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How To Enclose A Patio Into A Room

Wood And White Paneling With An Angled Ceiling

Eze-Breeze Windows – 3-Season Sunroom – Enclose Your Porch or Patio

The natural wood framing and wood-colored wicker furniture coordinate well in this porch. Also, notice the angled ceiling, complete with skylights and a ceiling fan. The carpet is a nice touch as well. When youre building or enclosing a porch, weigh the cost of changing the slope of the roof versus adding on to the existing roof. In a side porch like this, its easy to create an adjoining roof with a different slope than that of the rest of the house, and it adds a lot of visual appeal.

Background Story On Why We Decided To Convert Enclosed Porch Into Living Space

There were a lot of steps to get to where we are now. The first step? Courage. We knew that this project would be more complex than a typical build.

The previous owner was a bit of a McGyver and basically, nothing in this house was built straight, plumb, or correctly.;

For years, we were completely afraid to take action because we worried it would uncover something we couldnt afford to make right. But we saved our money, and hired the right contracting team and forged ahead with our DIY enclosed porch project.

We did this renovation in two major phases.

The first phase involved completely levelling and properly insulating the floor beneath the porch. In the next phase, we had to address the concrete floors on the opposite side of the porch area. If you have a full concrete slab under your patio, then youll be better off.

We, however, had a wooden frame under part of the outdoor porch and then a concrete foundation on the old inside. The floor was the biggest mess and largest expense of this entire project.

This post documents the next phase of converting this outdoor space into an interior room.;

Find Out What’s Happening In Across Americawith Free Real

If you’re fortunate enough to reside in sunny Florida, you may be imagining a breezy screened patio that keeps bugs out and beloved neighbors in. Looking down the barrel of a long, cold winter in Iowa or Maine? You probably want a sturdy enclosure with high-efficiency glass that traps heat in the chilliest months while giving plants a sunny space to grow. Keep in mind that glass is generally the costliest aspect of adding a sunroom, so homeowners in northern or mountainous areas will generally have higher upfront costs .


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How To Enclose A Screened

A Patio Enclosures screen room can be created by adding a specially engineered screen frame and rolling screen panels around your deck or patio, allowing you to experience the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors. Insects will stay out, but the breeze and natural ambiance will remain unhindered Enclosing a patio into a room is easy and necessary if it is not protected against dangerous things. There are different ways to enclose your patio into a room. 1. Curtains. Using curtains is a lovely way for converting a patio into a habitable room. It can extend your home to the outdoors. Curtains offer you privacy and shade along with added.

More Expensive Does Not Always Mean More Enjoyable

How I Framed Walls To Enclose Porch Patio, Vid #5

Many of our Porch Enclosure System clients tell us,;the cheaper the room, the more they enjoy it. Big expensive sun rooms are nice, but never a real living space, other than for occasional parties. Even with the windows open, they feel too indoorsy to act as a porch.

It is very easy to over-improve a home. Dont think you will necessarily recover the cost of a sun room you build. If you add one to your home, you should think of it as something you will get value out of from pure use and enjoyment not as an investment that you hope to recuperate at some point down the line.

We at Porch Enclosure Systems say, let porches be porches! The beauty and enjoyment of a screened porch is that it is not a three-season or all-weather enclosure, but rather a room for use when the weather is pleasant, and a way of enjoying the outdoors.

this PES customers porch contains a fireplace & overlooks a pool

The beauty of a Porch Enclosure System is that you can protect your porch and furnishings from the elements. You can also extend your enjoyment of the screened porch because the clear press polished vinyl sheet glass panes create a greenhouse effect when your Porch Enclosure System is deployed, warming your outside area and giving you a place to escape on a warm winter day. They also help our customers have happier outdoor parties in the summertime! Dont cancel plans because of weather, simply deploy the Porch Enclosure System and keep the party going.

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Have Fun With Your New Space

Now that youve addressed the construction of your new space, its time to pull together a plan for decorating it. Pinterest, Instagram, design blog posts, and other resources can help get your creative juices flowing. Dont be afraid to tear out magazine photos or create a Pinterest page with ideas you like. Also, check out our blog post, Our Favorite Four Season Room Photos, for decor inspiration.

Its the perfect time of year to start thinking about patio enclosures. This type of proactive planning will help you create the ideal space for your family, and you may even find some cost savings for being such a good planner.

What To Consider When Building A Sunroom

Enclosing a patio into a sunroom will increase the square footage in your home, giving you more usable space. Its one of the best ways of opening up an entirely new room in your home without the cost of a major renovation or extension. There are a number of approaches you can take, from turning it into a solarium completely made from glass to a properly enclosed room with walls and a roof that match the rest of your home.

