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Does A Patio Table Umbrella Need A Base

Upgrade Pick: Abba Patio Steel Market Patio Umbrella Base

For those who prefer a super minimalist, ground-hugging base and are willing to pay more for it, the , which has an even, matte-finish powder coating, is by far the sleekest one we tested. But it is also the most expensive for its weight, just 55 pounds, the same as our top pick. The base is an ultra-thin and flat solid steel disc that measures 27.5″ in diameter, wider than most bases we tested.

Other than being frustrating to grasp and lift the disc before the neck is attached, the Abba Patio base is intuitive and simple to put together. It comes with a hefty 6½-inch-long hex key for securing the neck to the base from the bases underside, and the umbrella pole inserts directly into the shaft of the neck and secures with two screw knobs, like our top pick. The hex key gave an extra bit of leverage that made us feel confident in the sturdiness of the connection. And the double screw knobs were the nicest ones we encountered in testing, made of sturdy, smooth plastic and generous in size for good leverage, making it both faster and more pleasant to screw the umbrella pole snugly in place.

Because the base is a solid heavy-duty sheet of powder-coated steel, we think there is little likelihood that parts will chip or snap off over time. The powder coating itself is smooth and even. The matte finish seemed to easily pick up dusty footprints, but the powder coating was easily wiped clean with a cloth.

Beach Umbrella Vs Patio Umbrella

As Ivementionedearlier, the beach and patio umbrellas look a lot alike, but there are a couple of fundamentaldifferences you need to know about:

? Beach umbrellas require a pointed base that helps to spike the beach sand anytime it is to be used.

? The pole used for the patio umbrella is much thicker to prevent it from snapping and hurting anyone.

? The patio umbrella requires a base while the beach umbrella does not.

? Patio umbrellas are far heavier than beach umbrellas since they are usually not being picked up, carried around, and positioned like the beach umbrellas.

? The pole of the patio umbrella is usually made in a way so it can fit comfortably into the hole of the patio table.

? Patio umbrellas have a flat bottom pole, which makes it difficult to use when it comes to spiking and digging.

The Ultimate Patio Umbrella Buyers Guide

April 29, 2014

Patio umbrellas are a vital part of your outdoor decor and are among the most desired outdoor furniture accessories to complete your patios look. They come in many different sizes, styles, weights, shapes, and forms. If youve ever purchased a cheap personal umbrella, you know that youre in for a surprise. In the same way, investing in a quality outdoor umbrella will make sure that your time is spent enjoying conversations with close friends instead of chasing umbrellas across the yard.

To be sure youre not disappointed with your next patio umbrella, check out this comprehensive Patio Umbrella Buyers Guide that will teach you everything about patio umbrellas! By the time youre done with it, youll be an outdoor umbrella expert!

Use A Tilting Umbrella For Rotating Shade

A tilting umbrella can be coming from a specific direction. If you use your patio in the early morning or late evening when the sun is low in the sky, a tilting patio umbrella is a good choice for your house. They are also useful in wide-open spaces where there are no buildings nearby to add extra shade.

What Do You Fill An Umbrella Base With

Rolling Umbrella Stand Accessory Table Bronze Pool Patio ...

Fillumbrella base, withumbrella baseYouHere are our top picks for the best patio umbrellas:

  • Best overall: Fiberbuilt 9 Foot Terrace Tilt Umbrella.
  • Best cantilever umbrella: Hampton Bay 11 ft Solar Offset Umbrella.
  • Best for your budget: Abba Patio Outdoor Patio 9 ft Market Table Umbrella.
  • Best portable patio umbrella: Wondershade Ultimate Portable Sun Shade.

Why Do Patio Umbrellas Spin

The most common reason that a patio umbrellas spins is because the hole in the table that the pole goes into is too big. This gap between the table and the shaft means that the umbrella will lean at an angle on the patio table, rubbing the table, scratching the finish off, or even making annoying noises.

Section C Fabrics & Materials Best Patio Umbrella Fabric

Just like the fabrics of your outdoor furniture, you need to make sure that the fabrics and materials used on your umbrella meet all-weather requirements. If you live in windy areas, you may want to consider fiberglass umbrellas that are flexible and are designed to bend slightly. Likewise, aluminum is very durable and is still a viable option.

