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How To Fix A Patio Umbrella Arm

Commit To Regular Aftercare

A lot of problems that lead you to learning how to fix a patio umbrella crank can be prevented. Largely these are the result of being a little complacent with the care of the product. Make sure you commit to annual inspection of your parts, removing any rust and applying lubrication. The earlier you spot potential issues, the better able you are to prevent them getting worse. This, along with a regular cleaning and maintenance routine will help ensure the long life of your umbrella.

Use A Temporary Handle

There are going to be times when youre not able to immediately obtain the correct replacement handle. It might need to be on special order at the hardware store, or you need to wait for delivery from the manufacturer or eCommerce outlet. If you have a family event planned these issues can occur at the worst times! you might need to improvise a replacement just to get it functional again. The crank essentially operates by way of the handle turning the spool, which in turn winds the cord to pull open the ribs of the umbrella. You can use a pair of small hand clamps, or a set of lockable pliers and attach them to the spool. You can then use the clamp or pliers to wind the spool as needed. In most cases youll also need to make sure that your temporary solution stays in place in order to keep the umbrella from collapsing. In which case you should firmly tie some string front the handle of the clamp or pliers to the pole. 

#how To Stop A Spinning Patio Umbrella With Popsicle Stick

With a little strong flow of air, few umbrellas tend to start spinning which is absolutely frustrating and disturbing to keep looking at. But you could fix that for free, with just a popsicle stick and a pair of pliers. Heres how:

1. Where the support pole connects with the base, theres a screw that you can hand-tight or loose. You might have tried to tight it as much as you can to prevent the pole from spinning but no results. This time, loosen it fully.

2. Slide a popsicle stick in from the top end of the base so that it reaches the level of the head of the screw from the inside of the tube. The idea is that you want to keep the stick in between the head of the screw and the surface of the support pole so that things tighten up.

3. Now tighten the screw as far as you can hand tight and then tighten it a little bit more with your pair of pliers and youre done it wont spin anymore even if you apply force manually.

Heres the video demonstration:

How Do You Fix A Broken Umbrella Arm

Drill small holes in the umbrella pole on each side of the break. Drill corresponding holes in the dowel rod. Insert the dowel rod in the pole, line up the holes and run wire or screws through the holes to fasten the pole together again. This should provide a long-term fix, if done properly.

Additionally, what is the top of an umbrella called? Ferrule: The very tip or top of the umbrella, above the canopy, is the ferrule. Ferrules can be plain or decorative and can double as a walking stick or sometimes a weapon.

In this manner, how do you fix an umbrella that won’t close?


  • Broken rivets: Most umbrellas use a base that can be moved upward to the top to open the umbrella.
  • Ripped canopy: In this case, you can simply use a repair patch or sew up the hole.
  • Snapped stem: In some umbrellas, the stem often snaps off, but this can be fixed using super glue that can reattach both pieces.
  • Can outdoor umbrellas be repaired?

    No umbrella company warranties this type of damage, leaving the owner to either repair or replace the umbrella themselves. You can count on our outdoor umbrella repair service to fix your umbrella’s broken ribs and extend the life of your umbrella.

    Repairing A Torn Patio Umbrella

    Repair A Broken Patio Umbrella

    Another common problem with a patio umbrella is a tear in the surface. This can start small and grow larger when not immediately addressed. Without proper action, this might make the umbrella useless in no time. 

    The steps are similar to how to repair a tent with rips and tears. However, there can be differences depending on the materials that are used. To repair a patio umbrella with a tear, heres what you should do. 

  • Remove the umbrella from the table. Disassemble the top part from the skeleton if possible. Otherwise, look for a large and open area where you can work easily. 
  • Look for the tear. Clean the damaged area. Use scissors to cut any frays or loose threads on the edges. 
  • If the tear is small, bring the edges together and apply glue at one side and place the other side on the top. Once the glue is set, stitch to have a reinforcement. 
  • If the tear is large to the point that there is already a hole, you can set a patch at the bottom and settle it with pins. Now that it is in place, glue the patch and sew the edges. 
  • Patio Umbrella Rib Repair

    Repairing a Patio Umbrella Rib is a relatively easy task that can be done at home with only a drill, hammer, and a couple of nuts and bolts.

