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Do It Yourself Enclosed Patio Kits

Custom Screened In Porch Kits

DIY Porch Enclosure Eze-Breeze Kits | My Sunroom, LLC

Extruded aluminum porch enclosure kits with a wide range of screening options, manufactured to stay up all year round even in the sometimes unfriendly Canadian winters. Work with our experts to design a custom porch screening kit to add screen walls to nearly any opening. Finally get that space away from the bugs you always wanted!

High quality and durable, our screened in porch kits come in a variety of frame colors and options. Looking to extend the use of your room? No problem! Add vinyl lip frame windows at any time to turn your screen room into a beautiful 3 season space.

Before And After Photos

Screen wall kits can be tailored to fit almost any opening making them easy to install
Once installed, the new space becomes an outdoor living spaceAdds aesthetic value to your home too!

making your own screen panelsscreen panel products

Lovely covered back deck exposed to the elements
Screen walls only kit adds immediate functionality and adds a bit of privacy too!

Other S Diy Sunroom Kits

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from Other s DIY Sunroom

29. Inside Man Package This package can function even more like an enigma game or a solve-the-crime package. Such a terrific present idea! 30. Mustache Disguise Kit With a little felt, elastic as well as a couple of various other fabrics, these are incredibly easy to make. 31. Physician Package Exists a doctor in your house? There can be with this innovative DIY present. 32. Library Play Kit Let your kid transform your book collection into an in your home library. 33. Magic Kit A basic homemade magic kit made from basic household products supply youngsters with hrs of endless creative play! 34. Vet Package My children do not have a pet dog, so they claim their packed animals live. They would love this DIY play set to care for their packed buddies.

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from Portable Sunroom Kits

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Know How You Will Use The Space

It can be difficult to know what type of patio enclosure to look for. A good way to ensure you choose a good one is to think about what you are going to use it for. For example, you may be looking for an extra living room where you can relax during the day. alternatively, you might want the patio enclosure to be for dining al fresco and enjoying family breakfasts on the weekends. You can even make this space for exercise or for games.

What you use your patio enclosure for is completely up to you. But, knowing in advance is going to make sure that you choose the right style for your needs.

Tools You Will Need To Install Your Sunroom

Do It Yourself Patio Enclosure Kits

Power Tools:

  • Impact drill
  • Hammer drill
  • Sufficient quantity & gauge extension cords

For Screws:

  • 2 #2 Robertson head driver bits
  • 1 7/16 hex head driver bit

For Drills:

  • 2 ¼ drill bits for clearance holes for anchors
  • 1 ¼ masonry drill bits
  • 1 2 hole saw for downspout

Hand Tools:

  • 1 snips for trimming the flashing
  • 1 #2 Robertson screw driver
  • 2 putty knives with 2-3 blade
  • 1 hammer


  • 3 & 6 ladders
  • 8 aluminum brake or have flashing bent for you by a local siding company
  • saw horses
  • lacquer thinner & white rags for cleaning up scuff marks on aluminum channels

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Examine Your Outdoor Space

Before you purchase do it yourself patio enclosure kits, you need to examine the area where you are going to use it. This is an important step before you buy because you have to ensure that you choose the right one. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money.

For instance, do you have a roof that is already over your patio? This can be a good thing and it can mean you can purchase a wall only kit. The purpose of this type of kit is that it misses out the roof. Instead, of paying more and wasting materials, this kit will only contain the framing and screening you need for your project. The idea is that this is going to attach to your already existing roof.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Sunroom Lifestyle

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from How much does it cost to build a sunroom

;Shadow Creature Ft Set This set it wonderful for fts and also fantastic for shadow creatures! Childs Tinkering Package This gift is certain to bring out the building contractor in your youngster, a play kit made of genuine devices! PVC Building Package This is a terrific present concept for the little home builder in your life.

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Best Portable Catio Playpen

This is more of a play pen that you can easily move around in your garden or patio and collapse and put away easily too. Its secure, breathable and measures 48 inches wide x 24 inches tall.

  • Size: 48 x 48 x 32H
  • Set-up and fold-down in seconds; suitable for a variety of pets indoors or outdoors
  • Two doors with locking zippers for safety and security; two accessory pockets and a water bottle pocket and holder on the pet playpen
  • Removable zip-off and washable floor mat and top cover; well-ventilated, stylish, lightweight portable and durable pet playpen
  • 2 Year Warranty from EliteField, a New York-based Pet Product Manufacturer.

Glass Home Enclosures Four Season Solarium Home Decor Gl

DIY Sunroom and Porch Enclosure Kits

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from Glass Home Enclosures Four Season Solarium Home Decor

For how long will it take you to DIY? Three days including drying out time. To ensure that you understand, the majority of kitchen counter resurfacing packages use several coatings. After each one is applied, it needs to completely dry and also set prior to you carry on to the following action. Drying out time differs however in some cases, it can use up to 12 hrs.