There are several steps you must make to ensure you properly construct the sunroom. Consider whether you will require building permits as well as the cost and length of time required to convert your patio into a sunroom. Is your patio cover suitable a roof for a sunroom? Are you able to hook electricity up to the new sunroom easily? Discussing your project with an experienced contractor will help you determine these factors.

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Plan Now: Turn Your Porch Into An Enclosed Patio

It may be cold now, but this is the perfect time to start planning for ways to enjoy the warmer temperatures come spring. If youre tired of looking at your back porch as it has turned into a resting place for kids toys, mismatched furniture, or a place for anything that doesnt fit in the garage, there is hope. What about turning your uninspiring porch into a beautiful living space? Patio enclosures can transform the outdoors into a beautiful indoor/outdoor space to be enjoyed by all. Here are some things to consider when drafting your enclosed patio plan.

How Much Does It Cost To Turn A Patio Into A Room

How We Plan To Convert Our Patio Porch Into Enclosed Multi-Use Room | Home Improvement Vlog Part 1


The average cost for a patio roof addition using low-maintenance wood-patterned aluminum runs for about $6,000 to $10,000 for an area of 20 by 20 feet, as of 2011. A screen can be added for an additional cost of $3,000 to $4,000.

do you need a permit to enclose a patio? If you are making a weatherproof enclosure of an existing porch, a permit is required. Because it extends the “indoor” area of the house, enclosing a porch is considered additional living area and considered as an addition that is subject to the same setback limitations as the house itself.

Also to know, how do you enclose a patio cheaply?

Cheap Ways to Enclose a Patio

  • Easy Side Enclosure. Create some privacy and shading for your patio with some inexpensive slat sides.
  • Creative Use of Trellises. Frame an open patio with large trellises anchored well with sturdy posts in cement footings at each corner.
  • Evergreens.
  • Screened-Room Kits.
  • Do you need a foundation for a sunroom?

    Your sunrooms might need a foundation. Foundation requirements are as varied as the localities where these codes apply. Generally, you will need a proper building foundation for your site-built sunroom, although prefab sunroom kits can sometimes be assembled onto existing patio slabs or decks.

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    Sun Room Patio Enclosures Gallery

    One of the best ways to add more living space and value to your home is by choosing a sunroom or Arizona room as an addition. Not only can a sunroom or Arizona room bring the outdoors in, it can serve your family as a music room, game room, family room, or quiet room for reading and relaxing.

    Before calling a representative for sunrooms or Arizona rooms, there are several issues to consider to help you get the best value for your money and have a screen room, glass room, or Arizona room addition you will love. Well built patio enclosures may;return up to 100% of your investment at resale.


    Most people initially think of sun rooms and Arizona rooms as a place to escape the dust, bugs, and heat of an open patio. But think about other uses, such as entertaining, home office, spa, or exercise room. Homeowners who plan wisely find their sunroom or Arizona room becomes the most used room in the house.

    Next, select the type and size of patio enclosure you want

    If you simply want a retreat during nice weather; a screen room, screen porch, or seasonal room might be right for you. Upgrading to an insulated glass room will extend the sunroom or Arizona rooms use from fall to spring. For an expanded family room, kitchen, exercise room, or home office to use year round, select an insulated Arizona room with high performance glass.

    How I Framed Walls To Enclose Porch Patio Vid #5

  • Enclosing A Porch Into A Sunroom Size: 1400 x 788. Enclosing A Porch Into A Room Size: 800 x 600. Enclosing A Porch For Mudroom Size: 1280 x 960. Enclosing A Porch For Living Space Size: 1024 x 572. Enclosing A Porch For Living Space Cost Size: 1152 x 864. Enclosing A Porch DIY Size: 900 x 600
  • For most people, enclosed patio designs would be their idea of a dream comes true. Whether it comes with four season enclosure design or screen room design, the enclosed patio is just a versatile place outside your home in which you can sit and relax or enjoy hosting events and parties at home
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    Bird Watching Porch With Dark Wood Paneling

    Heres another enclosed porch idea finished to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The stone tiles make the floor very durable, but the mats in front of the seating areas cushion the floor a bit. The layout of the seating itself lends toward sitting back and relaxing with a good book or watching the birds flutter through the trees. The lamp and ceiling lights give you enough light to read in the evening, and the ceiling fan keeps the air moving so that youre always comfortable.

    Patio Roof & Framing Costs

    Fresh Enclosed Covered Patio Ideas BW19kq https ...

    If your patio doesnt already have a roof, this is where you need to start. Choices in your patio roofing range from material awnings to composite materials. If you want the patio to be fully enclosed, youll need to make sure the roof and frame are not freestanding. You can use a ledgerboard to attach the cover to your homes roof.