As far as fabrics go, youll want to look for a few key phrases that will indicate a quality outdoor umbrella. All-weather, waterproof and UV resistant fabrics, and breathable designs that prevent mold and mildew are highly recommended. is the most well-known name in outdoor fabrics. They began making awning in the early 1960s. They now make fabrics for umbrellas as well. Learn more aboutSunbrella Fabrics.

No More Fighting For A Spot In The Shade

The 12? x 12? Square Garden Pavilion Umbrella from Treasure Gardens.

Its quite plausible to replace a gazebo with Treasure Gardens Square Garden Pavilion Umbrella. Youll still be able to enjoy evening dinners under a covered area with a few additional perks. For one, you can take this umbrella with you in the case that you have to move. Luxury drapes provide privacy and give you the VIP Cabana feeling for a fraction of the cost to build a gazebo.

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Use A Patio Umbrella Base

Some people think that having just a cone, without a high-quality umbrella base, might help them save money and have a perfectly functional patio umbrella. This is not the case, as a rubber cone cannot replace a good umbrella base.

The main reason is that the rubber cone will definitely not withstand any amount of wind, leaving your umbrella completely vulnerable. In this case, it is recommended that you purchase a high-quality umbrella base that is suitable for the size of your umbrella. Additionally, place the cone for higher stability, but do not attempt to avoid the umbrella base as it is essential.

Umbrellas Fixed Through Tables And Fixed To Umbrella Bases

  • If your umbrella is 6ft or smaller, the recommended base weight is anything between 20-29lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 7.5ft or smaller, the recommended base weight is anything between 30-39lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 9-13ft, the recommended base weight is anything from 40+ lbs. Some maintain that if you start getting to the 11ft mark that 50+ lbs might be required, and even more for larger patio umbrellas.

Patio Umbrella Size Guide Find The Perfect Umbrella

When shopping for a patio umbrella, there are many variables to consider. Do you want a traditional patio umbrella or cantilever umbrella? What shape umbrella do you want? Octagonal, rectangular, or square? Does it need to tilt? And finally, what sorts of materials and colors are right for your needs and design directions? But perhaps the most important property of an umbrella to consider prior to purchase is the size! You want to make sure your umbrella will fit with your furniture in terms of scale, and in terms of shade capabilities. We have put together this Patio Umbrella Size Guide to cover all the basics for umbrella size questions.

Whether youre looking to upgrade your patio umbrella or your furniture, this guide will show the appropriate sizes for different furniture scales and scopes.


Umbrellas Fixed Into Standalone Umbrella Stands

  • If your umbrella is 6ft or smaller, the recommended base weight is anything between 50-69lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 7.5ft or smaller, the recommended base weight is anything between 70-89lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 9-10ft, the recommended base weight is anything from 90+ lbs.
  • If your umbrella is 11-13ft, the recommended base weight is anything from 120+ lbs.

A side note: you can, of course, use an umbrella base of the correct weight as a substitute for an umbrella stand for a given umbrella size, provided that the weights of the umbrella stands and umbrella bases correspondingly match.

However, be careful and fully consider the base itself. It should be large enough and cover enough area if you decide to use it as a substitute for a stand. This might require a bit of trial and error.

The stand footprint area is usually more significant as well as heavier. The bigger footprint helps keep the umbrella from tipping.

A great rule of thumb is to have a stand that is at least 25-30% the umbrellas size.

For example, we want a 10ft umbrella, so our stand should be 30 to least 36 or 3ft . Also, according to the above info, it should weigh around 90lbs

Keep The Unused Umbrella Closed

Patio Umbrella Bases

Its a wise idea to keep your patio umbrella closed when youre not using them. Doing such, you can reduce the risks of damage caused by a falling umbrella. You should firmly tie the cord around the umbrella fabric so that it wont open when the wind blows.

Many patio umbrellas come with a velcro strap, and some come with a separate cover. If your patio umbrella comes with a cover, use that often and keep the umbrella-covered while not in use.

Choose A Frame That Can Withstand Rough Weather

Patio umbrellas are made survive in all kinds of weather. While you should always try to close your umbrella when the wind picks up, sometimes you might forget. Or maybe its raining and you dont feel like going outside we get it. If you live in an especially windy area, or you have a tendency to forget to close your umbrella, you need one with a strong frame.