  • Buy a 6 piece of 5/8ths copper from your local home improvement store
  • Hammer it down/flatten it until it can fit over the broken parts of your umbrella rib
  • Fit it on the broken pieces leaving enough room so you can drill a small hole in the middle of the copper piece
  • Attach the fixed rib onto the umbrella and test it out!
  • The step by step guide is quick, but watching the video will explain the process more in depth.

    Local Home Improvement Stores For Umbrella Replacement Parts & Diy Advice

    A place you might not have considered when looking for a replacement part for your Hampton Bay Umbrella is your local home improvement store.

    A visit to the store with the part you want to be replaced or with a picture of what you might be needing can result in some nice bush fixes that wont cost you an arm or a leg. Remember a lot of these stores cater to the DIY guys so they know plenty about DIY fixes.

    In fact, if you take a look on YouTube you will find plenty of How To Videos on fixing your Umbrella. Many of these videos are great places to start when you want to repair or get a part for your broken umbrella. It may just be that you can actually make a repair with the part that is broken saving you the trouble of trying to find a replacement.

    We will share with you a few fixes and videos about common umbrella problems below so please keep reading.

    How To Replace Your Umbrella Canopy

    Replacing your umbrella canopy is easy as long as you know the umbrella dimensions. In this video, you will see step by step how easy it is to replace the canopy. For replacement canopies we recommend you check out these canopy replacement covers

    • Measure between the points of the end with Umbrella extended to know what the diameter is and count the number of spokes or arms this is so you can order the correct size canopy if you are replacing
    • Unpin the cover from all of the umbrella arms
    • If the top of the umbrella has a housing cover for the canopy then remove this
    • Remove the umbrella string from the canopy by undoing the knot
    • Remove the canopy cloth. You may either now wash or replace the canopy
    • Reassemble everything in reverse order to how you removed the canopy

    Check out some of the cool replacement canopies below:

    How Do I Replace A Broken Patio Umbrella Rib

    Whether due to an accident or strong winds, theres potential for the ribs of a patio umbrella to become damaged. In some cases you might be able to do a spot repair with some glue, but its often more worth your while to contact the manufacturer to obtain a replacement rib,  

    The process of fitting it is usually as follows:

  • Remove the canvas from the patio umbrella.
  • Unscrew and remove the hub cover at the base of the patio umbrella ribs. This will expose the rib slots.
  • Slide the broken rib out of the slot in the hub.
  • Slide the new rib in its place.
  • Screw and secure the hub cover back into place.
  • Re-attach the umbrella canvas.
  • Dismantle The Crank Housing

    The fine details of housing can vary from brand to brand, so weve gone with the most common style available. Therell be a box which surrounds the crank mechanism. Undo the screws therell usually be four Phillips head type screws and detach the box from the pole. Its worth noting that if your patio umbrella has been kept outside for a significant period of time, there may be an element of rusting to the screws. Therefore its best to approach this gently in order to avoid breaking rusted screws. Spraying a little lubricant around the screw can ease this process a little. A good tip here is to set the housing down with the screws still in their holes. That way you minimize the risk of losing them, or wasting time hunting around for them afterwards.

    How To Keep Wasps Out Of A Umbrellas

     If you find that your patio umbrella is prone to being the perfect home for wasps and other insects, there are a few different things that you can do to prevent a wasp problem in the future.

    If you have a shed or a garage nearby, you can put your umbrella away when its not in use. If wasps dont have access to the umbrella when youre not around, then its very unlikely that youre going to form a nest. 

     There are also preventative products that you can use to prevent wasps from building a nest. Citronella is a natural oil that keeps insects away without the use of chemicals. You can place a few citronella candles around your patio or right on your table outside. Light them when youre going to be outside enjoying this space.