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    Porch Easily Converts To Living Space

    QUESTION: I have a screened porch that I would like to convert to living space. The new area would become an extension of my family room. My home, built in 1980, is concrete block construction with a pitched fiberglass shingle roof. The porch roof is incorporated in the house roof and is supported by 4-by-12 cedar beams sitting on 4-by-4 cedar columns.

    How do I go about enclosing the area?

    ANSWER: Enclosing screened porches to increase living area is a common practice in Florida, and in your case, it may be easier to accomplish than the addition of a family room. Because your porch roof is tied into the house, with the same pitch and shingles, etc., and you are going to stay within that existing space, the project is that much easier to do.

    A porch enclosure looks especially nice when you make the effort to blend the new room with the existing home. This will make the project appear to be original to the home.

    You will need to enlist the services of an architect or a residential designer to help with the design, including door and window placement, and to provide you with the preliminary and final sets of plans. Professionals also can provide you with a set of plans, including structural engineering, that is ready to submit to the building department.

    Porch With Vaulted Wooden Beam Ceiling

    While this porch doesnt show much in the way of furnishings, Im including it in the Entertaining Guests section because of how large it is. Picture yourself sitting around with family and friends as all of your kids play together outside. The ceiling in this porch gives it a unique look, and its complete with skylights and a ceiling fan. The wall lights allow you to stay out on the porch even in the evening hours.

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    Wood Paneling With Skylights And Plenty Of Seating

    This setup is meant to fit a lot of guests. The seating is close to ensure everyone can hear and see each other as you gather. The coffee table in the center serves as a focal point and a place to rest your drinking glasses or teacups. The natural wood paneling goes wonderfully with the trees surrounding the porch. There is a doorway to the outside, but this porch isnt meant to be a main walkway into the house. Rather, this enclosed porch is off to the side of the house, where its a little more private. The lights and skylights provide light in both the day and evening hours, so you can entertain your guests anytime.

    Patio Enclosures You Envy

    Wall Framing to Enclose Existing Covered Porch

    Take ownership of your design aesthetic, share your ideas, and collaborate with your project team. Dont go to a dealer empty-handed. Explore , manufacturer websites, and other resources to see what type of patio enclosures you like and even what doesnt excite you. Take note of door and window styles, accessibility options, and the types of materials and colors you are drawn to for each enclosed patio image you share.

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    Finish Wallboard Screw Holes And Seams

    Begin the finishing process by filling the screw holes with joint compound. This may take several coats, with a light sanding job in between. The seams will require drywall tape to finish correctly. Coat the seam with joint compound, and then press the tape into the seam with a putty knife, pressing out any excess compound. It usually takes 2 or 3 coats to completely finish the seam, using a wider knife for each coat.

    Screened In Patio Costs

    Not the same as full walls, screens can block almost everything from crossing your patio spacebugs, leaves, etc. The better kind are firmly attached to your patio frame/beams and can withstand any type of weather, the most common material used being fiberglass mesh. An average 270sqft screened in porch costs approx. $4.50/sqft, which would bring you to a total of $600 to $3,510 .

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    Benefits Of A Sunroom

    While a patio is generally used as a space for entertaining or relaxing, a sunroom can be multiple things. It can act as a bright home office, a playroom for kids, a dining nook or just a second lounge room. A sunroom provides a buffer between your cozy indoor living space and the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy your garden or lawn while keeping out of bad weather.

    If you increase the amount of usable space in your home, you also increase the value of the property. The beautiful, open, airy look of a sunroom breaks up the look of a home, adding a unique visual feature to the property. This means the value of the house is increased both in terms of added space and curb appeal

    How Do You Build A Screened In Porch

    Enclosing a Patio into a Sunroom or Florida Room Without a ...

    Screened In Porch Plans And Tutorials

    • Install a top and bottom plate .
    • Install wall studs to create vertical supports to attach the screen wire.
    • Install top rail and balusters.
    • Create a door frame.
    • Prime and paint the wood.
    • Attach the screen wire around the porch perimeter.
    • Hang the screen door.

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    Porch With Blue Stone Tile And Fireplace

    While this picture looks nice, it doesnt do justice to how much seating you could comfortably place in this area for you and your guests. Besides the style choices of stone tile, white paneling, and wood ceiling, the first thing your guests will notice is the brick fireplace. This is sure to serve as a major focal point for your gatherings and ensures you can use this room year-round. The skylights and nearly full-wall windows provide plenty of natural light during the day, while the recessed lights take over at night. And the ceiling fan keeps the air moving comfortably. This is truly a room you could spend all day in.


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