can build a fire pit in no time with our Overfields Fire Pit Kits. They are great for small fires, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

The Overfields Fire Pits are a great flexible solution for adding a sophisticated ambiance to large or small gatherings.

  • Fireplace installation starts at $10,000

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The Look And Style Of A Fire Pit

Fire pits are simple. Either circular or square, wood- or gas-fueled, fire pits radiate heat in all directions and bring back the feeling of a campfire. Depending on the size and fuel you choose, the fire pit could be a central feature on your patio or even a destination feature farther out from the main outdoor living space. Fire pits can be masonry structures, or you can use metal or concrete bowls for an ultra modern look.

Why Buy A Fire & Water Bowl

  • Atmosphere – While all fire features will enhance the space they are added to, a fire and water fountain kit is a step above your standard fire pit. The combination of flame and water creates a truly distinctive experience that does the job of both a fire pit and fountain in one attractive package. These features make for a truly memorable look.
  • Technology – Many of the brands we choose to carry are innovators in the fire feature industry. The technology needed to combine fire and water in an outdoor environment and keep it working well year after year is an excellent example. Some even feature a burner that’s designed to work while completely submerged, allowing the flame to dance directly on the water’s surface.
  • Versatility – Because they combine the two elements, outdoor water and fire fountains are essentially a two-in-one product. If you’re hoping to add a water feature and a fire pit to your home, then it’s tough to beat the waterfall/fire pit combination units available from Firepits Direct.

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Concrete Pool Fire Bowls

Can I receive a concrete color sample?

  • Unfortunately, no. Each of our concrete products is custom made, and while every one of our artisans follows the same guidelines for color-mixing, the pouring of the concrete will actually determine the specific hue of the finished product. Therefore, if we send you a color sample, it will not be a true representation of your concrete accent. The colors that we feature online are the closest examples of your chosen shade.Rest assured that if you order multiples of one color , the fire bowls will match each other, but there will be specific areas of each feature that show a variance in texture and blending. For example, the color on the lip of one fire bowl may appear slightly bolder in certain areas than the next. This is not a flaw rather, it is an indication of quality and perfection. This is 100% assurance that your concrete fire bowl was handcrafted.

What kind of concrete are these pool fire bowls made from?

How much does a concrete pool fire bowl weigh?

  • The concrete mix we use for each pool fire bowl is just as heavy as any other concrete. This is because we don’t add any lightweight filler or low-quality aggregate. Weight is dependent upon the size of the bowl you order, ranging anywhere from 80 to 180 pounds, or even more for an extra-large feature.

How do you ship a concrete pool fire bowl?

Stainless Steel Pool Fire Bowls

outdoor fireplace with water feature

How do you ship a stainless steel pool fire bowl?

  • Some of our stainless steel bowls are quite heavy and must be shipped by a freight trucking company. They are packaged using a wood pallet with protective sides so that no damage occurs during transport. After the pool fire bowl arrives at your home or business, the truck operator will unload the pallet using a “lift gate” so that you may inspect it for any damage. If all is well, then you may begin installation as soon as you wish!

How do you clean a stainless steel pool fire bowl?

  • Stainless steel fire and water bowls can be cleaned with a soft cloth, lukewarm water, and a few drops of mild soap. Rinse clean, then let air dry. Buff with a second clean, soft cloth. You may also use a good quality stainless steel cleaner on the outside of the bowl.

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From Canada To The Uk Europe And Around The World

In 2015 we pushed out beyond our Vancouver roots, opening a full office and warehouse operation in London England to service the UK, Europe and the Middle East. We can ship anywhere in the world. The contact for the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, South American and Australasia is our Canadian office and production facility in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can find our North American contact details here, or contact our London team for the UK, Europe and the Middle East

Create An Outdoor Entertainment Centerpiece

Nothing cultivates the feeling of intimacy like the warmth of a fire. Fire pits always become the centerpiece to any social event, as the night lingers on and people gather around the fire. And water features add elegance and ambiance to your landscaping design in a unique way. We can help you build a beautiful, innovative fire pit or water feature to add these special pieces to your landscape design.