Look for an umbrella style that works in your climate. There are durable sun umbrellas made to withstand high winds; these umbrellas often have fiberglass ribs to protect the frame from bending.

An aluminum frame is your best bet for standing up to storms and other bad weather. Plus, aluminum resists corrosion, so it will look just as great in a few years as it does the day you buy it. Choose a steel frame if youre on a budget but you still need something strong and sturdy. It might not stay as pretty as an aluminum option, but it will still endure the wind and the rain.

Best Beach Umbrellas For Your Patio Diy Conversion

Now that youunderstand the benefits as well as the easy DIY conversion of these umbrellas, we willtake a look at some of the best beach umbrellas youcan buy and convert for use on the patio.

These are some of the best choices you can use,particularly because these beach umbrellaswould not fall apart when you keep usingthem andthey are not as heavy as the regular patio umbrellas.

How Heavy Does The Deck Umbrella Base Need To Be

The required weight of your mobile base is dependent on three factors: the size of your umbrella canopy; the expected environmental conditions; and the presence or absence of an umbrella table. There are many schools of thought as to how much weight is needed, but we tend to err on the side of safety. To account for average wind conditions, our rule of thumb for free-standing center pole umbrellas is 10 pounds per canopy foot. If the pole is running through an umbrella table, you can reduce it to 5 pounds per foot. The best cantilever patio umbrellas either include or identify the appropriate mobile base, or provide you with choices of fixed mount options, so theres usually less confusion.

Our Pick: Treasure Garden Market Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella

The 9-foot Treasure Garden Market Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella offers the Sunbrella fabric our experts recommended. The umbrellas eight-spoke construction also makes it more durable than competitors that have only six spokes. Its crank lift and push-button tilt worked smoothly in our tests, and the Treasure Garden simply stood more elegantly than any other umbrella we used, both open and closed.

Many umbrellas meet untimely deaths from ripped, shredded, or unpleasantly faded fabrics. The relative superiority of this Treasure Garden umbrellas richly colored and thickly textured Sunbrella fabric was evident as soon as we had our five umbrellas set up side by side in a California backyard. Pinched between fingers, the fabric felt thicker and coarser than the thinner, smoother fabrics of the other umbrellas. Unlike the Costco umbrellas wrinkly appearancethat model was one of two others we tested made with Sunbrella-brand fabricthe Treasure Garden umbrella appeared pleasingly taut when open. Multiple interviews, as well as our own experience, supported our expectation that Treasure Garden models hold up well for years. This has been true for our testers under extreme sun and wind in Southern California, Colorado, and coastal New England. One umbrella will see its fifth seasonon two coastsand so far has no color fading, rusting, or other issues.

Center Pole Or Side Mount

First things first: Is your umbrella going to be freestanding or at the center of an outdoor table? If the latter, youll need a center pole umbrella. If your table doesnt come equipped with a center cut hole, or youre looking to shade a lounge area, you can assess the amount of shade you need and use either a freestanding side mount or a center pole umbrella with a base set near the seating . Our side mount cantilever umbrellas offer extra versatility as they swivel and tilt, so you can chase the shade with the turn of a knob or slide of a lever.

What Size Umbrella Do I Need

That depends on how much shade you are looking for. Patio Umbrellas are measured by their canopy diameter. Generally you would want your umbrellas canopy to be at least 3ft larger than the area to be shaded. Consider this table below.

What needs Coverage?
30 Inch or Smaller Caf or Bistro Table and 2 Chairs 5-6Ft
36 Inch or Smaller Caf or Bistro Table and 2 Chairs 7Ft
48 Inch Round or Square Dining Table and 4 Chairs 9-10ft
60 Inch Round or Square Dining Table and 6 Chairs or larger 11-12Ft

Its best to have an idea of where youre planning on positioning your patio umbrella on your patio before you purchase it because you want to take into consideration any obstructions such as a tight balcony, tree limbs or anything that would inhibit the umbrella from opening to its full diameter. For clearance in tight places you want to allow for 6 inches of space on all sides between the umbrella canopy and any wall or obstruction. For example if you have an 8×8 balcony than you would purchase a 7ft umbrella, a 10×10 balcony you would purchase a 9ft umbrella.