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How To Build An Enclosed Patio

  • Written by Sage C. on Feb 11, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

What You’ll Need

Converting your patio to an enclosed patio can increase your comfort level, allowing you to spend more time outdoors. With an enclosure, you won’t have to worry about high heat or humidity, and can still enjoy the beauty of your yard regardless of weather conditions such as rain or snow. There are several options available for an enclosed patio space. If you have the money, having a contractor convert the patio into a sunroom is a good option. If you prefer to enclose the space yourself, you can with just some basic materials, time, and a little know-how.

Step 1: Measuring

You will need to start by gathering several measurements. You will want to measure the total area of the porch that is going to be enclosed. Measure the width, height, and length. It’s also a good idea to measure for doors and windows that you are going to install as well. For permit purposes, you are going to need to measure the distance from the curb or property line to the enclosure.

Step 2: Draft a Plan of the Project and Gather Permits

Step 3: Framing the Walls and the Roof

Step 4: Sheeting the Outside Walls

Step 4: Sheetrock

Step 5: Windows and Doors

Step 6: Finishing

Prices For Do It Yourself Portable Sunroom Kits Room

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from Prices For Do It Yourself Portable Sunroom Kits

showing up anywhere. Belows just how to get on the pattern with an enjoyable DIY version! Each of these packages features cord, string, instructions, as well as an optional clip ring so you can connect it to bag bands or even your keys.

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Extended Three Seasons Elite Line Sepio Weather Shelters

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from Extended three seasons Elite line Sepio weather shelters

;Activities for kids which are enjoyable things to do during snow days, rainy days, and also the vacations. These home made diy craft sets consist of sewing sets, craft sets, slime packages, jewelry packages, paint sets, art sets, doll packages, as well as baking sets. With any luck, these activities will engage your youngsters creativity as well as be enjoyable monotony busters or simply something trendy to do with each other!

Screen For Screened In Porch

Yourself Patio Enclosure Kits Add Room Kit

Measure for the screens after the structure is completed. Buy custom-made screens for the enclosure and the doors, or make your own. If you live in the Sun Belt, you might want to consider using a sun-blocking screening material .

As an alternative to custom-made screens, you might want to consider securing the screening directly to the framing. However, this system does not allow the screens to be taken down and put back up easily.

The total cost for our patio enclosure will range from several thousand if you use less expensive materials to two or three times that amount for premium lumber and professionally made screens.

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Screen My Porch Aluminum Screen Walls Only Materials

Every summer you say “I’ve got to screen my porch so we can sit outside at night!”Well now you can screen-in your existing porch with this easy-to-order DIY porch screening kits from Home Porch &Patio Kits. Select a screen mesh that protects from both sun and pesky insects! Build your own screen walls using rust proof, maintenance free extruded aluminum framing and create that backyard, bug-free, 3 season space! Ideal for taking an existing roof line and creating your very own screened enclosure! . This simple and effective framing system is installed from floor to ceiling, wall to post, between your existing support posts and is extremely flexible.

Screen InExisting Covered Porches and Patio Covers

We ship this product throughout the contiguous US**some exceptions apply

Insulated Expanded Polystyrene Foam Roof Panels

Virtually maintenance free, our covers are crafted to never rust, warp, crack, rot or become infested with insects. Our factory-finished aluminum components retain the original color, gloss and texture longer and better than patio products made of alternate materials. Plus we stand behind our products with a transferable Lifetime Warranty. Your new insulated patio cover kit will prevent any heat transfer to the underside of the unit and keep your new space 10-15 degrees cooler on those extreme summer days;while standing strong against the snow loadsin those winter months

We have been doing this for over 18 years… You can be confident with the answers we give.Know who you are dealing with!

» Bonded Aluminum Skins

Our insulated laminated roof panels snap together tightly, forming a strong, structurally sound roof as well as aweatherproof barrier protecting your patio or vehicle from the elements.

Toll Free: 1.844.404.0484

Each system is engineeredaccording to your local code requirements and we deliver throughout the contiguous USA!

This ‘material’s supplied’ expanded polystyrene core insulated roof system provides a combination of strength and clean lines that will add value to your homeevery single time! Your new patio cover can be specifically designed to accommodate ceiling fans and light fixtures, giving your new outdoor space extra amenities. The understructure for the SMP SmartLok insulated roof panels is made from high-quality structural extruded aluminum.

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How To Make A Diy Sunroom Out Of Recycled Materials

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from How to Make a DIY Sunroom Out of Recycled

There are several epoxy countertop resurfacing packages readily available that begin at around $250 each. While theyre all designed for DIY usage, each package we discovered is packed with dangerous VOCs, so we cant advise them for your kitchen.Yikes, your old kitchen counter certain is awful! Structurally speaking, it remains in ALRIGHT shape, however its weary look makes your kitchen area appearance dated. Certainly, you would enjoy to change it. However you cant afford to mount laminate and also granite.Rest guaranteed, there are a lot of means you can transform that old surface area right into a brand-new one without busting your budget. From actual stone to resilient concrete, right here are five DIY packages that will offer your hideous countertop an attractive brand-new finish.