    You can also avoid wearing strong perfumes when youre outside. Flowery scents can attract wasps, and they may figure out that your umbrella is a great place to make their nest. 

    Clean Components And Remove Rust

    Theres a chance that the main problem with the crank mechanism is a simple case of early stage rusting. This is where the parts in the housing are not completely corroded, but the build up of surface level rust and debris have caused the crank to turn slowly, or to grind. This means that rather than learning how to fix a patio umbrella crank, youre cleaning it instead. Even if one of the parts needs to be replaced, its a good idea to undertake this as a preventative measure for the rest of the metal components anyway. Carefully disassemble the internal crank mechanism, taking note of the order the handle, spring, spool, and washers are housed. There are several ways in which you can remove rust from the components, including:a) Submerge the metal parts in white vinegar overnight. Scrape the rust from the surface using wire wool. b) Submerge the metal parts in citric acid overnight. Wipe the dust from the surface with a brush. c) Rinse the components, and shake off excess water. Dust the surface with baking soda, ensuring all rusty areas are well coated. After an hour or two, gently scrub the rust with wire wool. Rinse off, and dab dry with a paper towel. 

    Types Of Wasps That Nest In Umbrellas

    Patio Umbrella Rib Repair Kit

     Any of the wasp varieties that form paper nests are the more likely culprit when it comes to building a nest in your umbrella outside. Their nests are formed by the cellulose created from nearby trees and the saliva of the wasps.

    These nests are generally built under your home’s eaves or inside a safe structure like your patio umbrella. Your patio umbrella isnt likely to be a target for a wasp species like the ground wasp

     If you have found a very large wasp nest inside your patio umbrella and youre very nervous about taking care of the problem on your own, call in a professional to help you get rid of the wasps. They can also give you some personalized tips for preventing a wasp problem in the future.

    What Is An Umbrella Rib


  • Open your umbrella halfway so that the ribs stick out at an angle.
  • Line up the small holes on the ends of the rib.
  • Insert a 24 in length of wire through both holes.
  • Twist the wire tightly into place around the rib ends.
  • Snip off the excess wire using your wire cutters.
  • How to Take Apart a Patio Umbrella

  • Secure the top portion of the patio umbrella by having someone hold the actual umbrella.
  • Drive the pin that holds the umbrella to the pole using a screwdriver to separate the umbrella from the pole.
  • Lift the umbrella and set the umbrella to the side.
  • How To Repair A Patio Umbrella Rib At Home

    This is a relatively simple and easy fix that anyone could do at home using a drill, some nuts and bolts and a hammer.

    As you can see in the video above its a simple fix, but if you need the steps, here they are in writing:

    • 6 long piece of copper tubing which can be purchased from any local hardware store
    • Using the hammer, flatten the copper tubing down so that it easily slides over the broken umbrella ribs
    • Push each end of the broken rib into each end of the copper tubing to fix the break allowing space in the middle to drill a hole.
    • Fix the umbrella to the hole securing it with a nut and bolt
    • Drill a hole at both ends of the copper tubing to allow a rivet to prevent the copper tubing from sliding

    How To Repair An Umbrella Frame

    Let’s face it! No matter what you do, how secure you make the umbrellas, or how much you watch over them; umbrellas will break eventually.

    The most common area of the umbrella to break is the rib . There are several easy steps to repairing your umbrella:

  • Remove the finial from the umbrella.
  • Pull the canopy from the end tips.
  • Remove canopy from umbrella frame.
  • Unscrew Upper Hub Ring . Make sure all the upper rib connections stay intact except the one you are replacing.
  • Place replacement rib in its location and tighten upper hub ring.
  • Flip frame upside-down and unscrew lower hub ring .
  • Remove damaged rib making sure all the lower rib connections stay intact. Replace lower hub ring.
  • Place canopy over the top of the frame and begin placing rib tips back in their pockets.
  • Your umbrella should be as good as new!