Freestanding Offset Or Wall Mounted

Freestanding umbrellas are your traditional patio umbrellas design. A freestanding umbrella consists of a canopy with a pole going through the middle, secured with a base at the bottom. The canopy can open by manually opening the shade and pulling the pin across by hand, or a crank-pulley system. Because of their simple design they are also the longest lasting. Freestanding umbrella tend to be the best value shade and the commercial go to.

Offset umbrella or cantilever umbrella supports a hanging canopy from an above support, with the umbrella pole to the side meaning there is no pole in the middle of the shade. This design is what makes the offset umbrella so unique, popular and versatile. Sitting under an offset umbrella can have a similar cognitive effect as sitting under an awning or covered porch because of the lack of center pole. It would be ideal for shading a table without an umbrella hole, a hot tub or shading a portion of your pool while youre in the water. It can also easily rotate to provide shade as the sun moves throughout the day. If you live in area where high winds are frequent this might not be the best choice for you as their design makes then vulnerable to high winds. Be sure to secure your offset patio umbrella down with a heavy base or fasten it to the ground. Offset umbrellas require more weight to secure them down than freestanding; and they also tend to be more pricy than traditional umbrellas.

Add Additional Weight To Your Patio Umbrella Stand

Hanover Traditions 46.96 lb. Aluminum Patio Umbrella Base ...

You can add additional weight to your existing or new patio umbrella stand with these weighted bags.

Add one to two bags of sand and pour it into the weighted bag. Get a funnel as the opening is very small.  The new design is made of heavy duty canvas with extra secure stitching and new with an improved extra large opening for adding the sand.  It comes in two different shapes – either the round as pictured or square. 

What Size Patio Umbrella Should I Buy

The size of your umbrella depends on several factors. How much space do you need? Whats your budget? How much space do you have available? These are all things that must be taken into consideration before purchasing an outdoor umbrella. Choosing an oversized umbrella will be overwhelming and throw off the balance of your outdoor arrangement.

Your umbrella should typically extend over your dining table by 2 feet on each side. If you have a 4-foot rounded table, this means you need an umbrella that measures 8 feet in diameter. Belowyoull find some simple solutions, courtesy of Lisa Hallet Taylor from .

  • Table = 30-36 inches Umbrella = 6-8 feet
  • Table = 38-48 inches Umbrella = 9-11 feet
  • Table = 54-60 inches Umbrella 11 feet or larger

Homeexpert Advicepatio Furniturebuying Guides Patio Umbrellas

A patio umbrella is the ultimate style meets function patio piece. The icing on the cake that completes your patio, but choosing right umbrella can be a difficult decision to make given all the choices presented. The following information listed below will help take the uncertainty out of your buying experience, while guiding you to the perfect patio umbrella to meet your requirements.

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How To Measure A Patio Umbrella

The size of a patio or pool umbrella is determined by its width, not by its height. Heres how to measure an outdoor umbrella in 3 easy steps:

  • Open the patio umbrella so that its shade canopy is fully extended.
  • Using a tape measure, measure along one of the rib arms on the top of the patio umbrella from the center to the outside edge.
  • Multiply that number by two and this will give you the correct size of the patio umbrella.
  • Which Umbrella Base Should I Choose

    When you see a base shown as 30-pound or 50-pound, that usually indicates how heavy the base will be when its filled with water or sand. A heavier weight is better for steadying a larger umbrella in windy conditions.

    An umbrella is a necessary accessory for anyone spending of time outside, especially in the summer months. The right umbrella shields you from the sun, preventing burns and providing much-needed relief from the heat.

    So youve purchased an umbrella as a shade solution for your patio.  Whats next?

    Umbrellas dont just stay anchored to the ground on their own they require the right base to keep them from going awry.

    An umbrellas base or umbrella stand, as they are sometimes referred to, might be an afterthought when you are planning your outdoor area, but its a necessary one to avoid having your umbrellas launching into a neighbors backyard on a windy afternoon.

    Many times, an umbrella base is too light for an umbrella. However, the correct weighted base and umbrella will not only offer a finished look for you outdoor area, but peace of mind when you are under the umbrella and the wind or breeze picks up.