Diy Porch Enclosure Kits That Roll

Alumawood Colors for your do it yourself patio cover kit By:

Made with 100% Marine Grade Materials

Do-It-Yourself patio or screened porch enclosure kits are custom made and shipped;within 2-3 weeks of your order. Once received they;can be installed by you or your local handy-man;in just a few hours. ;Your PES kit is the same as the high-end porch enclosure systems enjoyed by all of our clients, including high-end residential properties, popular restaurants and country clubs in U.S.A., U.S. Virgin Islands & Canada.;

This customized kit included roll-up panels, door panel and over door vent panel.;More Photos

Inside mount.;More Photos

While there is quite a bit of standardization in the quality patio enclosures we build, some customization is ;required to assure the perfect fit, and to meet the needs of our customers. Our design process means it is simple and straightforward for customers to take measurements and order a porch enclosure kit from us.

Outdoor porch curtains, in the color Harbor Blue, rolled up half-way.

Customize your Porch Enclosure Kit in the following ways:

  • Good selection of colors
  • Tinted or clear press polished vinyl sheet glass
  • Glass with a company logo, image, or text
  • Commercial fire retardant materials that pass California State Fire Marshall, NFPA 701 and CPAI 84 specifications
  • Inside or outside mounting

Taking measurements for a new enclosure. See how to take measurements here.

Installers lining up the a panel with a porch column before attaching the curtains top track to header.

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Best For Smaller Spaces With Multiple Cats

The Lion’s Den is one of the most popular pre-configured;catio enclosures. It uses a minimal amount of space against your home, garage, or outbuilding. It is also wide enough to go over most residential doors and windows which makes for easy access from inside to outside using a pet door.;

Do It Yourself Sunrooms & Sunroom Kits Lifestyle

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from Do It Yourself Sunrooms & Sunroom Kits

Rust-Oleum makes a resurfacing kit called, Kitchen counter Transformations. It creates a textured stone-like coating on laminate surface areas. What makes this package various from the rest? Instead of utilizing spreadable stone, cement, or paint, it utilizes ornamental chips adhered to by an epoxy finishing. The whole DIY procedure takes 2 days.

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Getting Started With Building A Screen Enclosure

The first step is always to plan your enclosure by sketching out the basic configuration and dimensions. Our planning worksheet is a good starting point to create a visualization for yourself or your contractor.

Once you have a basic plan, you can then estimate supplies and components your will need based on your specific design. There are various types of screws and clips that are designed to attach the framework pieces, bracing and roof panels. The clips and include the Capri Clipwhich connects the side framework to top framework. The 2×2-in Angle connects base and side.;The Castle Clip;connects 2×2-in rail to vertical framework. And the Angle Gutter Brace/Strap that connects the gutter to vertical framework.



Installing Additional Components, Doors & Screen

A kickplate panel is a common feature to screen enclosures that helps to keep dirt out of the living area and to add protection. To install a kickplate with our enclosure system, cut and slip the kickplate channel over the ends of the coil and simply fasten with screws.

The Screen Tight screen enclosure is compatible with our door jamb kit to make installing a screen door quick and easy. The kit includes the door frame and hinge needed to hang the door.

Adding a Roof to Your Enclosure

Sun Porch Greenhouse Kits

Do It Yourself Patio Enclosure Kits

Best DIY Sunroom Kits Cost from Sun porch greenhouse kits

;Childs Load & Play Stove Kit -This is the prettiest little range and also its tiny sufficient to load around and go right into the car. Dress up PACKAGE My children LIKE to clothe up! Bakers Package -Put together some baking equipment and also products to make the ideal DIY gift for a junior master chef!

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Best Budget Catio Kits From Amazon

Amazon carries a range of catio kits and smaller cat enclosures for those on a lower budget.

The benefits of these types of catios are:

  • Lower Cost

The downsides to these types of catios are:

  • lower quality build
  • less durable materials & shorter lifespan
  • less customizable

If you can afford it, we highly recommend going for a higher quality catio kit like the ones listed above from;Habitat Haven. They are more secure, offer more options, are much more durable, and will be a better environment for your cat.

If you are really pushed for budget though, heres a handful of our favorite catio kits from Amazon:

Screened In Patio Overview

However much you love your patio, there may be just too many days when its not fit to live on. Our enclosure turns a patioor a deckinto a space as comfortable as another room of your house.

Of course, a;closed in porch wont keep out the cold, but the roll-down shades will block out most of the rain. And, thanks to the screens and the awning soffit , you can forget about mosquito attacks.

Our 14 x 16-ft. enclosure is a big project, but its the best of any do it yourself screen porch kits around! Although its fairly simple structurally, it requires careful work with a lot of large-dimension lumber. The trickiest part is getting all these components square and plumb, which probably calls for more than a beginners skills. And youll spend a lot of time buildingtwo or three weeks going at it full time, or much of a summer in your spare time.

We built our screen room roof high enough to preserve a pleasant view through the sliding doors. In summer, the awning top shades the bright sun, yet allows plenty of light to pass into the house. And heres the biggest selling point for this project: You can easily remove the awning in winter and let the sunshine in. The structure is designed to look good even without the awning top. Of course, you could leave the awning on all year in many parts of the country, but it wont support a heavy snow load.

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