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Buy Concrete Fire And Water Bowls For Pool

A fire and water feature in your backyard is a great way to improve your physical and mental well-being. There has been an increase in the adoption of sophisticated pool amenities like gas fire bowls. The Fire & Water Bowl from Kozy Korner Fire Pit is reminiscent of Spanish design with its lovely lines and curves. Whether you’re reclining during the day or night, our fire and water bowls for the pool create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, the calming property of fire and water can provide you with health benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety along with improved blood circulation that will enhance your mood.

So, if you are looking for beautiful concrete fire and water bowls for your pool, you have landed on the right page. Fire and water bowls selection are long-lasting and sturdy in many settings. Shop our GFRC concrete fire and water bowls made of copper, stainless steel, or hammered copper. It’s possible to personalize each piece to your liking by selecting from a variety of available alternatives. From our exclusive collection of concrete Fire and Water Bowls, you may enjoy the warmth of the flames while hearing the sound of water. Renovate your outside space to make it more appealing and more comfortable. Our concrete fire and water bowls are built with proprietary materials to save weight and increase strength.

Fire And Water Components

How to install a fire fountain water feature, outdoor living

Lets take a look at the internal components of pool fire bowls. The gas and water lines enter in through a hole in the bottom of the fire and water bowl, through a mounting bracket that also provides some clearance for proper ventilation. The water line attaches directly to the back of the scupper, meaning that no water actually “pools” inside of the bowl.

The burner pan sits on a ledge inside of the fire and water bowl, and helps to support the burner and also block debris from getting inside the bowl. This is where your fire media will be placed. Some bowls do not have a burner pan, and are instead filled with lava rock or fire glass.

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Copper Pool Fire Bowls

How do you ship a copper pool fire bowl?

  • Most of our copper bowls are quite heavy and must be shipped by a freight trucking company. They are packaged using a wood pallet with protective sides so that no damage occurs during transport. After the copper pool fire bowl arrives at your home or business, the truck operator will unload the pallet using a “lift gate” so that you may inspect it for any damage. If all is well, then you may begin installation as soon as you wish!

What is that aqua colored coating that develops on copper?

  • Over time, with exposure to oxygen and other elements that exist in the environment, copper will develop a protective coating that is known as a patina. Copper in particular, when subjected to the natural process of oxidation, displays a beautiful aqua colored patina that gives the surface an aged or antique look. Depending on how long your copper bowl is exposed to the air, wind, rain, and other variables including your location, the patina will develop and reveal differently!

What if I prefer the copper color over the patina? Is there any way to avoid the natural oxidation process?

Delight The Eyes And Ears With A Glistening Water Feature

The calm trickling of running water adds a peaceful, elegant ambiance to your landscape design. People choose destinations like oceans, lakes and rivers for vacation because it helps them to relax and unwind. Having a water feature in the yard is like having your own year-round personal staycation right in your own backyard.

Installing a waterfall can help eliminate maintenance by circulating the water and decreasing algae growth. You will also need to determine how much you want to maintain when deciding on a simpler water feature or integrating horticulture or pond fish.

A customer favorite is a pondless water feature. The water is contained below the surface. The end result is safer, especially if you have small kids. It also helps avoid mosquito and insect issues.

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Waterfalls Fountains And More

There is nothing like the soft bubbling sound of water, the soothing light splashing sounds of a fountain creating the right amount of background noise to calm us and mask the sounds of our busy urban environments. Water features offer benefits that other landscape features cant, but is a water feature right for your outdoor living space? The reality is that while fountains and other water features can transform an area they also have liabilities that go with them. Regular maintenance including cleaning, water treatment, and pump and system maintenance are needed to keep them working. Whether a water feature is right for you depends on several factors, and we encourage you to talk with your designer about them. Let your designer give you advice based on their experience if a water feature is the best idea for your unique situation, if it is we can help you design something amazing and integrate it into the design of your yard.


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