    You can permanently mount an umbrella base to your patio floor or deck. If mobility and flexibility are your main goals, there are plenty of stylish freestanding or under-the-table options for all types of umbrellas

    Here are some considerations when shopping for a base or stand:

    Why You Should Trust Us

    The original author of this guide, Kalee Thompson, lived for more than a decade in Los Angeles, where the near-constant sun fuels an equally constant quest for more and better shade. After moving into her home there in mid-2010, she went through three 9-foot backyard patio umbrellas, each purchased for less than $100. The first was never the same after an epic 2011 windstorm. Carelessly left up, that umbrella was lifted by the wind and converted into a dangerous projectile that stabbed into a neighbors hillside . The second and third umbrellas simply got shredded by some combination of temperamental Santa Ana winds and incessant UV damage, after a little more than two years of year-round use.

    To expand her personal experience with patio umbrellas, Kalee spoke with AHBE principal architect Calvin Abe; Washington, DCarea landscape designer Andy Balderson; and Los Angeles landscape designers Russ Cletta, Maggie Lobl, and Naomi Sanders , all of whom have helped customers consider and select sun shades. Longtime sales associate Veronica Hoodless at the high-end outdoor-furniture store, manager Jesse Mezger at the upscale , and manager Jesse Bawsel at Armstrong Garden Centers provided additional insight into what customers are looking for when it comes to patio umbrellas, and which styles and brands offer proven durability. Kalee also studied a couple of on the between common umbrella fabrics, size considerations, and various umbrella features and designs.

    Canopy Fabric And Care

    Most of our umbrellas are made with 100% Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic fabric that resists fading, stains, mold and mildew. To extend its life and as a safety precaution against tipping, always close your umbrella when not in use. Spot clean with mild soap and water as necessary and place in a protective cover when out of use for an extended period of time. And should you want to change the look of your umbrella in a later season, replacement canopies are available in a variety of colors.

    The Xbrellas High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

    Ive decided to save the best for the last because it is an excellent choice for your patio. Unlike other beach umbrellas, the Xbrellas has a unique and creative design that makes it windproof and able to resist extremely high wind conditions. It wont fall over even in winds up to 40 MPH.

    Even though it is a large, strong,and firm umbrella, its construction is lightweight and designed for easy set-up. It comes with heavy-duty, sturdy fiberglass ribs and marine-grade canvas fabric.

    Being 7.5ft in diameter, its perfect for having consistent shade so that you can enjoy your day on the patio with family and friends, without the fear and worry of your umbrella falling over.

    The Bottom Line,

    The one thing I tried to accomplish here is to convince you that a beach umbrella can definitely be used as a patio umbrella and more so with a lot of finesse.

    So, let your creativity guide you, and if you have a beach umbrella lying around somewhere in your house, there is nothing stopping you from transforming your patio with the help of this gorgeous and colorful beach umbrella.

    Large beach umbrellas are usually made with waterproof and wind-resistant fabrics, therefore, they will increase the possibility of activities on your patio.

    They are suitable for all sorts of outdoor events like patio chillouts, dining, or picnicsin the backyard. Also, dont forget to install one of these fun umbrellas for your next party!

    Patio Umbrella Pole Height And Diameter

    Ulax Furniture Patio Outdoor Wicker Umbrella Stand Bistro ...

    Your patio umbrella pole diameter is an important measurement to check for because its crucial to the stability of your umbrella. For maximum umbrella stability, you want your umbrella pole diameter and base diameter to be as close as possible while still fitting. We looked through our collection of patio umbrellas and found that most had a pole diameter of at least 1.5? and some went up to 2.5?. If you choose an umbrella with a pole diameter of 1.5?, you want the base to diameter to be at least 1.5? and at the most, .25? larger. As a rule of thumb, your base diameter should not be more than .25? larger than your umbrella pole.

    Pro Tip: Beach umbrellas are slimmer than patio umbrellas, make sure you double check before purchasing!

    If you have the option to buy your patio umbrella in person, we highly recommend doing so. Being able to pick out an umbrella thats the perfect fit for your patio while also finding the right base will make your life much easier in the long run.

    The height of your umbrella is another important factor. You want enough clearance so that taller individuals dont have to stoop down when they are under the umbrella. Still, it cant be so high that the shade is covering your dog instead of you! In general, you want your umbrella to be at least 7 feet tall. You can also look for patio umbrellas with tilting and cantilever functions to adjust where the shade lands. Well talk about that in the section below.


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