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    How To Keep A Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

    Jill Sandy

    Learn how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over and avoid the disaster while having an excellent Al Fresco time out.

    Umbrellas are an essential part of any patio, keeping everyone covered and protected from the sun damage and the unbearably hot weather. It doesnt have the complication of a permanent structure, although umbrellas have one flaw, the windy weather. Open patio umbrellas catch wind quickly, rattles, and topple over.

    A blowing umbrella isnt only inconvenient but also dangerous and may cause accidents. Check out how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over, but before that, understand why this keeps happening first.

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    Add Weights To The Base Of The Umbrella

    Sometimes, patio umbrellas come with bases that look sturdy but cant hold itself against the strong wind. When thats the case, theres no need to buy a new stand when you can beef up the existing one. Strengthening the base of the umbrella can get done in several ways, with a single purpose of adding weight so it can hold the umbrella firmly.

    One of the most straightforward techniques is using sandbags, an inexpensive and DIY solution to keep the umbrella from toppling over. Its cheap and easy to make and install, but efficient in adding strength to the umbrella base.

    Another useful but cheap way to beef up that patio umbrella is by using gravel or garden rocks. Use a slightly larger bucket, fill it with enough gravel or rocks, and then insert the umbrella pole inside. It will serve as a strong base to the patio umbrella and create an excellent look, depending on how creative you can get.

    Lead bags will also make efficient weights to hold the umbrella against heavy gusts of wind. They may be small but heavy enough in most cases, which is an excellent way to beef up bases in a more subtle way.

    Another inexpensive option to add weight to an umbrella base is to use cinder blocks. You can paint them as you like, and cinder blocks are super cheap, which shouldnt hurt the budget.

    Repairing Patio Umbrella Ribs

    Strong winds could topple patio umbrellas. As a result, one of the parts that easily get damaged is the rib. This is the metallic or wooden rod that holds the umbrella so that it can stand above the table. 

    When the rib breaks, it isnt time to buy a new one. Try what you can to salvage the umbrella. Heres a quick guide on how to fix the broken patio umbrella rib. 

  • Hold the broken or cracked pieces of the umbrella rib and put them next to each other. Bond the pieces using glue or weld depending on the material of the umbrella arm. Let it dry. 
  • Once the bond is dry, wrap the area with waterproof duct tape. This will create a stronger bond between the broken pieces. 
  • Position a hose clamp on the top of the tape directly over the break. Wrap with duct tape. If you are bothered by the appearance of the tape, you can also paint it so that it will match the appearance of the rest of the rib of the patio umbrella.  
  • Strengthen The Ribs Of The Umbrella

    Wooden ribs add to the aesthetic of a patio umbrella, a top reason people choose them. However, they arent the best in terms of beefing up the umbrellas against the wind. They could easily break during a storm or even a strong wind, which will often cause the entire thing to blow over.

    Strengthening the ribs is critical to ensure sturdiness, and fiberglass or aluminum ribs work well than wood. However, if getting a wood frame is a must, choose one made of eucalyptus, which is well-known for its durability and strength.

    Get Rid Of Wasps In Patio Umbrella

    How to repair a patio umbrella rib

    If you spot a nest inside of your patio umbrella, youre likely dealing with wasps and not bees. This is based on the different areas that wasps like to build their nests. You have the option to knock down the nest to remove it, but you could end up angering some wasps that come back to get inside their nest right at the time in the evening that youre sitting down on your patio to relax for the evening.

    Do you have wasps inside of your patio umbrella? We have some information that can help you safely remove the nest while preventing this problem in the future.

    How To Repair A Patio Umbrella Yourself From 4 Common Problems

    Patricia J. Moore

    Having a patio umbrella is all nice and fun until it starts to turn its back on you and cause problems. A patio umbrella is one of the most loved patio furniture since how well it transforms the look of the patio and creates a nice place to relax.

    However, most of them dont come cheap. So when they start having issues like a broken rib or string, it isnt as easy as telling yourself lets just replace it.

    What if you could fix such little issues here and there by yourself?

    In this article, were going to look at a few common problems of patio umbrellas and learn how to fix them at home by ourselves.

    All the solutions will have a video tutorial attached but the step-by-step text format is for those that know the nuts and bolts of such repair mechanisms and want to save a few minutes by skipping the long videos.

    Navigate Quickly

    • A couple of nuts and bolts


    1. Drill a hole in the middle of the copper tube. That means it should be located 3 inside from each end of the 6 copper tube.

    2. Take both broken pieces of the rib and mark at a little less than 3 on the ends that are supposed to connect.

    3. Slide the tube over the aluminum rib in a way that the end of the rib is just about visible through the hole you just drilled on the copper tube. Youll have to hammer the tube to reach that mark. This way, insert both the broken pieces into the tube.



    Patio Umbrella Care And Maintenance: Bask In The Shade A Little Bit Longer

    Ah, yes  there is nothing quite like reading outside, under an umbrella, on a sunny summer day. Perhaps some frozen grapes are involved, too. The shady spot is your respite from a busy life, and you cherish that umbrella for protecting you from the suns rays while you relax. That umbrella was an investment like all truly great pieces of furniture. So why would you not want it to last as long as possible? With proper patio umbrella care, youll be able to protect your purchase for years to come. Here are a few tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

    Easily Patch A Large Patio Umbrella

    What You’ll Need

    A tear in your large patio umbrella doesnt have to mean its time for a trip to the store for a new one. Patio umbrellas take a beating from sun, wind, and rain. You can expect some damage. You can also extend its useful life in a few steps.

    Inspecting the Damage and Assembling Materials

    If damage occurs to your large patio umbrella, it is most like to be either a tear in the fabric along the ribs of the extension mechanism, a hole punched through by accident or hail, or fraying along the edges. The first step in repairing is assessing the damage and assembling the required materials. You will need:

    If the fabric has a hole, you also will need a piece of compatible material for your patch.

    Preparing For Repair

    To prepare your umbrella to be repaired:

    Remove the umbrella fabric from the extension mechanism.

    Spread the umbrella fabric on a flat surface. Your patio table is often a good surface for this.

    Clean around the damaged area and remove any dirt or twigs.

    Using the scissors, snip away loose threads.

    Repairing a Tear

    If your large patio umbrella has a long tear:

    Bring the torn edges together, allowing them to slightly overlap.

    Apply fabric glue to the facing surfaces. Keeping the fabric flat and still.

    Place weight on the overlapped fabric to allow the fabric glue to bond.

    When the glue is set, stitch to reinforce.

    Be certain not to overlap the fabric too much or the large patio umbrella will not open fully.

    Repairing a Hole

    Fraying Edges

    Why Do Wasps Nest In Umbrellas

     Wasps arent super picky when it comes to the location of their nest. They want to choose an area that is away from the outside elements. Rain isnt something that they like to be around, so your patio umbrella makes perfect sense for their home.

    The problem is, they dont know that youll be periodically opening and closing the umbrella when needed. 

    Pick The Right Base For The Umbrella

    Getting the right base for a patio umbrella is essential to keeping it sturdy against the winds massive gust. When picking an umbrella base, critical consideration is its weight. The heavier the bottom is, the firmer it holds itself against wind strength.

    However, the weight of the base is relative and will depend on the umbrella at hand. There should be a guide on what the bottom is appropriate to get for the umbrella.

    If that isnt available, heres the quickest guide on what base to get.

    • A 40-pound base for an umbrella measuring 1.82 to 2.3 meters
    • A 65-pound to 75-pound base for a 2.8 to 3.35 meters umbrella

    Besides the weight, picking the right bottom for a patio umbrella will also include choosing the base type. Among the sturdier options are cement and granite bases, as they are more substantial than other materials.


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